NOTHING - Thanks to...



I'd like to thank the following people for their commitment, help and support within the development of this website.

First I have to thank Steve Walsh for his patience and his immediate and honest help. I hope you will not be disappointed by the end result of this website. It is hard for me to realize that this wonderful conversation has really happened.
Thank you very much, Steve!

Billy Greer, who made it all possible. I will never forget what you've done for me.
Thank you very much, Billy.

A very big "Thank You" to my wife for her patience and for understanding that I am spending all this time on my PC to fulfill a dream of my childhood. Without you all this would not have been possible!

Thanks to Diana Whay and Thomas Miller for helping me to "translate" my English into a readable English. Thanks for your motivation and your support.

Thanks to Matthias Ratzka who developed the Kansas mailing list here in Germany and who inspired me a lot to do this website. Hope we stay in contact.

Thanks to Inge Ungnadner, Dieter Geipel, Peter Huber and Willi Lettmair for their motivation, pictures and support.

Bob Fritsch, the man who captured Steve with his camera. Thanks for your pictures and your support.


Thanks to all, who supported Steve throughout the years.