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Updated on: 10th June 2007

B.P. Barnes & M. McDowell

With these pages I would like to present a selection of my chess problems to a wider audience. This site is mainly targeted at advanced problemists who already own comprehensive knowledge of themes and ideas in problem chess (no definitions of themes are given here - perhaps I will include this service in a future update).
Interested in becoming a problem chess expert or a composer? On my Reference Page you will find a list of some essential chess problem books and magazines. You might also like to visit the problem chess sites I've listed on the Links Page (these links are tested regularly). And, of course, take a look at my problems (all computer tested) and articles! If you have any questions, comments or suggestions concerning this site, don't hesitate to send me a mail.
Designed for a resolution of 800 x 600, the pages look fine as well on a 1024 x 768 screen. Your browser should support HTML 4.0 and JavaScript (optimized for Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.2.3, Mac OS 10.4 "Tiger").
I've used so called "GIF-text" especially with diagrams and solution texts. This will lead to a slower page loading compared to other problem lists around the net (although, I've tried to cut down GIF-file sizes as much as I could). I did this, because I wanted to create decent looking chess diagrams and a nice text layout. I gather, that surfing with at least a 56K V.90 modem, the pages should appear comparably quick on your screen (average file size of a problem page: around 36K).





I've updated some information on my Links and Reference Page. Thanks to Brian Stephenson for his hints.

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