1. First of all a link worth looking at. It includes soundclips and a bootleg section: The Czechian Bill Conti Fan Webpages

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3. I highly recommend this link of an Interview at the Archive of American Television:  Archive of American Television . It is an outstanding

interview spanning his whole life. It is 2 1/2 hours of Mr. Bill Conti talking very open about all things concerning his career, decisions

incl. funny episodes and everything. Very entertaining and charming.

(A BIG thanks to Fighter for digging this up!)

4. And here is a link to Bill Conti Clips on "YouTube": Bill Conti related Videos


Supreme Master Ching Hai

One World ...of peace through music

Bill Conti orchestrated and conducted the track "I Will Forever LoveYou".

It is a live recorded benefit show from the Shrine Auditorium. The CD was released 2000.

Still more news in 2011. Bill Conti has contributed 4 masterpieces for the new musical, "The Real Love".

Details here: Supreme Master TV .

Angelo Romero

Album: "Remembering the Future", 1996

The man who was the guitarist for "By the Sword". And you can hear that! His album contains 3 Bill Conti tracks, that he not just wrote but also arranged and contributed his piano works to. He also arranged 1 classic track (Canon, Pachelbel). CD, BMG RCA 74321319352, Released 1996, Europe


The Official Music of the 1984 Games

Various Artists perform on this LP/Japan CD (Sony 35DP 200). Bill Conti contributes the track "Power". LP, CBS Records 26048, Released 1984, Netherlands


deLys AT BRICKTOP'S With The Bill Conti Trio

LP with 12 "Bar-Music" tracks. See the young Bill Conti in the picture from the Back of the album! This was released by Tiberia Records New York N.Y. but I don't have a clue when. Bill Conti plays piano during the recorded show. The recordings should be from the 1960's.


Bette Midler's 1972 album "The Divine Miss M"

Score produced by Bill Conti

For Your Eyes Only

The London Symphony Orchestra played 007 songs on the following:

CD, "007 Classics", Edel company EDL 2513-2.

Bill Conti arranged the track himself.

  The Mighty Bruins

This track is one of the "fight songs" for the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA)

to commemorate its 50th Anniversary (thanks to Suan).

You Take My Heart Away

Has been covered by Shirley Bassey. Find it on the LP "You Take My Heart Away"

United Artists Records GP 495, Released 1977, Japan 

In Deinen Augen

The German version of "For your Eyes Only" by Solie Nero

7", Philips 6005 181


Bill Conti conducted a 40 piece orchestra to back the group Chicago.


I know there were/are some "Bill Conti Concerts" but I think they were few.

And as I am not living in America I do have my problems in really finding out!



 Nero Fidicen Una Commedia in Latino

The writer/director was Dan Lundberg, a former CBS foreign correspondent and creator/publisher of the influential Lundberg Letter.  Bill Conti (or “William Conti,” as he’s billed here) was at that time studying music in Rome. He wrote two songs for the album – “Mundus, Eras Amabilis” (“World, You Were So Lovely”) and “O Uxor Vilis” (“Oh, Worthless Wife”), composed the underscoring and transitional themes, and conducted the seven-member ensemble and also The Lower Via Veneto Chanting and Choral Society. Bill Conti’s wife, Shelby Cox Conti, was responsible for Choreographic Effects. (Thanks very much for this info to Stuart Cleland)

Ricchi e Poveri

He conducted and orchestrated "I Meno Uno - Piccola Mia" on Italian 7 inch RCA ITALIANA ZJC 50041.

He arranged parts of the Ricchi e Poveri album "Ricchi e Poveri" - I don't know the release date of this:


7 inch single: "Amore No", 1970

Played by the Bill Conti Orchestra

RARE 77576


Tito Schipa Jr.

Orfeo 9 with Renato Zero

The "HAIR-like" opera was produced by Bill Conti and Tito Schipa Jr. in the early '70s. On one orchestration Bill Conti did direct. There are Italian issues (2LP):

Orchestration and conduction by Bill Conti on this:

There is also a film directed by Tito Schipa Jr. where Bill Conti appears on screen. If you would like to know more about Tito Schipa Jr. and Orfeo 9 visit the nice people from www.titoschipa.it .

Sono Passati I Giorni and Combat arranged and conducted by Bill Conti 1971 (7" / 45 rpm)

Guido Renzi

Tanto Cara / Non Si Vive Di Soli Ricordi; arranged by Bill Conti 1970 (7" / 45rpm)

Buonanotte Amore / Bella Di Giorno; arranged and conducted by Bill Conti 1971 (7" / 45rpm):

Una Rosa Per Maria / Lei with the orchestra Guido Relly / Bill Conti and friends 1971 (7" / 45rpm):

Lara Saint Paul

Arangements by Bill Conti 1973:

Saffo music

Bill Conti assisted the artist and mixed the album that was recorded 1977.

Patty Pravo

Patty Pravo 3 VALSINHA LP PRE Arrangements by Bill Conti


Non Ti Bastavo Piu' / Canzone degli amanti (7" / 45rpm), A-Side arranged and directed by BILL CONTI

PHILIPS 6025 041, Italy:

Per Aver Visto Un Uomo Piangere E Soffrire Dio Si Trasformo In Musica E Poesia

Conducted by Bill Conti (with others) 1971, LP:

Si... Incoerenza

Music arranged and conducted by Bill Conti 1996, CD:

David Shel Shapiro

Sawdust Circus, conducted by Bill Conti 1974 LP

Also with David Shel Shapiro: CAIUTAMI ---- MARY JANE ARR. BILL CONTI

Umberto Bindi

Con Il Passadre Del Tempo, arranged by Bill Conti

WEST RECORDS WLP 102, 1975, Italy

Ornella Vanoni

Album Dettagli some arrangements by Bill Conti

LP CAT. N. CARNABY CPS 9283, 1970s, Spain and CD Sony BMG 2001

ORNELLA VANONI e cosi' per non morire 45 - arrangements by Bill Conti 1972


45rpm / single by Mosé DI' DI SI' / Preghiera a San Francesco

Some orchestrations: Bill Conti

1970s (?), Italy, PHILIPS 6025038

I Meno Uno

Piccola Mia / Te; arranged by Bill Conti 1970 (7" / 45 rpm)


Italian Movie (music by Tony Renis)

There is a OST (order no. Numero Uno ZSLN 55654-ITALY, 1973).

Orchestrated by Bill Conti. There are 8 tracks from this Italian spaghetti-western, starring : Jack Palance , Tina Aumont , Guido Mannari , directed by Marc Meyer.

If you have additional information, get in touch and e-mail please (not Bill Conti)