Man's Man

Two Knives


Small Town Hero

The Perfect Game


Love In The Hamptons (TV)

Moonlight Blade 


Hold-Up (aka Wildfire)

Role Model: Gene Wilder (TV)


Rocky Balboa (see the discography)

The Godfather: The Game (see the discography)


Dynasty: The Making of a Guilty Pleasure (Theme) (TV)


Letting Go (TV)

Judas (TV)

Coast to Coast (TV) (see the Discography)


RevoLOUtion (aka The Gospel of Lou, 2 Birds with 1 Stallone, Fight The Good Fight) Theme only


Avenging Angelo (see the discography)

"G" (see the discography)


Boys On The Run

Tortilla Soup (see the Discography)


Sugihara: Conspiracy of Goodness (aka Sugihara: Conspiracy of Kindness)

Cubby Broccoli: The Man Behind Bond (Song)

American Tragedy (TV mini series) (see the discography)


Thomas Crown Affair, The (see the discography)

Coyote Moon (aka Desert Heat, aka Inferno) (see the discography)


CNN's music package for the new magazine programs "Time, Entertainment Weekly & Fortune"

Real McCaw, The Australian (see the discography)

Winchell (TV) (see the discography)

Wrongfully Accused (see the discography)


Prime-Time Live TV show


Entertaining Angels: The Dorothy Day Story (co-written with Ashley Irwin)

Spy Hard (see the discography)


Bushwacked (see the discography)

Napoleon (see the discography)


Cops And Robersons

8 Seconds (aka 8 Seconds To Glory, aka The Lane Frost Story) (see the discography)

Low Down Dirty Shame, A (aka Mister Cool) Score rejected

Next Karate Kid, The (see the discography)

Scout, The (see the discography)  

Yellowstone IMAX® release (see the discography)


Adventures Of Huck Finn, The (see the discography)

Blood In Blood Out (aka Bound By Honour) (see the discography)

Rookie Of The Year (see the discography)


Bodily Harm (aka Operation, The) TV movie

Tales From The Crypt "Maniac at Large" from Season 4

Nails TV movie (see the discography)


By The Sword

Captive In The Land, A

Dynasty: The Reunion TV series

Necessary Roughness (see the discography)

Year Of The Gun (see the discography)


Backstreet Dreams (aka Backstreet Strays)

Company, The

Fourth War, The (see the Discoraphy)

Inside Edition TV series

Instant Recall TV series

Rocky V (see the discography)


American Gladiators TV Series, theme (see the discography)

Bionic Showdown: The Six Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman

Cohen & Tate (see the discography)

Grand Slam (see the discography)  

Karate Kid III, The (see the Discography)

Lean On Me

Lock Up (see the discography)

Murderers Amoung Us: The Simon Wiesenthal Story TV movie (see the discography)


Betrayed (see the discography)

Big Blue, The US-version only (see the discography)

For Keeps ?

Heartbeat TV series, theme only

Night In the Life Of Jimmy Reardon, A (see the discography)


Baby Boom (music not officially released)

Broadcast News (see the discography)

Happy New Year

I Love N.Y.

Mariah TV series, theme

Masters of the Universe (see the discography)

Napoleon & Josephine: A Lovestory TV mini series, theme

Prayer For The Dying, A (see the discography) ;o)


Big Trouble

Boss' Wife, The

Colbys, The TV series, theme only (see the discography)

F/X (aka F/X - Murder By Illusion) (see the discography)

Karate Kid II, The (see the discography)

Niagara: Myths, Miracles and Magic IMAX®-release (see the discography)

Nomads (see the discography)

North And South: Book II TV mini series

Stark - Mirror Image (aka Stark II) TV movie, theme only

Our World (?) TV series, theme


Beer (aka The Selling Of America)

Gotcha! (see the discography)

North and South TV mini series (see the discography)

Rocky IV Only used Rocky-theme

Stark TV movie


Bear, The Scored with others

Coolangatta Gold, The Australian (see the discography)

Gold And Glory, The

Grand Canyon - The Hidden Secrets IMAX® release (see the discography)

Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous (co-written with N.Gimbel) (aka Lifestyles) TV series, theme (see the discography)

Mass Appeal (music not officially released)

Master, The TV series, theme only

Unfaithfully Yours


Bad Boys (see the discography)

Cagney and Lacey TV series, theme only (see the discography)

Emerald Point N.A.S. TV series, theme and some scores

Karate Kid, The (see the discography)

Right Stuff, The Academy Award for best score! (see the discography)

Terry Fox Story, The Canadian (see the discography)

Two Of A Kind Score rejected

Without A Trace Score rejected


Championship Season, That (see the discography)

Fantastic Seven, The (?) TV movie

Farrell For The People TV movie

I, the Jury (music not officially released)

Rocky III (see the discography)

Split Image


Carbon Copy

Dynasty TV series (see the discography)

Falcon Crest TV series (see the discography)

For Your Eyes Only Academy Award Nominee and Golden Globe Nominee for title song (see the discography)

Neighbors (see the discography)

Victory (aka Escape to Victory) (see the discography)


Formula, The (see the discography)

Gloria (see the discography)

Murder Inc. TV movie

Private Benjamin


Dreamer (see the discography)

Golden Girl

Man, A Woman and A Bank, A (aka A Very Big Withdrawal) Canadian

Rocky II (see the discography)

Seduction Of Joe Tynan, The


Big Fix, The

F.I.S.T. (see the discography)

Five Days From Home (see the discography)

Paradise Alley (see the discography)

(Harold Robbins') The Pirat TV mini-series

Ring Of Passion (aka Countdown To The Big One) TV movie

Slow Dancing In The Big City (see the discography)

Stunt Seven TV Pilot, theme only

Uncle Joe Shannon (see the discography)

Unmarried Woman, An Golden Globe Nominee (see the discography)


Handle with Care (aka The Great American Citizens Band, aka Citizens Band)

In The Matter of Karen Ann Quinlan TV movie

Kill Me If You Can (Caryl Chessman ?) TV movie

Sensitive, Passionate Man, A TV movie (see the discography)

There's Always Room TV pilot


Andros Targets, The TV series

Rocky Golden Globe Nominee for score, Academy Award Nominee for Gonna Fly Now (see the discography)

Displaced Person TV movie

Executive Suite TV series

Papa And Me TV movie

Smash Up On Interstate 5 TV movie


Next Stop Greenwich Village


Harry and Tonto (see the discography)

Pacific Challenge


Blume In Love


Liquid Subway Italian


Giardino Dei Finzi Contini, Il (Manuel De Sica) Two orchestrations by Bill Conti and piano playing (see the discography)


Candidato Per Un Assassino (aka Candidate For A Killing) Italian

Mademoiselle De Sade Ei Suoi Vici (aka Juliette De Sade, aka Heterosexual) Italian (see the discography)

Bill Conti did a lot of music that is not on the following list because I don't the specific release dates for them :o( :

ABC-TV Sports, Business Week, Channel2 (see the discography), Kenya, Life Magazine Special, O'Hara, Our World, Peter Jennings - Ted Koppel, News Hour, Turning Point, Dolphin Cove (Theme), E.A.R.T.H. Force, I Had Three Wives (Theme), Rock Awards (Music Director 1997), Silent Whisper (Theme) and Supercarrier (Theme) and 1988 Olympic Games.

As you might know he did a lot of music for the "Oscar" shows as the Musical Director. For more details which years please visit

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