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To start out with, I just want to say, Love Ya Steve! First saw you live at the Long Beach Arena with backing band Jethro Tull, back around 1975. You were playing an Old Huanted looking Hammond Organ? (love to know what that was). It was rocking back and forth as if it had a life of it's own. I was only 17 yrs old at the time and my second concert I'd ever saw (George Harrison and the Ravi Shankar band was the 1st I think). That's what mesmorized me, watching you work that thing like a God! So much in fact, I hadn't really noticed much else from the band except the prodigal genius music that echoed through the auditorium and the visual effects of that spirit filled organ. Tried my best to find footage of that vintage concert to no avail. Love to hear from you, even if to acknowledge my presence as a fan (just say Hi Brother ;) ). Love You Bro, and Hope to God all is well with you and yours. Keep On Rockin', as You were one of the Greats from the Renaissance Era Of Prog/Hard Rock talents that should go down in Music History! Don't ever forget that! Sincerely Robert Waltrip
Steve, I bought your hammond in 1979 from Clay Schell in atlanta and am considering saling it. Is there any value you personally would put on it? Also, does KANSAS have a museum at the hall of fame that would be interested in a loan? I did'nt see you but once in clemson S.C. in 79 and the acoustics of the venue were terrible but you all were GREAT. I'm glad to see that you are sticking with your first love,,,nobody can do it like you can! Get in touch. Regards,David McCall "....see you IN THE WIND "
Steve, I really enjoyed your stories about the tours and times in your life. It was like reading deserts after the big meal. Please if you remember any more crazy zany times on tour write about them or dictate them to the webmaster to publish. I really enjoyed the performance in Topeka last February. I wish we could have talked but I know you had a big night after the rehearsal. I hope you don’t loose your marbles again. Steve Olin
Steve, Just picked up a copy of the remastered"Two For the Show", and wanted to tell you how great it is. The second disc is amazing. Thank you for decades of great music.... Edward-*
Hello Steve, I had the privilege of meeting you this year as we happened to be at Stone Mountain at the same time. I kept my meeting short and quick so as to not disturb your private time with your family. I took the time with my wife and 2 children to go there not having visited before and had the surprise of meeting you…but reluctantly left with a loss within as I omitted to simply say thank you and not just that you are my favorite rock singer. When I returned home I spoke with a common friend between us named Ernie Holmes who I met a few years ago at my local church. I played with Ernie on his first day performing on keyboards (me on drums) at church with the praise team. I told him I met you and that I forgot to say “thank you”. And so….I now have that privilege…so Thank you Steve for all of the inspiring vocals and performances you have shared throughout the years. With Sincere Appreciation and Gratitude, George Dosal
My girlfriend and I went to the sold out Kansas concert at Diamond Jack's Casino in Shrevport, Louisiana last Saturday, August 1, 2009, and the show was EXCELLENT! Steve's vocals were exceptional and the band performed flawlessly and energetically. Anyone having the chance to see rock and roll at its best MUST SEE KANSAS LIVE! My only regret was that "People of the South Wind" was not played, as that's one of my favorites. Regardless, GREAT SHOW; WE LOVED IT and will go again the next time the band is in Texas or Louisiana! Thanks for the great experience! Keith Durrett
Hope you're having a good summer. My name is Eddy Jones, I played drums and perc. on the St James Christmas CD's, I'm not supper proud of my Performance on those but it was rushed and I was trying to keep it simple. I have been a huge fan over the years, I enjoy you're solo stuff a great deal. I saw you with Streets and got to meet you when I was working with Davey Brown years ago. I am currently playing with Head East, got hired about three yrs. ago when Roger cleaned house and brought myself and three other guys from the area aboard. Its going well, everyone says Roger finaly has a band that sounds like Head East again.I would love to hear from you, Im sure you're very buisy. I keep hoping we'll cross paths again, Head East opened for you the week before I started, I was bummed not to be at that show. I wish you all the best, I realy enjoyed getting to do the East Hills mall thing with you also. I must admit I have'nt realy kept up on you're work since Glossalailia and the Kansas Album that followed but I will get updated soon. I sing also so you have always been a true inspiration, singing you're stuff in cover bands over the yrs. was great for developing my range and tone, THANKS. Much Respect, take care
Steve, I am an ardent and from the beginning and still a Kansas fan. Your music inspired me and still does to this day. I am writing you because I have written a book which is a spiritual journey and intend on having published very soon. As I searched for the proper cover of this writing, I felt that only the cover of "Point of Know Return" provided the perspective I wanted to portray in this essay on spiritual development. Insomuch, I am asking for permission to use this incredible and timeless image as part of the cover of my book. My book is called "You Are Free To Fail, on your path to a purpose filled life". The cover of Point of Know Return depicts the risk of daring against convention and even if we ride off the edge, there are abundant treasures that await us on the other side. How perfect is your cover image for such a subject? I would be incredibly greatful for your permission to proceed, and will be honored to send you a signed copy of my book. My Best Regards, John Yerger Author
Dear Steve, I am a fan of your band ever since (born 62) and now I am in our schoolproject (I as a teacher for kindergarten-teachers). We have produced small movies for early learners of English as a second or third language in Germany. I found that most of my students used music pieces withoutr authorization and I must substitute this now in postproduction that we can publish it on elanguages (there: Project Cornwall and the world, Hannah- Ahrendt-School in Flensburg): http://www.elanguages.org/view_pagecontent.php?resourceid=55267;id=r55267#r55267 Now, I would like to ask you for permission, if we may use for particular backgrounds your masterpiece Dust in the wind, to undely some scenes with it. The movies show for example treasure hunts or flowergrowing, we also have a scavengerhunt with children and young kindergartenteachers. It is definitely not for commercial purpose and shall be only put on the British Council website "elanguages". My Best Regards to you Detlef Fiedler
Dear Mr. Walsh, It was my honor and distinct pleasure to see you this past Friday, July 10, 2009, in Atlanta while participating in a High Schools that Work conference. On the way, my husband and I just happened to hear that Kansas was performing with the ASO that Friday night. We looked at each other and said,”Wouldn’t it be awesome to be a part of such a great event?” We set out to be there, and oh! It was AWESOME! We had great seats. I started talking to this tan, gray haired man about the band, and he told me he knew you personally. “Sure,” I thought, but he went into great detail about being your neighbor, about your son, about hanging out with you, and about the night you punched the guy at the concert! We both agreed that you are one of the greatest vocalists of all time. Age and strain takes its toll on us all, but you still nailed it. Take care of yourself! Your voice is one of a kind. ( I first saw you when I was 10 or 11 in Huntsville, AL, when you fronted with BAD COMPANY. That Paul Rogers! Whew! But that night I fell in love with KANSAS! ) Your friend, Vick, was there with his wife, a retired teacher, and they were so friendly. We truly enjoyed our evening. I hope you realize how blessed you have been with your talents, and I thank you for sharing them with us all. Congratulations for 35 years of KANSAS.
I just watched my Grandaughter's debut on a "reality" show..........and I choose that word loosely...... but I was so proud of her.......her character was supposed to be the biotch as the bartender in "Cowboys" in Calgary, AB, Canada (sorry, I read where you didn't like Canada) but she turned out Ok, (she's the one who won Prince Harry's heart (and I use that loosley)............. And then I ended up the evening watching the sad, sad, sad story about Micheal.......... But enough of that!!!!!! I think I am going to make this is about ME, or you, or Kansas :) When I started to listen to Kansas I was in my early 20's, so when a new album came out all we had back then was the Album and cover and whatever you wished to share with us......there were no videos or MTV. We had no reference as to what any of you looked like in the early sleeves. I truly had no idea who any of you were......when I loved an album, I loved an album no matter who was singing and playing and singing those amazing songs..........it was all about the music and the way the music made me feel and I still truly believe that.............hmmmmmmmmm....what can I say......I am glad for technology but............ It had been a while (decades) since I have been in a place where I have wanted to play my "records" (life happens) ................I recently went down memory lane with Kansas and truly cannot get Kansas out of head...........coupled with the wonders of Youtube and I am so totally blown away.........I had no idea the in's and out's of what you all have been through and it has opened my eyes to a lot. THANKYOU for having someone film you the 1980 Texas concert,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,truly, a huge ((((((HUG))))))) for whomever was on the ball...................Wow...........(i can only play it at work cause it keeps stalling at home....need more ram I guess....and that sucks bigtime............... working on it lololololol. I have read everything on your website and every other site to try to be able to see what kind of person you are. To let you know the truth when I first saw some of the earlier stuff I was beginning to think you where a bit of a jerk.............. butchaknowwhat I totally understand now........... I would like to see you participating on your website, which I am sure may be very difficult having such a young family and still pursuing your dreams........... I would like to let you know how much you (and Kansas) have touched thecc ore rhythm of my being and heart. I am so totally happy to see that you are playing with symphonies............I don't have an answer as to why certain music like Kansas, Procal Harem, Jethro Tull, etc filles my heart but it does............ I love your music and am sharing it with my grandbabies (not so young anymore, lol, my 16 year old grandson listens to Hemdrix with me, lol) now I have to teach him Joplin (who was one of the bands I was fortunatel to see on their "festival express" across Canada in 1970)..... I love you in different ways, thank you for influencing me in my love of music, and thank you for being you. Love Rosalind Irvine PS. I went to a concert (probably in the late 60's/early 70's) to go to a concert in Edmonton, AB that featured one on my most favourite bands.......Vanilla Fudge...........only to find out that the back up band was freakin "Led Zepplin" (who I might add I couldn't stand)..................True story...... Please take care of you and yours.............(((((((((HUGE ADMIRATIONS)))))))))) to you and your family.
Steve my name is Bob Rochelle, Your music and lyrics are woven through the tapestry that is my life. I first saw you guys with my best friend in Greensboro, NC, you were opening up for Bad Company. I had never really heard of you guys, We were COMPLETELY blown away. After Magnum Opus we were both sitting there exhausted. Bad Company came out and we looked at each other and said let's get out of here. We did not want to let Bad Company( no disrespect) ruin what was in our head. The intricate time signatures and the complex melodies and the expert muscianship, paired with the deep and meaningful lyrics is the perfect package. It's what inspired me to join a band. Funny story, The Yes-head that is our bass player was in that same audiance that night we came to find out many years later (he had better seats). Anyway I have seen you guys several times through the years and have been amazed at the high level you continue to perform. I own almost all you stuff and have NEVER been disappointed. After the first time I saw you guys I went to the record store and bought Kansas, Song For America, Masque and Leftoverture. This was at a time when you could spend hours and hours in a record store reading liner notes and wondering how to spend your $5.99. I'm sorry my son will never get to experince the sights and sounds and smells of an old RECORD store. I would love for you to here our music. It is in a Kansas, Rush, vein. We have been togther for twenty years and finallay produced a CD. I would love to send you one if you would really LISTEN to it and give me your critique.check us out at www.echoparkband.com. Keep on howlin' Bob
Dear Steve Walsh, like WOW! You do have an amazing voice and wonderful talent. I've been a fan of Kansas for years, but now I have like twenty or more of your videos on my Youtube account. I was born in 1971 and I grew up llistening to you guys.. I love "Carry On My Wayward Son" and "Dust In The Wind" a lot. I'm kinda a wayward daughter myself and I really want to rededicate back to Jesus Christ. So pray for me and my boyfriend Joe. I checked out the Kansas website and I like all the info and the pix! So when are you all coming out to Southern California? I'd love to see you all in concert soon! My name is Michelle and my Joe and I are very familiar with your songs. It would be an honor to meet you all. May the LORD bless your whole band, families, friends and fans. Well, hope to hear from you when you get a chance. God bless and love you! Sincerely Michelle Urdaneta
Hi Steve, Got hooked on Kansas back in '79 and never looked back. I saw Kansas at Madison Square Garden in 1980 (Monolith Tour - still have the tour book). I have always respected you for your message and the wonderful voice you will always have. Cheyenne Anthem holds a special place in my heart. Kansas truly, Joseph Lauria
Hello. My name is Lauren Lingerfelt, and I am the Drum Major for a 150 member competitive performing ensemble called Spirit Drum and Bugle Corps based in Jacksonville, Alabama. Spirit tours the country during the summer performing for thousands of fans almost every night. We are working on performing and perfecting our show approximately 14 hours a day while sleeping on gym floors and traveling on chartered buses. This year, our show is entitled "Live...In Concert!" and features the music of Kansas. I was looking at your tour schedule, and I noticed that we are going to be within an hour and a half of Rice Lake, Wisconsin on June 20-21. We will be having shows in Stillwater, Minnesota and Menomonie, Wisconsin during those days. I was wondering if Kansas could make an appearance at our housing site and surprise the corps. I know it would be very exciting for everyone involved with Spirit, and it would give motivation to the members to better strive for excellence. Attached are some photographs of the corps in action. I am also attaching my contact information if you and the members of Kansas are interested. I am not looking for money for the corps. I am just hoping for an appearance and a chance for the corps to get to see you. This is my fifth year to march Spirit, and I am hoping to give back to the corps by helping motivate them in performance and life. Thank you for your time and consideration. God bless. Lauren Lee Lingerfelt
Hey Steve, You probably don’t get any royalties from Youtube, but I just saw a version you guys did of ‘The Pinnacle’ and it reminded me how much I loved Kansas and the great feelings I got from listening to your songs. That song in particular is timeless and your voice is the vehicle to those deep and true emotions it stirs. Thanks for giving your talent to the world!!! Take care, Robert V
Dear Steve: My name is John Ledesma and I am a huge Kansas fan and have been for years. My first album that I bought was called "Freaks of Nature." Then I fell in love with the song "Dust in the Wind" which is my favorite song from you guys. I went to see you at the Canyon Club in Agoura Hills which is close to where I live in Valencia. I really admire your voice but don't know why it was different in the 70's. Then it changed suddenly in the 80's. Anyways, I am hoping to see you on September 11th at the L.A. County Fair in Pomona. You can write me back at johnledesma72@ymail.com. Thanks!!
Hello Steve, I am indeed a very great Kansas fan since 21 years, were you play at the OUT IN THE GREEN-Festival in´87 Dinkelsbühl/Germany and after this Gig i recognised, that I have a big lack in my musical interests. Afterwards i visit every Kansastour in Germany. Luckily the Tour with Kerry and Dave could I enjoy at my 22 Birthday in1990. The latest was in Homberg last June with REO &Journey!! How Long to the Point of the next Return? Best Wishes from Bavaria Martin
I’m a 53-year-old Mom who bought our four teen daughters Guitar Hero for Christmas ’08. After the first try, our 19-year-old-daughter came roaring up the stairs announcing, “Mom, you have to come down and try Guitar Hero right now. There’s a song here that you’ll love, I just know it. It just sounds like you.” “OK, this stuff sounds pretty wild and crazy, but I’ll try.” Tugging me by the sleeve, she leads me down the stairs. She shows me how the plastic guitar works and turns it on. “Well, for heaven’s sake, it’s Kansas playing Carry On Wayward Son!!!” “See Mom, I knew you’d like it.” After several futile attempts at trying to follow along, I give up. I decide my own guitar sounds better, but the seed of curiosity has been planted. I wonder if there’s anything by Kansas on YouTube, I think to myself. Hah! To my delight, there is. Now, two months later, I’m a bigger fan in this season of my life than I was when I was a teen because the lyrics have more meaning now…..due to a cartload of life experiences. Too bad Kansas doesn’t have plans on doing a concert in Canada…coming across the border can be a bit of a bugger, according to Steve’s website. Wonder if I can talk my hubby into going down to the States next holiday???
I've loved Steve and Kansas from the first time I ever heard their album in my bass players hotel room at a gig we were playing in the 70's. I've seen them many times over the years and I love Steve just as much today as I did then! He can always move me and his voice sends shivers down my spine and I get goosebumps still when I hear him sing. I have been a singer for 30 years and was fortunate enough to sing many of Kansas' songs in my bands over the years. That just made me appreciate his incredible voice even more! I am so happy that he has a beautiful family that he truly loves. I know that there will come a day when he will retire, but, he has left us so many beautiful memories through all of the songs for so many years, that we will never be without him! lmadden10@cogeco.ca Linda Madden,
Hi Steve...hope this finds you in the best of health and spirits...long-time fan down in 'Bama...saw you guys a couple of times in the late '70's...still my all-time favorite band...as a young teen, you were a GOD in music to me...I tried to sing like you, grew my hair long like you...silly now I know...but your music was just the best...I stood in line for hours to get 3rd row seats for your concert in '79...I then went somewhere I shouldn't and my wallet was stolen...but I purchased more tix and still saw the show...well worth every penny!!! "Lonely Wind", "Wheels", "A Glimpse of Home", "The Wall" just a few of my favorites... Take care and its been such a privilege listening to your magnificent voice for over 30 years... Howard Green
My name is John Cassidy from New Castle,De. Steve, The music of Kansas has brought me many years of joy and has encouraged me through many a hard time in my life. Much gratitude to you and the band. On albums such as Leftoverture, Point of No Return and Audio Visions, you've been credited for playing congas and vibes. I haven't seen you play those instruments on any subsequent albums or live performances. Did you make a conscious choice not to play them anymore or is there another reason? Regards, John
Hey Steve! :-) Unfortunately, because of stuff in my life that has been going on for quite a while now, I haven't had time to keep up with what has been going on with you and Kansas. (My daughter left home to go to school in the US about 5 years ago, and I had to split with my husband of ten years)...stuff I'm sure you would understand. In the past couple of weeks, I have been spending a lot of time perusing the internet to find out what has been going on with you in the past ten years or so!! I live in Ontario, Canada, and i have seen you play many, many times! I have been listening to you and studying your voice all of my life (since I was 17 years old)..for I am also a professional singer and at one point in my life as a vocalist, I sang so many Kansas songs and it was the most awesome experience of my life, cause back then, (in the 70's) you're music was so popular and loved that the bar owners would always ask our band to stay for another week!!! ..(you were my passion), my mentor and a bit of an obsession...:-) ask the guys that I played with ;-) and I have to tell you that I still get goosebumps when I hear those songs! I didn't know you were a daddy! I also am a mother, but my daughter moved to the U.S. and is going to University (KU) in KANSAS of all places!!! She's lives just outside of Overland Park.It's just so funny, cause she grew up listening to your music and listening to me singing your music and it just blows my mind that she is there...in KANSAS!! She loves it there and I am glad that she is such a wonderful place, even though I miss her like .....;-( Anyway, you probably won't remember me, but quite a few years back, you played a venue in Toronto..you had just released your new cd "Freaks of Nature". You were playing at RMP...a big rock club in downtown Toronto, Ontario. When you announced the new cd, I called your name and gave you the cd to show everyone. Then, when you were playing "Carry On..." You handed me the mike to sing the chorus. I saw you guys three times that year.I talked to Billy, and when you played in a little place called "Peterborough,Ontario", My boyfriend at the time, and I, gave David a ride to the Holiday Inn cause there was no room for him in the Waitresses Van. Boo Hoo :-0 Anyway, I would just like to say that I have talked to all of the members of Kansas, except for you and Phil Ehart, who is one of my favorite drummers of all times!!! We are all getting older now, I am, myself 53 and I just want to tell you that I still love you (the person I know, that shares his soul and feelings within his music) and for what it's worth, you have always made my world a wonderful place Steve! Good wishes, and Merry Christmas to you and your family. Linda Madden
I have been a Steve Walsh fan (and Kansas) since 1976. I was working at a grocery store, bought my first car (1974 Dodge Charger) and a friend gave me a Kansas 8-track to listen to. The music blew me away and I was drawn to Steve's voice. I was a die hard Kansas/Walsh fan until Steve left the band. I stopped following Kansas until 2004. While sitting behind a computer during a boring day at work, I googled Kansas and found the website. Again, the memories and music came back...and I found out they released Somewhere to Elsewhere with all the original band members. I had to buy the CD! Then, on my way home, while listening to the radio and planning a trip to the mall to pick up Somewhere to Elsewhere, I hear the DJ announce Kansas was playing in concert that very weekend!!! Talk about cooincidental!!! I took my kida (age 11 and 13 at the time) and the immediately became Kansas fans. The majic was back. Since 2004, I've seen Kansas everytime they've come to South Florida!!! Most recently, I saw them play at the Miccousouki Indian preserve in a tent with maybe 300 people. It was one of the most moving Kansas concerts I've ever seen...I'm a grown man and for whatever reason, being that close (front row and center) and hearing the songs I've loved for over 30 years brought me to tears. Steve was playing games hiding behind the keys before the encore, the guys were laughing and having fun, and David Ragsdale was magnificent. I do miss the face and voice of Robbie...but I couldn't have asked for a better performance. The guys played their hearts out and Steve's voice was GREAT!! I've now converted my girlfriend into a Steve Walsh/Kansas fanatic and hope to see them in the future. Thanks for so many years of entertainment!
Steve I am a real fan of yours and have been for a long time. I just wanted to say that you are with out a doubt one of the top five greatest voices in all of music past or present. It is my honor to have been blessed with being alive during your time. I remember being a little boy living in Missouri City MO in 1977, and listening to KY 102 from Kansas City and hearing A Kansas song for the first time. I thought what was that?- who was that? My older brother told me, filled me in on your band and let me listen to the album he had in his room. I was blown away by what I heard my brain would never be the same again. So thank you for all these years of great music and the memories to go along with them. Jonathan Phillips
Steve,you are splendid. I'm live in Japan. So I look forward to your live in Japan. And I hope your DVD to be released more in Japan. Sorry for my poor English. Thank you. Mayuri Himuro live in Tokyo,Japan
Steve, I wanted to share with you (from a different perspective) just how far words and music can guide, comfort, and heal. As a child of the 70's, I was drawn toward hard rock of the 70's and 80's until later in life when I became much more faith driven and rediscovered Kansas, its powerful music and its deep spiritual content. Studying the band's history (both the ups and downs) it is proof that with growth and maturity come belief, understanding, and wisdom. I recently was confronted with going through a divorce. As the divorce became final, the words and music to "The Wall" became both my healer and saving grace. In more ways than I can explain, I want to say thank you and Kansas for helping me tear down my "Wall" and let it be, so I could live on in harmony. There was no loss. ...Remember, it's just love and Miracles out of Nowhere! David Flaherty Miami, FL
Hi, I’m a HUGE FAN of Steve’s since day 1. Saw Steve and the band last Sunday (Aug. 10th) with my two teenage kids and a nephew at Indian Ranch Webster Lake in Mass. True to form, Steve soared and the crowd roared. Billy Greer announced it was the best crowd on the tour! People were so into the music and the nostalgia of the old favorites. I had a tears mixed with sweat during Dust in the Wind with my 14 year old daughter next to me. The words are so profound and it really gets to you as you move on in life (I’m 46). His voice on Icarus was so clean and powerful harkening us back to his prime, and I’m not surprised to learn from your site that it’s Steve’s favorite song. The stories Steve tells in your web page are incredible. It inspires me that a man can still have that much raw talent, creativity and success in spite of his past excesses. I’m also proud and certain to declare Steve Walsh as the most soulful and exhilarating rock singer/songwriter/performer OF ALL TIME. Thanks for building the site in Steve’s honor and allowing us to share in the rock-n-roll history you have uncovered! James Archambault
Hi Mr. Walsh my name is Keegan Meenagh and Im only 15, and you guys are one of my favorate bands, im going to see you guys play in Palmer AK, in August and I cant wait. I really like your early stuff all the way up to Point of Know Return. my favorate song from you guys has to be Cheyenne Anthem. You guys are awsome and I hope to see you guys in Alaska
Hi Steve: I´m writting you from a litle island in the caribbean. All my family grow up listing your music. You`re our inspiration. You`re the greatest voice of all progressive rock times. Long live to rock!!!! Domingo Mesa Jaquez Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Hey Steve, Remember me?...drummer from BOC. Touring Europe ect.... Happy Birthday! I didn't realize that we are both the same age. I'll never forget when Buck, Jon and myself came on the stage impromptu during one of your performances of "Dust in the Wind". We were playing "air" violins. You came over to me and said 'You guys are FIRED!!! I write film & TV scores as my day gig these days. www.ronriddle.com I hope you are doing well. Best, Ron
Steve: Will Kansas ever be performing a symphony concert in or near Florida? There are certain things in my life I would like to do before I expire and one of them is to witness my favorite band in harmony with a symphony. Kansas blessed us in 2006 and 2007 with many gigs in the Orlando area. We miss you! Come back soon. Hoping to catch you in Miami July 19th. Regards Chris/ Orlando
Steve, I have been a big Kansas fan for many years, i'm from Newton,Iowa but did not get to see you there. I have one question, i heard this years ago but let me know the truth that your heritage is native american. I'm very involved in the indian culture, i'm part Sac and fox, and my boyfreind if chippewa. I feel i can see it in your features, i just wanted to know the truth behind the story i told my boyfreind you were. Thank you and keep rockin,Becky Thomas
Dear Steve: This is a big thank you from the bottom of my heart for your great influence on my life - your exemplary professionalism and passion and vocal and songwriting talent beyond belief. (Well, back in the day I never saw the behind-the-scenes stuff - I only got the albums, interviews, and the great shows!) And it's nice to see most of that singing power has come back with your more healthful lifestyle now. I am amazed to find you never took lessons, but you inspired me to take them and after years of trying so hard to get it right I can finally in my own way, sing along with you, or as I am working on right now, release a lifetime of songs I have written over the years (many of them Kansas-inspired), for myself. As one of the greatest, most compelling vocalists I have ever listened to, I think a big part of your trademark sound is that you are also one of the very few with the special ability to enunciate sharp vowels at high range like "ee" and "aay" (like the way you opened Closet Chronicles) - those that other vocalists cover up with a dull "ah" or like some rock tenors, sing more effortlessly but weakly. You seem to be a strong baritone that can push to the highest range and that is so much more powerful than the more relaxed but thin sound of say, a Jon Anderson. I don't know how you kept going when your voice wasn't holding up so well but man, was that brave! Now it seems you have little trouble (anyone heard "Belexes" sung live lately?) Wow!!! I am pleased you have so many good things to say about Kerry Livgren's songwriting and well, I have to agree that it's fantastic. But you come across quite humble in relation to your own contribution. After all, your mark on the band was far more than the singing and the showmanship and your Hammond organ mastery. Some of your own songs have touched me more deeply than you will ever know. Your lyrics have always amazed me in that on the surface they can appear to be mysterious and vague, but after a number of listens (for some folks maybe - years!) when the theme of the song is eventually recognized one can stand back and view it and "get it". Okay - well maybe you think I read some additional meanings into it, but the words are there and the quality of poetry is superb - and that invites deeper meanings whether intended or not! For example, "All the World" might seem overly sentimental on the surface, especially in today's cynical world, but boy is it a powerful and inspiring statement! And parts of it still make me weep. "Angels Have Fallen", like "Point of Know Return", sends chills up my spine! What, did you have a special window into the spirit world at that moment? Or were you reading "The Lord of the Rings"? Maybe few really get what those two songs were really about, but "spiritual warfare" would be a description that begins to approach it and the lyrics really go deep with insight - all done with poetic excellence. Your first solo album too, is full of passion - some energetic (and fun) "power shouting" and "sounding off" to be sure, but incredible stuff musically and lyrically. And last but not least, you can in fact write the cathartic love song (don't forget "Lonely Wind" - well, almost a love song...) that produces goosebumps - rivalling the best. And only you can sing them the way they're supposed to be heard! So don't ever underestimate what your songwriting has done - some of the best Kansas classics as well as some fantastic solo material. Well, do I even need to mention now that I'm a lifelong Kansas fanatic? Your stories of the road (a lot of which I would never want to go through!) have helped inspire me in taking the plunge, "quitting my day job" and launching a late-life music career change (I know - you gave all of us a clear and resounding warning not to do it!) and I am finally putting my own stuff out there again and planning to take it on the road (or at least the local circuit). I wish you and your family the best (I met your son once at a Colorado show, and I too, have a daughter named Olivia). Thanks again for the crazy, infectious passion and for continuing to apply it to some of the greatest music ever composed within the rock genre. I still dream of running into you guys out there on the road one day! Yours Truly, Scott Gordon
Hello Steve, This feels kinda crazy writting to you because I am sure you don't have time to read your email but here goes nothing! Just want to let you know that I became a huge fan of your music in the 70's . I won a demo album of Kansas back in 73 or 74 by calling into a radio station. I was only 13 and it was my first album. I was hooked and have seen you many times in concerts over the years. Being a typical teenager, I would blare my music and my father would yell to turn it down, except for Dust In the Wind . He loved it and would tell me to " turn it up" Now, fast forward I have a 19 year old son, who saw you play the Fouth of July(2007) concert here in South Jersey. He really didn't want to stay, thinking " this is my mother's band". He said it was pouring rain and he was getting soaked but wild horses couldn't drag him away when you started playing. He said you were terrific and you now have another diehard fan. I borrowed his ipod today and it was loaded with your songs, So funny . Just thought I would pass along to you that in this family you have three generations of fans.. Thanks for the music. Theresa McLaughlin
Hello Steve ! Thank you for your parisian concert ( in LA CIGALE) in june ’05 ! (real surprise !) Too bad ! it was a too much small concert hall , I think ! Any news about a new album of Kansas ? What about the project’s band in these days ? God bless you and your Family MICHEL PRIBILSKI PARIS/France
Steve: I can't thank you enough from the bottom of my heart for signing a CD that my brother presented to you after the concert at The Canyon in Agoura Hills. It meant the world to me. The shock of my upcoming deployment to either Iraq or Afghan will be softened by this wonderful momento. I survived Desert Storm in early 90 and I certainly pray to make it back to my family and country and another Kansas concert. I WILL play this CD and many others and try to enlighten as many new soldiers of the wonder of Kansas and your wonderful song writing. I'm an anesthesia provider and will therefore be in the operating room and one of my many functions will be not only anesthetizing our wounded soldiers but making sure that Kansas is on our OR boombox. thanks again. Hoohah! Klaire Patterson, MAJ (Reserves) I only wish that I could have thanked you myself..... Maybe one day
Se questo non e' un altro sito di Steve Skorovic me me rammarico. Ma se lo e' : Steve ma che fine hai fatto? Tua moglie mi ha tagliato fuori dal tuo indirizzo email per paura che ti scrivessi ancora? Ma che e' impazzita? Lo so che non ti devo scrivere ma mi hai promesso che mi chiamavi ... allora che aspetti? Come stai? Sono finite le vacanze? Ridiamoci su' ... guarda che non mordo mica! Full of Hope! C
Hello Steve Walsh, I am from Princeton New Jersey in the east coast of the US and my ailing (but hopefully he'll get better) father is from Kansas and has fond memories of it. You can respond to this E mail address or my own personal address at blakemitchner@yahoo.com but I don't look at that one much. You opened my mind to your music, your writing, and your voice and during my newfound love of your music I must tell you that Kansas gave me a revelation. A real revelation, not a bullshit revelation. In other words, you made something both beautiful and devastating happen in my life- now how many artists/bands can I say that about? I can count them on both hands and that's it. I think that Kansas did things their way from the start, I mean your way. You have never sold out and I have heard only great things about you as a person which means you are not an asshole like a lot of musicians who make it are. Are you a self-taught/natural singer? You sound like one to me. There is no showing off just a lot of passion and emotion in there. I refuse to take voice lessons after a really bad experience. I write lyrics, sing, and play guitar. I've been a guitarist for 15 years, but I have trouble writing music. I'll need help with that, but I'm doing this as a solo artist with a "collective" not as a band. I have no time for what goes along with being in a band. I'm sure you had plenty of times when you got pissed at that too? I am trying to locate a copy of your band Streets. The first 45 I ever owned was "Dust In The Wind" but now I only listen to records. Kansas are my favorite band by far. I see you as the culmination of everything that was leading up to the best an American band from the Midwest could offer and you succeeded at that. Also, you have a hard rough edge sorely missing from Styx (man, do I hate Dennis Deyoung!). and their ilk. I would like to know how you feel about music and what projects have satisfied you the most. Last thing I have to tell you is a rather bizarre coincidence. There was a British band in 1974 produced by Zombies member and Argent co writer Chris White called Life. The band Life had a song called "Sleepless Night" which is almost totally the same song as "Point Of Know Return." If you ever can find a copy listen, or maybe you heard it. I doubt that though, it probably is just an eerie coincidence. They were very good, but didn't go anywhere although their Hammond player went into the Kinks. It would be nice to hear from you if you have any time. I have more respect for you than any other American musician and I wanted to thank you for opening my ears, my heart, and my mind. Thanks so much for the great music! kind thoughts to you, BEN BLAKE MITCHNER
After the original gig was canceled here in Dallas, I couldn't wait till Sept so I drove up to the Winstar Casino in Oklahoma and caught the show there. I have been going to see Kansas, since 1974. You never disappoint !!! I told my young friend who had never seen the band before, that Steve is a Miracle Rocker (feel free to use that on your next solo project) I saw him perform even when their manager wanted to cancel the show,in 75 but even though Steve was sick he played his heart out anyway. Then the tragic car incident and he came back as strong as ever. The "Shadowman" CD is the kind of music that makes Steve a force in Rock. So "Carry On" Mr Steve, you are truly an original great rock persona. PS Please tell Phil, that since he got his haircut, he is starting to look like Joe Montana ??? LOYAL & STILL APPRECIATIVE GC Hutton ---Dallas TX
Hello Steve, When I was 15 years old I bought the album Leftoverture. Because I loved the music on this album, I bought the older Kansas albums and all the new releases until Vinyl Confessions. But Kansas without you, it wasn’t really Kansas for me. Then, a few years ago I walked into a record store and to my surprise I found the CD “Freaks of nature”. At that point I didn’t knew that you were back in the band for 10 years. And then a week ago I discovered in the record store that Kansas made a DVD in 2003: Device Voice Drum. Wow, what luck. This is one of the best DVD’s I’ve ever heard! Yesterday I read on the internet that Kansas toured in Europe in 2005. I’m 2 years to late to find it out! So I hope Kansas will return to the Netherlands or Germany one day. Then I’ll be there! This is reallly great music, with great playing and singing. Steve, I wish you all the luck and hope I can see you perform one day. Thank you and the rest of the band for your excellent music. Ad Manders, the Netherlands.
Hi Steve- Where do I start...It was 1976 and I had just moved to Utah from Texas. I was 12 years old and had no idea of who I was. The following year I was headed up the mountain for my first ski trip with some friends. Dust in the Wind came on the radio-from that moment on I knew who Kansas was. I became aware of the other Kansas songs that had already been receiving airplay and I was amazed that I had never noticed them before. My life changed at that moment. Two things happened that impacted my life because of you and the band: First, I knew that I wanted to become a musician and have the same effect on people that you had. I eventually learned the drums and have been in many bands since the late 80s. It still gets to me when I see the audience dancing or singing along or signing the occasional autograph. The second thing that happened was that, after attending a Kansas concert in 1980 (Audio-Visions tour) in Salt Lake City, I got laid for the first time! I don't know if my girlfriend was just feeling generous that night or if it was the "smoke" blowing around the arena, but she let me have some. You guys rule!! I wish you all the best and remember, your music is forever. Ron Wise
Steve - Greetings from the city of Des Moines, IA where Kansas signed their first record deal playing at Fat Alberts. I have followed your career through the many twists and turns and never tire of listening to Kansas, it always sounds so progressive and never dated. A couple questions for you, is there any place out there to purchase the Street's on CD for definitive Steve Walsh collection? Also, I see you and Kansas will be playing at the Iowa Speedway in June in Newton, IA, about 45 minutes East of Des Moines. Any chance of actually meeting you in person or helping out in anyway with the band just to experience what it would be like to live a day in your shoes. Thought I would ask. Have a great time on tour in 2007. Mike Watne Des Moines, IA USA
hello steve ! my name is greg hoppe and like you i grew up in st. joseph, missouri. it's amazing how much you and i have in common. we're both adopted but were not born in st. joe. you went to christian brothers and i went to bishop leblond( '79 ). my dad fought in the korean war and judging by the lyrics in, "the bells of st. james", yours did too. i could ask you a million questions but i'll limit it to a few: 1) the "headshop" where white clover used to rehearse in st. joseph was under foxes emporium, wasn't it ? that building still stands by the way. 2)did you ever get to meet keith emerson ? what do you think of his ability on the keyboards, especially the hammond b3 ? thanks and good luck in the future ! greg hoppe
Dear Mr. Walsh: Unlike the vast majority of Kansas fans, I have not yet been to a KansasConcert. Of course, I hadn't been to ANY rock concerts until I saw Rush in Dallas in 2002. (And I was born in 1958!!). Anyway, if I had to pick my five favorite bands, Kansas would be there with Rush, Yes, Steely Dan, and Ambrosia. I hope Kansas can stop in Texas, several times, during your 2007 tour. I would love to see and hear the sounds that were so important to me in the 70's. Good luck to all of you and take care! --Tim Roberts, 01-Feb-2007
A couple messages down on this page, I wrote that I was sad to see Robby go and admit I was upset about him leaving - I think any true Kansas fan like myself can't help but be disappointed to a certain extent. Even though Kansas is bigger than any one individual in the band, in many ways Robby WAS the image of Kansas, such as his on-stage presence, his excellent front man stage responsibilities, and of course, his trademark violin sounds that punctuated many Kansas songs. I believe - as evidenced during his return and mainly on Device-Voice-Drum - that he was actually BETTER upon his return to Kansas. And Robby always made time for the fans after the show. He was an absolute pleasure to talk with (my two photographs with him after two different shows still hang on my wall). I'll miss Robby. But giving the situation more thought after my previous email here, all good things have to come to an end. Larry Bird WAS the Celtics, Randy Moss WAS the Vikings, just like Robby WAS Kansas! Times and faces change. Yea, I'll always be a Kansas fan and consider myself lucky Robby came back for 8 more years and a few more recordings (and more importantly, live shows). Kansas IS the ultimate live band, period. I like Ragsdale - who better to step in? He can't replace Robby's voice, however, so that will be missed. I guess it all swings on if Kansas will ever record or not. Doesn't seem like it. But, having said all that, I'll always be a Kansas fan - and while I have your ear, Kansas MUST be elected to the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. If not, that, to me, would be the ULTIMATE deflation as a fan.
Jeff Hendershott - Ashland, Ohio, 13-Oct-2006
I will see KANSAS for the 40th time on November 11, 2006 in Kansas City. I saw them first in Chanute, KS in 1974 just prior to the release of the first album and have been hooked ever since. I worked as stage hand in Lawrence, KS when KANSAS played at Allen Field House in 1979 and have EVERY KANSAS and Steve Walsh solo album ever made. I guess that makes me a Kansas geek...but hey...it is always great to see them again and I look forward to the next time they are in the area to add to my collection of ticket stubs! Thanks for your music....and the years of enjoyment and looking forward to the next "album" (I guess that dates me)...yep I still have some vinyl hanging around. Bill Thompson Overland Park, KS, 11-Oct-2006
Hi Steve, I'm an Indonesian progressive rock musician with several albums out on Eurpean labels. My band Discus is considered to be the pioneer of Indonesian progressive rock. I grew up as a huge fan of you and Kansas. Thanks for your great music! It has influenced mine A LOT! I have a few wishes if you don't mind: 1. Please make a new Kansas album with Ragsdale, 2. Make it great as I know you guys can, and 3. Please play those great organ / keyboard solos again we haven't heard for too many years on record. You're such a GREAT Hammond soloist - I can't understand why that fact is so rarely mentioned anywhere. Regards, Iwan Hasan, 11-Oct-2006
Hey Steve, When the hell are you guys going to come to Australia? We have been denied long enough and will not stand it any longer. At the worst you will have an excellent time and see one of the best countries the planet has to offer. It is coming up to summer as well. So pull your finger out and bring the boys down for a good old knees up. On ya John, 27-Sep-2006
My first experience of a Big Time Concert was Kansas. I saw Kansas for the first time in Baton Rouge, La. at the Riverside Centroplex in 1978. The warm up band was Louisiana's LeRoux. When Kansas came out it I instantly got goose bumps. I was not familiar with their music other than Dust in the Wind at that time. They started the show with Parodox, I think. The music was so Mystical I fell in love with the band at the moment I heard them. The show was incredible !! The next day I went out and bought every album they had recorded. Since then I have seen Kansas Nine Times. The company I work for moved me Corpus Christi, Tx Six or Seven years ago. I kept my radio on my favorite Rock Station when I heard some news I could not belive. Kansas was coming to Corpus to play at the Salena Auditorium. Well, it was true. The night of the show I was two people away from getting back stage to finally get an autograph I had been waiting for for years. I thought finally I would get to meet the band and Finally, get to meet the one and only STEVE WALSH. I was so close, but it didn't happen, the guards turned me away. A friend of mine took this booklet backstage to hopefully get it signed for me, but still no luck. He did come back with a signed drumstick from Phil. The following year the company transfered me to Houston. Staying in a Hotel someone broke in my company truck and stole some of my things, and one of the items stolen was my Drumstick signed by Phil. It was the one thing I could finally claim I had signed by a member of the Greatest band. Since then I have seen Kansas Twice, and will see them a third time at the Cynthia Woods Mitchel Pravillion, at the Woodlands, Texas. I look forward to this event every year, hoping Kansas will appear. So far, for three years I have been fortunate. I promise it's a TREAT year after year. I am originally from Louisiana and proud to know Kansas recorded records in Bougalousa, La.( I think that's how you spell the name of the town). I have been a Steve Walsh Fan from the first time I heard him sing in Baton Rouge. I too was crushed when I heard Steve had left the band. It truly felt like I had lost a family member. I was in college when I read the news in Circus Magazine. I think I skipped class that day I was so bummed out. I have followed his career since the first time I heard him sing and have loved every project he has done, especially "Shadowman". I am looking forward to seeing Steve and the band this year in the Woodlands. I am and always will be a FAN of Steve Walsh and Kansas. Steve does have one of the greatest rock and roll voices ever. I do appreciate his music and his continued work, I hope last a very long time. I look forward every time he cranks out something new. Steve sings with so much feeling and he is such a great song writer, I love his work. STEVE, SEE YOU IN THE WOODLANDS,TX. My name is Brent Cox , 25-Sep-2006
I already miss Robby. Got to talk to him in person one on one a few times and what a great guy! Robby IS Kansas in terms of identification with the band. Think of Kansas, you envision Robby. I like and respect all the members of Kansas (and Billy Greer is REALLY nice to talk to). Phil's a smartass, but probably a nice guy if you get to know him. Steve don't say a word and Rich is a nice guy but pretty quiet. But again, too bad Robby left. One thing I'm SICK to death of is Kansas putting out the SAME songs out on "new" CD's. I got jazzed up about the release of "The Ultimate Kansas" and "Works in Progress," and all they are are re-releases of the same songs! Don't get me wrong - I love Kansas music. But I must have 10 different CD's with "Dust in the Wind" on them. GIVE US SOMETHING NEW!!! Can you help change this Steve? 22-Sep-2006
The years and the roads that should have not been taken show on his face and arms, like a book that the writer never wanted read. I only hope that he has changed his journey and walks on different roads today – I would like to read that book. If he travels the same dark road, I hope that he enters a sweat lodge and finds his way again. 08-Sep-2006
Yes it's true, the hard drive crashed and there was poor Steve Augeri naked with his real vocals coming through the P.A. Deen Castronovo (who can play all SteveSmith's Drum parts while singing all of Perry's vocal parts perfectly) saved the day by jumping off the drum riser and taking over vocals. His roadie took over drumming. No one has heard Steve Augeri sing for 3 years. I did a video of them in 1999 at Concord Pavillion and poor Stevie (a very nice guy) was having trouble even then. People told me it was the best Video of Journey they had ever seen, all except Neal Schon who watched my video and cringed as Augeri regularly went off key and his voice cracked. Neal has perfect pitch. Herbie Herbert (former Journey Manager) told me "Man when I first heard Augeri's audition tape, I said he owns these songs." But the following year Stevei A. was in trouble, by the time they did the Live DVD Video from Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, Nocturne (The video production company formerly owned by Schon & Herbert) had two isolate all of Stevie A.'s vocal tracks and "Fix" them in Pro-Tools, correcting pitch etc. A deviated septum surgery didn't help matters at all. When you watch my videos "Concord & Beyond" &"Fillmore Boogie" on the www.journeymusic.com website (Click on "Fan Club" then "Photos & Videos" to download, you'll notice I had to take Stevie A. out of both videos or they never would've seen the light of day. Former Journey guitar wizard/composer George Tickner told me yesterday "It's pathetic, now they're only in it for the money". Former Production Manager Allen Craft also is "Feelin' That Way" he said to me "You can't stop the Gravy Train" Seems like this Gravy Train has de-railed itself, now it's a Crazy Train. By the way I was at Skywalker Rance when Journey recorded "Trial By Fire" and Steve Perry was pleasant and could still sing great. If they had waited until Perry decided to have surgery on his own and not gone out with Augeri, Perry would still be with them today. I always said "Hell, just put him in a wheel chair and get him to the show and "Wheel In This Guy". Oh well as Perry said to Jonathan Cain "You know there's no going back" Ted Oliphant Las Vegas, Nevada tedoliphant@hotmail.com, 04-Sep-2006
Steve I've long-time been a fan of Kansas and yourself and over the years have tracked down all the material I could find, from the earliest days of Kansas starting out right through to the various projects and solo works you've been involved with. Whilst there are many bands and artists in my collection that come and go from my player, I ALWAYS find myself gravitating back to Kansas, especially the Power and In the Spirit era: The explosion of power and sense of story of Rainmaker, the emotion and vocal perfection of Can't Cry Anymore, the hooks of Power, Silhouettes and We're Not Alone Anymore - the whole damn lot in fact of both albums blows me away everytime! What I'd like to know if you're able to help is whether you are aware of any plans for the tracks that never made the final Power or ItSoT albums album to finally see the light of day. I know of the demos that knock about from the Power sessions and have the Seventh Key versions from Billy and the re-worked Shadowman track The River, but there's something magical about the band back at that time, something about the chemistry that shines through that I'm sure would be reflected in the final versions of the tracks that were dropped from the final cut. Perhaps MCA could be persuaded into a 20th anniversary re-issue of Power with bonus....?!? Who holds sway on the publishing there? Tell the suits to let those who love the music have chance to enjoy it some more! Selfish, but hey, its a thought! Thanks for the music, thanks for sharing such a golden voice and singing so perfectly and thanks for making the hairs stand on the back of my neck in soooo many tracks. Jon, England, UK, 03-Sep-2006
Steve, Remember the old days at Canterbury Court with Stu Rosenberg in Manhattan? I worked when you played and partied with you after the concerts. I grew up in Manhattan and am 2 years younger than Lynn Merideth. He was a senior when I was starting high school. Any plans to come to Arizona? It would be great to see you guys and maybe talk over old times. Any reply would be appreciated.
Thanks, Kevin Fulkerson Always a Kansas fan, 26-Aug-2006
Hi Steve, The show in Mason, Michigan was excellent. I think you guys are doing a fantastic job. I think your voice is still one of the best. Everyone sounded great. I hope you guys have a good tour. Talk to you soon, Timothy M. Harte, Marion, IL, 03-Aug-2006
Dear Steve: You’ve heard this time & time again – but I’m another fan of yours & the band. It didn’t start out that way, tho’. Really. All my friends in high school were going to see QUEEN @ the New Haven Coliseum, New Haven, CT back in 1977 or 1978. KANSAS was the opening act. I was hooked the minute y’all played & have been a forever die-hard fan since. One summer, I followed KANSAS throughout New England & managed to see you play approximately 16 times! From North Adams, MA (that place was the pits! An old, closed-down mill that someone had turned into a make-shift “venue” to see a concert. No indoor plumbing – they had port-o-lets & it was either late fall or towards the end of winter; there was snow on the ground & it was FREEZING! You came out on stage & did one of your signature hand-stands on your keyboard & hit your foot (or was it your leg?) on the rafters, cuz the ceiling was so low); to Hampton Beach, NH (GREAT PLACE TO SEE A KANSAS CONCERT!); to The Sting in New Britain, CT (WAS a GREAT place to see a concert, but there’s a Stop & Shop supermarket there now). The last concert I saw you in @ The Sting, you weren’t having a very good night. It seemed that anything that could go wrong with the audio equipment (namely – your microphone) did. You finally got so mad that you tossed it in the wings & just stopped performing until one of the roadies or stage-hands got you a mic that worked! I know you’ve been in so many places all around the world, that you more than likely don’t remember every place you played. I’m looking forward to seeing y’all @ Mohican Sun Casino – The Wolf’s Den on Wednesday. I just can’t wait. Steve, over the years, KANSAS’ line up has changed ever so slightly, but their ability to capture an audience and their fan following has been a constant. The energy that comes from you & the band is contagious. I know you guys aren’t in your 20’s any more & you don’t do the hand stands, but you still sure can ROCK! (by the way, you LOOK HOTTER than ever as you grow older –gracefully- with age!)
Your fan Mare Sestilli, 22-Jul-2006
I saw kansas last yr in Fort MC Dowell ,Arizona . It was so cold out here in October playing outside that my family and I could not stay to see the concert .You played with Survivor . Can you please come to arizona again this time come to the Crickett and play and make it earlyer in the yr so we all can stay and see your concert. I love the Cd Voice ,Drum ,device . Please come back and play for us again . 18-Jul-2006
Sad to hear that Robby left, and heard that you had a lot to do with it. I like Ragsdale alright - he was fine when we didn't know if Robby would ever be back. Will I - a 30 year fan - be jazzed up about Kansas music anymore? Hard to say now........... Jeff Hendershott, 10-Jul-2006
Hi Steve, I hope to see you for about the 20th time, in Mason, MI on Aug. 1. Your voice and music have been a lifelong interest and influence. I helped Ron Creighton set up Tim Gehrt’s drums in Springfield IL during your STREETS reign. I got to first meet you on the Audiovisions Tour in Bloomington-Normal, IL. I have always admired Mr. Phil Ehart. I still send him a Christmas card every year. I cannot say enough about how the music has influenced my life. Thanks for everything. Timothy M. Harte, Marion and Fairfield, IL , 06-Jul-2006
Hello Steve, Looking at the posts on this site, I believe I beat them all! Kansas played my high school prom in Fort Smith, Arkansas on May 18th, 1973. I may be wrong but I think Kansas was a part of the old CBS Records tour system that booked up and coming bands into medium size cities across the Midwest and the south in the early 70s. The object was to get them ready for the big time. Blood Sweat & Tears played the prom before mine in 1972 and ZZ Top played Fort Smith so often in cheap little "pillow concerts" (no chairs, you brought a pillow from home and saw a band for like 3 bucks) that we were almost sick of them. Of course I loved Kansas and thanks again for stooping so low as to play our prom, but my favorite group was Chase whose leader was Bill Chase. They played Fort Smith twice, went on to the big time with Handbags and Glad Rags before all of them died in a plane crash around 1975, I think it was. Anyway, thank you for the music and I wallowed in your fame after you quit playing the prom circuit and hit the big time. Keep it coming! Joe Wasson, Fort Smith, Arkansas, 04-Jul-2006
I just decided I needed your Crimes In Mind CD and thought this location might get me there. So I stumbled upon this email site and start reading and find out no CD available. I'm an old police detective (25 years) from Muskegon MI. Been a fan since ' 75. I raised my two kids on your music. I'm sure you've heard it all so I'll just say...glad you're okay! 21-Jun-2006
Steve Just browsing while i have a break at work. Just thought i'd drop a quick line to thank you (& Kansas) for the most memorable pleasure (musically) that a person could be so fortunate to experience in a lifetime. I first encountered Kansas o the radio in the late seventies (carry on wayward son). Musically the track blew me away. Vocally from first hearing i knew i had just had the pleasure of hearing the ultimate male vocalist with range & tone unsurpassed. I bought Leftoverture and the full collection thereafter. Needless to say i'm a 'big fan' of your work both with Kansas and solo work. Although your voice has deteriorated from what it was, your songwriting has compensated for natures natural progression. Please keep recording and let your inspiration assist you in your musical direction. Thanks again for your musical talent, your voice and the greatest pleasure a person fortunate enough to have the sense of hearing can ever experience demonphil, 14-Jun-2006
Steve, I am a keyboard player who was in a band with Duane in Dallas. He use to tell me about playing on your solo project back in the day. I was wondering if you could contact me and tell me what you know about his death. We were the only band in Dallas playing Kansas covers and that was how he hooked up with us playing bass. We always thought he was nuts when he would tell us about playing with you. I would really like to hear your stories about him. You and I met in Dallas at the Wintergarden Ballroom during the Audio Vision tour. It was the night the roodie drop your flight case full of workout weights and broke his foot. We also met in Dallas when you played with the cast on your hand. Monolith tour? I don't remember what happen, I think you got it caught in a fan or something. It was a long time ago. Thanks Randy Reitz, 09-Jun-2006
Not sure if the web site is still up and running but thought I’d drop a note just in case. I’ve been a Steve Walsh fan since around 77/78 and I noticed Kansas is coming to my area in Alabama next week so I hope to attend. I’m from Oklahoma so of course Kansas was a pretty big deal in my area being so close by. This will be my 7th time to see them and I have all the early albums and a few of the later ones as well. I’m hoping you’ll play Power and Lonely Wind One last thing. you owe me some money for all the speakers I’ve blown out thru the years Haha Monee Smith, 06-Jun-2006
To:Steve Walsh & Kansas: Friend! I Speak Not English ( or Bad ). I Am 45 Age . Kansas Played In My Life 31 Years.I Love " Point Of Know Return" And "Leftoverture." Your Music Is My : Symphony,History,Love,Tragedy,mainly Very,Very Much Invention And Good Relax, Virgin Island Beautiful Melodies In Commercional Sea Of Other Music. Very Happy And Very New CD´s !!!! Your Fan
Petr Galatik Slunecna 4555 760 05 ZLIN Czech Republic, 02-Jun-2006
Steve, I am a musician here in San Diego. Your voice and music has always inspired me. I am a teacher and a musician. It is how I make my living. I see you guys when you come to town each time. I see the hard work that you have put into your music and also your live performances. Truly, you are gifted... Thank u Thank u Thank u... for all of the ' love and miracles' you share with us. Take care, Claudio Martin, 30-May-2006
Hi Steve, I am fan of Kansas for 26 years. I live in Belgium and I'm musician to. The music that you bring with Kansas is amazing. I'm glad that Robbie Steinhard is back with Kansas, I missed that sound of the violin. When are you coming to Holland of Belgium? Sorry for my English, that's not so well. We have a website to, www.freaksss.be Greetings, Chris., 26-May-2006
hey Steve this is Paul I will be at vetrans mem. in st louis sunday memorial day weekend its gonna be wonderful to see you . thanks for being there bro every step of the way , Paul Blum 140C 2nd Old Monroe Mo. 63369 314 -265-3493 if you get locked out while in St.louis im a Locksmith and you have a free lock out comeing to you .18-May-2006
Greetings, I Have just about everything released by Steve Walsh(and some not released things) but today I am blown away by a track on this CD sung by Steve called "City Of Lites".This CD features Glenn Hughes and many more vocalists but Steve's track he performed on blows everything on this disc out of the water!!! Steve is indeed my favorite artist.
Scott Oliva, 15-May-2006
Steve- Just a word in your ear ... I alway's thought you had one of the best voice's in rock ! I started with Kansas when they kick off . I really love what you brought to the band .I just want to say thank's for all the great vocal's... I think your one of the reason's I got in the writing song's .. But get this I write country song's.. Best regard's Jerry Bush Cookeville ,Tn, 12-May-2006
Great show at the Mablehouse on May 6th. Sounded great!!! 08-May-2006
Hey Steve I opened the show with you for Mike Pinera In Florida a few years ago for the “toys in the sun run” 95,000 bikers if you remember. Met you in rehearsal. Anyway I had to open the show with Carry on in acapella! Geeze, of all songs,but it sounded good .Im Bobby Price. Just wanted to be able to say hi and tell you I will see you in Stevens Point in Wisconsin june 10th, I am drumming for Jr Walker and the allstars now and will be in town with my wife that weekend. That benefit was a good one!!Did you ever receive any residuals for that show? Anyhow with you and Fred Turner from BTO it was a good show. Id like to see if we can get back to say hi to you. If you could get me some clearance I would appreciate it..They probably are keeping all the stars tight.. thanks..Heres my cell phone again 715-630-0032 thanks Bobby Price, 07-May-2006
Hey Steve... The last Kansas concert I saw was absolutely I've seen in a long time! (November 2005 - House of Blues, Sunset Strip). In spite of the sound issues with Robby's feed, you guys rocked! Congrats on getting Ragsdale back in the band...Hope you guys play L.A. sometime soon. You've got a lot of fans out here! Peace, Donny, 01-May-2006
HI Steve remember me? We met in Lacrosse Wi. I'm the girl that does Sibbys organic icecream How are you?sue, 01-May-2006
Steve Your voice made Kansas, and my husband and I saw you in concert when you started up Streets. We fell in love with your band Streets, we both liked it more than Kansas. Recently we Streets 1st on cd my original one was tape long since gone and we have looked in vain over the years to replace it. It makes me feel 20 years younger listening to your moving voice!!! Tour in Florida!!! I will now that I found your web site and see you have even more music listen to all you have recorded since I lost track of you all those years back. Keep Rocking with that beautiful voice! DJ Seaman Silver Springs Florida, 28-Apr-2006
i was wondering if Freddie Mercury was an influence on you, and if so whats your favorite Queen song? Thanks for all those amazing notes you conjure up, man I feel sorry for your vocal chords, you be working those babies overtime! 27-Apr-2006
Hi Steve and fellow Kansas fans, Of all places to see Kansas at Disney World. Got a chance to check the boys out up close and personal. Great shows, all nine of them, nice choice of tunes. I hope you play there again as I think Song For America is the best song you can hear at the 'American' Pavillion at WDW. Keep Rockin' and I hope to see you again this year wereever your travels take you. Thanks... MMM, 27-Apr-2006
Steve Sorry that Robby has left....I have seen a few Kansas shows over the last few years and I know he is sort of the spokesman on stage. I hope the new lineup offers a chance of a new album. I really liked Freaks of Nature and I know you collaborated with David Ragsdale on that one. Also now Billy has established himself as a songwriter. I thought Shadowman was great.....you have a gift for putting emotion into your songs. I hope to catch Kansas in Lawrence Ohio late in July and I am looking forward to seeing this lineup live. Keep writing and getting it out there....you have an audience. Mike Tanner Louisville, KY, 26-Apr-2006
Hello, Steve. Greetings from Brazil. My name is Ayrton and I'm an Editor from one of the best and most visited Brazilian Metal website called Novo Metal Webzine (see url below under my signature, please). I'd like to know if the band is interested in being supported by Novo Metal Webzine to promote Steve Walsh's new album, Shadownman? Looking forward hearing from you soon. Cheers.
Ayrton Ferreira Junior, 21-Apr-2006
This is probably going to seem like a very strange request, but one which I feel compelled to send. Please bear with me as I give you a little background. I don’t think I can qualify as a “true” fan mentioned on your website because I haven’t followed your career. But in my own defense, that doesn’t mean I love your voice any less. I happen to think you have the best voice EVER. I have always been a Kansas fan, in fact I’ve seen you guys a couple of times (the last concert you were with Styx and I took my oldest daughter with me but she liked Styx better but I think only because she caught one of the guitar picks they threw out). “Hold On” is my favorite song and in fact, saw me through some dark days when I was a youngster (19 years old) in the Army stationed in Germany. Anyway, my life is all about compromise now since I’m 40 and married (my 4th and hopefully last time) and have 3 daughters between him and me. We’re having trouble finding music we can all listen to together. My husband likes Christian music and I like to listen to Elvis sing gospel but the girls don’t like it. The only actual Christian music I can stand is Creed, but I can only take that even in small doses. My husband and his daughter really like contemporary Christian music, but I can’t really stand the Newsboys (or any of the other music he plays) at all. So far, the only CD we can all agree on is a children’s bible songs compilation. Anyway, you can probably already tell where this is going, but would you consider recording a gospel CD???? There is nobody I’d rather here singing “How Great Thou Art” or “Let the Circle be Unbroken” than YOU. Besides, I know a couple of other people that would buy it, too. What do you think? Can you do it? Will you do it? I know it would be great…anyway whether you do or not, please know I am hoping and praying for the best for you always.
LuDean Seitz, 20-Apr-2006
Steve, I have seen you perform 4 or 5 times prior to September of 2004 over the years. In all fairness none could touch your performance of Dayton, Ohio in 1981. I was 18. I took my 11 year old son to see you play outdoors at Lawrenceburg Indiana in September of 2004. I loved every minute of it. The precision, the power and the passion were back at full strength. He understands my love of Kansas. You made my summer. Thank you. Jon, 19-Apr-2006
Dear Steve, I think your voice is THE awesomest in history of history! I love your wicked keyboard skills as well! My favorite song is Cheyenne Anthem, the lyrics are great. Thanks for all the fascinating music!
Renate,12, 17-Apr-2006
Hey Steve, Just bought Shadow Man and I really enjoyed it. Your voice sounds great, the music is really powerful and moving. Sounds like you just keep getting better. Look forward to future solo work as well as new Kansas songs too. See you at BB Kings in NYC. Take Care.
Hank Champion, 14-Apr-2006
Steve, RAGS, OR ROBBIE. I hate to see it end with Robbie, I have experienced both performers and I will never chose between the two. Robbie is still KANSAS. Rags ROCKS, The music of Kansas will never change. watching what the band does (5 shows in N.J.) in the last 3 years and 17 total still amazes me, see you in Atlantic City 8/19/06.
Emilio Diana Jackson N.J., 08-Apr-2006
Steve, I'm a fan since 1974. I've always known you could write lyrics and sing them to boot. I just got through reading all of your stories (So Far Away) from your web site. You write so well and the stories are as entertaining as your on stage performances. Can we expect more of your stories to be posted? They are wonderfully honest and funny.
Thanks for sharing. Mark Tulsa Oklahoma, 05-Apr-2006
Steve, I would like to request that Kansas perform Lonely Wind. I am not sure why this song was not a hit for the group. It is one of the most touching songs to me that the group has done. I hope that someday the group may look at some of the material that has been done over the years. I would also like to see you, Billy and the others perform some of your solo material. This would be a nice addition to the shows. I know you did one of yours and Kerry one of his many many years ago. It is always nice to hear some of the songs you have done for a while. I am looking forward to the future of Kansas. The group is one of the most amazing live acts around. Much success to you and all the others in the group. Take care
DAN Davilla Huntington Beach, California, 05-Apr-2006
Your money maker is Robby !! What are you guys doing ?!?! I know Rob throws fits sometimes but be cool dude ..........unless the band is ready for retirement !! I am not being an asshole , I just think you need to look back at what putting him back in the band has done for you guys the past ten years . Unless there is a very logical explanation !!
J.C. in Pennsylvania, 01-Apr-2006
Hi Steve, My Name is Dave Wasson. We live in a little town called Woodland Park Co. We're just "up the hill" from Colorado Springs. My wife, Dana, and I just saw you guys at the Stardust in Las Vegas. I was fortunate enough to get front row tickets to the Friday night show. In fact the guy who was taking all those pictures that night got some of me and Dana. We're the ones with the KANSAS shirts on. Anyway I was saddened to here that Robbie wasn't with the band any longer. I don't want, or care to know the reasons why. Frankly it's none of my business. My wife and I are planning to go to the show in Hot Springs Ark. The in laws have retired there. We're also bringing at least ten other folks with us maybe more. I'm getting the tickets this Sat. We love your music and just wanted to drop you an encouraging note. The first time I saw KANSAS was at Western Ill. University in Macomb Ill. It was around 1979 or 1980. You guys had the place jamming, It was the first time I had ever seen lasers. It blew me away. You had the Pegasus horse flying through some clouds, and the lasers where bouncing all over the place, it was truely breath taking, a visual, and harmonic eargasim. I remember it like it was yesterday. We've seen you every time you come to Colorado. Dana and I went to see you guys in Topeka a few years back, Kerry came up and played a couple of tunes with you. As I recall his nephew's band opened for you that night. That was a great show. We have started a scrap book with all our road trips to the different concerts. I guess you could call us Colorado Wheatheads. I'm sure you get thousands of emails and letters all the time. So I won't bother you any longer. Like I said, I just wanted to drop you a note to say THANK YOU for all the music. And to encourage you all. Our lives have been deeply impacted and I think you've change the way our generation views the world, well at least our little part of the world. Your a blessing. Don't stop Rockin .
Dave and Dana Wasson
The Wheatheads from Colorado, 01-Apr-2006
Dear Steve: I have read what you had to say about Robby leaving the band. You know, I have always gotten the feeling from what you have had to say in various interviews and on your website, etc., that you feel the same way about your fans as W. C. Fields felt about clubs that would admit him as a member. Nevertheless, here I, (along with many other Steve Walsh admirers) am still checking on your website, making plans to attend Kansas concerts, and buying everything I can get that you sing, write, or play on. It is your fans that help you to exist as successfully as you do in your career. If people stop showing up, the bookings will end. I myself have no intention of giving up on Kansas or on you. Your differences with your friends and colleagues are none of my business and frankly, I couldn't care less. I will say this though, Robby was the only member of the band that seemed to truly appreciate the dedication and loyalty offered up by the Kansas fans and they loved him for it. I certainly hope someone takes up that slack while he is gone. Nobody expects you to kiss their collective asses for buying your CD's or coming to the shows, but ten minutes out of your life to sign CD's and flash those beautiful teeth that must have cost you a fortune would mean a lot to people who have followed you through every aspect of Kansas and have supported every solo venture and collaboration. It would cost you very little and would afford you a great deal of respect and admiration...true respect and admiration. Don't get me wrong, like a good co-dependent, I will keep coming back for more regardless of how I am viewed because I love the music. We will see how many others feel the same way. Don't lose touch with your very old friend. They are harder and harder to come by as we age. TK, 29-Mar-2006
wow, thanks for being so honest about the situation with Robby, Steve. it's certainly not what you owe, but something you've offered... of one thing i am sure....no fan knew or loved Robby more than his bandmates.....and no sense of loss that we as fans feel can remotely compare with the decision with which you were confronting and over which you agonized. thank you, kenny p.s. about the suburu commercial....you're thoughts were succinct...i think Don Henley put it very well in "Boys of Summer" relating how he saw a Deadhead sticker on a Cadillac and realized the fleeting winds that are the idealistic worship of fan to band, and how soon their "meaning" turns to ether. 29-Mar-2006
Parted Ways - Robbie Anyone that truly is a Kansas fan knows that the band goes much deeper than 3 albums. nuff said? And, most people who have experienced paying dues and sweatin blood within the music industry can reach out and grab onto the understanding of the changes and metamorphosis that occur. Your career speaks for itself.... If you say that you will be stronger and better and that you're going to be fucking great then that's how it will be. I have continuously gone off the beaten path to catch your live shows. No way that will ever change.
Jim Beilman - Topeka, KS, 28-Mar-2006
Steve, this is just a quick note to say thanks for all the great music, lyrics and live performances over the years. My first introduction to KANSAS was while I attended my first high school football camp in the summer of 1976. I loved it then and I love it now. It’s mind provoking, mind soothing and mind healing all wrapped together. The musicianship is superb and very much loved across the board, from the young kids of the world today to the elderly. I’ve been fortunate enough to make it to every live show KANSAS has done in the Pittsburgh area since the “Point of No Return” tour. Hopefully the music and the touring will continue…Thanks again for being out there. Dave Seretti Pittsburgh, Pa., 27-Mar-2006
dear mr.steve walsh greetings from fürth,germany to you and your family from a kansas fan since 1976 rock on shadowman is a cool new cd i like it i saw kansas last june in munich y`remember, it was hot outside inside the tent you were playing it was like afirestorm to my eyes and to my ears thank you richard lacusteanu, 46 years and his two sons, 14 and 12
HEY MAN! Been hanging with you guys from the start and my kids know and listen to you at frequent intervals! My tribe and I are planning on checking you guys out in POZO on July 2 and are planning a BBQ at our private retreat in the mountains above POZO. We request the honor of your consideration as well as those in the band and crew. Any considerations such as cars, lodging, food and Harley's will be gladly handled per your request. Please talk it up to any who will entertain the idea and let us know...we look forward to your show! Hope you will recognize me from the last few decades and especially in Reno a few years back at tune-up for Lawlor show! Hope this year is full of great shows.. Telling my kids that grand-kids must be members of Kansas Nation or they are cut off! Take care Steve! Mark Bishop...Peace! 22-Mar-2006
Steve. I just wanted to thank-you again for the show tickets and signed photos you gave us. The shows were great and your voice was as awsome as ever. It`s always a pleasure hearing you sing. It was my sons frist concert. He`s been a fan for years and it was a great thrill for him also. He aslo commented on you great your voice sounded. He said you sounded just like the original recordings. He was totally impressed with Dust in the Wind.
Thanks again, Shawn ( The Focusrite Guy), 17-Mar-2006
hi Steve,my name is Joe Embardino,I am from Easton, pa. and a huge fan of Kansas,I have seen you guys 21 times. I have been following you around for a long time, and was wondering why I have never seen you in my home town? we have a beautiful venue here in Easton called the state theatre. I have seen many shows there,but keep on hoping to see you there. maybe you can check it out someday! if you do,I would like to invite you and the guys to my restaurant for a fine Italian meal on the house. check out my Web site www.fratellos.biz , I hope to see you soon! thanx for all the years of great tunes! 05-Mar-2006
Steve, my name is Carlos Sánchez and I am 42 years old. I'm from Chile and the last Saturday can see the Kansas performance in Viña del Mar. This was a fenomenal show what make me feel the real progressive rock in all expresion. I never thought about having the possibility of seeing the Band play live in my country, reason why for my and for many other followers of its music it was a great gift from you. I will tell you that first that I listened to of Kansas was "two for the show" a work of art in interpretation, and last who I acquired was the DVD Device-Voice-Drum with a modern sound of themes of yours betters years, although today sounds better that ever. Well,I do not bore and thanks to you for everything more what you have given to us. Regards, and excuse my english. Carlos Sánchez Moya Santiago de Chile, 28-Feb-2006
Just wanted to drop a short note to you?I have been a fan since your first Kansas album..I am 52 yrs old..also a musician..a guitarist/percussionist?I have admired your voice and your overall sound for all these years..and I have had the extreme priveledge of seeing you guys perform live 28 times in the last 30 yrs?.I hope you play long after all the wannabees retire?hail to you and the members of Kansas?and please come back to upstate ny very soon?.Mike Winters?, 13-Feb-2006
Hi I've been a fan for 4 yrs. I first heart you at Topeka Performing Arts center in 2001. and have been entranced since. I love your music and I want to say think you for opening my eyes to a different time in music. I now love all your music. 31-Jan-2006
Hello Steve, Shadowman album is outstanding, and even after 5 months since I got it its still hard to take it off my player. Thank U for the all the years of great music !
God Bless Ya, Luiz André Parolo - Brasillia/Brasil, 25-Jan-2006
Hey Steve, It's Eric's friend Ted! I just wanted to thank you personally for not only signing my tattoo but putting it on this website! That's a dream come true for me. Oh yeah and thanks for the advice about the Hammond B3 organ! I tried your tip and it worked out real good! Now I get that fat dirty sound I've always wanted! I'm sorry for not thanking you sooner! I'm always busy and life is crazy! I'm just working on my studio and trying to get my music career going! So thanks again and I hope all is going well for you! It would be nice to see you guys again! Tell Eric I said hey if you hear from him! Peace & Love, ~Ted :), 23-Jan-2006
Hi Steve, Paul Bureau from Peachtree City here. Ran across this great Steve Walsh website a couple nights ago while doing a Google on you and Billy, trying to keep up with what you guys are doing, then spent the next two evenings reading it entirely! I really enjoyed it, its on my favorites now, please continue to contribute your funny stories! My family is wondering what I am laughing about!! :-) Reading the story about you and Vick Hancock brought back a lot of memories of the times I was able to party with you two guys, and Greg.. No fights! Remembering the pool party at the condo where somehow you ended up in the pool with your clothes on and a feather tie.. The day we spent water skiing at Gregs sisters lakehouse in Carrollton, then on the way home, hearing on the radio about a female mud wrestling contest and for some reason we end up there.. and of course the 96Rock DJ recognizes Steve Walsh in the crowd.. And then being able to come to Greenville, SC where Streets was nearing the completion of their tour with Loverboy, and everyone had the next day off, so a bar was rented out for a after the concert/end of the tour all nighter! Yes, the sun was peaking up when I finally rolled into bed.. Oh what a headache, but it was a once in lifetime experience I will never forget, and I appreciate you, Greg and everyone in the band allowing me to attend. Of course we played softball together, you and your crooked handled bat!! So funny, always different, always fun! One memory I have, which all your fans should know about, was the EXTREME kindness you put forward by writing and singing a song at the funeral of the young boy David, who so tragically lost his life at 10 years old, and whose father played on our softball team. It had to of been a very difficult thing for you, but you nailed it!! And we all thank you!! For any emotion you ever have about feeling you may have been able to do more for someone, you did it all that day and more! Don't forget it! I ran into Billy and Rich in the Delta Crowne room on there return flight from Europe a while back.. Billy was headed to Jacksonville, and I think Rich to the Gulf.. It was good to see Billy again and talk about old times. Perhaps someday I will catch you again, on a flight most likely.. Of course, I enjoyed the KANSAS show in PTC too. You guys put on a great show, but you got out of there to fast! Usually see Efram at Christmas, but for some reason not the most recent? Congrats on the new baby girl, she will keep you young! Remember, there is only one thing sweater than a little girl, that's two little girls!! Speaking from experience :-) Keep em coming, looking forward to the receipt of your latest! Again, great website!
Best Regards, Paul, 13-Jan-2006
Your beautiful smile still lingers, across the room your spirit embraces me . . . Your mind is captivating, am I too close for you to see?
-A day in May at the Barrel- --???--, 09-Jan-2006
Hi Steve, Love you, you're great... you know the routine. I talk lots so I'll really try to abbreviate this. I just want to share something because - hell, I don't know really. Somehow it's important to me. Firstly, I was born in St. Joe in Nov of '73. My Mother and Aunts knew / knew of you (Becky, Cindy & Janet Still). You probably don't remember them, Benton High girls. My Dad, Robert Myers and his brothers Paul and Greg went to Central. Anyway, my parents were older than you but my Mom was always a huge fan of Kansas. Yeah, you've heard it all a thousand times but I insist on repeating it because it's exclusive to me... So my point starts; I always liked Kansas and appreciated the happy memories you guys brought on about St. Joe. I lived on Thompson right by Hyde and I have very few memories of being a kid but Kansas is one of 'em. Now here comes the weird... take it or leave it. My Dad died 9 years ago. I alw! ays respectfully liked the song Dust in The Wind but it is far from my favorite. However the lyrics are particularly appropriate for the passing of time, a loved one, etc. The day in June of '96 that my Dad died was forever burned in my brain, remembering odd things with vivid clarity and remembering some things not a bit. I do remember however that "Dust" was not a very much played song on our local classic rock stations at the time. Except for the day my Dad died. My sister and I heard that song 3 times and we were not listening to the radio all day obviously, just a few minutes in the car to and from the hospital. That was strange and we were touched in all the appropriate ways that two grieving young ladies would naturally be at something as sappy-cool as that. Sometimes Steve, when I get into my car and turn up a Disturbed, Danzig or Rammstein CD full-roar my CD player will kick off. Maybe I need to check the wiring in my stereo. But it's really weird how! that will only happen when your "Dust" is on KKEG. And weirder still, I listen to the alternative 104.9 the X, not so much into KKEG anymore. It tends to happen when I am missing my Dad or I am feeling despondant, almost like a reminder that Daddy is still with me. Last time it happened I was driving past where he's buried. Maybe it's just bazaar luck and I am entertaining a fantacy or wish. Maybe it's Dad speaking to me. For whatever reason I am glad that this little song is out there because it is one of the very few things that makes me feel a connection to him still. Even if it is somehow manufactured in my overactive dreams. It means a lot to me and I would never have chosen Dust in The Wind myself. I think Hold On is my favorite. :) Thanks for letting me share, I wonder what your thoughts are on my strange little story. It would mean a great deal to get a short message from you as I don't often share so freely of my personal self with total stranger! s. I am undoubtedly a great big fan but you are a stranger to me... At any rate, rock on and thanks (like we all say when we beg a little attention from you). You are indeed one of the best, you have a magic about you!
Lissa, 02-Jan-2006
Hi, I'm trying to find which book Smacking the clowns was based on from the Glossolalia album? I remember reading it in one of the sections of your site but can't see it anymore. Can you help.
Best wishes Kevin Scott, 22-Dec-2005
Steve, Did you ever perform the song Narnia with or without Steve Hackett, man your voice is so incredible on this tune. God Bless
Jim Halpin/ Upstate New York, 20-Dec-2005

Dear Steve, I did my holiday decorating today and just had to write to let you know what I decorated my keyboard with. You were the centerfold of our college yearbook back in your addidas wearing days. Kansas was our Homecoming concert. Of course it is 10 x 13 or something like that and it's a zoom shot. I don't know if you have that pic or not, but it is not something I could decorate with when my kids were at home....or when I was married. So thanks for the memories and Happy Holidays to you too.
Annie, 10-Dec-2005

Steve Walsh, You are the reason I sing. I used to shut myself in my room and turn my stereo wide open and try to hit those high notes with you. That's how I learned to sing, period. From the first album to the recent, I have them all and I still sing along. Thank you.
Lee Bogan Portland Tennessee, 04-Dec-2005
Hi Steve, My name is Adrienne. I was a fan of yours and your band Kansas while growing up in Phila, Pa. I loved all of the songs of Kansas, esp the bands early music. "All the World"" and other songs, like the one with the Indians-"We will share it with you, no one owns this earth were on." How true that is. I sang all those songs until I knew all the words by heart, went to several of your concerts. My childhood is memories of dating, parties, going to concerts, and Kansas was one of my favorites. I am 43 now and memories came back to me when the Dust in the Wind commercial started airing on T.V. Thank you for all your wonderful music, and all the fond memories I have, growing up with your music.
Adrienne Matthews, 01-Dec-2005
Hi Steve - I've been a Kansas fan since my wife turned me on in 1994. I have seen you play and perform quite a few times in the Cleveland area over the last 10 years. Each time was a revelation. I find your writing in the "Wait Until Tomorrow" section of your website incredibly thought provoking, insightful and inspiring. A lot of it really hits home and touches, I think, a common thread in all of us. To comment on what you said regarding "Dust In The Wind" being used in the Subaru commercial, you hit the nail on the head. It all comes down to making a living for yourself and your family. Whether you're a machinist, car salesman, construction worker or a musician, you have to do what it takes to make life work, period. Personally, whenever I see the commercial, I feel good that one of my favorite bands is far from forgotten. Anyway, thank you for the music and the writing. I look forward to reading more.
Chris Qualey Madison, Ohio, 26-Nov-2005
hey steve!! my name is also steve and i have been reading all of your letters from fans and they pretty much say it all as to how great your voice is and also your writing. i dont usually give my comments on things but one thing is bothering me. you and the band have many many fans in the state of massachusetts and being the die hard fan that i am, i cant think off one time in the past five years that we have had a chance to see you live without traveling. so try to remember the springfield mass. area in the future and i would promise you a sell-out croud!!!!!hope to see you soon,,( steve from mass.), 03-Nov-2005
My name is Greg Carpenter and I have been a fan since 1975 circa "Point of no Return". You are undoubtedly one of the best artists I have ever had the pleasure to see in concert. Back in 1983 I got to meet you at a club in San Antonio, Texas that you played at with your band Streets. I worked at the club and was caterer and liasion. I never had a chance to sit down and talk with you but I wanted you to know that your talents are incredible. I've never seen anyone play with the energy that you do. You are a living legend and a true musical inspiration to me. I still jam to you music even to this day and like you one of my favorite songs is Incarus-Bourne on Wings of Steel......Keep rockin' GC, 16-Nov-2005
Hard to believe how silly people can be, ain't it? " Hey, man, sellin' out to the establishment! Next thing you know you'll be narkin' out your fans to the fuzz!" Maybe some of the fucking morons that are whining about you guys trying to make a buck in a business where soul don't cut it anymore should spend less time on their $2000 computers and go to work for the Peace Corps. I mean, what is this, 1969? I thought it was pretty cool for you guys. Shit, if you weren't making any scratch you'd have to stop. The pinheads out there calling you sellouts ought to try making a buck as a musician these days. It's pretty easy to point that righteous, noble, finger when your sitting behind a computer desk knowing your 9 to 5 is gonna be there in the morning. I'll give you a mental wink and nod tonight as I sing yet another insipid Journey love song, or another Styx, " Boy, I wish we were Kansas", psuedo-musical piece of crap to a bunch of drunk assholes trying to relive their glory days by hitting on the 24 year old waitress and committing social suicide trying to dance to the only decent song my cover band plays, Wayward Son. 28-Oct-2005
I have been a fan for quite some time. I remember the summer of 1976, close to bicenntenial day, and Song for America came on. It was a great experience at age 9 and to this very day find it inspirational. The group has been THE major influence in my musical life and without you guys, i wouldnt be able to appreciate today's music. Thank you. I had an aching to hear "Hopelessly Human" and made me wonder if you guys would ever consider playing it live. Might have, but havent seen you perform since 2004. I look forward to hearing in concert some day.
Gabriel Sierra, 23-Oct-2005
Hi Steve, It is mind blowing just being able to communicate with you after being in awe listening to you with KANSAS, STREETS and of course your own solo projects. KANSAS music has been a guiding light in my life since the LEFTOVERTURE album. But after going to an average of two KANSAS concerts a year since 1980, I thought that your creativity and talent had been maximized from all those great past performances. I was terribly wrong! The new CD of yours, 'SHADOWMAN', is beyond anything that I dreamed of! I can't stop listening to it, I have had a copy since it came out in June and I can't get enough of it! I haven't thought this much of an album since the late 70s, with all of the great KANSAS albums and other great classic rock groups of that era. Thank you for being such a positive force and motivation in many people's lives, especially mine.
Richard H. Hafer, 23-Oct-2005
I like your perception on things in the world from reading your entries on your site. I love how you've never given up--it's what you breathe....it's the pulse of the world through you and your bandmates....I know we'll all end up going through the bowels of a worm, but until that time, keep doing the voodoo you do....Stu Marston--Merton, 21-Oct-2005
Steve, My wife and I are both from Topeka, KS (both born and raised there). We were at your performance at EPCOT at the beginning of October, 2005. The preformance and music brought back a lot of memories. I graduated from Shawnee Heights High School in 1972. I recall that the music at our prom in 71 was played by Kansas. As I recall there was something about it being a subsititue band for an original band that was contracted to play. For some reason I think it was White Clover? I pulled out my old high school year book from that year and the detail in the pictures are not good enough to determine who is actually in the band. Do you recall this? Also, what high school's did the band members from Topeka attend? John Hanschu, 19-Oct-2005
Dear Steve, I would just like to tell you how great you are. I am only 17 years old, but I am in love with you and Kansas. I love your voice and your music. Kansas has been my favorite band since I was nine years old. I have had the pleasure to see Kansas only twice. Once when I was 10 and the last time was last year on Sept. 16 in Ruidoso, New Mexico. I know that you must have alot of people to ask you this and that you must have a very busy schedule, but if you could ever send me at least a quick hi by email (kansasfreak@hotmail.com) you would make me the happiest person in the world. Love, Esmeralda Duenez, 18-Oct-2005
Just wanted to pass along my praises to Steve with his work in Kansas and his solo stuff. I have been a huge fan for years and have caught their act 8 times so far. I am also producing some guys in a new prog band who at least in part credit Kansas as their inspiration. Best wishes for all your future projects. Don Kelsey, 15-Oct-2005
I was one of the serious impressed listeners to you at the consert in Sweden June 10th. Finally a dream came true. From early Kansas, Streets and your own projects I have followed you and that has opened up my ears for prog rock. 2005 went on to be the best music year in my life with Kansas concert and Rush concert that very same year. Please visit Norway next time. Jo Anders Auran, Norway. 14-Oct-2005
You are great. Excellent Shadowman after the more excellent Glossolalia . I follow you from 31 years and i won't get tired me' never ...... Good and good everybody. You hope to be able to photograph you in Italy. Ciao, Maurizio, Maz, Maltoni. http://www.mauriziomaltonifotografo.com/Galleries.asp?red=7 Sei un Grande. Ottimo "Shadowman" dopo l'ancor piu' che ottimo "Glossolalia". Ti seguo da 31 years e non mi stanchero' mai ...... BRAVO e Bravi tutti.
Dear Steve! I'm a fan of Kansas and Steve Walsh Solo since 1975 and i like "Glossolalia" and "Shadowman" very much! I'm from good old Germany and it's not easy for me to see a Kansas or a Steve Walsh Show. But everytime you are on stage in Germany, i'm in the audience! I wish you all the best for the future and hope to see you soon live on stage. Wolfgang Hacke, Essen, Germany, 13-Oct-2005
Steve, Just saw your show in Redding, CA at the Win River Casino, and I can't tell you how disappointing it was. And, not because of you and the band, but because the sound (no other word for it) SUCKED! They had the bass turned up so high, plus the base drum, that we couldn't hear your vocals except for during the musical breaks; we couldn't hear the lead guitar, and the violin was almost not there. And, forget the conga [that was a joke, right?] and his shaker and tambourine. You guys are great, and can sing and play your asses off, but ... i wasted $80 bucks and won't do it again. Hey, I've played a few gigs myself, and would fire any sound man that sabotaged our sound like that. Please, give it a thought, sincerely.......... larry a. wright, 11-Oct-2005
Steve, I’m a big Kansas fan for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is your voice which blew me away the first time I heard Kansas back in 1976. I’ve seen you guys so many times, back in the real early days in St. Louis and most recently at the House of Blues in Myrtle Beach last spring. I also saw you in Charleston SC with Streets in the early eighties. You made some joke involving Jimmy Hendricks and Vanessa Williams. One thing I think people don’t realize is just how well you play. I recently saw the old Kirshner Rock Concert videos and was struck buy what you were playing and singing at the same time. I’ve seen on your website that you’re somewhat remorseful about your stage performance in the past. All I know is I enjoyed it and so did everyone else I know. I’ll never forget seeing Kansas play at Kiel Auditorium in St. Louis in November (1978 I think…it was the Point of Know Return tour) and watching you run across the stage doing sailor kicks while singing, and alternating between the congas and keys during Wayward Son. It wore me out just watching you. Thanks for the memories and for still playing. I look forward to the next Kansas concert. Tom Hirsch, 07-Oct-2005
Steve, what can I say? I've considered your voice as a muse my whole life. I first heard Masque as a teen in 1976 while I played foosball in a "youth canteen" (a place for good Christian teenagers to hang out...and drink in the parking lot). I saw you many times in Tulsa and the last time I saw you was in 1990 as a grown man in Riverton, Illinois at a place called "The Mansion." You may not have known this but shortly after that, on a hot August night the whole place burned down. I always considered that symbolic in some way, a kind of "the day the music died" for myself. Your work, with and without Kansas, has always been the best sort and a far sight more talented than any of the dreck that arises out of radio today. Lyrics cutting to the edge along with music that stirs the soul. Most of all there is that voice...still the finest I've ever heard. (Just for trivia I always say- the best voices I've ever heard are...1) yours, 2) David Pack (of Ambrosia) 3) Paul Carrack. You may not appreciate it but you've always been there for me. Whenever i feel it all slipping away I've put on a particular song of yours and you've always brought it right back, and I just want you to know, I really appreciate it, friend. But now to my question....probably my favorite song of all time is not a Kansas song, but one you guested on- "Narnia, by Steve Hackett. ("Racing in a..." is also awesome, btw). Obviously, Steve is a talented guitarist but you brought so much to that song, to the point that I've always been able to step outside of what I can hear, and pick up on things that I think that you were feeling when you sang the song- I pick up on sadness, desperation, joy, chaos, etc., the emotions seem to float right though the song right into my headphones. Such a brilliant piece, do you have any observations you can add? 03-Oct-2005
Steve-I've been on your website all night reading your thoughts and stories of the past. I've been a huge Kansas fan since the late 70's. I'm 41 now and part of what changed my life was music from the Audio-Visions album, namely Relentless and Hold On. I realize Kerry wrote the songs, but you translated them to my heart through your wonderful voice. These songs have caused me to pray for you and your own life. I've often wondered how you now feel about their lyrics, along with many other "Christian" lyric songs you've sung? I heard recently that you've accepted the salvation that Jesus Christ offers. Is this true? I know this is personal, but would love to hear what you're thinking on these matters. "Outside the door, He is waiting, waiting for you...sooner or later you know, He's got to come through....."01-Oct-2005
Steve-I've been a big fan since the 70's, and now at 41, I continue to follow you and the band through your website. Can't wait to hear your new album! The Kansas album Audio-Visions made a big impact on me spiritually, particularly the songs, "Relentless", and "Hold On", which I know Kerry wrote, but you projected through your wonderful voice. How did you feel singing those lyrics at that time? You seemed to be singing from your heart, so I wondered where you are spiritually if that's not too obtrusive of a question. I've prayed for you over the years and know that God has been knocking at the door of your heart. "Outside the door, He is waiting, waiting for you...sooner or later you know, He's got to come through...." I'd love to hear from you-rgconrad@yahoo.com, 01-Oct-2005
Just want to thank you Steve for all your hard work. I’m raising my son to be a musician and He’s now learning to appreciate your music. I’ll be taking him to his first real concert. Kansas in Win River Redding California. We live about 3 hours away and will be coming on a work and school night. I very much appreciate the fact that you guys work so hard at being there for the fans as well as the up and coming fans. Just had to say thanks and look forward to hearing new as well as old music. I gotta run out and get Shadowman!!! God Bless, Rich.Ayala a.k.a “ The Classic Rock Kid” ( a legend in my own mind), 30-Sep-2005
Steve I just wanted to say you were a stud. The music throughout your career has rocked the world. Not only that, it's been really good too. I met you once as a 'groupie.' Mid 80's you played keyboards on Cheap Tricks' Standing on the Edge tour when they opened for REO. Me and some friends hung out under the Coliseum in Cincinnati waiting to see band members after the show. You came walking casually out through the crowd carrying your own bags. I remember coming up and shaking your hand asking you why didn't you have one of the roadies carry them to the bus for you. You were very humble. I think I remember asking why you were with CT, saying that they should be opening for you. What can I say? I was a star struck kid. Well, was just surfing this morning was looking at Kansas' site. Thought I'd take the time to drop a line. Thanks for the great music! Your friend, John Elliott , 28-Sep-2005
Hello Steve I'm Kostas Alpanidis from Athens, Greece. I was among the audience with my daughter Eleni at your concert here. When i heard the announcement of your concert on radio i felt something very strange, but during the concert still i dont know what i felt. I like to thank you for all these feelings.Just a drop in the ocean of my life helps me to carry on. Hope to see you again sometime , somewhere. From 70's until now Best regards Kostas, 27-Sep-2005
Hi My name is Mandy and I became a fan in 2001 when was 13 I'm 16 now and still in love with the band I have been to like 3 or 4 concerts I live i Topeka Kansas and Have been wondering if you guys plan o do any concerts in 2005. My parents and god-father turned me on to your music I now own The Device-voice drum dvd. and If you want to e-mail me at any time my e-mail is AquaAmi02@yahoo.com. I also Want to know If the Heart Attack means medical problem or somthing else if it is medical I hope you feel better if you already don't.19-Sep-2005
Hi steve, Thank You for the wonderful concert at Penns Peak, it was an honor to meet you and the rest of the guys you rocked my socks off,You are the best, and wish you many many more years of rockin, wishing you and the band health and happiness,hope to see you again at penns peak,I'll be looking forward to it. I also have to say all I wanted is just one of many favorites. Thank You .take care on you travels and be safe.Your music makes me feel good. Diane Simko west hazleton,pa. September 17 2005
Steve, Without going into the dazzling line of crap that I had intended to start this with, (I'm absolutely sure you have heard it all), lets just say that I have listened to kansas and your magnificent vocal talents since dust in the wind, which is still one of my favorite songs. I am, however, amazed at how full and powerful your voice remains after all these years. I listen to point of know return and then I listen to something off of shadowman or glossolalia,(both of which I have; EXCELLENT!!!) and I have to look up and go "Way to go, God!!!!". Thanks for all of your talent and energy, and please be safe. The world is indeed changing and not for the better........ Regards, Richard Jackson An Old Guy (46 in october) who loves the music,
Steve, My first Kansas album was Masque. I have never tired of it. All the World brings me to tears everytime I hear it. It reminds me of the cruel and unjust world we live in and how we can all make a difference by the things that we do for others. I always wonder if one gives up life to become the the person they are today, was it worth the price? My father was not so lucky and I guess that is why All the World just moves me so. I would love to hear it live. Thank you for the many years of music, passion and memories. Kimlee Daluisio, 17-Sep-2005
I just listened to "The Best of Kansas" cd in my car while stuck in grid lock in PDX just outside Vancouver WA. It made me reminisce on the one and only Kansas concert I went to in Portland. (can't even recall the year) It was in the Paramount theatre A.K.A. the Arlene Shnitzer Hall now. The opening band was called "The Movies", and the audience was cruel. (We sat in the third row from the front) they booed and hissed the Movies as they played hard for their set, as the audience kept yelling "Kansas, Kansas", I don't know how or when, but one of the band members of the Movies had snuck into the audience from the stage and started a mock shouting fight with his band mate on stage. The audience became completely silent as these two (unknown to the audience) band members called one another out. The band member planted in the audience runs onstage as if to fight and grabs the mic. and the band started to play another song. If I remember right it won the crowd over for a last song. What I remember from the Kansas part was the incredible drum solo, and the nude guy dancing during one of the songs with a strobe light effect. I must have been around 12 or 14 and loved the concert drug free. The cd I listened to in my car, (I play guitar) is still an amazing and incredible orchestration,I am still enthralled and impressed with it. I've given it to my teenage son to listen to and hear how "real music" is constructed. (he is an up and coming prolific guitarist) Thanks for the memories. J. Collins, 16-Sep-2005
Hey Steve,i was wondering. On your web-site you said regarding the next Kansas album,that kerry would do the writing.Please reconsider this. YOU are a fucking ass-kicking song writer.You should write half the songs,anyway.I know i told you this,but your last two solo projects are really terrific.Incorperate that style into the next kansas album.I think it would really make a difference.Who knows it might really take off . Sell a lot of albums and you and phill,kerry,and the band get the recognition you so deserve. LONG LIVE KANSAS!!!!!!!!!! Your friend Randy Hull,the guy in Montana. 15-Sep-2005
Hey Steve, I'm sure by now you are tired of the "I love you, you are great" emails by now. I can't really gush over a concert, because I never seen one. (Id love to by the way, but the way my life is, I doubt I can. Although I was yerning to see a concert for years, since I was 17) I'm probably considered a young fan at the age of 20, but I do know the majority of Kansas songs. My CD collection is huge. Mostly Kansas of course. Yeah I know Gushy gusy letter to one of the Gods of rock and roll. But thanks for your time to read it anyway
Amanda Denning, 14-Sep-2005
Steve, I love the comments about the subaru commercial. That's telling it like it is! I wouldn't give a rats ass about someone chiding you for (God forbid) making a living. I believe a true fan would support you for that. Every time I see it I hear ca-ching for Kansas. I love it. My wife and I saw you guys in Denver and went nuts. It was great to hear you still hitting the high notes after all these years. I know I can't anymore. Your voice and playing are still as good as they were in '81 when I first saw you. Kansas is simply the best. Rock on. Mark Dernell, 11-Sep-2005
Mr Walsh Steve Lastly you came in France this day will remain a real dream in my heart and in unison with the universe. *Thank you .* I sing and play guitar humbly. I dedicate the song Dust in the wind has my grand-father every time that I sing and play. But the road is long before rejoining him. Do you remember : Soon the earth would be covered with dust and a new earth...................Ghost Dance Chant ;
White Tatanka, 10-Sep-2005
Dear Steve I been a fan of yours for a vary long time. I would like to say that I read about Billy getting the mail about the Subaru commercial and the thoughts you had to say. I feel that what ever you and the band dose is your right and no one should say anything about it. I though it was great that the song was used for the commercial, and anyone who cares about the music should support you and the bands decision. I am sorry to say that the song did not persuade my wife and I to buy a Subaru, but we did go and listen to the album again. Keep up the great work and don't stop making those great songs. For it is about the music. Your life long fan. Tim Sexton, 07-Sep-2005
Steve, I've been a huge Kansas fan since 1975 and I have seen the band live at least 10 times. You guys still rock! Although I wasn't too impressed with Glossolalia, (I thought that others played too big of a role for one thing), I think "Shadowman" is simply fantastic. It is definitely the best album I've heard this year! I hope you reap some of the success that it deserves! David, 05-Sep-2005
Steve, My 3-year old daughter and I saw Kansas at the show in July '05 in Hillsboro, MO at the fair. I've been a fan since way back when, but this was her first Kansas concert (unless you count the concert when I was pregnant with her!) and she is absolutely hooked! We had front-row, center seats, and she stood on my lap and danced the whole time--the guys in the band noticed her all night. Robby even came down to give her a drumstick during the show--it's now her most prized possession and she can't stop talking about it! She asks to listen to Kansas all the time (she knows all the words to "Carry On") and she says "Mommy, you know who's my favorite? Steve and Robby!" Also during the concert, one of the stage crew came over to her with a bottle of water "from the band" because they thought she must be thirsty from dancing so much, and after the show they came over to give her a t-shirt, DVD, and guitar pick because they said they got such a kick out of! her during the show! I just wanted to let you know the effect you and Kansas have had on my little girl! And to thank you for you and the band's generosity! She keeps asking when you'll be back in town--so I'm sure you'll be seeing her again next time you're in the St. Louis area. Keep an eye out for the little brunette curly-top...her name is Emma and she'll be the toddler singing and dancing her heart out! Much love, Karen and Emma Reilly from Barnhart, MO (just outside St. Louis), 04-Sep-2005
Hi Steve, I wanted to thank you for the great work and awesome job you and the entire Kansas Band did at the Washington County Fair in Wisconsin (Jul. 29, 2005), and at the Naperville, IL Last Fling Concert (9-2-05). I am amazed by your and the band's dedication to creating and recreating the sounds and energy of Kansas' musical repertoire. I enjoyed the music more than emotion or words can say--it's a spiritual thing. I wish you many more enjoyable shows at venues that bring the band the most pleasure. Lastly, I really liked the video show on your behind the band screen, although at times I felt almost guilty for watching it instead of the band or members--but as a total experience it is GREAT to have both. Thanks, Joel Collinsworth - Rockford, IL , 03-Sep-2005
Steve, I am a loyal KANSAS fan since 1975. I'm looking right around the corner at 49 so I'm only a few years younger than you. I saw your band live the first time in 1976 at Hershey, PA. with Bad Company and was most impressed with your vocals (as always) and Phil's machine gun drumming. You guys blew Bad Company away as you did so many bands you opened for in your early days. I often wondered which band would be naive enough to let KANSAS open for them. I think the typical sentiment of the viewer would be "what could the headliner band do to top this?". I always remember that show because some idiot was throwing firecrackers and almost caused the show to end prematurely. I have seen KANSAS many times since then and I am taking my two boys, aged 12 & 14 to see you in A.C., NJ on Sept. 10. My boys know all your music and are both big KANSAS fans. My youngest boy is an aspiring drummer and his favorite is Phil Ehart. I have educated my kids to the complexity of the music of KANSAS which pales most of the so called music of today. In my job, I get to meet many people and I am working my tail off to get back stage passes so my kids (and me) can meet the most talented band in the world. If I get to see you then I will tell you in person that you are the greatest vocalist and musician of them all. God bless & Carry On - John, Pottstown, PA. August 29, 2005
i cannot even remember the first time i heard All the World. it is the song that gives me hope. it keeps me from givng up. i am a fucking cocaine addict. i don't know what else to say -- there is nothing else to say. this song fills me with hope and i thank you for recording it. and even though i downloaded it for free -- i did buy it several years ago -- fuck that -- it makes me think it's ok to live. this is the most beautiful song-- it fills me with joy and keeps me from losing my fucking mind. all i can say is thank you -- thank you for giving me joy tonight when i feel so much fucking pain. i love this song and i hope you have everything you ever wanted from your band and your success -- i thank you from the bottom of my heart.
barbara, 15-Aug-2005
Dear Steve, after 24 years I finally found the courage to write this fan story down which I call the sceemer dreamer lady because there exists a picture to it taken in 85 that fits on the back cover of your first solo album. When I was about 14 years old in 78/79 and went to a ballet dancing school back in Düsseldorf Germany , there was a girl slightly older than me who brought that record with her and said it was her favorite:which could it be?? Point of know return, of course. Going to a boys highschool I was used to heavy duty in case of rock like Queen , Scorps etc. , but when I heard your voice it gave me shivers down my spine.Later on in 79 they presented as a success for KANSAS in Germany the monolith album on the wdr radio station and played the song `Glimpse of home` which I recorded on my tape deck while it was been played. I listened that much to it that the tape was curling itself up. I went to the record store in the city and the first album I got was TWO FOR THE SHOW and there was DUST on it.So every time my parents went out at night, I went to the record player and powered myself up with your tremendous music. It was either KANSAS I listened to or PINK FLOYD. It must have been so loud that the neighbors were shaken up and the houses rocked.When we moved to Bonn the ex capital I got almost all of the Kansas records that were out by then, it was like being addicted.Then in 80 SCHEMER DREAMER came out and it was also presented by the rock radio with the song WAIT UNTIL TOMORROW.They had your record in the shelves even in Bonn .WOW! What a good job you did with that one. We were like juniors in highschool me and a friend of mine Sanna made stickers or badges out of your candid photos from the inner sleeve.So we were walking around with Steve Walsh pictures on our leather jackets when we went out with the motorcycle.But it came even` worse`: In August 81 there was this festival in Darmstadt called the 4th golden summernight where Kansas and Foreigner were to play! So Sue and me went out to see our favorites, since we did not drive yet , my father had to drive us all the way to Darmstadt to see the show.It was my first big Rock festival and in my memories still the best for all times. IŽve been knocked out for years by your voice and to say that you and Che Guevara are the most charismatic personalities of the modern ages should be a compliment.When you looked at me singing DUST I blushed and almost fell unconcious!!! I had the KANSAS logo which we made out of linoleum printed allover my jeans and T-shirt.A guy probably from the U.S.army took me on his shoulders for the next couple of songs and my friend Sue she was lying in the arms of John Elefante(who has seen all the last shows of you) but I was dreaming of Steve! I sang ,yelled and screamed my heart out. We were 16 and you probably 30. Was it you that danced on top of the stadium after your show?? After this festival which was one of the greatest moments of my life the `suffering`began: First: we moved to the states in 82 to Palo Alto, CA and I hoped that I could see You there life again. Second: the radio station in the Bay area of San Fran KSJO or KOME said after playing the song `play the game tonight` : This is the new KANSAS album with that new leadsinger of theirs! I was shocked , not only shocked , I cried and felt so weak that the whole year staying in the U.S. sucked! (Please hold on, there is still more to come up and donŽt say there`ll be no room for a stranger today!)(part one) SILKE, 12-Aug-2005
I want to say thank you so very much for the absolute greatest musical expirience in my life in Sweden this summer. I'm 41 years old with three kids. I have been a musician all my life and some of my songs has been published here in Sweden. I've seen so many conserts through my life; Toto, Pink Floyd, Sting, Meatloaf, Rush, David Lee Roth and so on. But KANSAS was the all time-high-consert! I've been following you since the 70th and there's no voice that touch my soul like the voice of STEVE WALSH! Please say thanks to the other musicians too and tell Robby that we felt the same in our hearts that he showed he did. And don't let it be another 20-30 years before you visit us again... /
Miko Walldén, 12-Aug-2005
Steve: I just read your thoughts on the car ad. I agree. Your place is carved in history and no one can take that from you. You played all those shows, you spent all those hours, days, and months on tour. You earned the right to promote your music any way you see fit. It is you taking the chance, not the consumer. Your fans will be there, as always. You also need to do what you must to support those you love. I just ordered your new album (CD) and I will be at the show in Pittsburgh later this month. I still do what I can to support you and the rest of KANSAS. Oh, by the way, KANSAS is much more than pretty good. This will be my 6th show in less than two years. You guys are as good as ever! Rock on! Rick Tibensky, 12-Aug-2005
Steve, the first concert of my young life was Kansas, Foghat and Black Oak Arkansas at Kansas City's Arrowhead Stadium the summer before 8th grade here in Chicago (so I guess that was 1975 and a full 30 years ago). You stole the show that night and earned at least one lifelong fan. Over the years, I've seen you live at least 20 times. My wife and I got an opportunity to meet you when you came through Chicago with Streets and again when a good friend got the opportunity to open for Kansas at the Holiday Star Theater in Indiana (Steve Morse on guitar then). Through the years my wife and I have had some differences of opinion on music (I;m a little more likely to favor Les Claypool and she's a bit more U2) but on a long drive we can always easily agree on some Steve Walsh or Kansas. And every time I hear Lonely Wind or the Pilgrimage is just like the first time and it always brings back memories and a certain feeling of youthful excitement. Anyway, thanks and I hope we continue to get great new material form you. Steven C. Gustafson, 11-Aug-2005
I told myself two messages to you was enough but I couldn?t resist responding to the Subaru commercial. Pity the ignorant e-mailers for they do not even know what they do not know. The legacy and heart of Kansas lies within the music and you can?t change that. What was, is now and continues to be, no matter which direction anyone goes in. You guys have provided 30 years of talented music to date, what more ?should? fans expect? Now, the only confusion I have is with your hair. I have never seen anyone?s overall looks change so dramatically with a hairstyle or color. Lucky you! I cut all of my long wild curly hair off last year and didn?t change a thing for me except make it harder to deal with on humid summer days. I just wouldn?t want to miss the opportunity if I pass you by to say hello or . . . . . . . . .I guess some things are just not meant to be shared with a world wide website except maybe the celebration of my release from a purgatorious marriage at the end of this month. Keep on shining! Mary Joan, 08-Aug-05
Dear Steve, Thanks for inspiring me over the past 30 years of my life! Kansas is and always has been my favorite band ... the most creative and mentally challenging (not challenged!). I just heard that you were facing another hurdle in life ... take care. I said a prayer for you today.
Steve Butler, 06-Aug-2005
Steve, It has been a while since I dropped a note on your site. Hope you guys can come back to Greenville SC soon. Last show that I saw was at Olympic Park, July 4th, a couple of years ago. Some ominous clouds and lightening that day, but you played anyway. Excellent as usual. I admire you for keeping it going. Can't even say how many shows I have been to over the years, but typically, if ya'll are within a couple of hundred miles, I'll be there. I read your note. This "Dust" thing is strange. Is it really anyone's business what you do with the song? I actually watch the commercial (all the way through). I stopped by to see Dave Hope at the church I Destin about 5 years ago. He was very nice and fit. Seemed to really enjoy what he was doing. He invited me in and we had a nice chat. Really strange to sit there with one of my rock heros and just small talk. Anyway, enough of my rambling. You probably wont get this anyway. If by some chance you do, I sincerely hope that the new record does well. Thanks for the new tunes. Stan, 05-Aug-2005
Hey Steve, some weeks ago you was in germany (Frankfurt). My whole live I am a great fan of your music. In the past we worked also together, because I was in germany one of your rowdie (Spirit of things and Power tour). Your show was great, but I was upset that you opened the concert for STYX. Today I recive you new album "Shadowman". Its always a great moment to have some new music of you in my hand. Thanks for the last 25 years. You gave me power and force with your music. You had much influence in my life. Keep on rockin! See you soon! Claudio, 04-Aug-2005
Hi Steve! Congrats to you and the boys for your longevity! I met you briefly before a show in Oct. 1976 at a place called the Astor Theater in Reading, Pa. Great show, by the way. Hey, I was just wondering, have you ever or do you think you could hook up with Steve Hackett and do a live version of both "Narnia", and "Racing In A"? Just curious? Sail on, Brother!, 03-Aug-2005
Hey Steve, I've been a fan of Kansas since 1992 when I found Audio-Visions on 8-track. I since made it a point to get all the CDs, some of which were none too easy to find. Had the pleasure of seeing the band in Presque Isle, Maine in 1994. Not much else to say except I think you're a fantastic singer and frontman and I'd love to hear you do another Kansas album. Thanks for reading this, Tim Durling Canterbury, New Brunswick Canada, 03-Aug-2005
Dear Steve, I (and my kids) just wanted you to know-you and the band really knocked us out at Six Flags last night.I generally find it astounding that most of the people in the audience don't know the words to much of the early material like Belexes and Mother Nature Suite, but they definitely keep coming because good music is,after all, good music. As a loyal fan for lo these many years, I'm amazed by your stamina and dedication to excellence. In a time and age when the music scene is rife with ripoffs, overdubs, lipsync, and mediocrity, your dedication to excellence and to the music itself never ceases to amaze me. Please know that you and your music have touched yet another generation of young people and made a difference in how they see life and listen to music. In the long run, there is no greater legacy. Thanks for the hard work and keeping it real. Take care. D.J.Henney,Sr. Freehold, N.J., 28-Jul-2005
This is a special thank you to Steve and the other members of Kansas for pulling me through a very difficult time recently. Two major surgeries less than 48 hrs apart, severe illness, and now a long, seemingly endless road to recovery. Listening to my Kansas CDs has lifted my spirits enormously, and although I had to cancel plans to attend a Kansas concert tomorrow evening near my hometown, I'm just thankful to be afforded the opportunity to listen to your music (BTW, "Shadowman's" Hot!), which gives me hope that there's a better tomorrow in store! Thank you!
Jennifer, Madison WI, 28-Jul-2005
I went to the concert at Six FLags in New Jersey and let me tell you.....you guys rocked the stadium like it was your prime...you guys still got it..I was wondering if you know the name of the band that opened for you..Ii had to leave in a hurry after Carry On My Wayward Son because i sprinted to Medusa and Superman.....If you know the name, that would be great.. Thank You, Ryan Laliberte, 25-Jul-2005
Steve...Thank you for an incredible night!!! The band was smokin' as usual despite the problems with the sound system (I am a musician and sound engineer). It wasn't till after I read through most of this website that I decided to write. I feel that I have gotten to know the man behind the voice. I was reluctant to take my 8 yr old step- son to the show thinking he might not enjoy the complexity of the music...but kids are amazing. By the end of the show he knew all of your names and spoke of the show all the way home, especially when I put him up on my shoulders and pushed my way to the front. He actually thought Robbie was the guy from the Harry Potter movies!!! But most important was the fact that he will never forget this night, and as I tucked him in tonight he told me he loved me and that I am the coolest step-dad in the world. That and Kansas in one night...who could ask for more!! Looking forward to your knew album...... Respectfully... Anthony, Staten Island, New York, 25-Jul-2005
Hey Steve, Like so many other folks here I just want to say what a profound effect you and your music has had on my life. "Shadowman" is ...well AWESOME. I don't know what else to say! And reading all the many things on this site...I get filled with many different thoughts. Your honesty and cut-it-to-the-bone style are very good to read! I will always remember the night back in Dec.'97 at Kansas's show here in Tucson. After a mind-blowing show I finally got to go back-stage and meet my favorite band. Standing by the big heater that would not work I walked up to you and said "you guys are the best" in a silly over-adoring fans way of doing things. And I remember that you stood there hardly raising your head and very quietly said "well, it's not trying to be the best...it's trying to just do something a little bit different, that's all". Thank you for that! One of the coolest things...and correct things I have ever heard. Peace out to you and your family Steve. Thank you for everything!
Phil Bryson Tucson, AZ, 25-Jul-2005
P.S. from my 6-24-05 message. Shadowman is brilliant! So many elements perfectly blended together and rocking out!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This has definitely replaced my Dream Theatre CD. Tracks 1 and 2 are so jamming, ooh la la, I just can’t find the right adjective this CD is deserving of. Maybe out of my realm of vocabulary. Before I bought your CD, for some reason, The River moved me to write when I heard the itsy bitsy excerpt of your presale preview. You know how it is when those lyrics emerge, at least for me, you have to be ready, for a song is born. And naturally of course, I had to read the insert and credits to see who was a part of creating this masterpiece. Reel 2 Reel takes me back to the days of Carrie Nation (my ex-husband played in that band). I remember when the studio first opened. I also read your concerns over autographing blank pieces of paper (not that I go around carrying CD’s on my person) and I very much understand why but you can rest assured the coloring page has safely made it into Sara’s Performance Scrapbook (since it was her coloring book). My little 6-year-old grandchild prodigy in the making who has had a vocal range since she was 4 that trips me out sometimes. May you be an inspiration to her as well. She loves to rock out to Point of No Return. Speaking of which. . . . Riverfront was a spectacular setting from the top of the hill and Kansas sounded great! The mud squishing between my toes, hmm and my circumstances, hmm. I was glad I went, I haven’t seen you guys play in years. Times are changing, much to say, selective words, can’t give it away. You are in the hearts of many, Mary Joan, 7-23-05, GA.
Hi there! You did a great show at the Swedenrock-festival,and your voice was super. I hope you come to Sweden again. The new CD Shadowman is great. Best wishes,Krister Nilsson Sweden, 22-Jul-2005
STEVE I got Shadowman about a week ago and got a chance to listen to it on a long trip. It's a great album, especially Pages of Old (great tune) and Davey and the Stone That Rolled Away (would you say a hopeful song?) Really enjoy the album. Keep Rocking
Mike Tanner.....Louisville, 19-Jul-2005
THANK YOU, THANK YOU for the perfect performance of Opus Insert last night in Virginia. It's just what the doctor ordered. Yall's synchronized head flipping with the white towels added to the visual too. I was hoping that you would have air at that venue (Loudon), because the one in Richmond doesn't and you didn't seem to like that. Riverfront Stadium in Huntington did though and you were openly appreciative of it, so I wanted you to have air. But I gotta tell ya, the head flips and the sweat was powerful sexy. Good to see you again. Annie (SkeemrDreemr), 18-Jul-2005
Hello Steve, My name is Rich Olmstead, from California. I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how much I have enjoyed your music over the years. I'm a few months shy of my 30th birthday(I remember when that seemed like it would be an old age!), so I didn't really grow up with Kansas unfortunately. I actually grew up loving Guns N' Roses, Def Leppard, and even some heavy metal like Judas Priest and Iron Maiden. I was pretty into that stuff. My first year in college(would've been 1993), I heard a song on one of those classic rocks stations in Santa Maria. It was really upbeat and had great harmonies, but they didn't say who it was. So I asked around. The only thing I knew was that there was the line "I'm takin' my time, just movin' along." A buddy of mine says, "Yeah, I think that's Journey." So I went out and bought Journey's greatest hits. I never knew their music, but I loved it. It was not the right group, but it was great anyways, and I had found a new band. So I kept asking. Another guy, I think when I called the station and asked, said he thought it was Kansas. I was looking for something in my Dad's closet and found a tape of Kansas' greatest hits. I threw it in my car, so I could listen to it. When Carry on Wayward Son blasted from my speakers, I was in awe. I had never heard any of your music, but I was hooked at once. Being a "Metal-Head" I couldn't believe that I found it cool to listen to a violin, but I couldn't get enough of it. Song for America just floored me, and is my favorite all-time song to this day. Needless to say, you guys did not sing the song I was originally looking for. It turned out to be Boston, which I found out a few days later as I was listening to the radio. All three bands have become some of my favorites, and I guess I owe it all to a few misinformed people and Boston for having that song on the radio. I cannot think of a band that I like more that Kansas, or one more talented. I saw you guys for the first time at the Greek Theater with Alan Parsons right after Freaks of Nature came out. Then I saw you at the Paso Robles fair with Styx the next year. Then at the Sun Theater a few years ago, and again at the Paso Fair with Lynard Skynard(who I didn't care too much for). I even took my mom to see that one, because she really likes you guys too. I have since bought every album by Kansas, and listen to you guys more than anybody in my 500 plus CD collection. I was so excited when Somewhere to Elsewhere came out. I hope that you guys will continue to record together.....it was such a strong album, that I can't wait to see what comes next! Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou for the albums and the wonderful live performances. That goes to all of you. I hope to see you at the Paso Fair again someday soon. Take care, Rich Olmstead, 14-Jul-2005
Why are people intent on giving you their advice? Some of it is so nauseating and I am not even on the receiving end of it. Anyway, SHADOWMAN rocks like a mother-- __________! I love the cd and cannot stop listening to it, so thanks for another excellent solo outing. Keep it coming. Chris M. New Jersey, 03-Jul-2005
Dear Mr.Walsh I just want to tell i really loved your concert last night. Being an old amateur keyboard player and an old Kansas fan I’m very happy you finally visited italy. Two things i really do not understand: Kansas playing before styx? You must be kidding!!!!!!!! The show was ok but really too short:a little more than an hour. I understand that with two bands playing the same night things Are different but..... I appreciated glossolalia so i’m looking forward to hear your new solo album. My best compliments again for everything Greetings from milan David Bozzoni, 29-Jun-2005
This message comes to you as an apology and a thank you and a not even sure if you will actually receive it. I'll start with the apology on behalf of my husband for disturbing your dinner (so he says) when we ran into you back in May. As he ran off stupidifed, I thank you for the signed coloring page as it will be creatively framed for my granddaughter. As an Atlanta native, I moved back here in 94 from a 9-year venture in California to this area for a little culture shock. I have had a life long affiliation with the music world and this encounter with you was a treat for me as it made me wonder what have I been doing for the past 10 years. My husband has no conception of the music world and introductions obviously, So I apologize for him. As I scrolled through this website and read your newsletter, your insight is refreshing and if your mere presence has sparked an inspiration inside of me-I thank you. I read your Xmas message and momentarily tweaked because my brother's name is Rodney and we had an aluminum tree w/color wheel growing up. Then I thought, can't be, wrong city, wrong school. As I listen to the sample tracks of your new CD-they are all great and I have already developed a special affinity for the last track. Can't wait for it to come out. In a world of advanced technology, Kansas' music is as good today as when it was first produced. Until our paths meet again, I wish you much success, your music is timeless . . . Mary J. Byrom, 6-24-05
Steve Walsh, after 10 weeks of boot camp training, our company commander allowed us 1 free night to go to the club on the base. As I waited my turn to play the pinball machine a fellow recruit dropped 25 cents into the jute box. Out of the maxed out 8 inch speakers I was stunned by the voice I heard for the first time in my life - Steve Walsh and KANSAS! That was 31 years ago. To this day your supremacy has not been approached or even challenged. I'm a life time Steve Walsh (KANSAS) fan. Your voice has struck deep in my heart through the different levels of my life. I've always said that people do not know how great they are until there dead, but I want you to know - WOW - what a gift you have. I've already bought my tickets and several more to take friends to the Beaufort SC Water festival concert in the park. I hope you will here my voice cheering from the crowd and it pleases you the way you have pleased me through out the years. God bless you Steve and Kansas. Wayne Grabenbauer Jr. , 23-Jun-2005
Dear Steve SHEPHERDS BUSH EMPIRE JUNE 12th 2005 Felt i had to write to say a big thank you to both you and the rest of the band for what for me was the most enjoyable outstanding concert that i have ever seen, i sat in disbelief as you all walked on stage, was this a dream i was having, i like possibly all the Kansas fans in that hall just couldn't believe our eyes that after all these years of waiting we were going to see the most fabulous band in the world perform. Belexes, Song for America, The Wall, Magnum Opus and Dust in the Wind (for which i cried as it brings back so many memories) to name but just a few were totally outstanding, my two brothers, a friend and myself just sat singing our heads off, didn't have a care in the world for an hour and a half. I hope you all realise how much joy, happiness and delight to bring to a lot of people with your music, please don't leave it so long to visit us again here in the UK we all love you, God Bless and a huge Thank You. Marie Hudson, Gateshead 15-Jun-2005
Hello! I like thank Steve and the rest of Kansas for the magnifcent show In sweden June 10th. A dream come true for me. Hope to see you guys again next year Lars Svensson, 15-Jun-2005
TODAY IS JUNE 15 SO................ HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mr. WALSH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND BEST WISHES FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY. From a Venezuelan who likes Kansas a lot. Maristella García
Hi Steve, I saw you and the band at the Arrow Classic Rock Fest last saterday. Allthough the show was quite good and your voice was as clear as water, it appeared to me that you were not 100% fit. I could of course be wrong but I saw you being very static on stage. Maybe a cold taken over from Sweden? If so, get well very soon because life without Kansas is no life! Regards, Paul Strijdonk, 13-Jun-2005
Hello Steve & Kansas, I just found your site.We just got to see you guys this past weekend at the Arrow Rock Festival in Holland.It took us almost 4 hrs to get there from Kaiserslautern Germany,but it was well worth it. Your music brings back some great memories & sounds just as good as when I was a young teenager.Now that I'm older,the Lyrics come to life & have so much more meaning to me now, then when I was younger.I guess the old saying is true, "As you get older,you get wiser". I saw you all in the early 80's at the Monster's Of Rock & just a few years ago in a little town called Hoenecken Germany.You guys did a gig together with Asia.I remember sitting outside just before the concert in my friend Joe's SUV listening to some Kansas Tunes on his CD Player.I remember telling Joe,hey that guy looks like he might be in the Band.Come to find out, it was Billy giving us the "Thumbs Up" Don't know if you recognized us from then.This weekend I was to the right of the stage with the Woodtock Hat on.My buddy Joe took some "Great Photo's of you then & at the Arrow Festival. I still don't have any voice left from singing all of those Kansas hits.I can remember sitting in my Dad's old Dodge pick-up listening to all of the Kansas Hits on 8-track. I was 17. Now I'm almost 45. I still have that tape & my 8-Track player to this day as well as many of your records,tapes & CD's.Hope to see you all again real soon. Keep in touch.
Regards, Mark Merrifield, 13-Jun-2005
Steve, I came across this site and I am so glad I did. I just watched my newly aquired Kansas DVD last night, and it brought back so much. I am a 41 yr old, with a 10 son, who was really getting into the music last night. It was great, I told him, how I had every Kansas album, then moved to cd's finally, ha, I have your solo music, I have your" Streets" music.I got to see you guys on the Monolith Tour, in New Haven, it blew me away. I always felt so much listening to your songs, a combination of the words and your voice too, I always connected with. Thank you, for sharing your gift, you are truly gifted, and to be able to affect or change so many people's lives, is an absolutely awesome thing, and I just wanted to say Thanks, By the way, I loved Big Fish too, though I'm a woman, I felt so much watching that also, with thoughts of my father. And I wouldn't be so hard on yourself, they have a deeper understanding. We left here, worry about everything we said or didn't, but they understand. Take Care, Happy soon to be Birthday, and I cant wait for the new "album" Mary Kelly June 9, 2005
Hi over there :-) In the age of 12 i begin to play bassguitar and sing. but it was a competition between playing football and the music. So thought to myself either i be a promusician or a footballplayer. So one day at the age of 18 i was at my friends house and he said to me - hey, listen to this. So he put on the song, Lonely street...And it was here i decided, go on with the music and be what u have power to be. Because that song has so much espcially when u sing"I was stinking drunk" I think u sing that...Its an enormous feeling in just that line.wops.. And now iam 41 and not playing anymore, today i work as a producer, manager and agent for musicians and actors/tresses. And working hard against racism, violence, drugs and so on for schoolkids here in Sweden. And along all this I am the manager of what i think the most talanted bassplayer in the world.Magnus Rosén in the band Hammerfall. Iam doing a moviedocumentary of him " A very close portrait" So now is he and the band out on worldtour and He asked me to record the concert in "sweden rock festival " and i said ok.and then i surfed in to their side to check out the bands.....and wow.what did i see.....Kansas is playing 2 hours before Hammerfall.so I thought yes.at last i have the chance to see the band i have admired since i was 18.....But but....something came up.and i will miss it.and that is so sad.cause i feel i will never see u perform.and that is a pity.....but thats life.:-) Best regards from Esso Petersson In Sweden, 05-Jun-2005
hi Steve being a great Kansas fan since long time (at least 20 years) and since you and your band are finally coming to Italy late june, I would like to express how much the local fans were looking forward to this and the wonderful time we had and will always spend with your music If you need any infos on local stuff here in Milan or whatever don't hesitate to contact me I work for Universal Music Italy, it will be realluy a pleasure to meet you and the band on the28th all the best Fabio, 01-Jun-2005
Un saludo afectuoso de un gran admirador de tu música, soy fanático de Kansas y de tus discos como solista, desde Santiago de Chile te envío un abrazo fraternal. Ricardo S. Medel Rubio, 29-May-2005

Steve, how are you my friend. I have been a fan for many moon’s. Last time I saw you was in buffalo at a place called sinbadd’s , had to wait through two or three band’s to see what I was their for KANSAS mainly STEVE WALSH anyway had a album by Steve Hackett that had a song you collaberated with him on I believe the song was called narnia, have you ever played that one live and if not will you on your upcoming tour. Jim, 27-May-2005

Salut Steve, Quelle a été mon agréable surprise de voir ta tournée mondiale avec un passage à PARIS La Cigale le 29 mai prochain? Je suis un fan inconditionnel depuis le début en 1974. Quelle superbe carriere musicale au sein de KANSAS, puis avec STREETS non médiatisée chez nous, et non commercialisée aussi, et enfin ce come back formidable et très attendu chez KANSAS II avec un parcours solo en apothéose. Merci beaucoup pour nous régaler, nous les fans, de ce concert live en DVD Device Voice Drum. J'attends comme tous les fans du monde entier ta dernière réalisation Shadow man et les suivantes éternellement et indéfiniement. Mais avant tout je serais au rendez-vous à La Cigale pour le plaisir que KANSAS va donner à tous les fans de FRANCE en déplacement à PARIS, cela sera la première fois que je te verrai en chair et en os. Ma voix sera là et chantera aussi tous les morceaux les uns après les autres, à me faire péter les cordes vocales. Est qu'un jour on verra dans les bac les compositions de THE WHITE CLOVER? BYE BYE SEE YOU SOON STEVE, TO PARIS FRANCE Candela Martin, Caniset Annie et Notararigo Charly de MARSEILLE., 15-Apr-2005
Dear Steve, It was somewhere around 1978 and you all were playing in either Boston or Providence. I was a teenager with a steady boyfriend who summarily dumped me at your concert and then went on to scoop another girl that had come with our group. Like an idiot, I sat there in tears until you sang. Your voice was so clear, so amazing, I actually forgot what had happened and my teenaged brain was actually able to overcome what had started as a horrid night. I remember thinking I had never heard a voice so clear, so strong, so impassioned. I even remember that you were wearing "jock" shorts and no shirt. Ha! I had forgotten that entire incident until I was looking around the songs on Napster and came across "What's on My Mind". That song just made it all come back for me. I promptly downloaded several Kansas tracks and was transported back to the great rock of my youth. Wonderful. Fortunately now, at 44, I can listen to your music and not worry about idiot teenaged boyfriends!
ASB Massachusetts, 10-May-2005
Steve, I live in River Ridge, LA outside New Orleans and have been a fan for years. A funny story I like to tell is when I got the 'Closet Chronicles' in the mail and my wife was like "'what the hell is this, with this closet stuff"! Any way, keep up the good work, you're a great musician. Any chance you guys would play some old Streets songs, maybe 'Move On (or Move Over') at a concert? Also, what is your exercise routine? Richie Corvers, 30-Apr-2005
Peace to Brother Steve. Desperation leaves a a stain no detergent can remove stay dirty and happy Peter, 28-Apr-2005
Hi Steve, I am looking so forward to your new Cd with Muse Wrapped Records. Seems you have been happy working with Trent Gardner with Gloss, Explorers Club ,and December People. Personally I am enjoying your fine work and it's awesome to see you making great music and being humble with help from others so talented. Shadowman 2005 Thanks Todd, 17-Apr-2005
Dear Steve, I just wanted to say how much you have given me through out the year's. My brother who was the one who turned me on to Kansas when I was 12 years old, and right then you were my favorite group. My brother was hit by a drunk driver head on about three years ago, and the driver got off because he was a cop. When, we found out the horrible news I locked myself in my room and put on your records, they got me through the worst pain I could ever imagine. Your voice was like a message from God and brought hope back into my life. Your voice is so beautiful and my favorite song is the Wall, among many others. I remember like it was yesterday, my brother took me to one of your show's in Madison Square Garden back in the seventies, and it was awesome. I have been to all of your show's since they have two special meanings to me one of my brother who loved Kansas so much and gave them to me and of your beautiful voice that sounded like angels to me when my brother passed on to the other side. You gave me life again through your music and I will never forget it I thank you from my heart. I hope all is going better for you, and I will be praying for you, God will see you through because of all the special purposes you give to other's. Steve, I will be going to B.B. Kings to catch the show, maybe one day I will have the pleasure of thanking you face to face. Once again I thank you for all that you have done for me just through your voice. Take care of yourself and hope to see you soon!!!! Love, Nikkik , 15-Apr.2005
Steve, I just stumbled across this site and had to drop a note of thanks for all of the wonderful music you and your Kansas band mates have made over the years. I still listen to your music often. Kansas is the greatest band that has ever existed, bar none. I know you and Kerry have had your differences over the years, but you guys worked magic together. I am a 42 year old career firefighter, father of 3 children, a recovering alcoholic/addict, an amateur drummer and a 30+ year Kansas fan. I hope you guys continue to make music. Can I look forward to any new material anytime soon? It would be really cool to see you and Kerry collaborate on some new material. I loved the “Somewhere To Elsewhere” album but feel it would have been an even stronger effort with your keyboard playing and songwriting contribution. Sail On! Brian Halos, 06-Apr-2005
At age fourteen , I sat listening to American Top 40 one Saturday evening in the '70's. "Carry On, Wayward Son" came on, and changed my world forever. Steve's voice, as soft as a feather, as sharp as a sword, made each lyric seem as important as life itself. That voice made me a Kansas fan, and it added the same electricity to the Kansas sound over the many years. It's interesting to read that Steve attaches such importance to the lyrics, since he seems able to sing very unusual lines, and give them a special glow that others cannot. His singing actually attracts the listener to the words. I think it has as much to do with the emotional intensity he applies to the rendering of each piece, as his great tenor range. It's been almost thirty years since I first heard Kansas, and their music is still "new" each time I listen. Steve's keyboard, and vocal "voices" continue to define what rock music should be about, and that in my humble view, is acknowledging where you are, and trying to improve your own position, and that of all those around you, as you move on through life. Do I really hear these things in Steve's voice ? Yes, yes, yes. When select musicians like Steve Walsh spend some hours in a studio laying down tracks, I wonder if they even know how much the product of those hours will influence the world for the good ? Steve, if you read this, man, I just want to say, "Thank you for the many years". P.S. - I am a musician/singer/songwriter myself, so I think that helps me appreciate Steve's work all the more. Anton Harridial. A fan from Trinidad West Indies. 27-Mar-2005
Steve, My regards to you and your health. I do not know of any details at this point, but I do wish you the best, and a coplete recovery! Here is a bit of admiration from another point of view, from me to you: When growing up in Wheeling WV, my parents introduced me to classical piano lessons at a young age. Practicing was a ritual and a pain in the ass, for I was timed for 30 to 60 min. each day for 6 years. Bach, Chopin... shoved down my throat, and it turned out that some of the time I enjoyed it. Kansas seemed to be the right formula for me as I branched out my musical taste. So when mom and dad left the house and me in it, I couldn't tell you how many times the stereo equip. in the living room got yanked into the "piano room" , and I would throw down some leftoverture the best I could. Our turntable was not in tune with the piano, and I tell you, at times I just couldn't find the notes. I couldn't figure this out for a while, but when I did, the light bulb was burning bright... I think a sock was my first innovation to slow the player down and bring the music to some kind of harmony. Years later, at 41, technology has improved for me and a cd player has allowed me to, on a daily bases, to enjoy a Kansas collaboration of my own that is actually "tuned in". I have a very active life, a great wife and a couple of muts we love. Kansas is the backbone of music for me, and with time that is given, continues to be part of my life, I love your music! It is truely an inspiration! If you were a mouse in the corner, I think you'd get a kick out of hearing my wife yell as I head for the piano... "is it ime for another Kansas concert" ??? Your 2004 concert in Wheeling was amazing for me! Backstage pass, picture, Leftoverture album signed, 5th row seats and the turn out (crowd) sucked but I didn't mind it. Your sound was amazing as was the choice of songs!!! I drug my wife right to Pittsburgh PA to see you a few weeks later. As much as my wife likes Celine Dion, she loved those shows. Find your way back to good health Steve and find you way back to the Ohio Valley, Wheeling or Pittsburgh. I'll be trying to drag all family(few in-laws) and friends with me to the next Kansas show.
Take Care, Ronan Mooney, 24-Mar-2005
Dear Steve, I was plodding around the internet and ran across this site and thought how long it has been since high school. I still tell the story about our last football game of the year (Lillis, in KC, rained like a bitch) and your offering your jersey to Siela, the QB, because he'd forgotten his. It seemed very classy and selfless at the time and is even more so now. Hopefully this will find it's way to you as I've often wished I had a way to congratulate you on your success. Even when you were with such notable bands as "First Class Male", circa 1969, you were easily approachable and friendly. Stay well and enjoy all that you've earned. Regards,
Ben Weddle Class of '70 Christian Brothers, 23-Mar-2005
Hi Steve, I first became addicted to your voice in the mid 80's when a friend lent me the best of Kansas I then went on to collect everything I could lay my hands on that included your voice, my favourite song is "rainmaker" from "In the spirit of things".I am 40 years old and am a singer, your voice has inspired me like no other and I love singing along with your voice, it really has improved my vocal range.As I already said I am 40 but feel like a 8 year on Christmas morning since hearing you are playing in London 12th June,I have been to many gigs but this will be the gig of my life, thanks for coming to London, why not play Rainmaker with a choir like on the preacher? that would be great, or just let the crowd do the BV's.Your voice singing Kerrys lyrics also played a part in me becoming a Christian, I know that singing these lyrics played a part in quitting Kansas in the early 80's but I hope that your connections with Kerry and these songs have made a differance to your life and relationship with God,Ok thanks again for being you, see ya on the 12th June I'll be the one at the front singing off my head. regards & love Richard Baylis, England, 16-Mar-2005
We travelled from the UK to see our first Kansas shows in Oct last year in New Jersey and Mississippi. It was amazing. Kansas, and especially Steve, were fantastic. We couldn't believe how good Steves voice was and how well he performed the songs. The DVD is good but actually being at the shows gives a true appreciation of just how good he is. Having travelled all the way to the USA to see Kansas , they then go and announce a European Tour!! Can't wait to see them again in London and Barcelona. I hope they change the set to include any song off monolith and a few songs off my favorite Kansas album - Audiovisions Hope this message gets to Steve!
cheers Graham Dalton, 13-Mar-2005
A short message to the best of the best. Your talent has continued to inspire me for nearly 30 yrs. Tonight Melissa ("Hunnibee") and I intend to have our own little Kansas appreciation party, viewing videos and DVDs dating back from the early days to present. I'm expecting it will be ALMOST as good as being at a live Kansas show. Keep doing what you do best, Steve. Your fans love you!
Jennifer K. , 11-Mar-2005
Will the song Closet Chronicles ever be released Live? It is one of the best songs on Two for the Show!
Pete Echevarria, 08-Mar-2005
Steve. You are a phenomenal talent. But you are a tortured, miserable human being. You are in your 50’s now and your life’s story is slowly coming to an end. You have had some wonderful success. And you have had some horrific letdowns. The ebb and flow of life can never be what we want it to be. Nor can we spend the rest of our lives wishing for our past to be something it isn’t. I don’t know anything about you personally. But your interviews and answers to various questions betray enough of who you are to know that you are extremely disturbed. I can tell you are a wonderful father. Thank God for that because your children will never understand Kansas or your musical past. They know you as “dad”. Let THAT be what they remember you for. Do you want them to look at you at your funeral and say, “My God, dad was so miserable. Why couldn’t he be happy?” Steve, let go of it all. You may not have accomplished or experienced everything you wanted to. But you have certainly accomplished and experienced more than what most people can only dream of. Find peace, Steve. I love you as an artist. But your children love you as Dad. And God loves you as Steve. Take care. David Garcia, 02-Mar-2005

Mr. Walsh ( If I may). Hey what can I say you are the Man! Top 5 vocalist of ALL Time. Me and the boys have been following you and KANSAS since 1975 our sophomore year in high School My first concert was in 1975-76 @ the old capital theater Kansas-Rush Passaic N.J. Was it true a naked chick ran across the stage when the strobe lights were flashing? Hey we'll be in row # 2 on the Fri evening. We have caught you and the Band at least once a year in the tri-state always a pleasure. Maybe you could throw in a hand stand on the keys for old time sake! well must get back to the other side of life stay well and don't pet any burning doggs. see you in MO-Town! regards Ansel from New Jersey. A little side bar Don't know if you remember back about 5-6 years ago my 2 best buddies (i was outta town) Met you after a show at the Beascon in N.Y.C. you were hanging by yourself glomming some Sushi. in a rest. cross the way. And as I read you take a fondness to the raw fish! Very cool. They said you were just maxin and relaxn' All right now! Got to Rock on! I can't live this way

WOW! Where to start!? I'll begin by saying i've been a Kansas fan for the full 31 years of the bands existence. I was lucky enough to 1st see them on those legendary "Rock Concert" shows. I'll never forget what an impression they made on me. But, most of all, it was the vocals that grabbed me and would never let go. Don't get me wrong, the music and lyrics are still the most amazing music I have ever heard, but without the talents of Steve and Robbie, I just don't think it would have had the same impact. I've been thrilled to be able to relive those wonderful moments with the purchase of "Sail On" 30 years of Kansas. Getting to see 5 of those songs from those same shows, for the 1st time in almost 30 years, is worth the price of the box set alone! If you have never had the luck to see these, all I can say as a "WheatHead" of 31 years now, is YOU MUST GET THIS SET!! I've seen Kansas 28 times over the years, from the small venuse to the huge stadiums and back again, but the "Rock Concert" videos will always have a special place in my musical heart. A quick note on another MUST HAVE for Kansas fans. The dvd "Device, Voice, Drum" was FILMED *no video here, actually shot on film* in Atlanta in 2002. All I can say is it is trully inspiring how Kansas can still send chills down my spine with their sheer power. Steve has re-invented his voice, and done an amazing job of it. At his age, hitting those notes that he used to is asking the impossible, but he has never sounded better in many years. I really liked how they replaced some of his soaring vocals with the violin. A very nice touch! To close, I want thank Steve personally for all the fun and inspiration over all these years. Without getting too into my own life story, let me say that your voice has helped me through many tough times. You have been, and always will be, THE voice of my generation! A KANSAS fan, now and forever;
Leif N. Rian III Chicago, Ill., 26-Feb-2005
Steve, I’m a huge fan of Kansas, and you are my favorite singer of all time!!! Would you consider a fan like myself to book a concert date in my home town??? You have visited Poughkeepsie N.Y. several times over the years (even with STREETS!!) , but you always seem to get booked in our crummy venues, (Mid-Hudson Civic Center) worst venue on the planet!!, or the (Chance), just to uncomfortable for anyone to enjoy because you must stand for hours at a time!! I have a good contact to put you in a theatre here in Poughkeepsie. It’s the Bardavon Theatre on Market St., just a few buildings down from the Civic Center, it’s a beautiful 1869 opera house (completely restored, and built for sound!!), and it holds about 1100 people, seated!! I do some local small time promotion, but to bring you to this venue, would be a dream come true.Let me know!! I’m loosely planning on going to see you at BB Kings (just an (ok) venue). Thanks Matt Johnson Poughkeepsie N.Y. , 20-Feb-2005
My name is Ken Rhoads and I live in Belfast, Maine. I'm a 61 year old Vietnam vet who has played in several rock bands and lived with music as my friend for all of these years. Steve Walsh, I've decided, is the greatest vocalist of our times. I don't know of any other voice that has given me so much joy and inspiration over the years. I thank you for this, Steve, 20-Feb-2005
dear steve my name is kenneth robert wheeler from juncticn city kansas now liveing in campbellsville kentucky since 1975. i have known the band since white clover days and also the work my late dad did on the song for america tour .his name was ret. msg.u.s.a. clifton wheeler , explcsive expert retired at the time of tour 1974.do you have a fan club address ? kenny r wheeler, 01-Feb-2005

You're Safe. Thanks for all that you have done. Relentless. 'Nuff Said!!

Hi Steve, On the 25th of March 1978 I saw Kansas live on there only British tour. Fast forward to 12th of June 2005 and after only 27 years I will get to see Kansas for the second time. You will never know how much this means to me or how much your music has touched me over the years. I just want to take this opportunity to wish you a great show and thank you in advance for doing the show. Steve, I cannot wait until June. Until then Kind regards Geoff, 27-Jan-2005
Dear Steve, Wanted to say hello from Albania. I saw your web site the other day and thought I’d drop a line. Growing up in Michigan I was a big fan of Kansas and latter picked up your solo album and it was a mainstay for me. Also had a signed picture of the band. You produced some good music and I’ve got some of it on my computer even now. Regards, Jon Sommerud, 24-Jan-2005
steve just dropping a line the show in tampa was excellent great to see your still rockin, 22-Jan-2005
Hey Steve, I saw the Kansas show last night at Cowboys and really had a great time! Thanks for using your talent for our enjoyment!
jeff thomas,15-Jan-2005
Steve fyi Didnt know if you had heard that Russell Allen died last week of a stroke. I just thought back to the "First Class Male" days.
Bill Hoffman, 11-Jan-2005
I probably can't add much to what has already been said. All I know is that Kansas has been one of my favorite bands of all time. The first Kansas album I heard was Masque (which subsequently became the first real rock album I bought with my own money and remains one of my favorite albums of all time). My best friends sister bought it when it came out and turned us on to it. I was blown away! The music was nothing like anything being played on the radio at the time. Beside the fact that the song structures and arrangements were so interesting and held my attention, the voice pulled it all together. It was distinct. I looked for more records from the band but couldn't find any. Then one day I heard "Carry on Wayward Son" on the radio and I was so excited. Of course, I bought it right away. Another classic album! It was after that I was able to find "Song for America". Finally, everyone else began to catch on. The rest is history. But it's a good history to have and it's still being written. Steve, I also find it interesting and intriguing that you like some of the hard rock music being played nowadays. Bands like Tool and Rage... It shows me that you are truly a fan of MUSIC. Not just one type but all kinds. If a song makes an impression on somebody they shouldn't let other people influence their decision to listen to it. I see it happen a lot. What a shame. Regards and keep rockin' to whatever makes you happy!
John Garver, Columbus, Ohio, 11-Jan-2005
i have to say what powerful moving vocals you have steve.you are a great singer.i am 36 from kc,mo.moved near warrensburg,mo.and i must admit i have never been to a kansas concert yet.unfortunately.i am hoping to one day,.for christmas i finally got streets 1st.now i am working on getting every kansas album i can find.as well as getting streets 2nd album.and any of your solo albums.steve.thank you for the years of great music. i know i speak for so many others when i say your music has touched so many people lives.including mine.ty.sincerely, David p.s.i have several kansas album favorites.....in the spirit of things...is one....but.i must admit.any kansas album that has you singing..ty again....., 11-Jan-2005
Steve --you have a one of a kind fantastic voice---i hope you can hang onto it---Be careful with that voice--throat etc. I saw you --KANSAS--in concert--i liked the hand stands on the key board----did you have any voice training?? this is personal kind of----i want to know---if you want to ---What did you think about Dave Hopes --Kerry livgrens spiritual move-------------??????????? Thank God a little bit for a wonderful voice!!!! When are you coming back to PA--USA---????
John R Sammons, 07-Jan-2005
Steve, Thank you for 30 years of music that has truly been an inspiration to me. I can't wait for the next 30! Sincerely, Mike Bottiaux Herrin, IL, 06-Jan-2005
Steve, you are my favorite singer. I have followed Kansas and you though all the years. Let me just say I appreciate and love you as a person and musician. I also find you to be a great story teller. :) To show how much a fan I am , I own Power, Spirit of Things, Live Whiskey, Freaks, Always Never the Same, Device Voice Drum, Somewhere to Elsewhere, Sail On. When I watch that old footage from the Kirschner shows, I see that passion in your face singing Journey and Pinnacle and how no other voice was as smooth as yours, I love it so much. Thank you ..................... PS: saw you at House of Blues Orlando, wonderful wonderful. love the new look. ! Brian Costanza Tampa Bay, FL, 02-Jan-2005
First of all, I want to say that I absoluteley LOVE Steve! Not only have I been listening to Steve and Kansas for most of my 37 years of existence, but as a keyboardist/musician myself, who has played many Kansas songs over the years, Steve has been a tremendous musical influence on me personally, and really, Kansas was the first group that influenced me into playing progressive rock. I want to thank you for being the person/musician that you are! In closing, I have one question for Steve pertaining to his Hammond B3 organ playing days. Could you tell me the drawbar settings you used on songs like "Portrait", "Closet Chronicles", "Magnum Opus"(2 for the show version), and basically any of your songs from the 70's. I play a Roland VK-8 hammond clone, and I also play alot of your music live, I'd really like to come as close to your Hammond sound as I can. I'd appreciate any help you could give me Steve. Thank you for being an incredible influence on my life Steve, you are truly one of a kind that will never be duplicated. Rock on my friend! Musically, Terry Geraci, 31-Dec-2004
Steve Myself and 2 friends have just purchased our tickets for the London Show in June next year. We have waited 26 years to have the opportunity to see Kansas live. Thank you so much for coming back to England to play.27-Dec-2004
Steve, I still dream about you from time to time even after all these years. "Can't forget the way you look at me." Happy holidays. Annie, 23-Dec-2004
STEVE I was Christmas shopping and found the re-release of your first solo album in the record store. Great music....especially "Just How It Feels". You really must be happy with that one. I really like"So many nights" and "schemer/dreamer" too. Happy holidays Mike from Louisville, 21-Dec-2004
Your thoughts in wait until tomorrow are right on...How many clever ways can you do an interview? Any way, thank you for the many years of great music...You are a singer's singer, and Kansas is a musician's band...I've has the great pleasure of enjoying your past few Oregon concerts (central point, or and lincoln city, or) The Lincoln City show was truly outstanding...a very intimate setting...I am a retired garage band singer and many years ago an unknown guitar player named Steve Morse sat in for our lead guitarist...We played in some smokey beer joint in Augusta, Ga...What a night! I thought his time with Kansas was pretty good...Anyway, best wishes for the Holiday season and the new year...I hope to catch you some time soon in 2005...Thank you...Jack Broome, 08-Dec-2004
Dear Steve, I have enjoyed your music and singing for years. I also know that kerry livgren became a christian. and i want to thank jesus for that.And i am praying for you. and i hope that kerrys influence made a difference on you!? I also enjoyed the song the preacher when you used the church choir.Well thats all for now. Jesus loves you and so do I. Hope you are O-Kay.
P.S. Your friend in jesus
Underneath Steven Damron a sky of blue it"s a time of choosing! K.L., 07-Dec-2004
Hi Steve, Thank you for your concert last week at the Celebrity Theatre. I think I had the best seat in the house, right in the front row behind the big keyboard amplifier...but the stage did rotate! You all did a great show. Thanks for Icarus and all the stuff from the first album! I started my radio career off in 1987 at 94 Rock in Albuquerque and the first song I played on the air on an FM rock station was Belexes. Of course I was promptly fired for not following the format, I think I was the DJ that was fired the quickest in their 30 year history. So it was ironic to me that you began the set with that. Luckily I got hired and eventually became the music director for the Classic Rock competition across the street and we added several songs that were not the usual standard fare. I even got a top rated station station with only a 300 song playlist to add "The Wall" for awhile. When I worked in Phoenix as a music director ! for KSLX, and KAZL and Tucson's KKHG I added as much as I could. On KKHG I put "Song for America" in their top 100 songs of all time. I even played "So Many Nights" and "If Love Should Go" on top rock stations in the Southwest. Anyway, I've been a fan ever since I heard your voice on an AM station in Rapid City, South Dakota, the first song I ever heard was "Hold On" incredible. Your vocals through the years are probably the best and most unique of anyone...what else can I say. Your vocals on Journey from Mariabronn are the best any human being could ever hope to achieve. That song should have had as much airplay as Stairway to Heaven. http://www.laurielarson.com - Laurie Larson, 07-Dec-2004
hey my name is james francis. I recently went to one of your concerts it was at pechanga casino. i went with my dad to go see you guys. unlike all of my friends every time i want to go to a concert i have to work for my parents to earn money(our house is the cleanest it has ever been). I am a drummer and a big fan of Phils style of drumming. I know you guys are constantly getting letters and e-mails from fans. the real reason i am e-mailing you is to let you know how thankful i am for you guys. it is a very interesting reason why i am such a big fan of you guys. the reason is that i didnt want to go over to my friends house one time but my mother made me. this turned out to be the best choice of my life. I was watching rock fest on vh1 and i was sitting down and i was talking to my friend chris and all of the sudden the live version of carry on my wayward son came on and i saw the name kansas on the screen. so when i got home that night i dug out your greatest hits album and listened to it. i would just like to thank you guys for being my greatest musical influence.i was the boy sitting on your right side of the center row g, 05-Dec-2004
Hey Steve Enjoyed the show alot at House of Blues in SC. My wife & I married just the preceding Saturday in Charleston and this was the first time she had seen the band. She loved it all! Her favorite was Icarus II and I personally was glad to hear the band once again. Thanks for keeping at it. Steve & Jacqui Greenville/Charleston SC, 30-Nov-2004
Dear Mr. Steve Walsh I am a 12 year old girl that LOVES Kansas. My dad told me that you'd probably enjoy hearing from someone as young as me. I am not preoccupied with Rap or Hip Hop, I am a full-blooded wheathead!!! I think you are a magnificent singer, way better than anything i hear on the radio now. I am going to learn Dust In The Wind on my violin (i have a nice Barcus Berry). I already emailed Kerry Livgren about my love for the song Closet Chronicles, i am listening to it right now. I know many famous people have people that write back for them but please consider writing me back! I would like you to know how much i love your music, and how talented you are. I am not and obsessed fan, but you are an inspiration to me, i thank my dad for getting me into Kansas. I hope to attend one of your concerts sometime, as i hear you come to Missouri alot, which is where I live. Thank you for your time! God Bless! ~Sarah Lucy, 30-Nov-2004
Hi Steve, I've been a Kansas fan from the beginning. I'm enjoying the old Kirshner stuff on the "Sail On" DVD. My wife and I saw you guys at the House of Blues in Myrtle Beach last Friday night. (Nov.26, 2004) It was fantastic! I was pleased to hear songs like Magnum Opus, Bringin' It Back' etc., not just the "hits". Thanks for the music... Dave Wilson - Greer, SC, 29-Nov-2004
Hi Steve Seeing as the rumours of some European (UK as well please) dates for next year are doing the rounds, I will get off my soap box on that one for a minute. I think you appreciate straight talking and I would like you to take a trip over to Kansasfans.com and listen to the feedback from Phils interview, basically there are a lot of us who think that Kansas can make a stellar modern sounding edgy album that would still be Kansas (although my personal opinion is whatever you guys do it will be Kansas!), the problem is of course someone needs to write the songs, I think you ( with Billy and the rest of the guys) are the only option to make an album that would do justice to the band as it is today. Gloss is still one of my favourite albums and it shows that you are an amazing songwriter. I think Kansas is the best outlet for your material, purely because the fan base ensures more sales. The fans want a new album, not a nostalgia trip or a rejigged "classic" album. So forget the mythical Kansas sound or material that would be unsuitable, Kansas has always been a band that has evolved, ItSoT and Freaks, whilst not huge sellers (and Kansas or yourself are unlikely to be big sellers again) were excellent contemporary rock albums that are held in high regard, I personally could have seen most of Gloss as a Kansas album. So my message to you is, if the creative juices are still flowing, and I beleive they are, then please get the rest of the bands attention and give us your best shot, I am sure we wont be dissappointed, your writing is held in extreme high regard. Many Thanks for this opportunity Ferdi and Steve if you get this. Alan Hawdon (uxter) Darlington The Island of Britain Europe Where the sun rises
Steve, you are the best! Your lyrics and vocals still remain the most intense I`ve ever heard, and they are so much deeper and meaningful than anyone else. I can`t stop listening to your music. Every day on the way to work I end up putting either ultimate Kansas or difinitive collection on. I find anything else so pale in comparison. I hope someday to be able to meet you just to thankyou for the inspiration I get from listening to you sing. Thanks again Steve, You are the man!!! Your admiring fan, Tim Twombly. 516 coronado Bonner Springs Kansas, Wyandotte Co. ===== Thinking of you....., 23-Nov-2004
Steve, Thank you for the 30 years of music that I have been able to enjoy. I have seen you guys as opening act back in early 70's to Headliners at stadiums to just recently in Lincoln City, Oregon and you still rock!! When feasible I try to never miss a chance to see you all again. I started playing guitar about the time you were "tearin' it up' and am now seeing some success at my attempt to do what I love--play music. I read with interest an interview with you on how does a song come about---music or words first? I laughed because your answer was same as mine---music is usually first with me with a theme or maybe a chorus thrown in. I really laughed at the middle of the night quote. I can't count how many times I hit my shin or cursed at not finding paper or pencil where I know I left it trying so hard not to lose what just came to me. I know the Muse is elusive and sometimes fickle and you can't force her, she comes on her own terms and hopefully we are receptive to what she brings when she does arrive. Thanks again and kindest regards to you and yours and perhaps someday we might get to share a stage or a simple conversation. Peace and Happy Holidays!! Terry Taylor, 21-Nov-2004
Steve, wishing you lots of good MOJO. I first saw you and KANSAS in the 70's in Atlanta at "The Electric Ballroom " on Peachtree across from Fox Theater. My friends and I came over from Birmingham many times to spend the evening with you and the concerts were an "experience." I fell in love with you and your voice and every member of the band. We came over many, many times for an evening with you and always drove back to B'ham after the concert. The Ballroom was small compared to the Big venues and we rocked together. Your magic has led me thru many memories as we continued to watch your music reach more and more people. I remember also living in Kansas City when " Dust in the Wind" was on the radio and thinking Oh, I knew of you back when. I have played your music over and over and I just found the "Sail On" DVD set. It is so fun to watch the band again live and in my own living room. Thanks for all the memories and please, lets make more! Cyndi Neumann :-) Birmingham, AL, 20-Nov-2004
Always enjoyed the music from a musical standpoint. The message of your music kept me going. Thanks. As far as antics, don't ever be ashamed. I'd like to see anyone else hold a high note while while doing a hand stand on a keyboard. I'd like to see someone do flips acrossvthe stage, jump up and down around the drum riser, then sit down at the edge of the stage and sing, :Dust In the Wind" without losing their breath. Dude, you were the entertainer of antertainers and the Golden Throat of the Senenties & Eighties, all in one. Don't ever be ashamed of your "antics." I'd like to see anyone else do it! Tony B., 17-Oct-2004
Steve, I just wanted to thank you and the band for a great show last night in Glenside, PA. I've been a fan since 1974 attended my first Kansas show in1975. Whenever you are in the Philadelphia area I attend and have brought my kids a couple of times. Every show brings back memories and allows me to escape to only worrying about music for close to 2 hours. I have limited musical training and realize Death of Mother Nature Suite is a difficult piece to play. Any chance of that being added to a set list on an upcoming tour. Thanks again, you guys will always be my favorite band. PS: The shorter hair looks good.
David Kornfeld, 15-Nov-2004
Steve, The last time I saw Kansas (before recently) was in 1992 in Scranton, PA & as much of a Kansas fan that I am, I was very concermed about your voice...I thought from all that high singing, it was finally on it's way 'out'. But, when I saw you this November 10th at The Kirby Center in Wilkes-Barre, PA, your voice was absolutely incredible!!! You blew me away with your vocal range!! I had gotten my hands on an extra pair of tickets & gave them to a friend & his girl who weren't familiar with anything but the radio hits & they LOVED it!!!!! Can't wait to see you guys again!! Sincerely, John from Scranton, PA, 13-Nov-2004
Hi my Name is Thomas im living in Saarbrückern / Gemany Im 34 year old. I see Kansas two Times Hope I See KANSAS next year in Germany You are the best, 06-Nov-2004
Dear Steve, I just listened to Schemer-Dreamer on CD on the way into work and I just had to e-mail you and say THANK YOU!!!!! I forgot what a great album this is. I admit I haven't listened to it in years, but surprise, surprise, I remembered all the lyrics. I have a mind that can memorize song lyrics as I love to sing. I'm not a musician but my older brother is a non-professional muscian and we have the same taste in music. As a matter of fact, we will be seeing you and the boys at the Keswick Theater next week. I can't wait! The last time I saw you guys live was at Kauhuna's in Delaware. My sister was there and she was right off the stage when you guys left. I wasn't. Damn! So so me a favor-at the Keswick, say hi to me-a life-time fan- who has everything Kansas ever put out plus everyone's solo stuff including the two Streets albums (which I recently purchased on CD at Amazon.com). LOVE THEM. I know all the lyrics on those, too. And I pride myself on the fact that I can sound just like you on some songs. "Pinnacle" is my overall favorite Kansas composition. Anyway, I just want you to know that your talent and hard work is appreciated by those of us who have fantastic taste in music. Please take care of yourself and God Bless you and yours. Sincerely, Theresa M. Horwatt, 04-Nov-2004
Mr. Steve I saw one of your shows years ago at a Casino in Michigan and I must say it was grand. I would like to know if you have any plans in the near future to visit Canada I would love to see my kids enjoy Kansas the I did. Kansas was the my first Concert and like I said it was awesome. THanks for all the memories, 26-Oct-2004
Steve, First of all, I hope you're in good health. I'm almost 50 and will experience the same thing soon. It's a natural thing if you don't get hit by a truck first, or some other disease or something. I've been a fan since the beginning and always will be. The band's chances of a come back or a real hit again, are pretty much gone. Most of those chances left with Kerry who found Jesus. That was his passion and what he wanted to do. Part of the other chances went to individual works. And I don't know why anybody tries an individual album. Sting and Phil Collins are the only ones that come to mind that made a career out of it. On the Kansas website, I read what fans wrote to you. They are true FANS for taking the time to write. Although you're honest and to the point, you're accidentally blowing off a lot of their questions. These are people that love you. They care about you. They took the time to find the website and found a way to contact you. I know Kansas has been a successful state of confusion for 30+ years and still probably trying to find 'that song.' Rest on your success and appreciate your fan base. No matter what, it won't last forever. In Kerry's words, "Nothing lasts forever but the earth and sky." Keep the band together and keep going. We all love your voice and your work. Keep it up and sorry if I was hard on you.
Gary, 18-Oct-2004
Steve, I really love the web page and thanks for the personal interaction with the fans. I saw Kanasa with a different singer about 5 or 6 years ago and while the music was top shelf they really missed your signature vocals. I'm going to the 11/13 show at Mohecan Sun and can't wait. Do I remember you and Kerry appearing together on Pat Robertson in the 80s? I know Kerry was one of the two former Kansas members they had on but my memory as to whether or not the second member was you is fuzzy. It would be pretty amazing if you two could do at least one more album together as Kansas but do it for your own artistic satisfaction not us needy fans. Thanks for the amazing music POKR and Leftoverture never get old for me.
Ken, 08-Oct-2004
hows those hand stands doin can you still pull them off? keep rockin its all that keeps us flat landers goin, 06-Oct-2004
The first time i heard of Kansas was I beleve somewhere around 1974 rochester ny. never heard of Kansas a freind talked me in to going to see this band i beleve leftoverture was just coming out the music was great thats when u had the strob light with the flasher but the ending was fn great i still talk about it i reffer to it as like the sound of music ending the music keep going on but nobody was on stage i am now 47 but still listen to all you guys have done seen you many times but it hasbeen a while sice you guys have been to rochester ny maybe next tour? thanks for the music Don V, 02-Oct-2004
On Nov. 10th I will be going with my and my youngest son to the band for the 3rd time this year. This will be a specail show for it will be 30 years since my first Kansas show. Fall of 1974 in the gymanasium at Kutztown University. It was to be Queen-Styx & Kansas but Queen bailed for a throat ailment with Freddy. However the gig went on with Kansas & Styx and from the day on I have always had a true appreciation for the band. Fabulous then..fabulous now. You've transcended time ! Mark J. Mahal, 02-Oct-2004
Dear Steve: I have read your thoughts on 9/11. I have followed your career for thirty years and have always found your writing to be profound, sensitive, and eloquent. These thoughts on the state of our country and unimaginable tragedy are no different, but I have to disagree with you on one point. I don't feel sorry for children who celebrate their birthdays on September 11th but rather view it as a positive sign that life goes on and that every day is a gift. Like you, I have celebrated my own children's birthdays for many years. I cannot imagine my life without them and my heart aches for the grief and loss suffered by the parents of the children (grown and small) killed in those buildings. I was in the car when I first heard that day and all I could think about was getting to my kids schools. Like many people, my life changed that morning but my son and daughter still came home after classes, my husband pulled into the driveway at the end of the day, my mother called me, and I spoke to my friends..I hope I never take those things for granted again. I am midway through this life now. It goes so much faster than it used to and the growth of my children is certainly testimony to that. The sun was shining here in the Midwest this year on 9/11 too. I saw a bridal party getting their pictures taken in the park while a memorial service came over my car radio speakers. Right then and there, I called my daughter at college to tell her how much I love her. A child's birthday and a wedding day are celebrations of hope and renewal. What better date for that? It's always raining somewhere, Steve. Ellen, 01-Oct-2004
How can I help you get there? Take care my friend.
Gary, 26-Sep-2004
hi steve. 09/14/04 my name is jay korff and i live in louisville. i was at your concert in louisville on sept. 11 and i thought you guys were great. this was the first time since the 70's that i saw robby play with the band. what a thrill! i thought you guys really kicked ass. i also liked the the graphics behind phil's drums. i know you wont remenber me, but when you played in louisville back in the early 90's, you played at a place called the phoenix hill tavern where you played 2 shows each time you played there. i was the only one who attended both shows. just couldn't get enough of you guys. i was also the person who wanted your autograph on my schemer dreamer album and if you can remember i was the person who was wearing a ringo star hat at the louisville concert on sept. 11. i just hope you guys keep on rocking on for years to come and my hope is to see kerry play with you guys once again. i do have a question. will you ever put the vhs versions of kansas-best of kansas live with john singing lead and live at the whiskey on dvd? thanks for taking the time in reading my message and i hope you come back to louisville soon. have a great tour and tell the rest of the guys i said hi. your friend and fan jay korff , 15-Sep-2004
Steve What a great show. Thanks to you and the rest of the band. This was the first time I could take my kids and they really had a good time. Thanks and I hope you guys get back to this area soon
Mike, 13-Sep-2004
Steve....My family and I saw you guys in Pittsburgh....AWESOME...You guys sound better than ever....I saw on the band's webpage that you were playing at the Shenandoah County Fair..We bought 3 tickets...made the 4 hour drive to Woodstock and saw another Awesome show....While we were there we picked up the DVD....Thanks for staying together and allowing me to relive the 70's....I'll come see you anytime you guy's are playing nearby....Thanks again....Randy Haberman ( Pittsburgh), 10-Sep-2004
Hello Steve, Thank you for your music. My wife and I saw Kansas about a month ago in Sylvania Ohio. The whole band sounded great, After the concert my wife asked if you would sign our Schemer Dreamer album and you did. That really meant a lot to us both and I want to thank you. Your music has been and will continue to be a great pleasure in my life. Thank you . Dave york, 06-Sep-2004
Steve, You receive many emails and just wanted to tell you how shocked I am at the passing of Duane Buckler. I knew Duane,Jeff out of "Blackwatch" but I never met you, We would always pass each other on the road to gigs up in Nebraska. I used to be a lead singer for a (terrible) band called Liberty Aresnal. Mark Emerbeton was the drummer and Jeff started playing guitar for a while. Anyway, I grew up in Weston and to hear about Duane is very,very sad. I read how interested you are in Feature Films and thats what life has blessed me with. I own a media agency in Kansas City www.pmg-online.com. we work with all of the major studios Promoting and Marketing feature film. I started the company to build up a platform so one day with the right budget, I will understand how to market an Independent feature film. Its always been an idea to discuss sometime with you what you would like to do. I have three films in the works all in Pre-production . One is a period - epic film , takes place during the great depression , Dust Bowl era, when Kids rode the rails, a peice of American History that needs to be told. Its been a project of mine for 10 years, and it looks like we have some solid interest. Title - Moonlight Riders. We are in discussion with forming a production company with John Daly - (Platoon,The Last Emperor,Hoosiers,Terminator). He is actually flying to Kansas City to visit. I would enjoy discussing working with you/Kansas on the title track for Moonlight Riders. One day, I would like to meet and discuss Possible Feature Film opportunities, Music, etc. If by chance you read this, ( please keep confidential) I would enjoy discussing with you your ideas,my ideas and see if we could work together. I have never lost my passion to listen to the Art you have created. It still amazes me after all of these years and now my 11 & 13 yr old sons are buying your music.
Take my Friend Dave Johnson, 01-Sep-2004
I saw Kansas at Adison Circle Park In April I think it was. You sounded fantastic. My 15 yo son and I saw you a few years back at Billy Bobs Texas in Ft. Worth he loves the band too. I bought Device Voice Drum a while back and love it too. I'm 46 and have been a fan for years. I wanted to tell you your voice is such an inspiration to so many. I want you guys to stick with it because I believe you will have a new hit in the charts again soon. There is too much talent in the band not too. We are all looking forward to seeing you in the Dallas area again soon. Take care we love you all.
Bob Reynolds and family, Sachse Texas, 21-Aug-2004
Dear Steve, I`m a long time Kansas fan and just recently saw you W\Kansas at the Ameristar casino in Kc Mo. I must tell you that a I am so inspired by your music and can`t wait to see Kansas again. Hopefully it won`t be too long before your back in the area. I`ve always loved your voice and talent but even more so since me and my wife saw you in concert in July. I have my favorite Kansas songs of course, always loved He Knew, and What`s on my mind, and with the current threats against our country was brought to tears while listening to Song for America.My new favorite though is Incomudro-hymn to the Atman-live.I pray for good things in your future and will always be a fan, Thanks for the extreme listening pleasure that is Kansas, Tim Twombly, 18-Aug-2004
Today i visit your Web Page.Im Bernd from Germany.Im a big Kansasfan and of course of YOU.Im listening for your Music for over 20 Years now.Thanks for everything and the Hope thats your Music gives me so Far!!Take Care!!Greetings from Germany!!!!Your the best!!!! Bernd, 04-Aug-2004
Steve, You are one of the all time greats! THanks for so many years of ear full JOY! Your fan for life, Reed Bernard, 02-Aug-2004
Hey Steve, For many years I have enjoyed the wonderful sounds of Kansas, but I never had the chance to see the band live. That all changed this July 2004 in Kansas City during the FBI National Academy Conference. I was taken to a place and time that only great Musicianship can take a person. I later flew on the plane back to Atlanta with you and would have loved to just say hello and talk about your great career. But I know you are bothered by crazy people all the time so I decided it best to not bother you. I hope that maybe... just maybe.. .when you are not on the road and are not busy with your family I could get the opportunity to talk with you and if you are up for it, and let my thirteen year old son meet a true Musician/Rock Star. Well, that's it, don't ever stop sharing your talent with the world!! Thanks!! Chris Beanland, 30-Jul-2004
Dear Steve, As a long time fan and avid concert goer, I was sorry to see that you have no dates in the Philadelphia area. The closest is in north Jersey. The Philly people have been great supporters of you and Kansas for a very long time. I hope that maby a date in the fall, possably at the Tower theater, could still happen. This year will not be the same without at least one chance to see you play. With respect, Mike, 29-Jul-2004

hello steve my name is angel i´m 36 and i´m from spain ok this is my first letter to you so it is a little strange for me because i am a big fan of you since the times with streets not long time ago that i have my computer i really love always your voice and your fantastic career with streets kansas your solo records proyects like that fantastic kymera record etc i have all your albumswhat can i say about you i think that you are a great singer your voice is unique great musician and great songwriter the worsh is that i never could saw playing live never i live in spain so it is really difficult that you are come to play in live with kansas someday well sorry if my english is not very well one last thing i don´t know if you will read this letter someday i suppossed that you will be busy now with that kansas tour .records etc i really love to get a signed photo dedicated to me yeah... it will great for me but i think that you haven´t much time for those things so well saying bye steve and all the people in this great steve web site i only hope that you continue for many more years doing more great records and tours i wish you all the best sincerely a big big fan always thank you for your music keep on rockin
angel, 27-Jul-2004

Hello Steve Walsh Hi my name is Steve Jones and I live in Stoney Creek ,Ontario Canada. I have been a fan of yours since first hearing Wayward son a long time ago,anyway this is what I would like to tell you about. I am a single father of 1 boy his name is Austin he is 12 now.Back in 96 I took him to his first show at the molson amphitheatre in Toronto and this show was Kansas. Well he never forgot and has been to shows since but he absolutely loves Kansas and just recently bought Device Voice Drum. He says he wants to see you agian so will you ever come back north of the border, the closest you are coming is Tonawanda N.Y. but we can't get there would love too. Anyway he and I are huge fans and would love to see you and the boys back around .maybe someday Austin will get an oppurtunity to meet his idol YOU. If you could write him a line at jrhockeyhunk@hotmail.com he would love it. Thank You for your time Steve & Austin Jones, 17-Jul-2004
I will make this short as time is precious. To Ferdinand Arning, I thank you for the availability of this web site. To Steve Walsh, I want to pass on a very personal-heart felt "thank You" for allowing me to share with my 16 year old son, a very memorable experience that will forever live. I was able to take him to see Kansas in concert on July 4th, 2004 in Chanute, Kansas. If it were not for the love of music that we all obviously share, these few moments would not have been possible. To offer my son an opportunity to see & hear a group of talented fellow musicians that so influenced my early years in the music business was truly a memory we both will carry with us for many years to come. I wanted so much to be able to come back stage and say thanks for the many years of great music Kansas has produced but understandably, this was not possible. Thank you and the rest of the members of Kansas for being there for me & my son. We both enjoyed hearing / watching a great performance by one of America's greatest Rock groups. A distant friend, Joey Tennis, 05-Jul-2004
I just wanted to tell him that I appreciate his singing so much. I got to see him once 10yrs ago at 4th of July in Blue Ash ,a suburb of Cincinnati, handstand and all. I wish they had performed my favorite- All I wanted. That was powerful. My favorites are Steve Perry( the voice of the century) and Dennis DeYoung,Lou Gramm,Jimi Jamison and of course Steve.I read his comment on Aerosmith. There is only one Steven Tyler .Tell him not to fret. Kalodner says Perry & Tyler but Steve Walsh is stellar in voice & the keyboards are incredible. So glad to hear his life is so blessed. Mary, 05-Jul-2004
Hello Steve, I just wanted to say hello to you, and was wondering when you'll be visiting San Francisco with Kansas again. I also wanted to say I only could wish that time could stand still and that I could hear your voice and the music of kansas for all eterinity. you have truely been an inspiration to me and my music. I have been flattered by people telling me that I sound alot like you when I sing and can noly hope that it is true. I'm 43 yrs old and like anything with age things start to fade. I would like to know how you keep your voice in shape!!! Please don't ever stop making music. If you could PLease respond via E-Mail to hapndav@hotmail.com I would be honored. Thank you, Enrique Calvillo, 03-Jul-2004
Hi Steve, Cheryl Kay here from Okla. My 1st concert when I was 13n was a Kansas concert. Now I'm proud to say I am 39 and my next concert will be Kansas at Frontier City on July31st !! Please sing alittle xtra hard for us and show us some skin baby, after all it's July in Okla. and you know it's HOT!!!! I'm still to this day turning anyone I meet onto Kansas, and I just spent the last two years having the most beautiful children, (Savannah Rain-17mo. and Samuel-9wks.), that have and will continue to listen to Kansas!! We Luv U, Shawnee,Oklahoma
Since 1977 I´m listening your voice and music with Kansas. I just need a concert dvd from those years! Everytime I heard your songs you make me feel a lot of emotions and feelings.... thats great! Sorry for my english. From Málaga (SPAIN) GRACIAS!!!
Steve Andrés Luengo, Coronado 23-Jun-2004
First concert I went to was aroung 1974 in Tulsa where Kansasheadlined with Ambrosia and the late great Jimmy Spheeris. I was hooked at that moment. You slayed me. I have seen you guys probably 30 times since then. Loved Glossalalia (did I spell it right), Streets, and your first solo. Thanks for everything!!!!!!!!!!
Mike Wheat, 19-Jun-2004
Steve, I heard on the radio today that it was your birthday (June 15). I have been a Kansas fan since the late 70's (I'm 37). I saw you in Louisville, Ky. (my hometown) my freshman or sophomore year of high school (Audio Visions tour). It was a great show and saw you later in Atlanta (1989?) and Owensboro, Ky. in the early 1990's. You've got a great voice. I've read about your problems in recent years and it sounds as though you are on-track and doing well. As a recovering alcoholic myself, let me say: Good for you! I hope to see the band in the near future since you are still touring. Is there anyway of getting an autographed CD? Thanks. Keep rocking! --
John Bowling, 16-Jun-2004
I appreciate that you guys still find the space for some of the favorites in your set. I know it must be tough to always sing the Dust in the winds etc. But thanks for doing it for the fans....
Richard Ayala, 15-Jun-2004
Dear Steve, I am an instrumental music teacher, and I had the pleasure of attending your most recent Pittsburgh performance at the Chevrolet Amphitheatre. As a fan of all styles of music, I wanted to commend you and the entire band on what was one of the best live performances I have ever witnessed. I am always trying to help my students to recognize real quality music when they hear it. The unique, dynamic character of your music, and the seemingly endless variety of styles, rhythms and grooves all serve as terrific examples of great music. I teach in Burgettstown, PA, which is a town you may be familiar with. I had a chance to see Kansas live for the first time at the Starlake Amphitheatre when you toured with Yes. Anyway, our area seems to have a passion for classic rock and roll. In fact, our marching band productions have featured classic rock hits for several years now. As our band program improves, we want to continue to expand our students' musical knowledge base and of course, challenge them with more difficult and interesting performance pieces. With that being said, sometime in the next two to three years, I would like to feature the music of Kansas in a complete drum corps style show. Since there is a very limited number of arrangements available for purchase that, frankly, do not do justice to what I heard on June 5, I would like to arrange the music myself for our band. I am familiar with the copyright laws and am willing get the permission required, but I was wondering if there is more music in print that I could use as resource material. I would also be grateful for any advice you might be willing to give music, arranging, or even teaching music. I thank you for your time in reading this. I know that your schedule is very busy and that time is always in short supply. The music that you make is very inspirational, and I look forward to listening to it well into the future. Sincerely, Alan A. Cugini, 07-Jun-2004
Hello, I came across your website.. Last night i was watching the dvd.. device/voice/drum.. Would have loved to attend that show.. I did see the band,(the later band) with steve morse..ate the Kirby center in Wilkes Barre, Pa... and I also saw you at the Station, also in Wilkes barre..with Streets.. I first heard of Kansas in 1974.. On a cruise (Coast Guard),, we we're on our way to Cuba.. I was walking by some one's bunk and I heard Lonely Street.. I couldn't walk away.. The guy who had the cassette was from Kansas.. That's why he bought it.. But he didn't care for it.. Not commercial enough for him i guess.. He gave it to me... The rest is history.. My favorite is Masque.. favorite song is All the world.. The end when everything comes back together, still puts a tear in my eye.. It's what made me leave the service instead of staying in.. I had to get back to my drums.. I've been playing ever since in cover bands.. You can check our website out if you would like..(Doubletakegroup.com) .. Kansas is the only band that i can say i respect.. every song is a classic..from every album.. Your voice is what makes Kansas... Don't get me wrong.. the musicians are far above any other band.. but the voice is all by itself.. straight from the gut... straight from the heart... thanks for the music...
Steve Camasso, 03-Jun-2004..
Hi Steve, I am another life long Kansas fan. I'm so lucky to be from the classic rock era. Kansas is my #1 band forever. I have been to about 10 concerts. I'm waiting for the Oklahoma City concert July 31, 2004. I can't wait. I have just recently thought to look on web for you guys. I'm sure glad I had that "brain fart", it is really nice learning a little more about you guys. Give my regards to the whole show. I will be listening. The DVD of Device, Voice, Drum is awesome. I'm surprised I haven't worn out my CD's, of course I had your earlier music on 8 tracks, and cassettes, so I have bought some albums 3 times. I feel it is well worth the money. You guys keep rocking. Thanks for all of the listening enjoyment. 02-Jun-2004
Just a note to say thanks for all the years of great pleasure I and my wife have derived from your music. Kansas was a big influence in my life, and I only wish I could find a vocalist like you (my vocal "instrument" is, shall we say, somewhat flawed). The right combination of tone, technique, and emotion is hard to find, and you've had it for years. And while you're out touring, look into a place called "The Back Yard" in Austin, TX. It's been a good venue for a lot of different acts (most recent for me was Jethro Tull), and I think it would be an excellent stop for Kansas. Not that I'm trying to drop a hint or anything, but PLEASE COME TO AUSTIN!
Michael Porter, 24-May-2004
hi steve I hope all is going well I'm not sure if you remember me but we met last year in lacrosse wis I'm the one that has a company called sibbys I do organic icecream thanks again for giving me a place to sleep that night I was hoping you could say hi to richard and robby I've been meaning on getting in touch with you all to send you some of my sibbys I noticed that you are really busy touring this summer it pleased me to see your going to be in the area july 9th ft mcoy I'll be there hope I see you guys have a great summer your friend sue suzanne sebion-huber , 20-May-2004
You are truly one of a kind. I have seen you play with Kansas 4 times, going on 5. We have just seen you play on may 2, at the capitol music hall in Wheeling, WV. I saw you with Styx in 1996 at the coca cola starlight ampitheater in Pitts burgh, PA, I saw you in 1980 In Germany, Ialso saw you in Pittsburgh in 1976 or !977 at the pitts burgh civic arena. Me And my wife also have tickets to see you guys with kerry livgren in pittsburgh on june 5,2004 at the chevy ampitheater in pittsburgh. I guess we just cant get enough of your great talent.May God bless you and your band as you tour this summer. I also am getting your device-voice-drum dvd for fathers day so i can always listen to you and your great band.
May God Bless All Of You,
Sincerely, jwilson535@aol.com, 09-May-2004
I (kind of) saw Kansas when they were on tour with Styx in 2002, it was the show at the Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, Alabama, and it was my birthday, and then you left because the weather got bad...I was devastated. Please come back, I would love to see a full Kansas show! -Seth Carroll, 08-May-2004
Steve, My sister saw your 30 year anniversary tour in Pittsburgh recently and said what a great show it was. I reminded her that I was at your show in Pittsburgh 30 years ago right after Song for America came out. You were the opening act with Styx and headliner Queen. Queen cancelled at the last moment and you guys got to play much longer than expected and it was an incredible show. I saw you more than 10 times over the next several years. Your music has been in my head and heart for all that time. I see that your first album is coming out on CD. I can’t wait to get it. My vinyl is getting pretty worn out. Best wishes to you and the band.
Sincerely, Dave Crist Marlton, NJ, 07-May-2004
Hi Steve, This week again after being a Kansas die-hard for many years, I just had the sudden urge to play every cd and video have of Kansas and related. I have that a couple of times per year. And...you still are the best. There's many great singers out there, but to my knowledge there's only 1 (being Glenn Hughes) coming close to you. you rock.....keep doing what you do thanks.
Arno Menses, 27-Apr-2004
Hi Steve, I was perusing my recent discovery of the superb Kansasband website when noticing the link to yours. I read your story about Robbie on the early Kinks tour in Phoenix and thought I'd share my memories of your first San Diego gig, presumably the one right before or after Phoenix. I was an avid pro-rock fan in the early 70's and had a good friend who worked as a DJ at KGB, the leading AOR station in San Diego, my boyhood home. He was always turning me onto new stuff and gave me the first Kansas album as a gift shortly after its release. I was blown away. You gave me faith in my homeland. The closest an American group had come to my ideals, up until then, were the James Gang and Spirit. So I praised the album (my copy was a promotional - which I still have) and pressed my friend to get the single added. This friend, by the way, is Jeff Gelb. He went on to become the feature editor of the AOR section of Radio and Records Magazine for many years. The single "Can I Tell You" was never added at KGB, but Jeff appeased me by giving a free ticket to see you and the Kinks in the summer of 1974. The concert reinforced the promise of the album. I was impressed beyond words. A couple of songs, Journey from Mariabronn and Apercu, sounded much better live; almost as if they'd been recorded live in studio for the album and improved upon on the road. It seemed like I was the only person there who seemed to know anything or care at all about your music. Not much crossover between Kinks fans and Wheatheads. After your set, I saw the band, at least five of you, lined up toward the rear of the less than half-full auditorium watching the Kinks. I recall the Kinks being very obnoxious on stage and Ray Davies ego getting the best of him. Though I think the Kinks have had some real good material, they're show didn't seem to respect it. I decided to leave early. On my way out, I waved in the band's direction then came over and, trying to shout over the din of the Kinks, told Robbie and Rich how much I loved the band's music and that they did a great set. I hope they heard me but I not really sure. By this time, my entire circle of friends knew about Kansas and we all anxiously awaited the second album which didn't disappoint. Still no local airplay though. I was seriously concerned about the band's future. Then Masque came out and it started to get some action and the rest is history. I finally did meet you, very briefly, at a promotion at the Guitar Center on Sunset Blvd. about nine years ago. The band was being recognized with cement handprints on the sidewalk in front of the store, like the Chinese Theatre. It was by chance that I was in LA on business (I'm in the map publishing industry), heard about the event on the radio and was able to come by. I have an autographed box set from that visit. I got Device-Voice-Drum last year and have got to tell you how reassuring it is that you and the band are still so vital and impressive. My wife, never a big fan, came around with the DVD and we're planning to see you when you're in Northern California next. Thank you for keeping this wonderful music alive. Curtis Carroll, 26-Apr-2004
I discovered you and Kansas in college 75-79 and have been a devotee ever since. I'm sure you get this alot but Kansas has been an intertwined part of my "personhood" all of my adult life - in college, I wrote a paper on prophesy using assorted Kansas lyrics along w/ Alekandr Solzhenitsyn's The Gulag Archipeligo and quotes from Isaiah in the Bible. Wish I had saved it - it was pretty good. Although I've never been able to attend a Kansas concert (due to work and health issues), not a day goes by when I'm not absorbed w/ you and Kansas. It would be a great moment in my life (and my wife's: she's the one since college - we married in 1975 - who best describes for me "It Takes a Woman's Love to Make a Man") to have some sort of personal interaction w/ you, preferably a visit, just to get acquainted. Better yet, with our 25th wedding anniversary approaching this September, in the year of Kansas' 31st anniversary, would there be anyway possible to arrange a visit? I've recently been diagnosed w/ diabetes and am considerably overweight - I've read abit about your struggles and overcoming drug abuse (as has my almost 20 yr-old daughter who attends University of the Arts in Philadelphia on a dance scholarship - "Power" is one of her favorites). It would be greatly encouraging to me to know how you've "gotten your act together" (didn't really ever know much before reading some info on Rich Williams website about your voice issues). Also, for 20 years I've worked for United Consumers Club, now known as Directbuy, in Lancaster, PA (about 100 locations in North America) - each year, we hold an annual sales/recognition conference w/ @ 1000 people in attendance at various resorts thruout the USA. Our corporate office in Merrillville, IN, arranges big-name entertainment - over the years, Doc Severnson, The Temptations, Charlie Daniels, who's the band (I forget their name) "You Can Tune a Piano but You Can't Tunafish"?, Chicago kicked off their 20th anniversary tour, and a bunch more - it would be my ultimate dream-come-true if you guys would play. Lois Powell is the contact person there. Anyway, please respond.
Fondly, Chuck Carey, 19-Apr-2004
Steve Love your so far away stories. It is strangly uplifting to see that rock idols lives are not as perfect as people might think and your writing voice is pretty funny. Keep the stories and the music coming. Mike Tanner Louisville, 12-Apr-2004
Hi Steve. I hope you are doing great. Just to let you know that I have followed you through on everything you have done. I have been listening to you since 1974. I have seen you live with Kansas and Streets. Keep up the great work.
Keep It Heavy, Lonnie Adams, 11-Apr-2004
Hey Steve, I recently bought the kansas dvd "Device, Voice, Drum" and I think its great. As all who write to you I am a great fan. I used to live on Kansas's music. It was and is a great inspiration to me. I started playing music in bands in Chicago when I was 17. I am a bass player. I knew all kansas lyrics by heart. I was totally into sports and knew that you were very athletic by the way you looked. I was a long haired running back who smoked a little something before games. I learned to sing by practicing along with kansas tunes. I actually learned to sound just like you but later realized there was already a steve walsh. Your voice and musicianship inspired me to work hard not just at music but at life. I loved the songs you sang on Steve Hacketts solo album. I now live in nashville with my wife and daughter and work as a maintenance technician. My daughter is 13 and is an excellent bass player. I learn songs she likes and teach them to her. She doesn't really know how good she is for her age. Thank you for inspiring me with your voice, musicianship and your attitude. You were a part of my life growing up and I appreciate it. Roger George, 08-Apr-2004
Hey Steve! Thanks for all the great music. We have been big fans from the beginning. My wife and I along with about a half dozen close friends have seen you with Kansas seven times in a two year period. During the late 90's, we were the rowdy group front and center. A total of eight concerts and look forward the Washington state show. Love the new stuff and look forward to much more. Tight Lines & Best Fishes......Eddie, 06-Apr-2004
Hi Mr. Walsh. I just want to thank you for the great music you have put out over the years. I have been a die hard Kansas fan for many years now. I own all of your music & I never get tired of listening to it. The Leftoverture album you came out with years ago is in my opinion one of the best ever. Keep on rocking guy. Jeff Gindy, 31-Mar-2004
steve...I have been a huge fan since 1974...I have seen you and kansas play 24 times..I saw you in Elmira NY, and in Binghamton NY..., Big Flats NY...Syracuse NY, Philadelphia Pa, mostly in the northeast... we are dying to see you guys again...I hope you will come this way again soon... the 2003 tour with paul rogers was excellent... you guys were by far my favorite... soooo...good luck..see you again soon I hope...Mike Winters, 30-Mar-2004
Dear Steve, My name is John Reichle and I am a singer/songwriter who resides in Houston Tx. I moved here from Los Angeles 10 years ago to hook up with a drummer buddy of mine to write songs and rock and roll. Interestingly enough, my buddy and I became friends in L.A. because mutually "Kansas" is our favorite band. When I moved here I had never seen the group live. But in April of 94' you guy's did a free concert in downtown Houston and I must say that was the first of many gig's I've seen the band do in Houston. From the initial "Free" show to "City Streets" to opening for Styx and then the really fun beach gig at" Voodoo Daddies" in Galveston during the "Always Never the Same" tour.( You might remember me from that show, tall bald guy in front who totally rocks out to your songs) And finally, in 2002, you played the Woodlands "Arrow Fest" and I was down front for that one. Now, here's my point.Could your booking agent please schedule a show for the Houston area? The last time I tried to see you in Fortworth at "Billy Bob's" the gig got cancelled. Now especially with your current set list I've got to see some songs I've never seen live. I can't make the Addison Tx. concert because my wife and kids and I will be moving to our new home in League City Tx. Long story short you are a great influence to me not only as a songwriter(really love Glossolalia) but also as a performer in general who really epitomizes the way rock music should be written and presented. Thank you for your time
John Reichle
PS Bring back "The Bells of St.James"
hey steve...you played memphis at the fairgrounds a few years ago..my cousin and i sat backstage with you guys and talked at your table before the show..we (you and i) had a nice conversation about life and such...i am a school teacher and i asked if you had seen the movie "Detroit Rock City"...did ya ever get around to watching it?..i have wondered now for a few years... cya in robinsonville friday the 19th... hope all is going well.. philip, 18-Mar-2004
Love the web site and love the music even more...Glad to see you have such a fondness for "in the spirit of things", my fave kansas album..Seen you guys a bunch of times here in Los Angeles, got lucky and bought seats from a scalper when the live from the Whiskey gig was shot....still have the shirt!!..also snuck in backstage once in Anaheim, you were kind enough to give me a swig of some Stoli and I believe I was the only one in the crowd that night who recognized mike Slamer back stage (damn I loved streets)..that was an RU4 gig that Kerry played the whole show withyou guys..anyway, hope your voice never falters and the music never stops..it's so rare that you hear any bands with top notch musicians these days...very inspiring to hear you play...appreciate the book and movie recommendations...and with the music, kate bush is fantastic..she's about 10 years over due for a new album though huh..I can recommend a guy named Michael Mcdermott if you haven't heard his stuff...heard his new album which is probably the best thing I've heard in a while..just my .02.. mark , 17-Mar-2004
Hello Steve, Just a short note to tell you how much I've enjoyed you over the years. I first saw Kansas in Kansas City at Royals Stadium, Summerjam '77 when you headlined with Eddie Money, Van Halen, and Steve Miller. When the first chords of the opening song, Paradox, (which is my all-time favorite Kansas song, by the way) started, then you came running out on stage dressed in a referee's shirt, shorts, tube sox and tennis shoes and was dancing like a madman all over the stage doing cartwheels, handstands, and the like, I got chills (like a cold wind was blowin' right down my back...Mysteries and Mayhem, another fave.) Steve, you and Paul Stanley of Kiss brought energy, athleticism, and showmanship back into rock and roll unlike ever seen before. You are the "Voice of Rock" in my opinion, and I personally thank you for the many hours of listening pleasure and the many memories you have brought me. I don't write fan mail much, but I'm 45 and I wanted to tell you keep up the good work, and hope to see you again on stage someday. Yours Truly, John Graham, 16-Mar-2004
Hi Steve, I debated whether to contact you this way, but it was a short argument, as I don't know any other way to contact you...plus, the argument was with myself and I have a very short attention span. And besides, I AM a fan. You are probably always contacted by people from CB about this time every 5 years, and they probably want you to come to the LBCB reunion and get your band to play there as well. Not me. Nope. I am NOT on the organizing committee, and haven't been asked by them to contact you. I just want to see you, and I'm contacting as many of my friends as possible, especially the ones who used to bang their heads against the wall in Geometry class just to watch the plaster fall off...I mean, I don't want to travel from Phoenix to St. Joe for nothing. :) The last time I saw you was in Memphis, in 1981. So it's been awhile. At that time, I was getting ready to head to MIT to work on a doctorate. Well, I got the doctorate, and I've had a reasonably happy life so far, though I must admit that there probably haven't been as many groupies as you've seen throw themselves at you. Maybe. :) I read your note about Davey Brown's death. It was very well done, Steve. I didn't know him well, but he was always nice to me, and I was always glad about that. :) There is a website for the LBCB reunion, and in it there is a place where you can write something about what you've been up to. So I did. I'm including it here because I know that as you and I, each in his own way, prepare to celebrate the dawn of geriatric life and Senior's prices at Denny's (I also read that you said that you were not a millionaire, so maybe this will be welcome), we might like to know just what the hell has been going on with the world and those we've known. So this is a bit about me. Here goes: **************************************************************************** Linda and I have been married now for 17 years. We have 3 cats. There are no children, and, interestingly, there are no grandchildren either. Linda manages a group at Motorola that does IT Networking, and I am currently in aerospace engineering. Since the last reunion that I was able to attend (I was moving to Phoenix from Boston during one reunion, and starting a new job in San Francisco during the next), I’ve worked in Memphis, Boston, Phoenix, and San Francisco. So I guess I’ve been a bit nomadic. I’m in Phoenix now. Living in the Sonoran Desert has the distinct advantage of snow-free winters, and there is a very real, stark beauty to it. And the heat provides me with drug-free hallucinations, so there is also that advantage. I once worked for GTE Labs, which ceased to exist a while after I left. The business unit of Motorola for which I worked flat-lined six months after I left, and 9/11 occurred four months after I left United Airlines, which then went Chapter 11. The people at my current company don’t want me to ever leave. It’s nice to be liked. I occasionally run into old classmates or see them on TV. When I was at Motorola (in Chandler, AZ), I was sitting in the cafeteria one day when I saw Jim Garcia, CB ’69, paying for his lunch at the cash register. It turned out that we were working in the same building. I would assign very low odds to that occurrence…so perhaps I was only hallucinating. It was very hot that day in the desert. I might have actually seen Jerry Garcia as well, in line right behind Jim. One day a guy claiming to be Mike Garrick showed up at my front door in Phoenix. I didn’t recognize him, for, well, you know, people change with time. But I spent the day with him, and I enjoyed it. He seemed to know everything that Mike Garrick would have known, such as about the car in the Krug Park lagoon, and he was very polite. He lives somewhere around LA, if any of you are out there and wish to investigate. While I was working in San Francisco, I would occasionally see Mark Jones doing feature stories on the news. He is very good, FYI. A few years ago, I saw Dr. Mary Kay Rauth-Farley on Phoenix television testifying in a trial. She was not the one on trial. I have had contact with CB/LB alums from other classes. One day Phil Pitts, who was two years behind us at CB, called me up. It seems that his mother had found my class ring somewhere in her house, and Phil had done some detective work to find out whose ring it was. Well, my initials were on the ring, so he had two clues: an MF and a 69. OK, so my initials are unfortunate, and Phil could have just written it off as a hoax, but he actually got a yearbook and went through ALL THE MF’s from 1969. And as most of you from LeBlond know, there were a LOT of MF’s in 1969. But as it turned out, I was THE MF that Phil was looking for. And he tracked me down. This man is brilliant. After thinking a bit, I realized that his brother Bob had picked up my ring where I had left it in his apartment, no doubt while doing some strength training with Bob’s barbell set. The company I’m with does aerospace engineering. I met them when I was with Motorola, working on the Iridium satellite program. Iridium is a global satellite phone network, which was a technical success (the government still uses it) but which was an economic failure. (I had nothing to do with the economics of Iridium.) Anyway, this little aerospace company called KinetX had some good people, and a number of them worked for me on Iridium. A few years after I left Motorola, I joined KinetX. It is a very interesting company. We contract and consult mostly in building satellite systems. We became the first enterprise outside of CalTech’s JPL to get a NASA contract to navigate a spacecraft to another planet. We actually have two such contracts, the MESSENGER mission to Mercury and the New Horizons mission to Pluto. MESSENGER launches in May, so by the time I see you folks, that spacecraft will have either blown up or otherwise failed in launch, which happens all too frequently, or it will be on its way to Mercury. MESSENGER will fly by Venus 3 times and Mercury itself 2 times before it goes into orbit around Mercury, about 4 years after launch. These intermediate planetary flyby maneuvers are designed to adjust the spacecraft’s velocity and position to match that of its target planet. In all honesty, it beats me how they do it. I just work with them, and they are a lot of fun to watch. New Horizons launches in 2006 or 2007, and arrives at Pluto around 2016, hopefully before its atmosphere freezes out and drops back down to the ground. Brrr. I will be really old then, and those of you who have not found eternal youth will be right there with me. When KinetX won the NASA contracts, JPL called us up to scold us for stealing their work and their people. We had hired 3 of them, one of whom had led a team that landed a satellite on an asteroid, the only time that that has ever been done. As the Director of Engineering and Science at JPL was scolding us on the phone, I realized that it was actually very likely Sister Mary Beatrice come back from the dead to whack me one more time. (She IS dead, right?) Or maybe it was actually Brother Bernard trying to give me verbal "poches." Anyway, that guy didn’t realize it, but he actually made me feel quite nostalgic for my youth. I miss him, and I hope he calls again. The Southwest is a place that inspires awe, and the natives who lived here a thousand years ago felt this, deeply. The ancestral Pueblo believed that in reflecting the order of the heavens in the earth below that they would make a better world. The orientation, design, and relative locations of their ceremonial buildings mirror the seasonal and other periodic movements of the moon and sun. And they did all of this without a written language. They spent over 200 years creating these religious monuments, only to find at the end that they had denuded the land of trees, and that a very long drought had begun. Apparently, the gods were not happy with their creation of heavenly order on earth. Wars ensued. To escape, they moved to the cliffs of the area. Their dwellings and monuments are now national treasures, which are scattered throughout the Southwest. It is good to think of these ancient astronomers, whose works surround us in the Southwest, as I listen to JPL scold us, and as we prepare to launch to Mercury. For much of the evidence says that the Old Ones would have simply eaten this JPL guy and gotten on with business. It helps to put things in perspective, and Arizona is good for that. Now the Southwest is in another drought. Phoenix received only 2 ½ inches of rain in 2002. Perhaps the gods are not happy again. Perhaps we modern day astronomers and aerospace engineers are on the wrong track. I hope I didn’t piss the gods off. I don’t like hanging off of cliffs. Being in a small engineering company is an adventure. You’re always on the hook to get business. It’s a bit tense sometimes, and it helps to have really good people working for us, so that I can say things like, "Well, you know, Bobby landed a satellite on an asteroid." If the guy you’re talking to doesn’t just haul off and hit you, then you know you’ve made some progress…and sometimes even if he does hit you. Life has been very good to me. I have been so fortunate that I sometimes feel guilty, but then I realize that I would feel that way anyway, being brought up so Catholic, so I kind of discount the guilt. But I do recognize that I’ve been fortunate. My whole life I’ve been blessed. When I was in the first grade, I was in a class of 50 students. Sister Mary Aurelia was the teacher. She would take us in groups of 10 and seat us in the front of the room, on two rows of five tiny wooden stools, for reading and spelling lessons. Whenever a student answered a question, he or she would stand up. One day, I was sitting in the back row of the two rows of tiny wooden stools, and a kid in front of me stood to answer a question. As he began to sit back down, I reached forward, grabbed a leg of the stool, and pulled it away, so that he sat down on the floor. The kids were amused, but Sister Aurelia was not. She kept a big red rod that was made of some kind of supernaturally hard, dense wood at her lectern. When the kid sat on the floor, she didn’t say anything – she simply started walking with agonizing slowness toward her lectern. I began to recite prayers, for I knew I was going to die, and was wondering if a priest would show to perform Extreme Unction. I also wondered what the hell Extreme Unction meant. It always sounded like, "Extree Munction." But I digress. Everything moved in slow motion, as I sat with my head down. Finally, Sister Aurelia arrived behind me with the Big Red Rod of the Revenge of God. I could actually hear her swing that thing toward me. I heard a loud "thwack" and heard a scream. But the voice was not mine, nor was the pain. The scream came from Gary Ostroski, who was sitting next to me, and who Sister Aurelia apparently thought had performed the deed. Before I knew what was happening, the nun had resumed teaching the class, as the rest of us tended to Gary’s wounds. What was I to do at that point? Stand up and say, "Oh NO, Sister Aurelia, beat ME!" I mean, it’s not like I lied and blamed Gary. And besides, strange as it may seem, Gary saw this as a spiritual awakening and was actually grateful, I’m fairly sure. Because after a moment he said, "Thanks a lot, Fisher." However, nonetheless, even though I was able to bring more spiritual meaning to the life of another young boy, I do feel guilty. So I hereby publicly apologize to Gary. And as long as I’m waxing spiritual, to the kid whose chair was yanked away – hey, sorry about that, Dillon. :) OK, I’ve dragged this out way too long. But finally, I just want to say that, my experiences with bringing other kids to higher spirituality notwithstanding, where I’ve been most fortunate is in my friends, and especially from CB and LeBlond. Your friendship has meant everything to me in my life, and I wouldn’t trade my years with you for anything. Now I’m going to stop before I cry. Hope to see you all soon! ***************** Well, there you have it. It's probably several days after you started reading this tome of BS, but hopefully you haven't been bored TOO awful much. I mean, after all, I DID hallucinate Jerry Garcia, for chrissakes. Oh, and if you are interested in more stories of how I got nuns to beat innocent kids for stuff that I actually did, I can oblige you. :-) Anyway, it would be great to see you, Steve. You can email me, call me at work (480) 829-6600 ext. 108, or at home (480) 460-4853. Oh, you might enjoy ouur company's website at www.kinetx.com. And finally, if you pick up the April issue of Discover magazine, the cover story is on the MESSENGER mission, which my company is navigating. Take care, and I hope to see you in June! I looked at your touring schedule, and you appear to have a break in there. :-) It would be a lot of fun. Mike Fisher, 16-Feb-2004
hI shame the charlotte october date was canceled last fall.(thanks to skynard) My boys were excited, who have been indoctrinated by their 45 yr old dad. My boys basketball team used the London symphony version of song for america at intro to 2 basketball games as they ran into gym...very effective.... I really liked the version on DVD of Fight fire with fire. Much better than Drastic measure versions. Harmonies were right on. Was the Coming Dawn song ever played live? i realize those notes could be brutal out of studio. Saw streets in 80s at dixie Hall in charlotte. best of luck. still love the the final 15 seconds of "sweet child" on masque. That "icy " sound to organ was best riff i can recall tahnks, Bill, 11-Mar-2004
Hey Steve, My name is Tom and I live in N. New Jersey, just outside NYC. I have Been an avid fan of You and Kansas since 1976, just after the release of the single Carry on Wayward Son, on your fourth album Leftoverature. You guys were fantastic back then, and you, Robby, Rich, Phil, and Billy sounded just as teriffic at the Patriots Theatre in Trenton, this past Saturday night Feb 21. This is the first time in all the years I've loved Kansas that I have actually tried to get in touch with you and the Kansas band members to let you guys know how great you(s) are. Once, back in 1982, I was able to get back stage at the Palladium theatre in NYC, and shook the hands of Robbie Steinhart and Dave Hope. Robby Steinhart said this past Saturday night, "Almost 54 years old STILL ROCKIN!!!!" That was excellent!!! Hope Kansas rocks on for another 25 years..So you'll be getting close to 80..so what..lol I'm getting my son into Kansas so that he can appreciate good rock and roll, and not that hip hop grunge/rap music of today. P.S., Even my screen name was inspired from your third album "Masque". 25-Feb-2004
Your beautiful soaring voice is lost in the live mix as is the rest of the band. I was at your show at 7 Springs on 2/22/04 and lately have found your soundman to be either deaf or lacking knowledge concerning his outboard gear. Your live sound over the last couple years has been very bottom heavy, compressed , and very fatiguing. I have loved Kansas since the beginning. I was the first Pittsburgh progressive DJ to feature Kansas on my radio show daily . In May of 1974 over 1590AM WZUM and 1975 through 1977 on WYDD 104.7. NO is was NOT WDVE that introduced Kansas to Pittsburgh! I have followed Kansas for nearly thirty years and the band's talent deserves better treatment at the live performance. If your soundman needs to hear what great live engineering is, have him attend a Neil Young & Crazy Horse or James Taylor show. Then he might understand the definition of dynamic range! It will be very difficult not to attend your 6/04 date in Pittsburgh, but I won't torture myself knowing how well you guys play and not being able to hear it out front. If your stage monitors sounded as bad as the house system you would understand my frustration. Sincerely your true fan..Laidback Larry Allen, 23-Feb-2004
I look forward to the next opportunity I have to sit down and have a long and interesting coversation with you. Complex, grumpy or just plain moody...well who cares your Steve Walsh! That means something to a lot of people, but to me your just a guy that burps in the middle of a interviews (LOL). I understand your perspective, your need for space and the opprotunity you need to explore your reality. I'm glad you've chosen music as your venue to do so. Keep cool and Rock ON! Bill McRea aka Depotgang the master of Kansasfans.com, 06-Feb-2004
REGARDS Barbara E. Russell, 04-Feb-2004
Hi Steve, I've been doing some 'catch up' with Kansas since finding an old tape in the basement. I bought some of the latest stuff and DVD. You guys still got it. I last saw you at the Audio Visions tour. I can't believe that much time has gone by. I still tell people it was the best show I'd ever seen. Hope to see you if you come to Denver this year, if not I might travel. Thanks for the great music. Mark Dernell, 04-Feb-2004
There's no words to describe my deeply respect about you and your music.Kansas still been one of my major musical influences and i just can say: Thank you!
jose luiz barbosa, 03-Feb-2004
Sushi Katsu, Akron Ohio worth the trip for a raw fish freak. Keep rocking, wax the attitude with your loyal fans and spell it on the ones who think they know who you are.
Later, Jeff Gross, 28-Jan-2004
Dear Steve, I am Australian and have been a fan for the past 29 years. Not a day goes by that I dont listen to your voice specifically with kansas. I hope the band can visit the land down under. I would give anything to see my favorite band before I finish my life. Thanks for the music and my favorite vocalist. I learnt to play the drums by listening to Phil Ehart. I would put on a record and work out Phils licks. He has a unique style of his own. Please come to Melbourne Australia for a tour. My wife and I would be honoured to show you around our town and love to have you and the boys to join us for dinner also. Warm regards.Wayne Ritchie, 19-Jan-2004
I'm proud to say I'm an original "Kansas" fan! I was in the Army from 1972-1974, stationed at Ft. Riley, Ks. My wife and I lived in Junction City, Ks., which had at the time, one of the best album oriented rock stations in the country "KJCK". As you can imagine they were big promoters of "Kansas", they got a lot of air time. I bought one of the first copies of "Kansas", as soon as it was released. I still have that album, along with all the others. I remember coming home on leave, back to Illinois with that first album and playing it for my friends. They were blown away by it, no one had even heard of the band "Kansas" in my home town, Quincy,Il. Of course that all changed very quickly! A lot has changed since those days back in '74,...and not just for the band! Through all those changes,...the music lives on! Thanks for all the great music,... and the memories! Still a big fan,
Terry, 15-Jan-2004
I remember seeing you and your handstand @ Blue Ash 4 th of July 12yr ago or so in Cincinnati, Ohio.You are a great singer.Would love to see you again.I consider Steve Perry the voice of the century but let me say ,you ,Dennis DeYoung,Mickey Thomas, Lou Gramm,Jimi Jamison,Rod Stewart and Freddie Mercury have forever changed music and are loaded with musical ability that such a small fraction ,that give every effort ,will ever achieve.Elton & Billy Joel another catagory.Bands should realize how many you touch with your music .God Bless. Mary Cin. Oh, 14-Jan-2004
Steve I wrote you back when you were responding to questions. I was mad that Gloss didn't get promoted and I still am (I should really get over that, but the music business kills the best music). I wonder,,, had it recieved more attention, would you have provided your fans with a tour? That album would have been a nightmare to reproduce live but I would have paid a hundred bucks to hear it. See you next time you play in Texas. Best Regards Stephen, 12-Jan2004
Hi Steve.I got my First contact with Kansas in 1980,and it canged my way to listning music.Thank 's for being.
God bless Massimo, 10-Jan-2004.
Hi there! I just wanted to say you had a glorious voice in your younger days and I have appreciated your talent over the years as an artist. Soon to be 29 in a few days, I can remember growing up with three older brothers and Kansas was one of the many bands they listened to and I myself got to know and become a big fan of. It was when music had magic and I thank you for some cool memories. And I was also wondering where I could find any old Kansas concerts or appearances on video if there are any. Thanks a bunch and much love!
Nicole Forst, 08-Jan-2004
Hi Mr Walsh, I am a wheathead fan from the U.K. and untill recently had given up all hope of ever seeing Kansas live. GOD BLESS the HMV store in London where i discovered Device Voice Drum .It simply sent me into a frenzy. It was no good ,i could not go through life never seeing the band live .I felt this was fate,i would have have to travel across the pond!! After many a heated debate with my wife( who says all the things you don't want to hear ..we can't afford it e.t.c) we will be seeing you at Harrisburg in February 2004. Now remember don't catch a cold,look after yourself ,in fact tell the whole band to look after themselves . Thankyou for many wonderfull years of Kansas music . Yours Nearly Divorced Kansas fan,
Paul Enticott, 02-Jan-2004
Hello Mr. Walsh, I've heard a lot about you from my Aunt. Her name used to be Melanie Makos and she lived in St. Joseph when she was younger and said that she knew you very well. When you came to St. Joe a few years back to sing with the St. Pat's kids at East Hill's Mall for Christmas I got to meet you and you took a picture with my family...mom, Aunt Melanie...etc. I'm not sure if you remember my mom but she is Lelanie Makos. When you were touring with Stixx last year I was able to be apart of the stage crew for the concert in St. Joe. I just wanted to say you guys were amazing and everyone I talked to said you guys stole the show. Anyway, I hope things are going ok for you. Take Care. Jeremy Delaney, 02-Jan-2004
Hello..I was just playing my 'WheatHead TV on DVD" and I noticed on one of the clips that Steve holds up a sign that says "I Am" I know the Biblical meaning of that saying but what does it mean to Steve. Is he applying that name to himself? Whatever info you may have I would greatly appreciate it..G, 29-Dec-2003
I bought the first Kansas album in 1974. I was 14. It's still one of my favorites, along with the other Kansas works,...truly timeless. I had just mentioned a week ago to my wife that if a band like Kansas comes by again, I want to take the kids to see them so that they can experience it. And there, the next week, was a show in Trenton next February. So, I'll be there with the 2 daughters (eager violin students) to see and hear one of America's greatest musical groups. Hope you and yours are doing well. Thanks. Chris Hartman, 26-Dec-2003
Please don't be offended if I share something. I was born in Saint Francis Hospital Topeka Kansas June 2, 1961. By the time I was two years old I was in a foster home in Topeka with my younger sister and my older brother. At age four my mother heard the 3 of us were going to be adopted so she ran to Topeka with her new husband all the way over from Saint Joseph, MO. She preceded to basically kidnap my sister and me and I started a new life on Harmon Street in South St. Joe. I attended Spring Garden School on 22nd St. the year it opened in first grade and on into eighth grade. I heard from my older step brother and 2 stepsisters that a band was practicing up on the hill. I was young I couldn't care less I think or I was busy playing ball at Hyde Park most of the time. That was in the early 70's. I don't remember exactly when. I walked by Steve Walsh's house all the time though as my friends the Walkers lived across the street on Mason Road. I left Saint Joseph in eighth grade in Dec. of 1974 to move to Whittier in Southern California. I always enjoyed Kansas music as fondly as I did as being from there. I always was happy as a Kansas song was played on the radio which it was a lot. I never have lost contact with the friends I had in Saint Joseph. That place and it's people are always on my mind it seems. I was back in Saint Joseph in December of 2000 when I heard Steve Walsh was going to be at the East Hills Mall however, I was unable to go there that day as I was driving to Topeka to visit my dad. I did pick up the Christmas CD at Saint James Church on King Hill Ave. The next summer I saw Kansas for the first time in Turklock CA at the county fair. They were not the headliners a country band was sadly. I asked a stage hand at the concert beforehand if I could talk to Steve after the show and basically he said Steve does not talk to anyone. I would only like to ask Steve does he feel found of where he came from? Did he go to Hyde Park to swim or play ball, buy things at Kay's Market or Big D's, walk to Phillips 66 Station or Green Hills Market? Did he play in the same creeks as my friends and I did? I will not bother you anymore thanks. Larry Kirk, 25-Dec-2003
Hi Steve!! I just wanted to say thanks for all the many years of music that I have enjoyed. I've been a big fan since the first Kansas album. I got to see you all in Roseburg, Oregon a couple of years ago and it was great to see Robbie back . Anyway, I've just about worn out my copy of Device-Voice-Drum. I guess I'll always be a wheathead even though I now live in Oregon. Thanks again and I hope You all have a Merry X-mas and a Happy New Year and I hope you all come to Oregon real soon. Terry Taylor, 22-Dec-2003
Steve...Great chops and vocals! Shortly after "Freaks of Nature" was released, I sent a newspaper to the "Closet Chronical" address. There was an interesting full page article about John Hoffert,(the guy who Kansas dedicated the "Two for the Show" album to). Just wondered if you ever received it? Turns out, my kids deliver his newspaper to him, and though I've never actually met him, he lives two blocks from me. Sounds like he is doing pretty well for himself...just thought you may want to know...
Ron Wolf, 15-Dec-2003
Steve. Thanks for your lifes work so far. It's a great source of inspiration to me both as a musician and a human. I met some of my best friends some twenty years ago as a result of a Kansas fan letter 'pen pal' section. Their friendship ( they're in Oklahoma, i'm in Australia ) and my ongoing admiration for Kansas ( and co. ) led me Pueblo, Colorado in 2001 for my first 'Kansas experience'. An obsession with the American mid-west as well as the up-coming DVD concert in Atlanta saw me polish up the VISA card again for the second year running. I hope you enjoyed your birthday as much as we did. 41(years old) is perhaps the wrong end of ones career to be releasing his first CD, but ,never the less, this Kansas inspired (but not so Kansas like) project - kicked on by these inspirational experiences is now complete. If you're interested, email me for a copy. skid@goulburn.net.au P.S. Just read your 'wait until tomorrow' raves and reviews, now who's one of the great cynics? There's some fantastic song material in there you know....
Tony Marks - Australia, 05-Dec-2003
Hey Steve - a longtime fan here...looking forward to seeing you in Ft Lauderdale on Dec 20 at the Diplomat Resort benefit concert.I heard that Phil Ehart is coordinating this effort in getting Steve Augeri,Tommy Shaw and others together for what promises to be a SPECIAL night !! What can we expect the setlist to include?? Hopefully some old favorites from KANSAS,STYX,JOURNEY,AMERICA & SURVIVOR....wow... what an evening !! What a privilige it would be to be backstage with this outstanding group of musicians !! Hope to greet you in sunny & WARM South Florida soon.
All the best. Greg Pessolano, 03-Dec-2003
Hello Steve. As most folks that visit this site I have been a fan of KANSAS and your music for a long while. I have seen several shows over the years in large and small venues. I will never forget all the shows, but there is one in particular that was somewhat special. It was at Parkers in north Seattle. A small intimate location. I had dinner with a friend at a table right in front of the stage before the show and sat comfortably until the music started and could not stay in my seat. Being 3 feet from the band and the fine singer I have admired for his stick-to-it attitude (through thick and thin) was a great blast for me. Although vocally you clearly were not in the best of form-you had the energy of a teenager! I suppose it could be that it was the time of your serious Coke use at that time period that you spoke of. You did appear as if you would spontaneously combust at any moment like the drummer in SpinalTap! ;) I happen to be a singer and guitar player myself and have been influenced to a great extent by you and Kansas. Thanks for all the years of the great sounds and inspiration. All the best to you and yours.
Troy Wheeler, 30-Nov-2003
Mr. Walsh, My name is Kacie...I am only 15 years old but am a CRAZY fan for Kansas...I grew up listening to you (thanks to my dad) and I just want to say thank you so much for the wonderful music you deliver and the inspiration in the songs that keeps me going from day to day..I just saw you guys in concert for the 2nd time at the Reading Soverign Center and u guys rocked!! Thanks again! Keep Rockin' Kacie Murdock, 19-Nov-2003
Godkväll! Soon it´ll be ten years since i started listening to your voice and music, and there is no other singer that is able to catch emotions the way you do! Not even your own favorite singers. Just want to thank you for the years so far, and keep up the good work, the Glossalia album was Oallaaa!! Hope you´ll be playing somwhere in Europe again, as near Sweden as possible, he! Regards from Markus Jensen. 17-Nov-2003

Hello Steve! I'm a great fan of Kansas and you! I live in France (suburb of Lyon). I'm love that you make. Kansas is a best group of the world for me! Thank a lot.
A great fan Marie-France, 15-Nov-2003

Steve, I could go on forever thanking you and praising you. So, I will try to just keep it very short. As a musician myself, I have loved EVERYTHING from the very start. I hope you weren't too disheartened by Freak of Nature because it was an awesome musically and lyrically. Somewhere to Elsewhere is excellent. And Glossalalia is absolutely phenomenal! I beg you and the other member of Kansas to let Kerry submit some more songs to you. I read in an interview recently that he had more songs and is interested but has not been approached by anyone. Keep it coming! There are so few truly good bands out there! By truly good bands I mean bands that put forth complex, yet melodic music that inspires emotion when listening too. Please don't let it die. Even Jethro Tull has falling off the deep end as of recent due to Ian Anderson's liberal political views so we are down to only a few! Anyway, I was very happy to hear that life is going much better for you these days and bring me great hope for the future of Kansas! Ken Miller Washington, PA, 15-Nov-2003
You have been with me for all of my adult life. I don't think I could have done it without you, because at times, I have really needed you just so I could carry on. You will forever be a part of so many people's lives whom you don't even know, I just wanted to say thank you for filling us with so much emotion. There is absolutely nothing else like it, and I am deeply grateful for you. Much love, Annie Mac, 08-Nov-2003
Hi, mr. Walsh, It took me a long time to get enough currage to write this mail. I'm a guy of 41 years old and it's a long time since I had my first English lessons. I've been an admirer of your music since the first time I heard "dust in the wind" on the local radio. Since then I've tried to follow you guys, but I've never seen a live performance of Kansas. Until a few months ago, when I bought "Device Voice Drum". I was happily suprised to see "my heroes" perform on stage. I know that Kansas was playing about 2,5 years ago in Germany. Sadly I could not come to a concert. Are there any plans to come again to Europe or maybe Holland? I want to wish you all the best, and hopefully I wil ever get the chance to see you live. Klaas Hoekstra, Holland, 04-Nov-2003
Hello, My name is Ed Broms. If this message has reached Steve Walsh that is awesome. You can find more information on myself at ebroms.com. I am an Organist, Bassist and Vocalist residing in Boston at the moment. I would love any opportunity to work with you or any member of Kansas. If you are for any reason interested in that please let me know, but that is incidental to why I am writing. I have never been one to contact artists that are my greatest influences but there are a few that are exceptions. Those include Kansas, Zappa, Suzanne Vega, and Univers Zero. Kansas and your music has been a part of my life and music since my High School days in the early 80s. I won a talent show in High School by playing The Spider on the piano. I was intrigued by the odd time signatures. I have been playing exceedingly complex music ever since that early influence. My music has taken me in turns to the bass and to the piano, voice and of late, the pipe organ. I'm pursuing a career now as a Concert Organist, although I have come to the instrument later in life than most. But I still play bass and sing with several of my own projects, and guitartist Ken Rubenstein. I have also been a Musician with Blue Man Group for several years. I'm doing a recital, tommorrow, or rather today at this hour, and wanted to forward you the program. I'm performing my arrangement of The Spider for Pipe Organ. I've added a solo section over an ostinato on the opening 11/16 figure I improvise a duet between the pedals and right hand. It works well at a pretty fast tempo - around quarter note = 144. I'll be recording it soon too so if you'd like, I'll pass it on to you. Thank you, Steve, for all the years of great music from you that I have enjoyed and all the moments of Epiphany they have inspired. Although I cannot kid myself that I am your greatest fan, I also cannot overestimate how profoundly your music has affected my life. Perhaps you hear this very often. But whereever you may be in life these days, please know that here is one person whose life has been made all the richer because of your music. I say your music, but I also believe all music comes from One source. I would love to hear from you if you see fit. In all humility: Pax, Ed Broms, 02-Nov-2003
Steve, Your voice is sounding better than ever. And you are doing a great job on keys. The keyboards sounded a lot better on the current DVD than on Live at the Whiskey (I am talking about the actual keyboard patch sounds, not necessarily the playing: the playing on Live at the Whiskey -- both yours and Greg's -- was great). I really thought those Korg keyboards produced sounds that were way too weak for Kansas. The Kurzweil sounds much better. My comment/suggestion is: Honestly, even though the Kurzweil sounds better, they still don't sound as good as the 70's era analog keyboards. Why don't you go and pick up an old Mini-Moog or ARP and add it to your rack? Ten years ago when I was in college (Berklee College of Music), I had a friend who bought a used little ARP keyboard (it was beat up -- but worked great) for under two hundred bucks!!! And it sounded so much better than these multi-thousand dollar digital keyboards. So I doubt that it would run you very much in the pocket book to do this. I really think that this would help to "fill out" the overall sound of the keyboards, which still need to be more powerful (especially as Rich's sound is even more powerful than it was in the 70s). Sincerely, Jon Rowe, Esq., 01-Nov-2003
Hi, Could you please answer a question that I have been asking myself for the past 25 years, when is Steve Walsh or Kansas coming to the UK? I first heard Steve's music in 1977 and since then I have wanted to see the man live, the closest I have gotten is the "Live at the Whiskey" video and Device Voice Drum from last year. Please visit the UK especially Newcastle upon Tyne which has a reputation for enjoying good rock music. Yours Michael McGarrell, 31-Oct-2003
Dear Mr. Walsh, I've been a Kansas fan, since the 70's. I've see you preform about 14 times. The show in Topeka, KS Oct 18th 2003, kicked some ass. I'm glad you played, "The other side." You've definatly been through alot of changes. I want to wish you the best in all you do. God bless.
Adam Bonilla Salina, KS, 24-Oct-2003
Good morning! one of the best band who never played in my home country WHY ?
Love on ya, from Micke Kind, 23-Oct-2003
For the outstanding years of "execellent music", being a musician and spending many hours trying to copy you guys through the years, one soon learns the true meaning to quality. Just seen you in Nashville at the Ryman Auditorium with Paul Rogers, all I can say is outstanding performance and what a honor to be part of such a small audience priviledge to see you guys. Once again ....Thanks! Ray Gauldin, 20-Oct-2003
Hey Steve--I was really looking forward to meeting you after the concert in Topeka. I have heard so much about you from my husband Bill and brother-in-law Terry Honeyman. Was really looking forward to meeting you out at Terry's house after the concert. I must say--The concert was amazing!!! You guys really rock. The encore songs were amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the great performance and maybe I could meet you sometime and maybe go coyote hunting sometime. Thanks and have a good day. Jody Honeyman, 19-Oct-2003
How about the Fans?
Steve, I will always be a big fan of yours. Your playing and singing are the best. However, I'm HIGHLY disappointed that this site quit the "Ask Steve" section. Many of us fans have been around a LONG time, have been faithful in supporting you and the band via concert and album purchaces. Hell, I remember buying BOTH album and tapes of your first solo effort so I could hear it in the car as well as at home! At any rate, I believe that it's pretty ungrateful to ignore the fans this way on your own site. Kansas fans, I believe, have more on the ball than fans of other bands and respect your privacy and so on. We don't ask for more than just great music and if you don't mind my saying so, we have helped you HAVE a career! That's the simple truth of the matter. If you and Kansas simply want us to "shove off" and leave you all be, fine. Just say so and we will remember all the great memories of shows, albums and all the great things that went with being a Kansas fan. Everything must come to an end someday, so I guess this is the end? No hard feelings, but just be square with us. That's not too much to ask out of the true dedicated fans. Jeff Hendershott, 15-Oct-2003

Hello! I´m a 42 year old drummer who´s been inspired by kansas and phil, Im a singer as well and I´ve always been a admirer of steve walsh,the number one vocalist.I´ve been listening to kansas from the very beginning and i can say Kansas are one of my top 3 bands, but ive never been able to see you guys live, have you ever been to sweden? Now a sad matter. I`ve ordered your dvd "vmd" and the vhs "live at the whiskey" back in june at kansas band. com but have´nt got the stuff. Rather sad I´ve payed for it by my card. Can you in kansas do something about this matter. I know it`s not you or the other guys in the band that are to blame for this, but anyway. Keep it up and best whishes from me.
Christer Leidemark sweden, 11-Oct-2003

TODD HAMMACK, 25-Sep-2003
best wishes
Dear Steve: I caught Kansas in Central Point, Oregon (Jackson County Fair) for the first time in July 2003- great show! It made me realize even further what great talents you guys are and how much your music has meant to me. However, this e-mail isn't totally meant to lay obeisance at your door, just to give you, your wife and your children my best regards and wishes for a happy life. Your e-mail posts on this site are honest and I respect that- I'm sure it wasn't easy to work so hard and then experience blinding fame and then one day have it seem to fall away and disappear (at least commercially). To your true fans, you were never lost nor was your artistry diminished. Be content in knowing that there are many of us who have never placed a dollar sign above genius nor automatically equated a platinum record with talent or inspiration. That being said, may you always be successful in your endeavors and thanks for the years of giving US (fans) your creative input. Once again, best wishes and may you be happy AND successful in your artistic pursuits. Jake Helton, Central Point, Oregon, 17-Sep-2003
A visit to Gothenburg/Sweden
Hi Steve. When will you & KANSAS visit our little town? From the "Biggest" FAN In Gothenburg/Sweden.
Mr;BRUZ.Gårda, 11-Sep-2003
Transpanted Kansan
Just wanted to wish you all the best, Steve... I have been a Kansas fan from the first time I heard Kansas live when I returned to Wichita in '74 after my father was laid-off from Learjet in '71 & we moved east... It was at Century II auditorium in Dohdah when I was immediately entranced & hooked by your incredible voice & lyrics & your band mates feverishly syncopacious & masterful playing... To this day I listen to Kansas whenever I am homesick for the great state thereof... "Song for America" (albeit a midi version) graces my prairiskier OpenDiary at ..... ...I now reside in California, where at one time I saw the band, sans yourself, play at the Universal Amphitheatre... Although John Elephante was excellent in your stead... No one can ever replace your depth & range... Your emotion behind each song is clearly evident & is further enhanced by your stage presence... I recall, after once again returning to Kansas after years of living elsewhere, when I saw the first Kansas reunion tour at the Kansas Coliseum... There again, was the truly reunited quintessential Kansas with all members intact... And there you were... With your keyboards sliding-in & out as the tempo & music & lyrics required... Like magic... You were prancing like a ghost dancer to songs from "Monolith"... Howling at the moon... All the mysterious, all the mayhem... Simply amazing & awe-inspiring... I can only hope that I can again see you & your incredible band play once again soon here in California or perhaps even in Kansas when I visit the folks... Again... Get Well Soon..., 11-Sep-2003
I just purchased this DvD od D-V-D and I felt like I had to tell someone just how much I love it! Thank you for all the music...thank you for everything! I am overwhelmed! Many thanks! Sharon A. Crooks, 01-Sep-2003
Hey where ya been!!
Steve Got into Kansas many moons ago, listening to Devil Game on S for A, must be back in 72! in a small record store in Chester, England. We 4 guys bought the album, must have been a bum print cos I remember returning about 4 copies cos it kept jumping on Lonely Street. Anyway, back to the ranch, we kept going with the band and releases, remember the Sounds Mag azine write up when you blew Bad Co of the Stage, must have been very early days. Kept that clipping on my wall for a long time. Joined the Army as did the rest of the guys who were all on leave when ya toured the UK, Manchester Apollo and Hammersmith Apollo, when was that 76/77?, never made the gig's, posted to Zimbabwe at the time, nice! So bottom line is, never got to see ya, dont know what the gig list was for the only UK dates you did was, mega sad you never returned to the UK, but keep an eye on whats afoot, from across the pond. Going to hit the states next year, 04 hopefully, touring the North West States, hope you are all around, might get to see ya after all. Been looking at your gig lists for some time and noticed that you are now starting to play some of the old pre-commercial days ie: Lonely Steet et al, how come you never play Devil Game, that must go down as one of the best Rock tracks of all time and would blow and audiance away! Still sends a shiver down my spine any road.
Cheers Robbie, 19-Aug-2003
Ardmore Oklahoma Show in August
Hi Steve, I'm the "chick singer" that will be in the opening act on Aug. 14th in Ardmore, OK. I had left the band ("Oreo Blue") 3 years ago, but when the leader, Brian, booked this, he knew what a fan I was of Kansas and Bad Company, he called to see if I wanted to come sing....I'M THRILLED! It will be a highlight for me, and I hope to meet you and all of Kansas. If not, just know that back in the mid-70's I became a huge fan, and you've influenced my singing my entire career! I hope you and all of the band will go to the "after party", which is being hosted by Aubrey....he's the owner of "Two Frogs" restaurant, so there should be great eats....and "Oreo Blue", featuring this wise-ass ol' blues singer will be playing....they are excellent musicians, too, though, so you'll enjoy their playing. I hope all is well in your life, and I'm looking forward to buying your new DVD!.....Still One Of Your Biggest Fans....Chris Payton, 10-Aug-2003

Hi Steve
I'm Jeff Hendershott from Ashland, Ohio. Kansas played at our county fair last September. I was the one who presented you, Billy, Phil and Robby the "Point of Know Return" cake in honor of the 25th Annaversary of that album. Although I doubt you remember this, it was my dream come true to talk with you guys, if only brielfy, since I've been THE Kansas fan since 1976 (OK, a little ego there!). Thanks for all the great music over the years, and hope there are many more years to come. You guys are the BEST in concert and keep getting better. Thanks and take care.
Jeff Hendershott, 03-Aug-2003

From a fan
Steve I had just gotten back from a 6 month deployment in Iraq and Lyberia, and your music helped me get through every day away from my wife and little girl, i even turned some folks who had no idea who kansas was, into fans....thanks to DVD,,,, keep up the good work and im looking forward to gettin the streets cds in the mail, I only have em in vinyl and that is hard to play in the car,,,,peace Dan Goleach, 31-Jul-2003

Great Site
I was listening to Kansas' Greatest Hits at a friends home this past weekend and went to the Kansa site looked around and found this site. It's great I am learning some hings about you and the band I never knew. I remember seeing Kansa at the Fox Theater during the Audio Visionns Tour. Then seeing Streets at the Strand theater in Marietta a.d at the showcase where all the members form Kansas showed up. Those were some of my best concert memories. I am going out to buy the dvd and all of the albums I am missing. I didn't know you guys were still going this strong. Keep up the Great work. Bill Beacham Long time and newly redevoted fan.
Bill Beacham, 30-Jul-2003

great article !
Dear Steve, I have been a fan since I saw Kansas in the 70's and have attended many of your concerts. The first time was at the Niagara Falls Convention Center when you were there with Bad Company and then many many times after that. My favorite concert was when you were at the Clemens Center in Elmira NY. You had disguised yourself with a cape and a big hat and sat in front of me during the front show. Then, when it was time for Kansas to come on, you jumped up on the chair and started singing, much to my shock and sheer delight !! I am writing to thank you for all the great music you have brought our way and to also share with you this article that was in a recent edition of the Binghamton Press Newspaper, Binghamton NY. I hope you enjoy it ! I wish you well !!
Judy Cramer Candor NY, 27-Jul-2003
Steve, My name is Patrick Walker. I retired from the navy 2 years ago, now living near Lexington, KY, and one of your most avid fans. I'm sure everyone who writes you is the most avid fan, but let me say the first album I ever purchased was Masque. I can't remember how many times and formats I've had to replace it with. It has always been on my list as one of the best. I have seen Kansas live in Baton Rouge (I was young, can't remember the dates) and later while serving in the navy (USS John F Kennedy). Anyway, the real reason I write this is due to the release of Device-Voice-Drum. I was drawn to the Kansas site after watching the DVD. Another wonderful recital of the best of the 70s and 80s. After which I found your site. I enjoy your writings as much as listening to your music. You mentioned in your newsletter about how disheartening Red Dragon was. That movie was a remake of a movie which never made it into the mainstream. It starred William Peterson (one of the stars of the tv series CSI). The movie is called Manhunter, and is to me one of the most interesting films of its type. It is strongly recommended as a must see, but you won't see Anthony Hopkins. You can pick up the series 24 season 1 on DVD now and season 2 is coming in Sept, 2003. Regards and thanks for all the great music.
PAT, 23-Jul-2003
Hello Steve, I just wanted to wish you best wishes. Arena rock was never my favourite, but I've always loved Kansas. Whenever I listen to "Dustin the Wind" It's like I'm transported somewhere magical, and the voice is awesome.
Ashley Blair, 20-Jul-2003
from michel (paris/france)
thank you for a song such as "nobody's home" what a beauty and grace within it see you,
michel PRIBILSKI/paris-france, 18-Jul-2003
Hi, Steve!!!
This is Linda Gross, in Tucson...Mom and I are so thrilled you will be here in three weeks, we can't wait !!! We haven't seen you since that day at the Phoenix hotel a couple years ago- hope you liked the Kachina !!! We bought tickets, but are hoping you will put us on your list, so we can say "hi", please ??? You have always been very kind and gracious to us, we thank you !!!...Ken wasn't so helpful at the last show, we left early, we were so upset not to be able to see you at the m+g... We hope the tour is going great for all of you, and hope you and your family are well !!! We MISS you !!!
Sincerely, Linda ;o), 12-Jul-2003
fan forever
I saw the show at Tags in Big Flats NY on June 27th..I have managed to catch a show for the last 23 years at least once a year...as always I am stunned by the sheer talent and tightness...and vocals...I enjoyed paul Rodgers, but Steve you outshine paul by the way you portray the emotion of the lyrics..I love to watch you sing The Wall..(my all time fav)...you make me feel the words...I have always enjoyed you guys and will continue as long as you continue to make music
....MIKE WINTERS, 09-Jul-2003
Tonight's Show
just saw you tonight at the Rutherford, NJ show. As always, I was completely blown away! Your voice has inspired my singing for quite sometime now. You were right on tonight. And I especially admire the way you can play keys and still give a great vocal performance. Thank you! And please come back soon!
Angelica Laucius, 07-Jul-2003
thank you for the song "dust in the wind"
Hi Steve My name is Debbie Bush, I want to thank you for writing the song "Dust in the Wind". I had dedicated that song to my grandfather who had passed away as that song played on the radio station back in 1977. Till this day it hold dear to my heart because of that song. Thought I would thank you and the entire band for making that song, cause it is one of the best songs . Sincerley Debbie Bush, 26-Jun-2003
my review of 6/25/03 concert at freedom hill
My name is Debbie Bush, I and my husband attended the concert at Freedom Hill, in Sterling Heights, Mi. last night and it is was absolutely fantastic. Grreat Job guys!!! The entire audiance was just so involved with the music and seeing you guys on stage. It was just a wonderful experience to see one of the most fantastic groups to the music industry. I thank you so much for a wonderful and music filled evenings.
Sincerely Debbie Bush, 26-Jun-2003
Nashville Concert
The performance you guys gave at the Ryman Auditorium was superb! This was the third time I've seen Kansas in concert and it was by far the greatest show yet. Hope you can make it back to Nashville soon. Thanks for the 30 years of enjoyment that you and the band have given me!
Sincerely, Donald Sonner, 24-Jun-2003
dear steve, i hope you can relate this message to all the members of Kansas. I attended your show in Pittsburgh on 05/17/2003. The first concert I ever went to was Kansas in 1977 whenI was 17 years old. I had been looking forward to your show for two months. When I arrived it had been raining all day but I didn't care. Iwas so exicited. My tickets were 16 rows back from the stage and the couple behind me had tickets for the 3rd row. They didn't want to get wet so they gave them to me. I could have kissed them! The show was awesome, I didn't sit down the whole time I was there. I sang all the words and danced and couldn't believe I was actually that close . I have to tell you that if you put all those people at the concert together , they wouldn't even come close to being as big a fan of Kansas as I am and have been since that first concert in 1977. I will be at every show you perform in Pittsburgh from now on!! God bless all of you and your loved ones and I will see you next time you are in town.
Take care, Beverly Bishop, 22-Jun-2003
P.S. I thought the sushi story was funny!!!

Hi,Steve, just a quick note to say Happy birthday and a Happy Father,s day!!!
Take Care!!! Beverly, 15-Jun-2003

happy birthday
dear steve, the relentless sun over stuttgart has pretty much dried up my brain but i vaguely remember that it's your birthday in a few days. (i do hope i've got that right since i am really bad at remembering dates). for this occasion i would like to wish you all the best, most of all good health and plenty of energy, happiness with your family and friends, satisfaction deriving from your work, enough money to be free of cares and worries and to fulfill any needs and dreams which require the green stuff, and also peace of mind, serenity and plenty of joy! have a lovely day celebrating!
love from angie (stuttgart, germany), 15-Jun-2003
Heyyyy Steve....doubt this will ever make it to you, but gotta write it anyway. Like a lot of teenagers in the '70s i came of age through listening to Kansas-music, and to this day, now 44, i still yank out the long list of CDs, and still find the music as fresh as ever. Actually, just got "Freaks of Nature" - never heard it before, a few great pieces on there. Anyway man, i played guitar/piano...dad was a jazz musician, so music has awas flowed in my blood, and Kansas-music, especially your voice, became the sound i most related to. But in 1980, i had a bad car accident that nearly took my life. I was drunk, had been partying, and on the way home i hit a tree. The wreck left me alive, but paralyzed. I lived in Maryland at the time, and they saved my life at Washington Hospital Center...there was a Kansas song that helped me pull through those crazy months, and i still dig the song today, it's "Hold On." It was perfectly written for my situation, and i always remember how far i've come whenever i hear that song. Years have past, and i moved back to Tampa Bay-area of Florida, Robby's hometown, and put my life together from a wheelchair...went to college, started freelance writing for a local music rag, and eventually got back into playing music by recording, performing vocals, in studio with a killer guitarist. I discovered my voice, and ofcourse, my biggest influence was you...blended with my own, but i knew there were a few things i wanted to hear from me, and that was singing strong, good range and possess the passionate that makes a person REALLY feel it. I released a four-song EP, and it was recieved well, winning me an art grant to reproduce copies. You can hear my stuff on my website: www.anthonyrainstarez.com - listen to "Spirit of the Circle." or "You're My Brother." Since i recorded, i've been singing with a guitarist and violinist, NOT Robby (lol), but you can bet i was thinking of that distinct Kansas-sound when i was looking for a violin player, and BTW, we do "Dust in the Wind." We've played numerous bars, coffeeshops and even a nude resort in Tampa, and i feel very lucky to be able to pull all this off from a wheelchair, and really a kind of high level injury on spinal cord. I've been doing this for quite some time now, and i've found that the music wins over evrything else, and it becomes inconsequential that i'm in a chair, especially if i'm really kickin ass! : ) I just wanted to tell you my story since your voice, alone, and the Kansas music over the years, has propelled me to live my own small-time dream, cracking the stereotypes, and feeling that incredible feeling of playing for people and being in a band. It would thrill me out of my panties if you listened to some of my stuff on the site. I've also written a book of short stories that's on my site, and i know you love to read...hope you can read a few!! : ) Ok dude, this is kind of a strange experience for me because i've wanted to exchange words with you since the '70s, but i'm OLD now, so guess i've lost the giddiness. lol peace....tony, 13-Jun-2003
Steve, I have been a fan since the 70's. I live just outside of Charlotte in a small town is South Carolina. When I heard that Kansas was playing at the "Speed Street Festival" in may. I had to bring my 15 year old son to hear the magic. The show was awesome, brought back lots of memories, and my son is now a "hooked" Wheathead. Thanks for coming to Charlotte, and I hope ya'll will be back soon.
Phillip Cranford, 13-Jun-2003
Hello Steve!
I´m a Swedish fan of you and Kansas. I wonder how many times have Kansas played in Sweden? I hope I will be able to see you live performing sometime in the future. Are you looking forward making another studioalbum with Kansas? I think Somewhere To Elsewhere is a real good record. It would be really nice if you and Kerry could write some music together on the next one. You´ve created masterpieces before in the past. I truly wanna thank you for all the joy you and the other guys have given me through all these years!Thanks!!! /Janne, 05-Jun-2003
My greatest wish
Hello Steve, My first song that I heard from Kansas was A Glimpse of Home. My second song was Reason To Be. It was 1979 I hadn't ever heard a singer like you, you're The Best. I've a lovely wife and two lovely sons wo are a Reason To Be, but you Steve are also a Reason To Be. I'm 37 years old and I have all the songs of Kansas. I have never seen Kansas or you Steve alive. This is my greatest wish. I hope I can see you together with the greatest songwriter of Kansas Kerry Livgren. I hope I can see you together with Robbie Steinhardt, Dave Hope, Phil Ehart and Richard Williams. This was and is my Kansas. Somewhere To Elswhere is your best album after 17 years. I'm living in The Netherlands in Maastricht. I've all your albums Schemer-Dreamer, Streets and Glossolalia because you're voice is the greatest. I hope I can see you in the neighbourhood, in The Netherlands or in Germany. Steve you're the best.
Greatings Rob, 27-Apr-2003

A Tribute to Kansas written by Melissia

A Tribute to Kansas Let me share What's On My Mind.
You see, it's one of those Miracles Out of Nowhere.
One could say that they are Freaks of Nature like,The Spider. Immersed in Mysteries and Mayhem
Which include those Closet Chronicles
And perhaps The Portrait (He Knew).
No One Together, and yet
All the World Wonders, But Nobody's Home.
It's Always Never The Same
Down The Road of
That Lonely Street.
Ah, But On The Other Side,
This Paradox Past
The Point of Know return
They Fight Fire with Fire.
With Lightening Hand Sparks of The Tempest ignite.
I'd say with Two-Cents Worth,
It Takes A Woman's Love To Make A Man!
If they Play The Game Tonight
They could discover The Perfect Lover.
Now, Hold On… Don't forget we're all Hopelessly Human
And simply Dust In The Wind
Unlike Icarus - Born on the Wings of Steel
A Child of Innocence.
There must be Questions of my Childhood.
We Are The People of the South wind
On Our Journey from Mariabronn
Bringing It Back A Glimpse of Home and
Sadly, the Death of Mother Nature
And our Cheyenne Anthem.
This brings us to The Wall.
The Pinnacle of our lives
None greater than the Magnum Opus
It's You…all of you
So Carry On My Wayward Son with
Your Song for America !
Written by: Melissia Dachroeden April 18, 2003
Thanx for the inspiration to write again !

Greetings Steve from a big UK fan
Hi Steve, I recently discovered Kansas again after a 15 year break. Fabulous, just as I remembered it. I have just about bought it all again on CD. (used to have most of the Vinyl releases many moons ago) Having trouble convincing my friends to get into it but that's their loss. I reckon I must be one of your biggest supporters in the UK at present. Your voice was and still is a great inspiration to me Steve, I gave rock singing a good shot myself a long time ago, but could never really hit the high notes like you can with such ease. Never stop doing it my friend, in my view you're one of the finest in history, up there with Peter Gabriel and Jon Anderson. A short message from you would make my day Steve. (Don't worry, not a stalker) By the way, I live in Brighton, on the south coast of England. Do you know it? All the best to you, Jamie Cook , 30-May-2003
Hello steve if I may call you Steve, My name is Beverly Bishop and I am from Pittsburgh, I cannot believe that I am writing to you. I am your biggest fan in the 'burgh and I am looking forward to your concert on 06/17/2003. I have been an avid fan of Kansas since I saw you in concert in 1977. I have wanted to see you in concert every time you have come to Pittsburgh but for one reason or another I couldn't. But I got tickets to your show as a mothers day gift,(my kids are great) and I haven't looked forward to anything this much since I don't know when. I hope you and your family are well. I am so glad I found this website and the chance to let you know that no matter what, I will always be a loyal fan. The best gifts I ever got were my Kansas CDs that I listen to everyday at work. I can't get the morning started without you!! Well take care and I look forward to seeing you at the show!! Sincerely, Fynster42@aol.com, 26-May-2003

Thank you...
Hello Steve, It was somewhere around 1978 and I was 16-ish, hitting teenage milestones, discovering the intricacies of girls, starting to drive, etc... I bought "Leftoverture" on cassette with my 1st summer job money and I played it, and played it, and played it... It was the coolest, most beautiful, powerful thing I had ever heard. From the grandeur and glory of "The Wall" to the evocative tragedy of "Cheyenne Anthem", I basked in every musical facet, every lyrical fantasy, every painted picture. And as synergistic as the band's music was, I don't think there was anyone else on the planet that could have taken the vocal reins and delivered the way you did. That will always be an understatement that I can never fully express. I wanted to be Steve Walsh. My dad's '72 Ford LTD family car had my state-of-the-art auto-reverse cassette deck in it with a set of Pioneer box speakers in the rear window. I would go out at night (catch a slight buzz) and put "Leftoverture" in at the beginning and crawl into the middle of the backseat and just put my head between the speakers and crank it. (windows closed for best sound) Everything outside the car ceased to exist for a little while... I lived in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba where my dad was stationed so we had no concerts, just Armed Forces Radio and whatever tapes we found in the PX....When we finally moved back to the States, I finally got to see my 1st Kansas concert, FRONT ROW !! (back in the days of gen admission) When you came out and did handstands on the keyboards and sang your ass off, the girls went wild and I knew why I had always wanted to be Steve Walsh, ha ! (I have since wanted to be Phil Eheart as well since I bought a 8-piece Yamaha/Zildian drum kit) I know you hear this all the time, but I cannot express how much enjoyment and peace of mind Kansas music has afforded me over the years. From the time I spent as a missionary in the jungles of Guatemala, to the endless hours of Navy deployment in the Persian Gulf escorting American-flagged tankers, to late night high-school cornfield keggers in southern Indiana...not necessarily in that order... I apologize this has rambled on, I'll finish...I just got the new DVD and I am so overwhelmed by the whole thing. Everyone in the band just plays their butts off. But what really had me standing in my living room with my fist in the air, and my eyes tear-ing up was your vocal performance. You came out and just nailed it! For all the flak I know you've heard about your voice, hitting certain notes, etc...well you came out and just threw down on every song! I loved it! Way to go!! Thank you guys so much for putting this masterpiece out for the fans. I love every one of you guys! My 12 year old son watched it with me, and observed, "Dad, those guys kick butt, huh dad?" Yes, Tyler, those guys definitely do kick butt......Russell Hoagland, 22-May-2003

Sauget and Khymera
Great concert at Pop's in Sauget, Il. I've been to several Kansas concerts way back to the original line-up, and this one was the best! I also got to hear Khymera (sp?) and was flabbergasted. Great Album! MIA, 21-May-2003
Keswick Gig
Hi Steve, Just wondering how the gig at the Keswick Theater went on 3/18 ? I had two tickets but ended up in the hospital over the weekend with a heart problem. I was really disappointed that I couldn't be there and wonder if the band will be coming back to the Philadelphia area any time soon ?
Peace, Paul Scull, 20-May-2003
Steve, May I say...after watching my Kansas DVD countless times, over and over again, you're voice is like a fine piece of artwork..you look at it(listen to it)once and it's beautiful..you look at it(listen to it)again and it's even more beautiful than the time before! WOW! Wild horses couldn't drag me away from you're performance on "The Wall"! BREATHTAKING!...the whole DVD! Thanks! Marianne Wassenaar, 13-May-2003
Atten Steve
Dearest Steve, first of all I would like to thank you personally for all the wonderfull music you have given me throughout the years. I cant tell you how much of an inspiration your music has been throughout my life. I had a terrible job related accident back in 1993 (severe spinal cord injury, paralized from waist down), I am now handicapped and dealing with my life the best I can....but, your music....your voice brings me peace and serinity, throughtout the years. I 've been living on Long Island, New York since 1959. I remember way back around 1989 I seen you in concert out east on Long Island, (one of the many times I seen you live or Kansas live). Anyway, I dont know if you remember but, you fell of the stage and into my arms. After the show we met breifly and you thanked me and gave me your autograph. I still have it along with all my other memorbilia (spelling stinks, please ignore,lol ). Geee Steve, I could go on and on talking with you but, I dont want you to hate me...lol . I would imagine you are a busy man so at this point I will let you go but, before I do I wanna say thank you Steve. >From my heart and soul. Your music will always live in my soul, till the good Lord takes me. Feel free to e mail me anytime you like.(if you can..?) Would love to speak with you when you have some time. Im also a recovering herion addict. Been clean for 7 years. "One day at a time". Sincerly, fan for life...Long Islands biggest Steve Walsh fan .Joseph Samual Mauriello. 13-May-2003
P.S. - May God be with you always Steve.
From a Fan in Drums, PA
Dear Steve, I appreciate the opportunity this link has provided to write to you. I have been a fan of Kansas since a friend returned from Denver in the early 70's and turned me on to the first Kansas album (which I still own, along with every other Kansas album.) I remember being at a concert one year(80's?) on New Years Eve at the Tower Theatre in Upper Darby outside of Philly. This summer was the first time I took my 15 and 13 year old children to a rock concert that was held at the Bethlehem Music Festival to see The Little River Band and Kansas. Although it wasn't my 15 year old daughter's favorite boy band type of music, she still enjoyed the music and show. My car cd player has most of your music in it and provides hours of great listening at loud volume! Your music and lyrics have been an inspiration throughout the years, especially when I was at my lowest. It was if your music was written just for me-the messages of hope helped me through some difficult times. Glossolalia- bought the only copy at Best Buy and simply love it. I listen to it religiously while working out- almost know all the lyrics by heart. I hope I can make the concert in Glenside in a few weeks. That is the closest your band will be this year. I was hoping you and the band were returning to Bethlehem, but apparently that is not the case. I received DVD as a xmas present and enjoyed the interviews with the band, along with the great video. Thanks again for the opportunity to write.
Good luck on tour, Brian E. Sikorski, 08-May-2003
Hi Steve
Hi Steve The point of know return was quite a trip, to put it mildly, and now that Ground Zero has come and gone, have to say carry on. I hope to see You and Kansas soon.
May God Bless, Brian Winking, 06-May-2003
Dear Mr. Walsh, My name is Vicki Wiegand. I live in McPherson, Kansas, and have been a huge fan of you (and Kansas) for many years!! I used to have your solo album, Scheamer Dreamer, (I probably spelled that wrong) but through the course of time it has disappeared. I am sure you know of a place where this CLASSIC can be found. My search on the internet has been fruitless, and I must own a copy!! I have so much fun singing with you, it drives my boyfriend crazy when I listen to Kansas because I sing at the top of my lungs! Anyway, I would love to hear of an web-site where I can purchase this, and I can once again SING!! Thank you for your time! Vicki Wiegand, 29-Apr-2003
Thanks Steve, for many wonderful years of GIFTED and meaningful music -I love hearing you sing "The Wall" - One song I truly relate to and understand, especially as a Christian - God Bless you, I will keep you in my prayers - Michael R. Haywood Griffin, Ga. 678-688-7506 ps. The NEW DVD is awesome - I missed seeing you at Steve Rawls studio, by one day - pss - What is the name of the SOLO hit you had back in the eighties, can't seem to find it anywhere - 27-Apr-2003
I've been a fan of yours for years due to my husband bringing your music into my life. You are the one vocalist that exceeds the abilities of others that I hear. I have seen you in concert in Michigan 4 times...each time exceeds my expectations. I anxiously look forward to your next piece of work. 26-Apr.2003
It`s been too long
Just watched the free concert on TV. I couldn't believe I many words I knew to the songs!!!! I felt younger again. Love your music Traci, 23-Apr.2003
sending another one because god knows i can use a lift. i just quit smoking..today..after finding out dad has lung cancer and i been ill with vomiting.lost 2 friends(bipolar will do that).i love "nobodys home" and the album of freaks of nature.saw the site of that on internet and just melted. you guys made me feel better because i am afreak of nature myself, having bipolar disorder and ocd. when im manic i pen down this poetry, even using 17 century english. steve, i hope you found a good wife. god bless you and your family. and you have a wonderful sense of humor.keep it and keep running and keep your sanity in this thing we call life.p.s. currently, im in a acute depressed state.far from being able to write any poetry. take care. 22-Apr-2003
hi. been a listener of kansas for 21 years. love you songs of howard hughes(closet chronicles) and albert einstein(he knew). i too suffer from bipolar and ocd like they. your music always appealed to the sensitive side of me, which is all the time(im sensitive). youre wrong when you said you wish you are handsome because you are. my sister said she thinks you and me look alike! i felt so complimented. that was like 14 yrs ago. i wish i could sing like you hon! 22-Apr.2003
Wally Gold @ the Opera House
Aloha Steve, I have been following Kansas and White Clover ever since the late-60's when both of these bands played our Proms, Homecoming and other dances. I always liked two B-3 players. The town west of Topeka, where everybody got shit faced to impress Wally Gold was at the Opera House in Ellinwood, Kansas. I got to meet Wally that night and when Dave Hope tossed tampon's to the crowd plus had a microphone, Wally was amazed! It was great to have you and the band on Maui a few years back for an extended stay coming back from Japan. Sorry we sent so many of the wanna-be surfers in the band and crew home bruised and bloody. You boys are welcome back in Paradise anytime. David "Bubba" McKown, 22-Apr-2003
I remember winter in Great Lakes, man was it cold, young kid from home, in the Navy. Trying to keep from freezing. I never seen snow in my life and one weekend, I find myself in great lakes wind-chill, you know the kind. But even through all the loneliness and bewilderment, I felt like I was doing something for my fellow man, and if it is any consolation the times I remember in my life more vividly than trying to decide whether or not to jump into the ocean off the Coast of Iran, was the way you voiced words in a song that changed my life. You are one of the lamps I put in my Living room. Well you probably heard it all before, anyway, but you never know what impact your work does to relieve the same things that we all are trying to endure. Thanks from Lexicarus (is William Jordan, Monroe, LA was from Victoria, TX), 20-Apr.2003

A Tribute to Kansas written by Melissia
A Tribute to Kansas
Let me share What's On My Mind.
You see, it's one of those Miracles Out of Nowhere.
One could say that they are Freaks of Nature like,The Spider.
Immersed in Mysteries and Mayhem
Which include those Closet Chronicles
And perhaps The Portrait (He Knew).
No One Together, and yet All the World Wonders,
But Nobody's Home.
It's Always Never The Same
Down The Road of That Lonely Street.
Ah, But On The Other Side,
This Paradox Past
The Point of Know return
They Fight Fire with Fire.
With Lightening Hand Sparks of The Tempest ignite.
I'd say with Two-Cents Worth,
It Takes A Woman's Love To Make A Man!
If they Play The Game Tonight
They could discover The Perfect Lover.
Now, Hold On…
Don't forget we're all Hopelessly Human
And simply Dust In The Wind
Unlike Icarus - Born on the Wings of Steel
A Child of Innocence.
There must be Questions of my Childhood.
We Are The People of the South wind
On Our Journey from Mariabronn
Bringing It Back A Glimpse of Home and Sadly,
the Death of Mother Nature
And our Cheyenne Anthem.
This brings us to The Wall.
The Pinnacle of our lives
None greater than the Magnum Opus
It's You…all of you
So Carry On My Wayward Son
with Your Song for America !

Written by: Melissia Dachroeden April 18, 2003
Thanx for the inspiration to write again.

In my heart forever
I'm 29. Kansas music had always been around in my life but it never really took hold till a friend of mine suggested that we go see Kansas at a fair in Wheeling, Illinois in '94. We ended up catching the end of the show during the song "Portrait". Steve's voice really grabbed me that night and I guess you could say that I "saw the light". I had a lot of catching up to do with Kansas and bought all of there C.D.s. During the "Freaks" tour, I saw them by myself at a fair in Arlington Heights, IL. It ended up being a deeply religious experience. ROCK ON!!!
Al from Chicago, 16-Apr-2003


Dear Steve: I had my chance of meeting you back in 1989 at the Syria Mosque in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I won a contest to be a Bleacher Creature. I sat next to you on Stage. Before I was actually on the stage I had a chance to get a photo taken with you and the band. It was an awesome night. I caught one of your "In The Spirit of Things" T-Shirts too. I still have it frames with your Autograph. I have been to so many of your shows and one time I brought my mother, I think it was in 1992 at the AJ Palumbo Center. Well, My Mom dared me to jump on the stage with you and I think you may remember that I jumped up and sang part of the song "Portrait" with you. I think about it now and realize I was crazy. I have an 11 year old daughter and 7 year old son and now I consider myself pretty responsible, but I do relish my memories of meeting of you (My Favorite Singer) and your band. I remember Billy Greer saying you are the girl that sang every word to every song. Yep, that was me. I look forward to seeing Kansas on June 17, 2003 in Pittsburgh. Keep on Rocking Steve. Sincerely, Kelly Gray, 14-Apr-2003
Saw you at Gulfstream
Steve, Great concert in Hallandale yesterday. I went with 2 friends and we had a blast. I play keyboards in a classic rock band that covers Carry On, and it was a pleasure to see you work. Your vocals were excellent, and your playing was impressive. We sang all the harmonies with you from the audience, and walked away impressed with you, and the band's musicianship. Enjoy the summer tour!
Guy Newland, 13-Apr-2003
Hello Steve
Hello Steve Walsh, I am a huge Kansas fan. I have seen every show that you have played in Nashville Tn. since the 70' s. ( I have the ticket stubs to prove it !! ) I am excited that I have this chance to thank you and all the members of Kansas for the countless hours of pleasure that I have enjoyed listening to your music. I have really enjoyed this web-page also. I bought your dvd about two weeks ago and it was awesome ! Tell Phil he did a great job , all the fans will love it !! It is good to know that your drug days are over. I know from personal experience how difficult it is to let that part of your life go. But it is also a great comfort to think you might be around for awhile longer without them. Have you guys considered publishing complete scores of your albums ? I would love to find them at the music store !!! Anyway, thanks again for all the wonderful music and all the great shows and to opening your life up to your fans. Rock Hard - Rock Long - Rock On !!! Michael Haycraft, 12-Apr-2003
hi steve why do kansas never tour england? I was lucky enough to see the band in Manchester in 1977 and I have been waiting eversince then for your return. c,mon lads please think about a UK tour all my best wishes to the band, ken, 11-Apr-2003
Thanx for great musicSS
would just like to give steve a big thank you for all the great music over the years! i am a 32 year old guy from minnesota and i have always listened to kansas, i just bought the spirit of things for the first time, this is one of the most touching, brillent, just plain great album ever!!!! i wish i would have got earlier. i am a guitar player have been one for years and your style of writing and playing keys have always influnced me big time. steve, you are very gifted and i am glad you directed it toward music. i wish i could be as sightful but two torn tendens in both wrists and four kids(god bless them)have left me screwed in my biggest dream, music. once again thank you so much for the voice and music to last a lifetime. i hope to see you and the boys soon, i think at the midway stadium(have fun) you guys should be at the metradom, but you guys could play in my backyard and it would be earth stopping! i dont have a lot of favorite bands etc. but kansas will always be on the top list. once again thank you so much for being you!! 09-Apr.2003
Steve, I have been following your career for twenty six years. Your music and your passion for what you do influenced my work as an artist. Your influence helped me through my military career (16 years in the field artillery). I am a professional graphic designer and fine artist (painting, blown and stained glass). If there is any way that I can give back to you, perhaps by doing some cover art or illustration, it would be a tangible way to thank you. It is my belief that your career is still strong and in many ways...new. Thank you. Peace. mark polaski, 08-Apr.2003
i just seen kansas on a free preview on tv. wow, that brought back some great memories. u guys can still rock. i first seen kansas in 1975 in philadelphia. thats when we were listening to masque on 8 track, lol. me and a very good friend and girlfriend seen you guys play about 15 times. we were even at harrisburg when some jerk threw a bottle at the band. my friend died in a motorcycle accident right about the time 'two for the show' came out. i was on the back of the bike when he wrecked. anyways, me and his girlfriend had a special headstone made in 1978. here it is..... 07-Apr-2003
(Sorry, can`t place the picture here - webmaster)
hi, i just read the authors story about his first taste of kansas by the campfire,so i thought i would share mine. it was in about 1977 when i noticed kansas on the radio, and the television show, james at 16, any one remember that one? anyway, i never payed too much attention until the death of my close friend jeff in 1979, at the reviewal, and the first part of the funeral, leftoverture, and point were played over and over, and i asked his brother whats up with that? and he said that was jeffs favorite. needless to say i was crushed by his death, but that music made me feel like everything was just gonna be ok, and you became my favorite band. that day in 79 was aweful, but the music is in me forever, and i am still a huge fan. thanx for everything,
paul james, 27-Mar-2003
backstage 1 nite in lyons, illinois
hey my name is jim svetic i have been a fan since the bad company show in chicago in 74....i've seen you guys many times (25+) mostly star plaza in merrillville....your picture with me, is on the wall by my bar ................ are you coming back to merrillville ? and by chance,im going to be in vegas june 18...20 ,wheres the group going to be? shave the beard , keep on rockin , the dvd was awesome............ if you are ever in the chicagoland area .....my cell phone is (219) 712-8962...... p.s . i sell HUMMERS & CADILLACS..............23-Mar-2003
Hey Steve. I haven't seen you since the Superbowl weekend in New Orleans. You may remember me because I spoke to you briefly at the hotel and I am a personal friend of Nick Fakouri. Just wanted to say that the new release done in Atlanta was just great. The song mix was very good and I'm glad you guys got some stuff off of the new record. Wish I could have been at the show, sounded like a good time. Say hi to Rob for me. Hope to see you guys soon. .........Alan Williams, 19-Mar-2003
JD - Dallas
Steve, the wheels are turning - we can all hear the howling winds of war - your son is at that age if the gov't were to resume the draft, as is mine. I know this is usually not a political forum - but care to share your thoughts on the Mid-East situation? Once again - thanks for the tunes. 17-Mar-2003
Johnny D from Dallas
Steve, Thanks for sharing your thoughts in this forum - you've mentioned that you enjoy your privacy - and as a long time fan it's great to read about your experiences throughout the years - my question - What plans do you have if and when Kansas decides to quit touring? Any thoughts on becomming an author like Jimmy Buffet or writing soundtracks like Pete Gabriel has done from time to time? As always - thanks for the tunes!
Dear Steve... Cruisin the net today and decided to look you guys up!!! I read thru the comments the fans have been sending, and I decided to add... What to say? So much, so many GREAT memories... Paying I think $4 for floor seating at the Municipal Auditorium in Topeka when you release Song For America... My step brother was the one they escorted off the rails of the stage elevator!!! Rich in his overalls and his wheat straw in his mouth... Funny what you remember from almost 30 years ago... Have been able to see you here and there thru the years... with Heart in Memphis, here in Wichita with Styx last year (SO GREAT)... I have literally carried your music 1/2way around the world when in the Navy during the 80's... Met you with Streets backstage at the 10th Anniversary Volunteer Jam in Nashville, THAT was a show!!! Thank you and the band SO much for ALL the GREAT music over the years... Wish I could find a copy of Schemer Dreamer though... Been searching for years, no luck... Anyway, hope you will be at the Wheatland Jam in Winfield again this year, it's time introduce my 11 year old daughter to live Kansas (she likes your Freaks of Nature) and hopefully my 9 year old son will want to go too... Next time you get to Wichita and want to ice skate, come see me, OK? I've got an "in"...:) Take care my man, stay true stay cool stay you!!!
Stevenjmoses@yahoo.com, 15-Mar-2003
Studio in the Country
Hello Steve: I remember fondly listening to the master tape recording of "Leftoverture" at Studio in the Country. Some Cajun friends of mine were recording there, and Gene pulled out the tape and let us listen to it. I guess I'm that rare Kansas fan who actually knows what Dead Man's Butt smells like. When are you coming back to Norfolk? I was at the 2002 concert. My two favorite bands -- Kansas (1) and Styx (2) -- on the same stage. Great! ...Wayne, 11-Mar-2003
Hey, just wanted to drop a line to ya since I just found out about the website. Kind of sheltered out here. Just wanted to say that you Rock! Thanks for all the years of rockin’ vocal work. Kansas, Streets, and Solo. Kansas has remained my favorite band for many, many years! REALLY enjoy Glossalalia, too. Hope to hear more of that in the future! Anyway keep on rockin’!
kyle, 11-Mar-2003
March 8th Show at Count Basie in New Jersey
Hi, I am a 44 year old man who has ALWAYS felt Kansas music close to my heart and soul. The Wall is my all time favorite song and Leftovertures? is my all time favorite Kansas album. Just want to say I am still blown away from the show last nite - especially Steve's passion and heart he has. Wow! My girl and I brought along my two newphews (15) & (12) - Needless to say, they absolutely loved the show and have been listening to their dads Kanasas CD's for years and love the band. In fact, they could not sleep after the show - it was also their 1st concert ever and I am certain it will live in their memories forever. I am so grateful as well to have had the honor to share the experience. I can only hope that I will have the chance to see Kansas once again in the near future when they are in the NYC area. Thank you Steve - Love your musical essence.
John Canny, 10-Mar-2003
Steve, this is Gert Visscher from Holland. Since 1979 I was a great admirer of Kansas and specific of your voice. I am a singer myself and always shout the Kansas lyrics with you in car or home. Thank you for influencing my voice and my musical taste throughout the years. You and the boys of Kansas have brought a lot of wonderful moments in my life since that time: "When I'm needing a friend", "The empty page before me now the pen is in my hand", "When my world starts to fade, I can only hope, that every choice I made, will endure, and carry on, into the coming dawn" Keep on shining with your life and your voice. God bless and greetings, Gert Visscher, 08-Mar-2003
Dear Steve, if this is truly you. I have been a Kansas fan for as long as I can remember. Not the "Carry on my Wayward Son" kind, ---the "Cheyenne Anthem, Songs for America, Icarus", and so on kind. I saw Kansas in concert for the first time at a free concert at our local college campus in 1973. It was outside on the lawn. You played with REO, and if memory serves me, BullAngus. I have followed your band ever since, and have seen your concerts every chance I get. My kids are now Kansas fans. My youngest son plays drums and is in awe of Phil Ehart. He is 14. You recently played in our home town, Ft. Wayne. Kansas could have played all night instead of having Styx come out. 3 of our 4 kids went to that concert and haven't stopped talking about it. It was awesome! You are all better than ever! I will continue to follow Kansas and listen to your music. It means more to me than you can imagine. My husband and I built a relationship listening to Kansas, truly an inspiration to us both. I can honestly say....Kansas is the best! AW, 07-Mar-2003
hi steve, even in this moment i read that kansas will play in germany this year. on june, 3. you will be in offenbach at the capitol, one day after my 40. anniversary. it will be the greatest gift for me in this year to visit the concert.
cu klaus, 02-Mar-2003
Last night in LaCrosse
I was there and it was Great. Steve and the rest of Kansas......Thanks! Thanks for bringing it back to me. Your show last night (2/16) was something special. I haven't stopped thinking about all day. I plan on buying the digitalized Masque and Leftovertures. I used to put the headphones on and just wow out to those songs. It's funny but it's been so long that I heard those songs but as soon as I heard the first note or the first vocal I knew. I suddenly knew all of the words and where the song was going. I guess I just needed a little jump start to remind me about how great you guys are and how much time I spent listening to you. Thanks for the memories. I plan on reviving my Kansas collection. I hope to see you this way again. A fan from waaaaaaaaaaay back, Chris, 18-Feb-2003
Just thanks..
The threads of life that your music has woven came full circle for us. The show in Waterloo last night. What power. Many moons ago, the music brought us together...kept us together in hearts. Separated no more; and sharing now, life as family. Our children raised to search--for what is right for them. They chose to come... and be rocked. They are now 17 and 14. Nothing could prepare them for what they were to see....and to feel. A new generation of appreciation. To shake a hand would be not enough. From my heart, I thank you all...
Dawn Richmond Fairfax, Iowa, 16-Feb-2003
Hi Steve, My name is Jason Sundquist, and I just saw the band in Fort Wayne, IN along with my fiance and her parents. I must say that it was absolutely amazing. I would definitely buy tickets for another show, and hope y'all.., 16-Feb-2003 ontinue to play here...

Hello Steve
Steve, I just saw you Feb.2 at the Assembly Hall in Champaign, Illinois. Kansas is I and my wifes favorite band, as that was our first date in '77. We saw you 4 more times the next summer. I want to tell you that you and the band renewed my faith in you. I had lost touch with Kansas after seeing the "Live AT The Whiskey" video. To be honest I was disheartened to see you in that shape. I actually even refused to go see you when you played in my home town of Danville, Illinois because I couldn't have stood to see you that messed up. I thought you had given up like one of my other heroes, David Byron, of Uriah Heep. But I took a risk and bought "Somewhere to Elsewhere" and was very pleasantly surprised. "The Coming Dawn" brings tears to my eyes each time I hear it. So I saw you were going to be close to me in Champaign and me and the wife decide to go at the last minute. I have to tell you that I think you have never been better, even in the "glory" days. The whole band was superb...I am a musician...but I can't describe how well you guys played. I know you probably get sick of it all, but one more time....your music and your vocals mean alot to me. I always wanted your voice, God gave you such a perfect instrument, and talent enough for 10 musicians. God bless you and your family, I wish you nothing but the best of times and please remember to keep up your lifes work, there are so many of us who wait for each new song. Bob Dreher, Danville, Illinois All The Best! bOb, 12-Feb-2003

Thank you
Thank you, thank you, thank you...for the many years of wonderful music; for having been given a voice beyond all others and using it; for flying fingers on the keyboards; and for being so candid and open here on this site. My husband is struggling with sobriety on & off and is a long-time Kansas fan and fan of your's. It is extremely helpful for us to hear how others have made it back from the "other side" and continue on with what they were made to be. I know it's a hard thing to open up your life like you have, but again, thank you. Glad to see you have a wonderful family there for you too. My husband knows I'm there for him and someday we may even have a little one to share our experiences with too. We look forward to many more years of Kansas / Walsh enjoyment. We spoke "briefly" to you at a fest in Hanover Park, Illinois Aug 2002 and appreciated your taking the time to come talk to fans. Press on, and bless you and yours in all you do. Angel Smith, 05-Feb-2003

Hello steve it's steve shepard (director of photography). I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for the great time I had in the making of your DVD. I think the music is absolutly incredible. You guy's were awsome. Steve S., 03-Feb-2003
Steve, Just wanted to let you know how much I've enjoyed your music over the years. A true inspiration. My Aunt took me to my first Kansas concert in 1978. I was sixteen and thought it was so cool. Still do. Thank you! Teresa, 01-Feb-2003
PEACE-OUT, GREG (more hip), 29-Jan-2003
you ok?
I just viewed DVD and thank you. I was able to catch the concert at the DTE in Detroit at the end of the summer. Thanks! Long story but I brought 3 friends from Canada. Huge fans since 74, thanks Havin a bad time and the Wall.
Thanks Steve, 27-Jan-2003
Steve, Thanks for being such a great inspiration. Love your voice & exuberance. Annie McMillion, 27-Jan-2003
Hi Steve, My name is Charly. I live in The south of FRANCE (MARSEILLES). I 'm a fan untill the beginning of KANSABAND. Your "Glossolilia " solo album is very good". l like your voice and melodies. I sing all your songs into my car, at home, in the street, into my bathroom, anywhere,... my girlfriend is fed up!.Good AMERICAN TOUR, unfortunately not in FRANCE (PARIS perhaps?). I'll see you in LIVE CD "DEVICE-VOICE-DRUM" with the "Distance vision" bonus track.BYE GOOD LUCK GOOD LIVE GOOD LIFE GOD BLESS.
Charly. Marseille, 20-Jan-2003
erie concert-feb 9th
steve-i am going to see kansas again for the umpteenth time on feb 9th in erie pa.Just wanted to say thanx for all the memories and u guys were a big part of my growing up experience. We spent many of nights listening to your music-gosh i think i had every albumn and now i got it all on disk. Just wanted to throw a few concert memories at u and see if u remember them like i do: 1-the first time i seen u guys was at the gannon auditorium-i think it was your 1st trip to erie-i think it was the song for america tour(by the way i think i seen almost every tour-sometimes in 2 cities) 2-the audio visions tour which ended in the ol buffalo aud.-that night u played so many songs i never heard in concert before.it was a treat for a true kansas fan. 3-conneat lake park in meadville pa-the concert where u rode your bike to and they would not let u in.Also the 1st time i seen david ragsdale-i was in awe 4-headliners bar in erie-i was the one right in front of u all night talking to u-this was a great show-just think about it-your favorite band up close and personal-in a bar-unrealnight 5-3 days later u opened up for styx following a buffalo baseball game.That was great how they ended the game and 20 minutes later u were jamming. so anyways-the other night we were watching the new dvd and picking our wish set list for the erie show and i know u r probably stuck to playing all the classic hits but there r alot of kansas fans in this area that would love to here some off the wall tunes so throw a few surprises our way.good luck on the new tour and love this web site.
keep rocking and thanx for the memories,
john goddard, 17-Jan-2003
way to go!!!!!!!!!
Hi Steve, My name is Paul Schnorf,and I live in worcester Ma., I can't tell you what huge fans you have up here in Massachusetts.....My bro and I have been listeners since the early days.....I just finished watching "Device-Voice-Drum",and I can't tell you how impressed I am of what i saw and heard!!!! You guys were phenominal,...all that energy,was so inspiring to see! I pray to the good Lord that you guys never break up,and that someday maybe Kerry will return to the fold ,as Robby did,it brought a tear to my eye,the joy at seeing him with you on "always never the same"... God Love you Steve Walsh,and may you forever"Rock On"!! with warmest regards,
Paul Schnorf, 15-Jan-2003
Kansas and my Life
I t was 1978 - i was 16 - playing the drums - listening to tubular bells or uriah heep or something and a friend called me on the phone and said 'tom, i'm bringing an album over - have you got some doobie? I said yes and here he came'. He brought the album Masque over and put it on - i was there - i was in the music and the music was in me - it all became animated - and i've been a kansas freak ever since. Phil was, obviously, the primary reason. One can't describe kansas - you either get them or you don't - if you don't - you still rock to the hits, but that's all you know - if you get them - you indulge immensely and know icarus and portrait and chronicles et.al. I hope kansas realizes the impact - the partnership they have in life with people - through the death of loved ones and through divorce and child birth - through love and despair - a true and very meaningful friendship. when we die - we live still - and that which comprises our lives lives on. the loves - the relationships - the people - the experiences - all that creates the composite of which defines our lives - that is our life - and it lives - and kansas is such a part of some of our lives - it is meandering through the very fabric of this thing called life - our lives are eternal - thus kansas is eternal - i thank steve - and all the guys for being in my life - for being a part of my life and i am thankful that the spirit of kansas will be shared with others that also will be carrying kansas into the next life. thank you for being who you are - and thank you for still creating and embedding yourselves within us.
love tom roel minnesota!, 11-Jan-2003
Hi Steve, my name is Bobby and I met you guys backstage at the Fair in Memphis back in September 2001. I don't have anything to ask but would just like to say how much I appreciated the chance to chat with you and everyone else in the band. I didn't know what to expect but all of you were just down to earth and I wanted you to know you've got some of the biggest fans here in Tennessee...I've still got some great digital photos from that meeting......great memories. Thanks again and look forward to seeing Kansas again, this year I hope.
BW in Memphis, 03-Jan-2003
Come to Kansas City again!
I know you will be in St. Joe Missouri in February, and I would come see the band perform for about the 11th or 12th time, but I have kids that have to go to school the next day, and I can't spend the night in St. Joe. Will you be coming back to Kansas City again? It almost seemed to be a yearly trek to KC in the spring, but haven't seen you in town since April 22, 2001. Please come to either Memorial Hall (KCK) or Ameristar Casino (KCMO) again, or out by my house at Verizon Ampitheater (formerly Sandstone). Howzabout it! I need my "Kansas" fix...
Cindy Bartko, 03-Jan-2003
A Long Time Ago!
Steve: My name is Den Kemper and I have a funny story to tell that involves Kansas way back in about 1977 or 1978. You guys played a gig at the Piedmont Sports Arena in Greensboro, NC. First and foremost, let me tell you that I have been a devout Kansas fan since first hearing you guys on a friends "Utah" Speakers in about 1976 or so. Getting back to the story, my wife and I and a friend of mine went to the concert, and of course you guys blew the doors off the place! After the last encore, my friend Frank said lets go and talk to the band. I said yeah, sure, fat chance! Well next thing I knew , he was talking to the Security Guard by the back stage door, and the guard opens the door and says: "These people from the Local Greensboro Sun want to interview you, is it ok?" Well before I knew it we were being ushered into the room and there were you guys relaxing and drinking Miller Lite from a 55 gallon plastic trash can! Imagine the feeling of being in the presence of someone whose vocals you idolized! Well, Steve, you guys were very patient and gracious with us. We stayed in there for the better part of an hour before you guys had to go and play tennis or something to unwind. You gave us your beer to share with you and told us interesting things about yourselves and the band. All in all you guys were very unassuming and genuine. I am taking this time now to thank you for the time allowed us so many years ago. And yes we did save the empty Miller Lite cans as souvenirs. And now for the punchline: We were not reporters for the newspaper we spoke of! We just did what we had to do to get backstage with our idols! Thank you again for giving us an honest glimpse into the lives of a Super Group. Keep on Rockin, Kansas!!!
Den Kemper, 01-Jan-2003
Steve I have been a huge fan of Kansas since I was in high school in the mid seventies. I heard Leftoverture and was blown away. It affected me deeply. Leftoverture is my favorite Kansas album among many others. I saw a great Kansas show this past summer in Portsmouth Virginia. I also saw a fantastic show at Six Flags Fiesta Texas when I was stationed in San Antonio in 1996. I think you guys were playing Sparks of the Tempest when a hard wind and driving rain came. Wow!!! What a natural affect. Kansas in my opinion was and still is so far ahead of their contemporaries. I have not heard any details about a heart attack. I trust that you are doing well. I look forward to hearing more of your tremendous soul felt voice. I am 41 and still cranking the Kansas. Kansas will never grow old. Kansas lives on in the fans of class rock. My best to you and all the players in Kansas. Gordon "DALE" Mathis, 28-Dec-2002
Steve, I come from the land of Topeka, Kansas. The place where it began... Steam Music, the house on Huntoon, you know the story... you wrote it! We met many times over the years and even am family with old musician pals of yours. I live in Washington, DC now but KANSAS will always be home. The music, the voice, the passion has always been very important to me. I'm glad that you never stopped and am glad that you've continued with the music. Its simple to say it in 2 words.... THANK YOU. Stay true. Patrick Recob, 28-Dec-2002
Mr. Steve Walsh
I just want you to know, you are a true inspiration and a GODSEND to many!! You have given me so much joy in being a part of Kansas and singing incredible songs with heart and purpose! You do it over and over and over for us, and I picked the real Winner when I picked Kansas as my favorite group in 1979 when I was 15 years old. Kansas was different and I felt I had a secret that not many people knew about. Over the years, I was more and more into Kansas, and Steve, I swear on my Life, I listen to no one but Kansas to this day! NO ONE!! There is no other group that can possibly relate to what I feel and play the music I want to hear. I did talk to Billy Greer through email and told him that my one dream would be to meet the band. When you guys were in Washington State (we I live now), he said maybe I can help you meet the band. Well, unfortunately after a reply to him, he never got back to me. I was at that concert at the Evergreen State fair and then like 8 months later and the Emerald Queen Casino (the Boat) in Tacoma. I plan to catch you guys in NY, Las Vegas and again here in Washington, maybe even in Oregon if you play there. Steve, Please help me fulfill my dream to meet you guys, shake hands, chat a little, some pictures......YOU and KANSAS will make my LIFE!! LOL!! I assure you I am a true fan like non-other and truly deserve to meet you guys *smiles* if you knew how many times I had to tell people you guys were the best thing ever and they would argue and even say WHo is Kansas? AARGGHH!!! haha Their LOSS!!! THANKYOU Steve for everything! You are a special person! God Bless You and Kansas Forever!!! Thomas Drake, 27-Dec-2002
dear steve, first of all i think you sing like an angel and can't wait to see you with styx here in louisville on feb. 2nd. second of all, i ordered a program from the store at kansasband.com 9 weeks ago. i never received it and have emailed song and dance too twice. not getting a response. did they take my money and run? please check into as i am sure you don't want your fans to be ripped off.--julie ashton, 23-Dec-2002
I love you guys
Hey Steve, I have been a Kansas fan from the start. Definately one of the best groups of talent to hit the rock and roll scene in a very long time. Most of the guys I work with are a bit younger than me, and just can't appreciate what a great group Kansas is. I would rather hear some great music than the noise most of them listen to. I am also a huge Steve Walsh fan, definately one of the best voices in rock and roll. Your voice has changed over the years but it is still there. To me the saddest time was when you left the band, I did buy the 2 albums that Elefante did, but it just wasn't Kansas without you. I did buy the 2 albums you did with "Streets", I only wish I could get them on CD. Anyway keep up the fantastic work, looking forward to the next Kansas release. Wayne Beckwith, 21-Dec-2002
Steve, I don’t know if you remember meeting me at the Tower Theater when you toured with the Alan Parson’s Project. You handed me the microphone during COWS. We met with you and the band in the back of the tower not long after your set. Remember the Fireman? That’s me in the center of the picture. What an experience that was for me. I just wanted to thank you for that and for all of the excellent music you have provided over the years. Words cannot express the respect I have for and the rest of the band, but mostly you because of all you have overcome through the years. I will keep you and your family in prayer. Keep up the good work. Hoping the best for you and yours during this holiday season, Mike White, 21-Dec-2002
I have been a huge Kansas Fan from the very beginning...I love the new dvd. I have seen you guys in concert more times than I can remember ,the last being at INnsbrook in Richmond Va, Hope you guys are coming back soon. Happy holidays to you and yours..........Yes I own every kansas Shirt ever made and am wearing my "Wheatheads" shirt right now.........I have even turned my sons into Kansas fans (10 and 13 years old).....
Pat McGrath, 17-Dec-2002
"Device Voice Drum" is ABSOLUTLEY FANTASTIC! The songlist, fun surprises in the arrangements, use of choir and string quartet FAR exceeded my expectations. You Robbie and Billy are in great voice! Rich Williams is such a great guitar player and Phil Ehart is a monster! It was worth whatever all who were involved did to make it happen. A thousand thanks!
Pete Dahl, 10-Dec-2002
dvd is great!
steve, i love the dvd. you guy's are awesome. thanks for all your efforts. rock on! love always, gretchen, 10-Dec-2002
frustrated fan
Hi Steve, I am probably the only fan on this list who has never seen you guys playing live. It might seem amazing, but being 48 and having lived in Brazil for the most of my life this is just 'normal'. And I've now been living in the UK for the past 8 years, but that did not seem to help. Not even rumours of a gig over here . . . All this however does not make me a less enthusiastic fan. I am one from the very first moments, when it was only possible to buy your albums at import shops in Rio. You don't know how much I relished getting home with Leftoverture under my arm, back in '76. To me you and the likes of Gentle Giant and perhaps only a handful of other great bands not only gave me some of the best feelings I've ever had, but also engraved fine un-erasable marks in my memory, which I'll carry forever. Thanks for the fantastic job and for keeping up the will and the inspiration to do it. Now, in the hope I could see a bit of you live I ordered Wheathead TV, which is really great and is working fine on my PC. Also I ordered your latest video through your merchandise people and that is where I am getting (very) frustrated. I hate asking your help on this one this but I exhausted all my resources trying to get a response from them (Song & Dance) directly. I ordered the video online on October 10 and soon after received their receipt by email, with an invoice number (10000242). My card was immediately debited, and that was all! Never had a glimpse of the actual merchandise, despite numerous attemps to contact them. They seem not to give a toss. Sorry to ask you this, but please, can you or whoever is reading this help??
Best wishes, Marcio Aquino, 06-Dec-2002.
hi from a NY fan
Hi steve.. My name is Michael Winters, I am a 49 yr old County Corrections Sgt with the Tioga County SherrifsDept. I started listening to Kansas when the first album was released, and I am proud to say I have been to 21 concerts, and consider myself a loyal fan, I have followed all the members of the band in their solo projects, and other collaborations. I would like to say a big thank you for the work that went into Device,Voice and Drum..I just picked it up last week..I was blown away..your voice sounded as good as it did 20 yrs ago..and the music is still as tight as ever...you played a concert in my home town of Elmira NY with Steve Morse on the In the Spirit Of Things tour..when I saw "the preacher" done with the choir I remembered that concert where you did much the same thing with members of the audience who had won the chance on the radio the week before the concert... anyways without rambling..we are anxiously waiting for you to come back to upstate NY....and we hope you will consider doing the NY State Fair again....come back soon...a fan forever.
.MIKE, 02-Dec-2002
Hi Steve, Just want to thank you for all the great Kansas and solo music you have produced over the years. I was lucky enough to see your only U K visit in 78 and you signed my Masque L P at the record signing you did. Keep up the great work.
Hail Hail Geoff, 02-Dec-2002
rock on
long time fan who has seen evry up and down the band has been through and as I went through many ups and downs in my own life,so has Steve. I saw Steve and the band after Point Of No Return at the Riverfront Coliseum in Cincinnati and at Least 20 times since. Just bought the DVD of the Summer show the work is faboulous. I wa Chef at a Hotel at a small hall in Ft Mitchell Ky when Kansas played Coyotes I saw them at the preshow Meal and bought the Band a round of drinks.Steve and the Violin Player stopped by my table to thank me and say hello to my wife and myself she was starstruck and to this day she tells of how she met Steve. At this time this pretty girl is my wife of 21 years is fighting addiction and would love to have an Autographed picture of Steve to Melanie. If possible I would pay any price.I can be reached in Cinti at 513=505-3244 Thanks for the memories
Doug Burgess, 01-Dec-2002
a question
The first time I saw Kansas was November 10th 1977 on The Point of Know Return tour when I was in the fifth grade. Since then I have seen you perform so many times over the years that I have lost count. One of the performances that sticks out in my mind was the night I saw you at Entertainment City in Pittsburgh. My mother and I met Billy Greer that night in the parking lot and I remember listening to the hearing the playback for the King Biscuit Flower Hour and then taping it when it finally aired on the radio. Finally being able to purchase it on CD brought back some great memories and also provided me with one of my favorite songs " I'm Not Alone Anymore". I saw Kansas in the same year and that show was utterly disappointing. I was curious as to know if you ever say the band during your absence and what you thought about their music during that period. Also do you enjoy singing Play the Game and Fight Fire With Fire during the live shows. There are a great many fans that would love to hear some In the Spirit of Things material over material from a period that many of us would rather forget. Mike, 30-Nov-2002

So far away
Just wanted to thank Steve for the funny stories, I laughed so hard at the White Clover memory, my hubby had to find out what I was howling about, he was busting up to after he read it . Keep'em coming Steve - you are a card!!! D Odne, 27-Nov-2002

heart attack ?
I came across Steve's website and saw this. I hope he's o.k. I'm 41 years old, and have seen Kansas 11 times in concert. Most recently on 08/10/02 in Bethlehem ,Pa. Every time I've seen the band, the show was better than the last. One of the most underrated bands of all time. I've always been a huge fan of Steve Walsh, and can't wait to see them again. Regards to you Steve, its been my pleasure to have seen your performances dating back to 1977! I hope to one day get to meet you in person, to extend my greetings in person. The best rock voice I've ever heard. Thanks for all the great memories you have given me! Sincerely, Kevin McGonigle.......a fan in Pennsylvania! 26-Nov-2002

Dear Steve, First of all THANKS!!! – I know you hear this a lot, but you really have given me so much pleasure over the years listening to your music and seeing you perform numerous times – the emotion and “feel” you bring to a song are unlike any other singer I’ve heard. Regardless of the changes in your voice over the years, you’ve always brought that “thing” to a song that no one but you can. I guess it’s a personal thing, very subjective - how can one person listen to a piece of music or performer and be touched and feel shivers up their spine and then try to understand how someone else can listen to the same thing and not “get it”? – or even worse, listen to something that you might think is garbage and try to understand how anyone can possibly think it’s good? I’m just a “listener” who has always been very passionate about your music over the years and it has always frustrated and perplexed me that a lot of the people who filled the stadiums when you were “popular” don’t still support you. Where are they? What music are they listening to now? How can they not feel passion about this great band and appreciate the musicianship? What made them come out in the first place, was it just because the band was “popular” at the time? Well, I can only imagine how this must frustrate you. Anyway, I was prompted to write to you after just reading your thoughts on the “Freaks” band – I also feel that the band was at its best during that time as well and was sorry to see David and Greg go. I guess it was your comment about maybe being still bitter about your career that really made me write this. The more I read your thoughts on your web site, the more I appreciate what you must go through having to deal with the nature of your profession. I guess what I’m trying to say is that the more I read your thoughts, the more I appreciate your position on the “fans” and I guess on some level I feel that I appreciate you more as a person with every new thought you are willing to share with the public. I just want to let you know that I always anxiously await new Kansas material and Steve Walsh solo material and pretty much anything that you’re singing on, and I just want to say thanks again for providing me and so many others with such great music and so many great performances, and ultimately (for me) something to be passionate about outside of my everyday existence. Ron Gentile, 21-Nov-2002
In one regards letter, Jeffery says "Thanks for all the rock hard memories all these years." I'd just like to say that goes for me too. Love, Janie Paine, 21-Nov-2002
Steve/Kansas- from Phx
SO interesting to find your 'foreign' web site. I read your dairies with great interest Steve. I attended the Celebrity Theater concert in Phoenix this week. Have been attending your live shows since Jan 1975 @ Bradley University Peoria, Ill. 3 shows @ the RKO theater in Davenport, IA '75-77. Then moved to Arizona where I've attended another 15 concerts from Kansas. I think your shows are some great heavy metal grind... that's what Im hearing anyway. I have to dance alot. Actually I have only been sitting down at ONE of your shows, and that was @ Celebrity Theater Phoenix in November 1991. I spoke with you briefly by the buses after that show, and asked you about Freddie Mercury. You replied that you'd heard he was gravely ill. Two days later he passed on. I followed your van to the hotel in my dodge charger that evening, and the only person who came down to the lobby to drink with me and the woman was Greg Roberts!! He said you guys didnt party that much !! I just read your online diary today, and I sure am glad that you are still among the living Steve. Thanks for the rock hard memories all these years.
Jeffrey Dines Glendale, AZ, 08-Nov-2002

Great to see you in phoenix last saturday
I saw you and your band last weekend here in Phoenix AZ.I waited a long time for this!I'm listening to Seeds of Change;I just heard the song you sang on called how can you live.It sounds fresher to me every time I listen to how can you live.Your vocals sound better than ever!I really enjoyed your performance;next time I hope to meet you in person next time you come to townI'm going to purchase the other projects you have done especilly the december people,explorers club,and your recent solo cd as soon as I can!I'm glad you played the wall;that is my favourite Kansas slow song.I broke down in tears when I saw you perform it.I'm also glad you played song for america;that is my favourite rockin Kansas song.I'll be getting those cds I mentioned!Happy Holidays!You and your family.
Your friend Darren Dawson, 06-Nov-2002

Celebrity Theatre Rocked!
Hi Steve! I hope you are reading this. I just want to say that I enjoyed your concert you did with America! You guys rocked! America was really good too. I came to the concert with a friend from work. He is into your music too, but he doesn't know as much as I do about you. He was really into it! You guys are the best! Kansas is my favorite group! You guys created so much energy into the place I couldn't keep off my feet! I was standing up most of the time rocking! Or if I wasn't standing up I was rocking in my seat! I can't wait until you guys come back and tour with Styx. That will be a good tour! Come back to the Celebrity Theatre in Phoenix with Styx. Phoenix loves you! Take care! God bless! Kansas rules!
Wendy Mahon, 06-Nov-2002
Another of South-End's wandering sons
Steve, I just missed your show in Cerritos, CA last night. I had a gig in San Pedro. Your homecoming on the Power Tour was my first concert, now I had to miss your show for one of my own. Strange how such elliptical orbits exhibit near misses this far from home. For myself as a boy, you always made the dream seem tangible, giving it a reality and potential because, "one of our own had made it out." My songwriting partner and I are in a precarious situation at this time. We are beginning to attract "interest". (You know, those silent "suit" types that stand in the back of the club with their arms crossed all night and don't talk to anyone.) Yet we have not found suitable representation. Although our music is protected, in my eyes we are defenseless. Up until now our journey has been relatively innocent, we create music, we record music, and we play music. We hone our craft and improve every day, we try to progress and not repeat ourselves. We draw from our past influences and look for new directions to push into. I fear this is all about to change. The suits show up more frequently, our music gets better, the website gets more hits, I feel like I'm being followed........ Anyway the above rant was my state of mind until I logged onto this website and read a few of the articles. Your comments soothed my anxiety and I thank you for that. I feel we'll be able to deal with what comes. For now I know that we are drawing on the correct muses and we are bound to defend each other, come what may from the "suits". Thank you sincerely,
"The son of one who served under Monsignor Moriarty"
Just a comment..
Steve, I read a while back that you asked your wife "...who would listen to this album? (Glossolalia)". Well, I've been a fan of Kansas since "Can I Tell You" (I bought that on vinyl and 8-track), and it was your vocals that stood out just ahead of the musicianship. Anyway, back to Glossolalia, rest assured as it is one of the few that I listen to on an average of once a week. It took me a couple of listens to get past my "Kansas" expectations, and once that happened, it found a permanent home in my portable CD folder. If you decide to do another solo project, I'm buying it. Thanks for the music, Tom Tilford, 03-Nov-2002
Steve, your unmistakable voice, and lifetime-inspiring music has been my favorite since I was a child - your songs have helped me through rough times, totally satisfied any musical desires, and created a bond to a musical group that only priviledged listeners of Kansas have! Thanks for being such a big part of a life I wouldn't want to have lived, without the experience of the band called KANSAS...Carry on!!!!!!!!!! :)
Peace, Scott "Kansasfan" Connelly, 31-Oct-2002
Your Comments and Memories
I was very impressed by the depth of your writing in the newsletter and memories section of this web sight. Have you ever thought about a journalistic career when you tire of the road? Having seen you many times I really enjoyed reading about things which are important to you other than your music. Looking forward to my next KANSAS experience.
Sharon, 31-Oct-2002
You`re The Best
Steve: I saw the Recorded Version of Device Voice Drum for three nights running on VH1 this past weekend. I must say that was the best recorded concert I have ever had the pleasure of watching. I am 53, a big country music fan, but I haven't forgotten my roots .. 60's and 70's rock 'n roll. I joined the Navy in 1968 and got out in 1974, just about the time Kansas was kicking off. I have always been a fan of Kansas and followed your music throughout the years. I still think Kansas is the very best assembly of musicians and talent in America today, and perhaps in the world. I was a drummer in two different bands from 1965 through early 1968, just before I went into the navy. I just thought I was mediocre at best. Phil Ehart has it all going on! I truly believe the personnel in Kansas today, as we know them, is the best assembly of musicians that will ever be put together. Device Voice Drum was the very best there has ever been in recorded concerts. My wife is down the road a bit in Spring, Texas visiting her daughter now. We have a new granddaughter. She will be going to a music store today to find me the 2 set CD and the DVD release of Device Voice Drum. I sat in front of the TV for 3 straight nights and watched the concert and cannot get enough of it. Also, I am a new member of WheatHead TV. Just signed up and subscribed this am. Can't wait until it starts kicking in for me and I get to see what it is like for you guys on the road. It once was a dream of mine to further my career as a drummer and get into a "big band" and make it big. The two groups I played with back in Baytown, TX both were good and talented. Both groups won a couple of Battle of the Bands here which featured local talent and talent from several bigger cities in and around the area. When I went into the Navy in 1968, that sort of put my musical career on hold and I never pursued it again. I was looking around on your WEB Site and looked at the pictures of you. I remember many of them from having seen videos of your music. Personally, I think Kansas's best work is "Dust In The Wind" and "Carry On Wayward Son". Just keep up the good work and try to best Device Voice Drum. It will be a challenge. Your best work ever!!! Who did the animation for that? It was OUTSTANDING! One more thing ... are you any kin to Joe Walsh? I bet you get asked that all the time.
Richard Hamel Willis, TX, 30-Oct-2002
Rick Sitgreaves
Hey Steve! I just watched your VH-1/DVD concert I have to say after decades of singing, You still have it man! The band is sounding better then ever. I have to say ever since I started listening to music, Steve Walsh has always been there. Ever since I heard "THE WALL" I was hooked. Even as the band progressed, lost members, and gained new ones. The name KANSAS has been a main-stay in my life. I am a big "STREETS" fan also. I love those 2 CD's (1st/Crimes In Mind) and still jam them in my car. I still listen to the "POWER" and "IN THE SPIRIT OF THINGS" as well. (Its a steve morse thing) I saw "Morse" with Kansas at Marriott's Great America/Santa Clara (Awesome Show) I have to say the song "RAINMAKER" should be added to your set. That is a very powerful song and really showcases an intense and talented Steve Walsh. The last verse before the bridge is amazing...(And the powers that be...) I also like some of the new arrangements with the old tunes in your set The band really has it together. Phil Ehart is such a solid player. You guys sound like you have been playing for years? NAH! Take care and never stop writing songs longer then 5 minutes... Radio is just? Well it's ? It just is! CYa Rick Sitgreaves, 28-Oct-2002
"The Wall"
I am so awe struck that I can't even compose a sentence Nor sum up a thought. Your music had meant so much for so long. Your inspiration will never be lost, I admire that. Cindy, 27-Oct-2002
Hi Steve,I've been listening to your music from the begining and will always be a fan.You've inspired me to sing {although I can't} it's fun trying.I'm a drummer first/keyboards/gutair. Mybe someday I'll be able to tour with you guys.
Thanks Chris Routzohn Englewood,Ohio, 26-Oct-2002
Hello from Wisconsin
Greetings from Wisconsin. After a small adventure in procuring the new DVD I finally found a copy on Friday at a local Suncoast store. Having been a long time follower who never quite has faded away I have to say Device Voice Drum is one of the most impressive ventures I have ever seen. The cool touches like the choir on "Preacher" and string section on "Dust" plus the Animusic sections are wonderful seasoning, but the meat and potatoes of this DVD include the classic song selection. It is wonderful to see bands such as Kansas returning to the mastery of their craft, as opposed to being led astray by a record label looking for the latest trend on the band's new single. I think this return will be handsomely rewarded in time. Phil and Rich are steady as always, Robbie proves with his violin and voice and stage presence why he is irreplacable, and Billy's bass and impressive vocals are surprisingly strong to those who haven't been paying attention. He has surpassed the "new bass player" role and has become THE Kansas bass player....and then there's Steve! The coolest voice in recorded music is back on form! Decades from now as Britney, Justin, and the rest are but a stat in a trivia book lucky listeners will be listening to the timeless music of Kansas and the brilliant and soulful singing of Steve Walsh. His inspired vocals have never and probably never will be duplicated. The voice and ability to deliver lyrics will never be matched (On Device, he really gets his due showing his outstanding keyboard work as well.) It is so wonderful to read Steve has left the dark world of addiction and abuse and is blessed with a new child. I hope he knows how proud we (friends of Kansas or " FOK Heads") are of him. Way to go Kansas on a brilliant "next step" on a ladder we hope the band will continue to climb. Sincerely Bo Landry, 24-Oct-2002
whats on my mind !
Hello! my name is Reed, I am a Kansas fan. In 1977 at the age of 14 I was talking on the telephone with a cute friend named Carla, as we talked I could here music playing in the background. I then went on to ask her the name of the band, she replied "KANSAS" The song was "Whats on my mind" I had heard this song on the radio, but I had never caught the name of the group, until now. As soon as I could save up the money I purchased this album "Leftoverture" . I cant tell you how much this group has influenced me as a musician and through the years as a person. I will always admire and respect the maturity and integrity that "Kansas" displays in every record . My first "Kansas" concert which I attended with my brothers Kent and Scott [who are also musicians influenced by "Kansas"] was in 1980 . This was the "Audio-Visions tour. I will never forget it "Loverboy" was the opening act . I will always remember how excited we were on the way to the concert ,during, and of course for weeks after. I am 39 years old now and I still get chills when I here Steve sing!!!!! Please keep on making magic through music. Your diehard fan, Reed bernard, 24-Oct-2002
Dear Steve My name is Jeff Brooks my to favorite Album's are KANSAS and IN THE SPIRIT- OF THINGS .Those are my favorite albums it surprizes me to think that KANSAS has been together for 32 year's that's a lot of year's. Anyway I just wanted to say hi also my DAD want's to get the DVD DEVICE VOICE DRUM. He got the cd to I've heard it it's really cool your music is spectacular keep up the good work.
Jeff Brooks, 19-Oct-2002.
Friday Oct 18th!!
I was introduced to Kansas by my father at 7 years old by my father. I am now 32 and for all these years you have been and remained mine and my fathers favorite. I am taking him to the concert tomarrow night as a surprise, it is going to blow his mind. I just want to thank you for showing a girl at a young age how to truly appreciate the imagination and creativity of music. It has and will always touch my life. Your band is one of the only things that my father and I have ever had in commen. We both love and both have every album, cassette, and cd.
Ginger Eustis, Florida, 18-Oct-2002
Thank you
Dear Steve: My name is Carlos Jauregui from Mexico city. since the day I listen my first album of Kansas, back on 1980. I knew the music and the power of your preformance was making a difference for the rest of my life. I work all summer to purchase all the LP to understand your music. For the past 22 years I been following the band and your music like the LP Streets back on 1983 ( I like it alot by the way). In 1996 I saw your preformance in Houston ( Were I live now for the past 10 years ) and Galveston. I was impress on the quality and oustandig preformance. I will treasure for the rest of my life these memories thank you for you spirit and your music. The last show of Kansas I saw was in Mexico city last year. I remember the enterview on a radio station down there and how you guys answer the question related to drugs and someone said that your music can't be perfomed on drugs. I always feel the same way. Your music allways make me feel good and meditate. Thank you for every thing and wish you the best. Sincerily.
Carlos, 18-Oct-2002
See you Friday!
Steve, My wife and I will be attending the Friday Oct. 18th "Kansas" show at The House Of Blues in Orlando. I absolutely cannot wait. Perhaps if Robby recognizes me from having met me last Wed. when I introduced myself as a singing bass player that subs with "Stormbringer" (the same guys from "Steinhardt-Moon") we can actually meet. Have a great show and a safe trip. I'm psyched! Nick Cardullias, 16-Oct-2002
Steve, I sub in the band "Stormbringer" from the Tampa Bay area. I am a lead singing bass player. Robby played with the guys from "Stormbringer" under the name "Steinhardt-Moon" during his time away from "Kansas." They'd do an hour and a half show with Robby and then continue their "Stormbringer" set afterwards. I met Robby for the first time last Wednesday while he was shopping with a mutual lady friend of ours named Marie who has seen me sub many times with "Stormbringer". I told him that in my opinion "Kansas" was the MOST talented American band ever. It is the only band that I can think of in which I like EVERY song I have heard. Being a lead singing instrumentalist myself as well as a HUGE "Kansas" fan, I have to say that no voice affects me the way that yours does. It is impossible for me to be listening to a "Kansas" song and stop it mid-way through. My jaw drops and I have to remind myself to continue to breathe. I played this past Sunday Oct. 13th with "Stormbringer" and I had invited Robby to attend but unfortunately his plane arrived at a later time than he had hoped. The only "Kansas" song that we played that day was "Carry On Wayward Son". You are truly one of the greatest singers of all time; one that NEVER fails to give me the chills. Your voice is a true gift from God. Your keyboard playing and song-writing talents are also nothing short of stellar. I have a recording of "Streets" live on the King Biscuit Flower Hour (you guys were in Pittsburg). If you would like a copy (I'm making one for Robby) I'd be glad to get it to you. It smokes! My personal e-mail address is: sitonmybass@yahoo.com
Best regards, Nick Cardullias, 15-Oct-2002
STUART GIBBS, 14-Oct-2002
My Demo
Hi, my name is Michele Cariga, italian guitarist. I live in London. I really like Kansas, Queen, Kate Bush, Bach, Steve Morse, Eric johnson, Malmsteen, Mozart, Vivaldi, Keith Jarret, Noa, Yes, Mike Stern, AcDc, Gary Moore, Beatles, Van Halen. I am working in a supermarket... but I would like to work as a musician. Steve, please trust in me, You can listen to my demo in the site www.vitaminic.com, and search my name, there are 8 tracks all composed and played by me. Please trust me !
Bye Michele Cariga, 13.Oct-2002
Steve- Love the album! "Smackin the Clowns" just kicks butt. Brought it in to heart surgury yesterday-- Virgil Donati....hmmm What *(&%^$%& planet is he from? Thanks for all the great music and don't forget the West Coast -Orange County. Stay healthy.... All the Best
Bob Anderson, 12-Oct-2002
Best Regards
Steve, It feels weird to write this being in my forties. I just have to say thanks for all the enjoyment you've brought to me through your music. My wife and son are fans as well. We have seen you many times when the band tourd through Texas. My most memorable concert was at the Blue Bonnet Palace in San Antonio. There were only a couple of hundred people there at the most. I felt embarrassed for the city of San Antonio and the lack of support for such a great band. I had seen you at the pavillion with about twenty thousand screaming fans and here we were at the Blue Bonnet with a handfull of people. The amazing thing was the way you guys came out and performed as if there were twenty thousand people there. I had brought a bunch of friends with me who had never seen Kansas live. Needless to say, they were blown away. I play in a band for kicks and as I watch you guys, I cannot imagine how just a few guys can sound like so many. What a big sound. After the show we went out behind the club and I actually got to talk to you and Robbie. I think what came out of my mouth was similar to Clif Claven from cheers when he would try to talk to a woman. Nothing but giberish. You looked at me and laughed and went on your way. In your shoes I would have done the same thing. It's hard as a fan to be able to say the one thing that will change the world when you finally get the chance to talk to one of your favorite musicians. Well, enough rambling. Thanks again and keep up the great work. I have since moved to New Jersey and will keep my eyes open for you guys. Take care and good luck.
Sincerely, Monty Guitar Tyler, 11-Oct-2002
We love you
I have been a Kansas fan since 74 My oldest son was a fan until he died in 96 my 2 yr old son is a fan also great job on device voice drum i just watched it IT WAS GREAT
mike walker collingswood nj, 10-Oct-2002

Steve Walsh of Kansas
To Steve, What a great website...I also agree your the best vocalist to grace the microphone.....I saw the band in St Louis at the rib fest this year,and became a fan at the age of 18 in 1980.Masque is my favorite album..and you guys played a few songs off this album, and the Kansas album. Your music connects to me in a special way which no other band has been able to do,which is why I will listen to it till the day I die...and who knows maybe after that. Will they ever give you guys the recognition you deserve?????How about the hardest working band ever,Best alaround progressive rock band,Best lead vocalist,Best rock violinist.Good luck in all your future endevors.I will always be a loyal supporter.
Scott Durrwachter from St.Louis, 01-Oct-2002

Broken heart...
I'm sorry I missed you on June 15th in Atlanta. I had made plans to go see you and the boys, but unfortunately, I had to bail out. The release of the DVD is greatly anticipated. Surely when I see it, I will be comforted. I want to thank you and Kansas for all the great music. You could say that I'm a true Kansas fan. No matter what people think of my musical tastes, I still stick with my music, Kansas. With all the burning of CD's going on, I've burnt one Kansas CD. A collection of songs from day one to this day. Awesome collection. I seen Kansas once, in Montreal ' 96. Since then I've been imagining a concert much like the Atlanta one... my heart will mend. Please thank Phil, Robbie, Richard, Kerry, Dave and Bill. You have a better chance of seeing them!
Sylvain Gaudet, Sudbury Ontario, 27-Sep-2002
Hello Steve, Thank You for many a great Kansas show! Please come back to Oregon. Several years ago we saw Kansas 7-times in 2-years in the state of Oregon alone. About 12 of us would show up, you and the band would recognize us and sign autographs...Thank You so much!!! Its been a couple months and I still have not received my autographed concert program. I paid for it on the 20th of July. I cant find a way to get a hold of anybody at the Kansas web site. Please help. Thanks again... Eddie Fisher, 26-Sep-2002

Thank You
I have for so long,wished to thank them for DUST IN THE WIND,and,CARRY ON. 11 years ago,my son died of a DPT shot reaction.after I could have no more children.But, I had to go on living for my daughter.who was 1yr old at the time.~~~I had no support emotionally.(husband trying to fix his own head)And I heard DUST IN THE WIND.That is my sons song.I would listen to it over and over.his name was LEVI STORM.it stormed the day he was born,and the day he died and the day of his funeral.CARRY ON was my song.also worn out.
Misty Dawn McCullough, 19-Sep-2002

Thank you!
Mr. Walsh, I saw you and your bandmates play 10 times this year and I want to thank you for helping to make it a unique and enjoyable experience each time. Also, thank you for signing my copy of Glossolalia at Hanover Park, Illinois. Though I would dearly love to go to more shows this year, well, " my Kansas summer has turned to fall" and I'll have to wait until you and your co-workers return to the midwest next year. I look forward to the DVD to keep me occupied all winter. Your talent and especially Kansas music has given so much joy and pleasure to my 3 children and myself that I can't wait until next year's tour! I hope you and all your loved ones have a safe and happy holiday season.
Michele Stadermann, 19-Sep-2002
Kansas In My Hometown!
After years of driving to see Kansas all over the state and others, this Thursday, September 19th, Kansas will be playing at our county fair just TWO miles from where I live! Talk about a dream come true! To Steve: My family and I saw you guys last year in Akron, Ohio, and it was the BEST Kansas show I've ever seen! (Of course it didn't hurt that we were standing up front!). Anyhow, we are looking forward to seeing you and the rest of Kansas in 3 days. Hope you have a safe trip and enjoy your show here. We will be shouting, supporting and singing along (so play loud! ha ha ha).
Jeff Hendershott Ashland, Ohio, 17-Sep-2002
Hi Steve I asked you when if/you would come to Britain then saw someone had already asked that, doh! ( I will never give up hope though, or indeed stop nagging) I have just finished reading your bit on Spirit and want to thank you for such an insight, I felt for sure that that album would be huge, it got good reviews over here at the time and is still one of my fave Kansas and all time albums and would make a brilliant film. So in ending please keep up the good work, Gloss is an amazing album (and I saw more of these in the UK than StE, I get around and always check, you sold out in Liverpool,Newcastle, Middlesbrough, Leeds) I am trying to get the promoters of the Glastonbury festival to book you guys.
Best Wishes
Alan Hawdon, 12-Sep-2002
(uxter) Darlington North East England Gods Country
Bad mix at Pine Knob
We went and saw Kansas for the 32nd time on Labor Day. We were eager to see them after waiting all summer for the concert. The sound was so bad that people were leaving in droves after just a few songs. It took every great memory of past performances for me to stay till the end. The sound system was ear piercing and ruined what was obviously a spirited performance as usual from the band. People were covering their ears as they walked out. Does the sound board man travel with the band or is he provided by each venue? If he travels with them, he owes the band an apology for the bad job he did in Detroit. This will not keep me from seeing the band whenever they return to the area, but I am sure it made a bad impression to the casual fan.
Larry Lempicki, 06-Sep-2002
come to sweden
hi steve! i´m a 15 year old swedish fan. as you see i´m not verry good at english but i hope you understand what i mean =) you had a incredible voice....or maybe you still have...i have not herd later done music... but i wish i had lived 1978 so i could have gone to one of your conserts...unfortunatly kansas has not been to sweden...yet=) i hope to see you here sometime...
/Linnéa, 04-Sep-2002

I have read some comments on the fan sites that spoke negatively of the Bubble Boy sequence in Introduction to Wheathead TV Version 1. I for one loved it, I think it, along with other things you have done with video is a hoot! I loved the practice session with the animal sounds in the background! I loved the sequences in the hotel in video Kansas has put out earlier, I saved them all. I specifically like the teeth and doe a deer, one of my favorite Kansas covers! The juggling interview etc. Anyhow let yourselves be yourselves! I love the insight and the fun! BTW you could make some great Epochs out of the Kansas themes you already have to build upon! I for one would love to see a Kansas movie based on new music or one based on ITSOT.
William Jordan, 27-Aug-2002

I had the extreme pleasure of meeting Kansas backstage at their last show here in Tucson several years ago. As a huge fan since 1976 it was a dream come true to see and talk to all the guys. I even got a pair of Phils sticks at the show! Being a drummer....wow!! Steve...you are awesome! Your music is always of the highest caliber and remains fresh and interesting. Thank you for all the good music over the years and I am always waiting for more! Sincerely, Phil Bryson, 27-Aug-2002
What a show!!!!!!!
On August 23 I seen the show at casino magic in Bay st louis and all I can say is what a show. I must say STEVE your voice is very distinctive over Robbies that it just makes your blood curdle. Thanks for the many enjoyable years of great music and I hope to see ya'll at the casino again next year if not sooner. Please respond to Jim Jones On August 23 I seen the show at casino magic in Bay st louis and all I can say is what a show. I must say STEVE your voice is very distinctive over Robbies that it just makes your blood curdle. Thanks for the many enjoyable years of great music and I hope to see ya'll at the casino again next year if not sooner. Jim Jones, 26-Aug-2002
Like to Talk
Dear Steve, I would greatly appreciate a call or an e-mail. Been a long time since we did Leftoverture.
All my best, Bleu Evans, 20-Aug-2002

you rock!
steve, saw the show @westbury in n.y. on 7-5. As usual,your voice was excellent, however theband wasnt tight. I WAS ALSO a littlle disappointed in the song selection. The last time you guys played Westbury you opened with mysteries and mayhem and it seemed every song I could have wanted to hear was played that night. I was also disappointed nothing was played from Monolith. Ive been a fan since 1974 and you guys still kick ass ! I just found this website and Its been an honor talking to you. P.S.-- pLEASE DON'T SING John Elephant songs anymore-(play the game, fight fire with fire) That's not REAL KANSAS thats kansas light!
Steve Fassano-Brooklyn N.Y., 26-Jul-2002

Your Concert at Cafaro Field- Niles, Ohio July 17, 2002
Dear Steve, I was at your concert in Niles, Ohio, at Cafaro Field on July 17, 2002 and thought you guys were outstanding!!!!! I grew up with your music and it has always been an inspiration to me. I was the girl in the front row that sent the 2 roses up to you. If you recall, the note read: We Love You Kansas!!! Patty, Jeannine, Brian--Youngstown, Ohio!! We hope you enjoyed them!!!!! I would like to Thank You and the band for one of the most " Magical Nights" of my life. I will never forget it!!! A Fan Forever---Patty pblose1063@aol.com, 25-Jul-2002
Steve Walsh
hi there, I'm an Australian Kansas fan and I must say that Steve Walsh has got the most amazing voice of all time!!!! I'm only 19 but have been a fan for a good 7 years now. Unfortunately, we don't really get a lot of Kansas in Australia but just having the music in the tape player on my way to uni is perfect! So, this is strictly for Steve himself: You just bloody rock. I'm a keyboardist myself and playing your songs, it's just the ultimate. Your complex compositions are a keyboardist's dream... I hope you get this message and that you reply in some way!
Just keep it rolling my man
Seb. 25-Jul-2002.
Explorers Club
HI STEVE, I was the one who presented you with the Explorers Club CD at the rehearsal in Atlanta.Very well done on you behalf as always.Thanks for both nights at the DVD recording. you all played and sounded spectacular.We will never forget that special 2 nights.I am really looking forward to the Streets releases on CD and your project KHYMERA. It is my pleasure to hear you in concert and on these side projects away from KANSAS.Keep up the great work.Cant wait for DEVICE VOICE DRUM on Oct. 8th.Hope you have time to write more new music with your busy schedule for another KANSAS recording. HEAR YOU EVERYDAY THANKS TODD GAUDIERI, 22-Jul-2002
Steve, I've been a fan of yours since I first saw Kansas open for Queen in Norfolk,Va. probably early 1975.My question for you is in regards to the U.S. Navy.When I went to boot camp in April of 1972, I tried out for the Bootcamp Bluejackets choir.There was another recruit who tried out at the same time who had a magnificently strong voice.Unfortunately the director didn't need any soloists but did need weak choir voices who could read music(me).I was astounded that the other recruit didn't get in the choir and that I did. But that young man was very understanding of the directors needs and was not bothered at all.I was later priveleged hear the same recruit practicing his piano while awaiting orders to his next duty assignment.I never did learn his name but I've always wondered if it was you I'd met. Thanks for the great music you've blessed us with over the years.I'll continue buying you music for as long as you keep recording it. Sincerely, John B. Thomason, 12-July-2002
parabens ao steve
Te amo,steve. Moro no Brail, tenho 27 anos ,e amo seu trabalho.Se eu pudesse te conhecer pessoalmente, seria o momento mais memoravel da minha vida.Beijos da tua sempre amiga e admiradora Mari.
hi steve, i met you many years ago at the philadelphia airport. you were very cool to me. i have 22 years in this insane business as well. i believe you are without question somewhere in the top 5 vocalists (if not #1.) in the history of rock along with robin zander, robert plant, steve perry, lou gram, paul rogers. i have always loved your voice and followed your career at various times. keep going, you are so,so gifted.
James DiLella, 04-Jul-2002
DVD was a smash!
What can I say Mr. Walsh, you got it back together. I’m glad you saw some light!? You regrouped, your voice is coming back, I am so very happy for you…you were the inspiration of my musical life and I thank you! As for the DVD Concert down in Atlanta, GA all was grand with “The Preacher” , that choir was awesome…period! Keep palyin’ your music Steve, never quit…Sure would like to know the story behind “The Devil Game”…or do tell, Mr. Walsh…
Mark in Oklahoma, 25-Jun-2002
você, oque mais poderia ser?
te amo steve; te venero.
Fabricio Santa Lúcia, 22-Jun-2002
WHAT A SHOW ! ! ! !
French Fan
Hello ! I am French and listen To Kansas since 1982. Today my dream would be to see them playing in concert But it is more expensive to come to the United State for me. And I cannot been able to have of ticket during them come in Germany. How could I do? Please , help me. A long-time Fan: Miguel Eychenne.
Sorry for my American Language. 20-Jun-2002
"Thank you"
For being a reliable source of sound which I never hesitate to purchase.
D K, 17-Jun-2002
Happy Birthday Steve!
Happy Birthday Steve!!! Please keep singing, looking forward to the DVD Concert! From: Doug, Sandy and Chris Odne and all your fans in Detroit, Michigan!!!!! 11-Jun-2002
looking forward to seeing you this summer
I have been a Kansas nut for over 25 years now. I recently saw the band for the 30th time last summer. This included several shows with Elefonte that were just not the same without you. But the Streets material helped get me through. I appreciate the passion you have displayed through the years in every performance I have seen. You never disappoint me. Your on stage energy and superb vocals have thrilled me every time. Both my kids were raised with your voice resounding through the home. Never a worry about content in the lyrics. My kids, 20 and 24 years old now, both still love and often listen to your music. I used to sing to my daughter when she was sad: "Cari Lynn my lovely daughter, why are you so unhappy, lay your weary head to rest, don't you cry no more. I read you were crushed at the lack of response to your recent solo effort. I for one bought it as soon as it came out and find it very entertaining. Everyone who knows me, knows me as a Kansas freak. I will hear." I heard Carry On and thought of you." I never miss a chance to recruit new fans and have done so with many, many people by taking them to see you perform. You never let me down. The last time was at the MGM Grand Casino here in Detroit last summer (2001). Took some new neighbors who had just moved here and they were blown away at the live performance of songs over 20 years old. So keep up the good work and we will be seeing you at the DTE Energy Theater AKA Pine Knob this summer. I live 5 minutes from there, so if you want to be able to kick back and relax, contact me and we can pull out some old albums and listen to the greatest rock and roll voice there ever was. YOU!
Larry Lempicki, 29-May-2002
SHARON HOFF, 29-May-2002
young fan
hey, I just wanted to say hi and that your music has been an inspiration to me. I'm a freshman in college who fell in love with Kansas my junior year of high school. Having to drive back and forth to school, I had the three local classic rock stations in the inland empire california as favorites on my radio. I guess I heared Carry On one too many times and then I heared Dust in the Wind, and I was hooked. I don't have any of your CD's, yet, cuz I'm a poor college student, but I'm getting some soon, and I look forward to the next time Kansas hits Southern California. I missed it last august when they were in Anaheim because I left for college 13 days before the concert, so I hope that you come to California again. Keep playing the music that has reached so many souls. Joe Clark Corona,CA, 21-Apr-2002

Message from Ron Dante
Hello Steve. Your music was an inspiration to me while I was producing in the 70's. I hope to work with you someday. All the best.
Ron Dante, 17-Apr-2002

I cant wait to see you June 15th.I know the show will be awesome. Especially in the Golden Circle.Just to let you know your work on Explorers Club is fantastic. It is great to see that you have so many new projects going on. Looking forward to Your new Frontier project. I hope you have had some time for some more writing for another KANSAS cd. See Ya at DVD filming for a special night with KANSAS. I I know you will have some treats for us fans.Thanks for being an inspiration to all of us .Keep up the great work.WE HERE YOU!!!!!!!!
Todd Gaudieri, 10-Apr-2002
Thanks, and Looking Forward to Atlanta!
Dear Steve, Hello! I wanted to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU to you for making such great music! I have always LOVED your voice. I first saw Kansas perform in the late '70's in Tucson, AZ & promptly went out for "Two For the Show" - which I still love very much. When you left Kansas, so did I actually because they were just not the same without you. The years passed, I lost touch with the band's music....and then last year I found out that Kansas was performing an hour away from me - September 2001 in the middle of nowhere in Arizona. My sister, two other girlfriends, and I left our husbands behind and went to the concert. It was FANTASTIC! All of my old favorites came back to me at that show, & I couldn't wait to learn the new songs. I was so surprised to see (and hear!) that you were with the band again, as I had no idea. How wonderful to be able to reconnect with Kansas (the Kansas I remembered and loved), and to learn about your other projects as well (I am a big fan of Glossolalia!). I am currently catching up on the music I missed through the years. So I guess I just wanted to thank you for touring with the band and making the music that I love so dearly. Thanks for coming to Arizona and re-awakening me, musically. And a big, huge THANKS to your wife and family for sharing you and your talents with the rest of us. This DVD concert will be so much fun for all of us. I have a GC ticket and am very, very excited about it all! (Also planning on going to the 11/2 Phoenix show.) Best wishes to you in all your future projects, Leslie T., 10-Apr-2002
Merci Steve pour ta musique, pour tout ce que tu as été pour moi, pour ma manière de vivre ma vie, de voir le monde. C'est bizarre, mais j'ai l'impression que je ne suis pas le seul à avoir été imprégné par toi et ta musique... Et il n'y a qu'une crainte: celle que tu pourrais arrêter de faire de la musique, arrêter de nous charmer avec ta voix vraiment unique. Parce que, merde alors, depuis Glossolalia je n'ai plus rien trouvé côté musique qui me serait rentré dans les tripes comme justement Glossolalia. De loin le meilleur disque des 5 dernières années. Vay-s - carry on! Isidor Huber - Blauen - Switzerland Merci Steve pour ta musique, pour tout ce que tu as été pour moi, pour ma manière de vivre ma vie, de voir le monde. C'est bizarre, mais j'ai l'impression que je ne suis pas le seul à avoir été imprégné par toi et ta musique... Et il n'y a qu'une crainte: celle que tu pourrais arrêter de faire de la musique, arrêter de nous charmer avec ta voix vraiment unique. Parce que, merde alors, depuis Glossolalia je n'ai plus rien trouvé côté musique qui me serait rentré dans les tripes comme justement Glossolalia. De loin le meilleur disque des 5 dernières années.
Vay-s - carry on! Isidor Huber - Blauen - Switzerland
Steve, As a fan since 1976, I just wanted to thank you for all the great music. I remember when your first solo album came out - I went and bought both the album AND the 8-track (yes, 8-track) so I could hear it both at home and in the car. I followed your career through Streets and still today I scoop up everything you record. Indeed, you are my favorite singer of all-time. Years I've seen Kansas live (not as many as I'd like): 1980 1987 1994 1995 2000 (twice) 2001 Last year, my family and I got to stand in the front (in front of Billy) when Kansas played in Akron, Ohio. It, in my opinion, was the best Kansas show I've seen - you guys sounded great and the song line-up was as if I wrote it up myself. Two of my teenage daughters were there and loved it. I held my 5 year old daughter and she was pumping her fist like Daddy (ha ha). My 5 year old gets a kick out of you on the "Live at the Wiskey" and imitates you. My wife loves Kansas also. I just hope you and Kansas keep up the music. It's the best and never gets old. Good luck in all you do!
Jeff Hendershott Ashland, Ohio acdc.bright.net, 19-Mar-2002
Hey Steve, how the hell are ya? Just going through your other messages, I see I'm not the only die hard fan, but I think I can honestly say one of the most loyal. All right, here's my testimonial: Though I was fairly familiar with Kansas during the Left Overture/Point of Know Return days, (air banding to Carry on with a bat to one of our H.S. baseball games) it really wasn't until I was in the Navy that a friend of mine turned me onto Masque. That did it!!! I quickly learned that Kansas wasn't just about Dust in the Wind and Carry on. Journey from Mariabron, Magnum Opus, The Wall, Icarus, borne on wings of Steel, Mysteries and Mayhem and many, many other commercially unknown songs hooked me. I was a die hard from then on. I remember the first (of many) times I finally got to see you guys (I was overseas a lot). I went to the record store by my home base to buy Audio Visions for myself and Two for the show for my friend. I found out when I got there that you guys were coming to town. When I got back and told my friend (another die hard) we cracked a beer, and proceeded to have a Kansas weekend!! To say the least, the show was exceptional, and at that point, who knew that it would be the last tour of the original members (no more "kansas is still"). John Elfante was pretty good, but definitely not the same. During your absence, I still rocked to old Kansas as well as Schemer Dreamer and Streets music, but I was hoping you would re-join the band. Lo and behold, you did, and that was a cool day in my music loving life. Luckily for me, you guys had a show in Grand Rapids for the Power tour and my friends and I were able to score front row seats at Devos Hall. To say the least, it was the highlight of my concert-going career. Since then, I have seen you guys several other times and you've always rocked. I'm sitting here at the present time listening to In the Spirit of Things (bells of St. James) and thought I'd just let you know you have a huge fan base here in Western Michigan, and from a line from Field of Dreams-if you play (here) we will come. Thanks for the memories Steve, and if you want to make an old die hards day, drop me a line some day @ Swineheart61@yahoo.com. (The Swinehearts were a band I was in). Keep Rockin', 19-Mar-2002
a huge kansas fan
To Steve & Kansas
I will try to keep this as short as possible so here goes. In 1974 my brother Ned & I went shopping for music. He told me to buy this 8 track which was titled KANSAS. I looked at it & wasn't sure but bought it anyway. From the moment I put it in I was totally hooked. I bought every LP I could and went to every concert in PA NY & NJ. I love Kansas so much. It was all I would ever play at my parties and soon no one would let me be in charge of music. The most memorable concert was in New York City at the Paladian Theater. Don Kirshner was there with I think all the wives. I know this because I was sitting in the seats that belonged to them. As we were escorted out of those seats he gave my sister & I two tickets for the next nights show. We drove back to NYC and went to sit in these seats and the usher said they were from the night before so he let us stand right in front of the stage . What a feeling. Right in front of everything not to mention right in front of Steve Walsh. At that time I was so in love with him I couldn't think straight. Well they played such an awesome show and Steve finally came out and shook our hands because we were laughing at him drying his hair in between playing. He was so gorgeous and I was so happy he actually gave us the time of day. Robby also shook our hands which was so cool. Kansas was such a part of my life & everyone who knew me knew that. I moved from PA to Louisiana & caught a concert at LSU and was so disappointed when Steve was not there. I cried. From then on I just figured Kansas broke up. In 1984 I met the man of my dreams and we married in 1985. He knows all about Kansas & he still married me. He is the greatest thing that ever happened to me. In 1986 the worst thing that could ever happen did. My brother Ned who introduced me to Kansas was in an accident and died. My world was shattered. Before my husband came into my life, my family was my life. We did everything together. My world changed so drastically. Music was no longer in my world. It was too painful. As if that weren't bad enough, in 1987 my other brother Dave died. I can't believe I can even write this down. The two men in my life are gone forever. It took the strength of my husband to hold me together & he did it so kindly. Time heals as they say & for the last couple of years slowly things like music came back into my life. One day at work I saw this girl with a Kansas tee shirt on & the web site was on the back & I ran to the computer and I was so shocked to see all that Kansas has done. What a band. I have always said they are the best band in the universe. Anyway for Christmas I got Somewhere to Elsewhere & was totally blown away. I am right back to the way I felt in the 1970's. Your voice & music sends me somewhere I can't even explain. I love all of you for being what you are & for putting out the music you do. I wish I could really take the time to express my feelings but it would be to long. I am collecting everything Kansas CD I can find. Having trouble with Schemer Dreamer but I will not stop till I find it. Kansas music is the best & I hope all of you stick it out together because you are Kansas. I wish all of you greatness & most importantly, happiness in all you do because you sure do make me happy just hearing you sing. I am hoping to get to the next concert that is in our area. PA The DVD is and absolute must. Can't wait to see it. Best of luck in everything you pursue & it would be so awesome if I received a letter back from Steve but I know how busy he is & its nuts to think he would anyway. I can dream though.
Love always Sally, 20-Feb-2002
A request for Steve.............
Hello Steve: I have a somewhat unusual request, but first off, some info. I have been a tremendous fan of Kansas since your first album which was released when I was in high school. And I have every single one since! Kansas has absolutely been my all-time favorite band and I remain a huge fan to this day (and my wife as well). The new cd is incredible. Here is where I get to my one, simple request and why. In the past year, BOTH of my sons have become incredible Kansas fans! One is 11 and the other 8......It is such a gas to see them pull out the cd's (the new one AND the old ones) and rock to all the music. So here is my request: PLEASE,PLEASE PLEASE COME BACK TO PITTSBURGH, PA SOON and do another concert. I will tell you why. Kansas came to the Washington County Fair last summer and it poured down rain most of the night. My little one was only 7 years old then and was absolutely dying to see what has become his favorite band. Both he and his brothers had memorized all the words to Kansas songs - old and new, from Carry On to Incarus II. He sang them for weeks leading up to the concert. And then since it rained so heavily and the show was delayed so long, he just could not make it. We ended up having to leave and he cried for days after that. So I am going for the pity thing here. Please come back soon! Myself and the little dudes are absolutely dying to see Kansas and Steve live. I bought the "Live at the Whiskey" video after that so they could at least see Steve live. They loved it. Please come back to Pittsburgh! Hope to see you guys soon.
Larry Sebbens, 19-Feb-2002
Hello and thank you!
What can I say to someone that I've never met but has affected my life so much? All I can think of is to thank you for sharing your talent. I love music and there are many incredible vocalists in the world, but there is something truely unique about the sound of your voice and the emotion you convey when you sing. Sometimes I just need to hear THAT voice! I've been a fan for many years and I look forward to hearing new music from you and from Kansas for many years to come. Geralyn Ryan, California, 17-Feb-2002

Steve love your voice!
Hello! Steve I just want to let you know that you have a very beautiful voice! Whenever you are singing it sends goosebumps up my spine! I also love the spiritual lyrics that Kerry writes! Not too long ago I read Kerry's book, "Seeds Of Change". I was touched by his personal testimony of his Christian faith. I am glad to hear that several of the band members are Christian. Your guys music gives me a spiritual uplift when I feel down. That's what I like about Kansas! Also the mixture of classical music with rock makes your music very beautiful! I love the violins in yourmusic. Very pretty! I am glad there is a band like Kansas that can have a positive effect on people for the better! Nothing better than bringing the gospel thru rock music. Rock music is a pretty powerful tool to share the gospel.I don't know if you are a Christian,like Kerry is, but I hope you are! God can work in your life like he has worked in Kerry's life if you just let him! Just pray to ask Jesus into your life, and he will come real to you! The gospel is true, so there is no reason to doubt it! The bible has many prophecies that have come true that were predicated in the past! Just read the bible, and you will see. My prayer is that you will come to Jesus! I love you, and God bless!
Your fan, Wendy Mahon, 31-Jan-2002

Hi Steve! One thing ive always appreciated about THE WALL is the way youve transformed it, vocally, from year to year! It's so new and invigorated when you BELT it out there for us! I can imagine ANY song can become routine for the band on the road, but it seems to me that YOU combat that with FRESH INTERPRETATION! You breathe those inspired addlibs, and tweak the very apex of the song itself! Not only this song, but it is a perfect example. Another thing ive thought, time & time again, is how masterfully your back vox tracks are laid out! Theyre SO much diversity in this area! Heavenly sounds, OMINOUS ones, gospel-ish tones-- you name it! -You can create some jawdroppin textures with them there overdubs!! (But, then, you know this already-- i just take a walk in your garden of sound & explain what i witness!!) Glossalalia, fortunately for me, has SACRED MOUNDS of this stuff!! So much to chew on!! DID YOU FAST WHEN DOING VOX ON THE TITLE TRACK?-joke YOU SEEM TO FLOW WAY BEYOND THE SCOPE OF 'SINGING A SONG'!! IT SEEMS MORE LIKE YOU BECAME THE SPIRIT OF THAT WARRIOR!! THIS IS TOTAL ABANDON!! (could you imagine anyone tryin to COVER that song?!?) You seem to be VERY available to your talent, & it sounds as tho youre connected to your power!! KEEP ON CRANKIN THAT DANGLING PARTICIPLE!!! See you in Hallendale, March!--

Can`t stop listening to that Kansas box set!!
Steve Walsh, Saw you with Kansas here in Orlando about 8 years ago at "The Station".. It was my first time seeing the band and I thought you guys did a pretty good job considering where you were playing. I have always liked your music and I even bought the Streets cassette when it first came out back in the early 80's. I have a few favorites when it comes to music and what I like to listen to in my car. I always seem to pull out disc number 2 from the Kansas box set at least a few times a month. I own about 300 CD's because I tend to get bored with certain bands but I never seem to get tired of hearing your voice. Hope to see you guys down this way again. Chris Woodcock ,25-Jan-2002
Hi there ! My name is Krister Nilsson from Sweden. Im a great Kansas fan,i hope they play in Sweden. The Sweden Rock Festival 2002-06-07? Krister Nilsson, 18-Jan-2002
Fans in Nashville think your great
Greetings from Nashville, TN. My Husband and I are big fans of yours. We are in our mid 30's and have always enjoyed your music. We really like the King Biscuit release of the Streets CD. We also have your solo albums and love them and the Jeff Watson songs you sing on are golden! I started listening to Kansas at age 15 growing up in S. FL and felt that The Wall was so about my young teenage life. I'd never heard any other Kansas besides that album up until then. At that same time I was learning about Albums like Pink Floyd the Wall, Judas Priest's British Steel and Deep Purple, etc. I remember buying a used copy of Audio Visions next and getting really into that. I got into stuff like Priest, Dio, etc., more for a while, then I was in the record store two yrs later and found/bought Power...it blew me away..couldn't listen to anything else! Then I got In The Spirit of Things...awesome! My Husband and I met and saw our first Kansas show together when we saw you perform at The Button South In Hallandale Beach, FL @ 1992. We were Blown away by the performance/sound..really dug the handstands too. That show was a Blast! After seeing that one I started to find the older Albums. (Questions of my Childhood and Reason to be are two of my fave songs) Anyhow since/over the past 10 yrs we've gotten to see you quite a bit at various shows in FL. The Gulfstream Racetrack in Hallandale shows were great. Also in Daytona, Ft. Myers with the symphony..just magical! The house of blues in Orlando rocked & a great show in a little fair in Hollywood, FL at Young Circle park (1st time we ever saw Robby perform live).An outdoor concert in Port St. Lucie also very special. How great to see your Fave band & singer in such a wide range of venues. West Palm Beach at an Amphitheater w/ Styx...& lastly was weeks before we moved to Nashville an outdoor show w/ B.T.O. in W. Palm (I remember saying I sure hope Kansas plays TN a lot). We have changed, gotten older, don't Party anymore(drink, etc.) and now attend church. One thing is for sure and won't change..whenever you perform we will want to be there. We already saw Kansas with Yes in Nashville about..2 yrs ago I think..just after moving here. Great show. We were the couple up front screaming Kansas is #1 after every song. Perhaps we haven't changed all that much. Really hope to see more and more concerts and so appreciate all the the chances to hear you live. Recently bought December People & love it! We look forward to seeing you in Nashville again someday hopefully in the near future. Till then we'll try to make travel arrangements to any other shows we can. Thanks for all the great music! Best Wishes, Robin Heaver, 11-Jan-2002
he gave you a vision
brother steve, the most high god gave you a vision of the light that came to earth 2000 yrs ago...the insperation he gave you for the song you wrote...the lord said he will pour out his spirit in the last days on all flesh , giving dreams & visions and prophetic insight... he is using you to reach people for his coming glory...in gods love, richard acevedo, 01-Jan-2002
your vocals
Mr. Walsh As a fan of yours and Kansas for over twenty years, I must say that I endorse your singing when I am discussing rock and roll with people of my generation, or the younger ones. I am thrilled to introduce your music to my children. I don't have time to listen to today's talented artists, but it's easy to have them listen to the clear, emotional vocals of Steve Walsh. I've only recently had a CD player, and "In the Spirit of Things" was the first CD I bought. The combination of Walsh vocals and Morse guitar is amazing! I will buy the new Kansas CD with Livgren and Steinhardt, too. Thank you for your work. I don't know how difficult it is for you to belt out those vocals, but I can't think of anyone else I'd rather hear. I once told someone you could scream and it would be in key. Thanks Bill Menietti, 28-Dec-2001
Steve! When Santa dropped by our place, you could hear him ROCKIN OUT to GLOSSALALIA!! I said, "Hey, Santa, I like Steve Walsh, too, but it's 4 in the MORNING!". -- i think i offended him.... But anyway, he left a little somethin for you! (he knew we'd see you in Hallendale, on March 30, 2002!) Do you ever do casual phone-type interviews? If so, there's this JAM Magazine down here that does 'get around' South FL. I'd love the chance to set somethin up that could let even more people KNOW that KANSAS IS KOMING! ------or, maybe i think too much! Now, I know this is a long-shot, but my son & I would love to treat you to lunch or dinner when you're in Hallendale! I can research the BEST EATS----SUSHI----OR WHATEVER you might prefer! We're just good folk, and we LOVE TO EAT! & WE LOVE GREAT COMPANY! Please let us know if we could accomodate you in any way while you're here! Welp, gotta go for now. Happy New Years! (One More Time...)
-Karl O'Neill --'THE WHITEROOM IS PURE' GUY, 26-Dec-2001
Merry Christmas
Hey Steve, may the love of God, the peace of the Holy Spirit and the joy of music be yours this day and every day of your life. Always inspired by your music.
Steve, 25-Dec-2001
Insurng Tribute
Mr. Walsh, My name is David. I am 41 years old. I was born and raised in Wichita Kansas. I am part Navaho Indian, Spanish and Caucasian. I have been married for 18 years. I am a father of three boys. I am also a huge fan of not only 'Kansas' but you. Recently, privy to the advent of the Internet and eBay, I have been re-introduced to you as you were during your solo career. The music you released during that time was shear Genius to say the least. I wish I would have been more supportive. Being the rebellious type that I am, I had a difficult time coming to grips with the realities of your talent less the rest of the Kansas group. Understand that at that time I was a 'Kansas Band fan' through and through. I have recently purchased 'Glossolalia' and have been very impressed/absorbed with what I hear. Knowing your writing technique and my own ability to interpret your lyrics, I'm aware that it may be a while until the message gets through, but until then I'll enjoy the melody and all I think I understand. Over the many years I can say that my most memorable occasions have included some form of your musical talents. Thanks to you and the band members that have evolved themselves with the unique talents you possess, 'The "understanding of truth/reality" for those of us that refuse believing in the governments/societies interpretation of truth/reality', life as I understand it has been reconsidered and or questioned. Thank you for leading me through the dark hours. You know that, 'as a teacher, you have been consciencly or unconsciencly evolved with the molding of the perceptions of many needy souls, "sorry for puting so much responsibility on you" fortunately your influence has been positive and induring. At the risk of running on, I elect to close in saying, 'I would bask in the luck of your reply'. Sincerely.
Undying fan, David Anaya , 23-Dec-2001.
Aloha !!!
Hey Steve ! I am Karl's son, Erik. I saw you backstage. You shook my hand. Me and my dad gave Robby that bio folder from the old days. I like the song Miracles Out Of Nowhere! Im 7 years old and I play the drums! I have a pet snake. His name is Bob J. Kansas! I have seen Kansas 4 times and your concerts are great! I'll see you on the 5th time! Bye, ErikHey Steve ! I am Karl's son, Erik. I saw you backstage. You shook my hand. Me and my dad gave Robby that bio folder from the old days. I like the song Miracles Out Of Nowhere! Im 7 years old and I play the drums! I have a pet snake. His name is Bob J. Kansas! I have seen Kansas 4 times and your concerts are great! I'll see you on the 5th time! Bye, Erik, 09-Dec-2001
Merry Christmas, Steve! -from the 'Whiteroom is Pure' Guy!!
Hi again! Just wanted to touch base and wish you and yours a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!! I feel sure that this year is gonna be a sweet one around the Walsh residence, with your little girl being of that ultimate Christmas age! The two's can be intimidated by the whole ordeal, but the threes and fours---those are the professional Christmas Years! --And speaking of the kids... My seven year old, Erik, drew a picture of YOU the other day! I couldnt believe it! He even gave it a caption-- "Steve Walsh!! One More Time Around the Sun ---Heyya!" (He must be referring to your addlibs on the tune!) We're gonna save it for you! I just saw a picture of you performing during the Freaks days (KILLER LP!!) with a knee brace & im curious as to whether Under The Knife refers to surgery on your knee. The reason it intrigues me is that when I had my big car wreck and messed up MY knee, that disc, and particularly, that song, was a true inspiration to me and a call to get back into life. Coupled with the intensity of knowing I could have died, those songs are healing songs--gettin on with it songs, for me. Thank you for writing them. The perspective that is gained from a serious accident is so CLEAR. The things that matter vs. the things that dont! Anyhoooo-- Guess i'll click "SEND"™ now! PEACE, BRO! Karl ONeill p.s. We LOVE "WE THREE KINGS" & the whole disc, too!, 09-Dec-2001
The Voice of America
Merry Christmas! I've been a prog/rock fan for years and a Kansas fan since I was in gradeschool listening to big AM radio out of Chicago past my bedtime! It may have been Kerry's words that gave me a tiny bit of hope that time when I was a geeky teenager wondering whether another day was worth it but it was your incredible voice and delivery Mr. Walsh that made me decide to "Hold On". And while on the subject of lyrics, never sell yourself short. I've spent a lot of time lately listening to "Freaks of Nature" and have come to the conclusion that it is a vastly underrated album. Never sell yourself short, lyrically or musically! When you read how much your music has meant to all of us out here... realize that sometimes you are your own worst critic. :-) Kansas rules me musically and I think I've become a lifer after seeing you guys at both Mt. Pleasant, Iowa and Elgin, Illinois this year. I've seen lot of live shows in my life (even Clapton at the Royal Albert Hall) and no one puts on a better show than Kansas! The magic and unique character of Kansas has always lain, for me, in its reflection of America, real America. First, its guys from the heartland make good. Its pride that our country can put up the best progressive rock out there. And it is enduring through the years. The "format of the music", primarily two visions, voices doing the writing, two vocalists, two guitars, two keyboards styles, putting the dichotomies of American culture and life on stage and in records. I always thought that Kansas balanced the spiritual aspirations and also basic drives of the American character perfectly. And as such a balancing act I'll say this... I love Somewhere to Elsewhere but... I hope, as do many of us, that the next Kansas album has something on it written by Steve Walsh. And if the rest of the band doesn't agree then just take it to us, the fans,as another solo album. Congrats on Glossolalia, by the way! The closest I get to paradise on earth is a night that starts with "Good evening and welcome to Kansas". The enduring vision in my memory is a full harvest moon rising over stage right during an Iowa threshing show, listening to my favorite music, and Steve Walsh, the voice of America for me. For what its worth, my three kids, ranging in age from 1 to 5 years old also love Kansas.( they saw the Iowa show) Never too early to educate them... Thank you Mr Walsh for all these years and for hopefully many more! I look forward to seeing you sing and play again someday soon. My Christmas wish for you is for you and all you love to have a great holiday season. "Peaceful and Warm" Thank you again for your contributions to enriching my life and the lives of my kids. Michele Stadermann Dec. 6, 2001
Best Wishes...
Steve, My name is Rick Hagelstein. I'm 49 years old. During college, Kansas was the band. Around 1973 or 74, my former college roomate called me to say that he had 2 tickets for a concert at Pine Knob. He wouldn't tell me who was performing, only that he wanted my committment to attend prior to telling me. This was last minute, and I had to arrange my backfill. Once I committed he told me that is was "Kansas". I think this may have been one of your early concerts performing "Miracles out of Nowhere". Anyway, thank you for a concert experience that exceeded my expectations, and will remain one that I'll never forget. The show was excellent, but it wasn't just a show, it was excellent music with flawless execution. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, Rick, 30-Nov-2001
Dear Steve, To me you are the best singer in the world. I have all your music and i love it. But goddamn, when will you perform in Holland. There are lots of fans here. So come on and make us happy. I doesn't nessecerelly be this year. Greetings, John Leuven, 27-Nov-2001

Dear Steve, Your voice and inspiration pass into the hearts of the folks that care about you! I was at the St Pete show on Nov 9 and what a show you performed for us all! (Im the 'Whiteroom is pure' guy. I showed you my nappy scar on my knee while we were all back- stage.) The show reminded me of the Two For The Show days! It reminded me of the LP at least 8 or 10 times thru the performance! Vinoy Park was the ONLY place to be! PLEASE KEEP WRITING YOUR OWN STUFF!! Im a Kansas fan, true, but mostly because of you! Its your unique delivery that reels me back for more! Its your WALL of VOX that creates an atmosphere of originality that is increasingly hard to find! PREEESH!! I also want to thank you for MY talents!! You have always been a mentor ...In My Mind...! Whatever is good about my music has been at least in part because of your influence in my little life! IM GRATEFUL!! I feel connected to what youre doing, even more than what I might think I should, but what is one to do? (I think we should DO WHAT OUR HEART NEEDS US TO DO! Thats why I write you. Thats why I bother you after I KNOW you SANG YOUR ASS OFF! I literally am pawn to whats goin on! Its not that I need to stand and be counted, but rather, its a need to impart my enthusiasm to you-like some kind of 'full circle' thing!) I have the luxury of enjoying your music! It was MADE for folks like ME! I RECEIVE it, so naturally- How can I NOT thank you, when given the chance? Wouldnt you? Thanks, BROTHER!
Karl (Just found out Im 1/16th Indian--My grandma's mother was full-on Indian, from a tribe in upstate NY!!) People of the North Wind!! Its the people of the wind.....Got to see 'em again...

thanks steve for taking time to sign your
new cd and talking with me at Mt Pleasant iowa I have been a true Kansas for these almost thirty years now looking forward to the next thirty years Most of all right now Kerry and you have written music that has touched the hearts and minds of people all over the world Curtain of Iron was a true statement of that time and thats what's drawn me closer each day to the music of Kansas simply put truth and honesty happy holidays to you and your family and we'll see you next year {down the road} t , 24-Nov-2001
Ribfest 2001
Hey Steve, Great show (November 9th) at Ribfest this year! Right on the water in beautiful Tampa Bay, Kansas was hot! Miracles Out Of Nowhere, Journey From Mariabronn, and Song For America were all hot. We love you down here and please come back to see us soon. Kansas is the best band of all time and you guys have never sounded better!! Steve, your music has been my constant companion through all these years and I feel like you're one of my best friends. Hope to get to meet you someday so I can shake your hand and say thanks for the music. Take care, and see if you can pull any strings to get Schemer-Dreamer released on cd, it's a great album. Peace and God Bless, Mark Walker, 16-Nov-2001

Dutch progressive rock band
Hi there. Here a message from a fan of Steve Walsh for about 25 years. Been on your page and enjoyed my stay. Have to say that Kansas has never been the same without this great singer. take a look at my home page at www.timexposure.cjb.net about the symphonic rock band I am singing in. Greetings from the lowlands. Mario van Veen, 15-Nov-2001

Las Vegas, NV
Hi, Steve, The words don''t come so easy but I'm trying. The first time I saw Kansas was at Madison Square Garden at The Monolith concert and I fell in love with the music and your voice - and became a die-hard fan. Like many of your fans, your music has helped me through a lot of my life's ups and downs - but like you said "know your dreams can be real" (this is true). I had seen Kansas at a place called Boppers in Connecticut a while back and was lucky enough to get the Kansas hat that you and the audience were throwing around. I hadn't seen the band in two years and got tickets to the Las Vegas concert for September 22nd - but being from New York with what happened on September 11th - I wasn't sure I was going to be able to get on a plane the following Friday. Luckily the flight wasn't cancelled and I made it to Texas Station. Just hearing your music again live really lifted my spirits at that time. The American flag on Phil's drums and Robbie's intro to Song for America was just the right amount of reference to the tradegy. I sat in the fourth row behind what I guess were the band's family members. I was the one taking the annoying pictures. I don't even have the words to express my gratitude but thanks for a lifetime of great music and I want to hear more new stuff from you and Kansas in the years to come.
You're the best. Maria Lore Castagna, Mamaroneck, NY, 08-Nov-2001
Hi Steve Walsh and Kansas fans. Just emailing to say what a great site, and thanks for all your trouble. I finally got to see Walsh/Kansas for the first time in September, it was fantastic.(Pueblo, Colorado). Didn't get to meet Steve, oh well next time, maybe. Keep up the great work. Tony Marks. (Australia), 05-Nov-2001
Do you remember me....once again
it was in Tulsa, i talked to you by repeated lyrics from all your music and you gave me free passes to your show. i couldn't attend so i sent my friend a blind musician MICHEAL KIDD you all were so good to him. oops husbands turn : thank you for the show in OKC on the AUDIO VISIONS TOUR. enjoyed the trip following you to WICHITA loved the show at the COLLISIUM the breakfast was great too.
Kittyn, 05-Nov-2001
THANKS FOR SINGING Port Charlotte, FL!!!
Hi Steve! Jeez! You rocked your people quite sweetly this time!! Those vox were soundin mighty glassy!! (or should I say GLOSS-eee!!) Thank you much for giving us another tastey performance! It was nice to see you in such a personal venue, too. I'm the guy that gave Robby that 1974 Bio with the 2 pictures. I thought it might be "a hoot and a hollar" for you-- a blast from the past! (He showed you, didn't he?) Its amazing how many distinct "looks" you've had over your career! Those pix illustrate my point! --Got the new TOOL CD, for some crunchy influence. (I've been so distracted fine tuning my new studio setup that my guitar playin has taken a back seat--but that disc is waking me up!!) You never know when your favorite singer may promote his solo work and throw a new band together! He would definately want a guitarist SOLD OUT TO THE CAUSE! -ONE THAT KNEW THE STREETS STUFF, SCHEMER , AND OF COURSE, G L O S S O L A L I A !!!!! NOW, WHO DO YOU THINK WOULD PULL UP ROOTS AND BUZZ STRAIGHT TO ATLANTA for a tryout? Lots would, for sure, but one, Karl O'Neill would still stand after the smoke cleared! I'm 34 and hell-bent for rockin for STEVE ! ! Welp, I'm gonna crank up Dig. Performer and go for a productive session, so I'll close for now. I hope this time finds you and your family in happiness!
Peace, Karl O'Neill, 17-Oct-2001
p.s. Thanks for the signature at Port Charlotte! ROCK ON !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Quick Hello
Hey steve- I am only 20, but have been a fan all and more of the 20 years. My parents were huge into Kansas, as am I. I had a life long wish, and that was to meet you and the guys of Kansas. On June 19, 2000, you played at "Rockstock" in Regal, MN. I remember you were not feeling well, so Rich said, but you took a few seconds to sign a piece of paper and do a quick pose for a picture. I guess I just wanted to thankyou for giving me my wish, as well as bragging rights to meeting Steve Walsh of Kansas! Jon Thompson, 11-Oct-2001
New York
Hi Steve, First, I'd like to express my personal thanks and appreciation for the contributions you have made to modern music. I've enjoyed your work and that of Kansas over the years. In fact it has been a significant influence to my guitar and keyboards playing - and more recently violin. A local group of musicians in the Minneapolis, MN area is putting together a local benefit performance to raise money for the September 11 cause. I've been struggling with material for my 15 minute performance in the lineup and came across a great tune that you wrote for the album: In the Spirit of Things. The song is: Stand Beside Me. It seems so appropriate to the occasion, and has such a beautiful weave of melody and accompaniment that I'd love to showcase it on acoustic and vocal if you don't mind. All the best to you and your family. Sincerely, Michael Johnson (no not THAT Michael Johnson), 09-Oct-2001

Hello from Stan
Steve, Not sure if you will get this message, but thought I would give it a try. I just wanted to say thanks for all the music and the memories. I have seen Kansas in large arenas. I have watched you sing in smoky bars. I have sat on bails of hay with fairground lights in the distance and enjoyed all of the songs. From some of the best times in my life, all the way through times of doubt, your voice has always been their as an encouragement. The music will always remain. I am convinced that after we have all left this place, folks years from now will still be playing the music of Kansas. I was just listening to "Can I Tell You" this morning. I light of the recent tragedy, this song now has a new meaning. Timeless, no doubt. Thanks again and God Bless - Stan, 06-Oct-2001

Hello from Norway
Hi Steve. I Am an 40 years old guy from Norway who has listened to Kansas and your music for about 25 years, and i can tell you that there are no any bands that can give so lot of good music in a period of so many years. I have always told my friends that they must buy some of the oldest Kansas records, and then collect the rest one by one and get the feeling i have. You are the greatest singer ever. My bigges twhises are to see Kansas Live, but i cant see the band have been in Scandinavia. It`s so expensive for me to travel to USA, so i think i`ve never have the opurtinity to see a Kansas gig live. Your Solo cd Glossalia are one of my favorites at the moment. Your voice are still clear and i hope it vil be possible to listen to your music for many years. Many thanks for your music from Frode Haug, 04-Oct-2001

December People
You have amazed me yet again.When I heard you sing We Three Kings Of Orient Are I almost cried with emotion.You just keep getting better and better.And then The Light written by you yourself,what a awesome song performed by KANSAS....The December Peaple will be played all year long not just during the holidays.Thanks again for your great vocals and songs .We can here you, never stop the hard work it is most appreciated.There is no other with such emotion and energy.Please write more material for another KANSAS album and solo masterpeace GLOSSOLALIA...Thanks and see you on the road.
TODD GAUDIERI, 03-Oct-2001

The Whiteroom is pure, the Doctors are brave...
Just read your 'mirror by the staircase' story! Knarly! My life was in major peril, as well, shortly after the MIDTOWN MUSIC FESTIVAL. Crusin down I-95, my car hydroplaned into a parked towtruck at about 60 MPH (which I totalled! $50K's worth!) My car bounced back on to the highway, and was struck again by another car, spinning me uncontrollably! My life's not been the same since. The good news: Thru all that, somehow, only my knee got 'new parts'! I JUST started walking again this past week or so, and I'm finally on the upswing, and nearly back into real life! (Yeah) Noone else was even hurt, thankfully. Steve, your music has beem instrumental thru my healing process!! THANK YOU for sharing your aspirations and talent with us! WE'RE PROUD TO BE A PART OF YOUR MUSICAL FAMILY! Our hope ( my son's and mine) is that your music flourishes and your dreams are realized! My son, Erik, and I will be seeing you with Kansas on 10/13 (Port Charlotte, FL) so, if you see some gimpy fella with his 7 year old-THAT'S US!! ROCK ON - NEVER STOP!!!!
Sorry, I'm such a no-brainer that I forgot to sign my email!! To many years of drug abuse, I guess! Anyway, I'm Karl O'Neill. You know, I hope one day we meet! I feel sort of juvenille admitting so, 'cause I don't think of myself as a groupie-type person, but the 'ID' within me is coming out, and it's really YOUR FAULT! If your music wasn't so f%^&*kin' AWESOME, I wouldn't have to utter these truths! Thanx again for all the years!
See you soon, Karl, 02-Oct-2001

New York
Howdy Steve
How are things going, I hope you are doing fine. I know that you have heard the bad news about what has happen in New York and DC. Sometimes I listen to your music and there is a hope from a voice that can touch so many. I was thinking that you could write a song about what happen on Sep, 11, 2001. I know you could touch the hearts of those who lost there love one's on that day, you have a great gift that comes from the Lord, use it.....
Your Fan Tim Sexton Sep 30, 2001

Las Vegas Show
Hello Steve, Seen the Kansas show On Sept.22nd and you and the band really impressedme. Ive been a fan from the beginning. I guess it was about 3 or 4 years ago was the last time I saw the band jam here in Sin City (June Fest) Anyway Steve, Keep doing what you doing man. Your fans are out thier.. Regards, Brian P. , 24-Sep-2001

Steve, My memories of you and Kansas are many and span to the mid '70's when I was privelaged to see you open for "Starship". I had never heard of you before and was completely blown away. I told my friend that Kansas would be really big. He didnt believe me or appreciate your music as I did, but I was right. I have been front row center for many performances. I even collected a cigarette butt off of the stage once as memorabilia. I recently escaped from a horrible marraige, one that, I thought, destroyed my love of music. Its ironic that my ex, once played music (keyboard) professionally, and even played Kansas, specifically, "It Takes a Woman's Love". This week I came across "Somewhere to Elsewhere", (which is exactly how I feel since I left him). I have been absorbing this music for the past 5 days. This is a beautifully performed compilation of music, new, but reminiscent of the Kansas I have always loved. I am feeling so alive now. I thank you from the deepest recesses of my heart for lighting this spark, for speaking to me through you music, for helping me feel alive once again. Steve, you bring such life and vibrancy to Kerry's words. I'm will definitely be at the show in Atlantic City. I will see you there.
Kansas forever, Susie, 14-Sep-2001

Hi Steve
Hey Steve how you doing? I've met you on a couple of occasions and just wanted to say hello via email. Been chasing you guys around quite a bit this year, and I get to see you for the 5th time this year in a few week down in Vegas. This middle aged groupie thing gets expensive :-) Thanks for all the years of joy and inspiration you and the guys in Kansas have brought me. Not a day in my life goes by without me listening to Kansas and your voice. Keep it up as long as you can, and know your fans are "Crazy" and dedicated to your music and message. Hope to see you again the future.
Bill McRea ("Lifer" -- Do a Dear a female Dear :0), 06-Sep-2001

Hi Steve, It's great to have this forum to be able to extend personal messages to you. I've been a huge Kansas fan since the "Point of Know Return" days and since that time I've grabbed every Kansas album and loved them all, including your solo stuff. I was simply blown away by "Glossolalia." I never had the chance to see Kansas in concert until you came to the Shilo Inn in Idaho Falls, Idaho, in late June of 1995 on the "Freaks of Nature" tour. That was a night I'll never forget. I was unemployed at the time with a wife and two kids to support, but I had to see my favorite band for the first time in nearly 20 years of listening to your music. I've also seen you live at a free show at Salt Lake Community College when you were on the "Always Never The Same" tour, and have enjoyed every note you guys have played in your shows. I'm also an active member of the KansasFans club on Yahoo!
I'm hoping to be able to see you guys again when you play Sept. 6 at the Eastern Idaho State Fair. There are a lot of people in Idaho who are big fans of yours. Steve, I'd also like to say that your music has touched me a great deal through crucial periods of my life, particularly through the emotion you put into your art. The music of Kansas and the power you put into your playing and singing has given me a lot of spiritual and emotional strength through some very rough times. So much of my life feels like it was written in the songs of Kansas and your solo work that I can't begin to express what it's meant to me. For instance, when I hear "Carry On Wayward Son," it helps me deal with the fact that my father died before I was born, I never had the opportunity to know him or really know that part of my life, and I miss him deeply. I've climbed grand mountainsides and looked out over marvelous valleys with "Icarus - Borne On Wings of Steel" as inspiration. Steve, the "inspiration list" is endless.
Like you, I've fought off demons in my life and come out a much better person. I admire you for taking that huge step in your own life. Life's much better when we don't play "The Devil Game," isn't it? That's another song that's helped me, specifically at a time when I nearly drank myself to death. But after listening to those lyrics and the way you sang them -- singing along myself and dancing much like you would, with as much emotion as you'd put into it -- things looked much better. I'm a happier person today. I thank you and the rest of the guys in Kansas for so much! I hope to be able to meet you before or after a show someday and spend just a minute out of your busy life on the road and in your music writing world, just to get to know a guy who's touched my soul through his music and his passion for what he does and has done so well for so many years.
Keep up the great work! Sincerely, John G. Miller West Jordan, UT, 31-Aug-2001
Steve`s work
Steve, I have always loved hearing your voice and I have liked the songs you have written. I would love to continue to hear you to do many new songs, solo and with KANSAS. As I'm also getting older I know things get more difficult everyday. I watched you and the band in Nashville last July 29, 2000. I loved it. I wish I could be their every time Kansas played anything. I've loved KANSAS and Steve Walsh's voice since I first heard them in 1976. There has never been enough KANSAS for me. Keep up the good work and take care of yourself.
KC Robertson, 31-Aug-2001
Show-Tooele, UT
Hey Steve, I caught the show last night at the Deseret Peak complex in Tooele. I guess I owe you an apology. The other bands in the show were pretty good. They obviously were missing key original members of their bands and had brought in ringers and hired guns to fill in. Mostly competent musicians too. These legendary bands may not have acheived their former glory but they at least did justice to it. Then Kansas takes the stage and just blows them all away. You guys are almost TOO good. Great to see Robbie back and as awesome as ever, Rich does an almost impossible job of being 2 guitarists at once, and Phil and Billy were as great as always. As I followed your progress over the last couple decades I had recently decided that Steve Walsh wasn't what he used to be, at least vocally. The magic was still there to be sure, but the equipment was maybe not what it was before. The powerful range you had in the past was perhaps not where it used to be. Well I guess you showed me! You sounded nearly as good as you ever have. "Icarus-" one of my all-time favorite songs has seemed to be missing lately, I thought because it was just too vocally demanding. You tore it up last night. The range might be off a tad from your early days but you're a helluva far cry from losing it. My apologies, and thanks for a historical evening for myself and many others. Come back and see us anytime.
Curtis Mortensen Salt Lake City, Ut, 27-Aug-2001
It's hard to believe 25 years since the release of Leftoverture! 
Still my favorite album of all times.  My brother John and I were just 

jammin' to it in the car this past weekend. 

Steve, I was a gigging musician back in those days (1976) and still am at times. 

I had a band in Houston, TX called Blown Rose and our stuff got compared to Kansas alot.  I always warmed-up (my vocal chords) with you.  If I could make it all the way through Portrait/He Knew, then I was good to go. Your music still inspires me. 

Will we see you in Texas this year (2001)? 

I like your website!!!  Take care.......... 

Linda Lassen, 22-Aug-2001
There is no doubt
Dear Steve,

I am a "geezer" rocker from way back who still can't understand why you and the band aren't yet in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I guess they have to pace themselves in the Hall of Fame business, or somesuch. In the meantime, we'll all keep writing them for their lack of vision. By the way, any truth to a rumor you've got some new music up your sleeve? Keep the faith.

Michele Colburn, Washington, D.C., 16-Aug-2001
My wife and I attended the Kansas concert here in Detroit the other night and just wanted to let you know how wonderful your performance was. We have gone to about 15 or 20 concerts of the bands over the last 20 years and to be able to see you up close and personal is something I wont soon , if ever forget. Even though you dont do your patented headstands anymore , your emotional connection with the music still gives me chills down my spine. We saw you at the DTE center in May and even my son who is 23 is a big fan now. Hope you continue to tour for years to come because each time we see you it solidifies your admiration for your music abilities and something touches our inner souls at each and every concert. THANKS SO MUCH. 

Mark and Jory Hill, 13-Aug-2001
Hello there Steve, just like to say thanks for years of enjoyment gained from your phenomenal voice and musical ability.It`s good to know that someone can still sing with emotion and write music that actually makes you sit up and listen.Although you have a successful career I can`t believe that you have not received more recognition, and judging by some of your interviews I believe you feel the same. Anyway,keep on plugging away and don`t even think of retiring.

p.s.Mick Ralphs could do with a slap `round the ear for not giving you a go in Bad Co.Now that would have been interesting.Apart from the blues and soul guys,only Rodgers and yourself get those hairs on the back of the neck moving. 
Bob Davidson. Northumberland, England, 03-Aug-2001.

Dear Steve, I first saw you in 1973-4 in K.C at the Cowtown Ballroom w/Captain Beefheart.I know you probably don't remember,so many shows ago;so many years gone by.I was just starting to get serious about being a musician,learning to play guitar.That night was a revelation for me! Here were some local guys that really had their acts together.Several years later after moving to Washington state[and turning all my new friends on to Kansas]I returned to K.C. and was helping a friend clean bars.Do you remember a place called One Block West?I met Rick Derringer there and was privileged to get to see Shooting Star rehearse many times.Yes, I had finally become a "weekend warrior",playing in bands at night and working full time jobs during the day.One marriage and many bands later,my mother became ill and passed away.She was the one who encouraged me to stay with music till the end. I then took the weird notion to become a over the road truck driver,and put my music on the shelf .I travelled all 48 states and Canada with my collection of Kansas tapes, and met my current wife while disscusing "In The Spirit Of Things" in our terminal with another fan.Marriage and a move to Pennsylvania offered me an opportunity to pick up my music again and Kansas with "Somewhere To Elsewhere" and your "Glossoalia" were inspiration again! Please keep playing and I hope to catch you either in Atlantic City or sometime in the near future.Thanks for all the great music.......Forrest C. Ouderkirk, 31-July-2001
Dear Steve,
Greg Sykes From Martinsville, Virginia.

I have been a BIG fan of Kansas for several years now. I first got turned on to your music with the Kansas greatest hits. The music grew on me and I steadily sought after other Kansas albums and solo projects. I had found a copy of your new album, 'Glossolalia', and when I read what kind of bands you liked to listen to--well, I kind of figured out from the title track that you were a Nine Inch Nails fan(nothing wrong with that!) Anyways, Like you, although I love anything and everything Kansas has put out, 'In The Spirit Of Things' had to be one of my most favorite Kansas albums, with Freaks of Nature ranking up there! Your unique vocal style and sound have always been what I have incorporated in my singing style. And your crafty keyboard/piano playing is what influenced me to learning to play the piano. Although I mainly write music and sing merely for hobby, Anyone who listens to what I have written can tell that Kansas(Steve Walsh) is a hugh influence in my songs. Please tell me that Kansas will keep putting out new albums--- look at Aerosmith!!! So Carry On and never be just Dust In The Wind! *Peace*      -Greg Sykes Martinsville, Virginia, 26-July-2001
Thanks, Steve, From Milwaukee.
Hey, Steve, I'm just another lonnnnng time fan, who has been inspired by your talent from the very  beginning of your career to your most present solo work, and all the side stuff you did in-between.  You have given so much of yourself to so many people. and this chance to say "THANKS" to you is something I feel I owe you by now.  I know you heard it many times, but I have to  say it myself. Your voice is like unlike any singer I have EVER heard.  Your strength and passion  reaches way deep down, and truly conveys the meaning  in a way that no other vocalist can do.  Whenever I play a Kansas CD or one of your solo CDs for friends, it never fails... they always comment about how awesome your voice is.  And it makes me think how right they are. 

Hoping that this personal letter of  thanks reaches you, because I really feel I owe it to you by now  for all you've given. 

Thank you. 

Mark Milo

South Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 21-July-2001
I haven't figured out why, but I really want to get a message to Steve. I have been a fan since I was 11. I managed to drag my Mom to take me to see Kansas in 1977 and was blown away by the band, but especially by Steve's talent as a musician, singer and performer. I finally was able to see Kansas again this past fall in Hartford , CT. I managed to get backstage aftershow passes from a well-connected friend. I can't explain how damned excited I was; I could barely sleep all week just thinking about meeting the band, especially Steve. I suppose after 20+ years of being a star, it gets kinda old: meeting fans, getting blinded by the flash from cheap cameras, overzealous fans with idle chitchat....Steve was really tired at the aftershow, which is fine. He kicked butt on stage! What I found to be so deflating is that he just seemed to not care about interacting with the fans. He wasn't mentally "there", and made the few fans that were backstage feel like he didn't really want to be there at all with us. I had been chatting with the interviewer from House of Shred, and he said Steve had been fine in the pre-show interview. What happened??!!  Being on the road sucks, no doubt about it. But this is his life..his business. I put on a game face for my clients, or at least explain why I am not at 100%. I almost wish he had just gone straight to the bus instead of going backstage to feel pestered by his life long fans. I still love the music, love the concerts, but something has changed. I just met an up-and-coming, hot, national band last week, and they were so GENUINE, open to their fans and grateful. I was amazed. I guess I just wish Steve was as excited about us, the fans who buy his music, as we are about him. Please try to forward this on to him. I look forward to his web offerings as he continues to make more web movies & use new technology. Thanks.

debbie5 roberts, 18-July-2001
Hi Steve!
I was very much impressed by 'Glossolalia'. It rocks! As for the 'Somewhere to elsewhere'-album, I think it's a little bit too much Kerry Livgren, if you know what I mean. (But it's good though). (But hey, I actually liked both 'Freaks of nature', and 'In the spirit of things')!!!!!!!('Ghosts' rules)

Why don't you (with or without Kansas) come to Norway??

Thank you for many hours of good music.

Best regards Roy Falkum, Norway, 17-July-2001
remember me
the place was deer-creek in noblesville-indiana. you was running down a road, and i ,stopped you in my car. you looked surpised. all i wanted was a autograph. you signed one for me. my wife was with me, in a little red car. you made my dream come true. i,really thought you were the greatest vocalist of all times. i,hope you still remember me. i've seen you several times in concert. we met in 96. will try to see you at the state fair grounds in indy in august 2001. keep on rockin, rick gardner. thanks a bunch.

Hay Steve
How is it going, I saw you in Corpus Christi Tex not to long ago, I though the show was great, the last time I saw you, it was with Streets in Dallas Tex.  Keep going and don't give up, and Happy Birthday late and God Bless you.  Tim July 5, 2001
Steves E-mail
Hi  Steve. My Name is Frank. Im a Drummer  From Youngstown, Ohio. Ive been Listening to You Guys For Many, Many Years Now. I Love Kansas. You Guys are The Greatest Band  Ever In  my eyes. I Love Your Vocals. Coolest voice I Ever Heard.  I Saw You Guys In a Small  Club In Youngstown, OH. Back In 1997. A  place called the  Bistro. I was Right in  Front of Robbie. It Was The Most Amazing Concert I Ever Seen In My Life. Ive Waited  25 Years For That Night. I Finally  Got My Chance. I Love The New CD. I have a few questions for you.Two of my favorite songs on the new cd are Byzantiume, and The coming Dawn. What does Byzantiume Mean? I love that Song. Also. I have Live at the whiskey A Go- Go on VHS Tape. I would love to have this on DVD.  Have  you Guys Ever Realeased This on DVD, Or will  It ever be Realeased On  DVD?  Second  Question. I collect rare concert footage. Will you guys Realese any NEW Concert footage from the recent toor on VHS or DVD?

If so , Please let me know when. Im  Very  Interested  in this Stuff. Im going to cut this short now. Thank You For All Your Time.  Hope to here from you soon.

Frank, Youngstown, Ohio. 29-June-2001
Blueash Concert

My brother and I saw Kansas at Blueash Ohio...it was a great show.  How about 

playing Louisville Ky sometime....maybe downtow at the Louisville Palace?

Mike Tanner, 23-June-2001
Better late than never!
Dear Steve,

Sorry I?m little late but I wish you Happy Birthday too! I hope you have a good time with your family, friends and Kansas. A few words about myself: Now I?m 17, your fan since 1996 when I first heard  "Dust in the wind". So I grew up listen to your beautiful voice. I live in  Russia. Yes, there are Kansas fans even in Russia!!! I was impressed what a 

warm receptions our music magazines gave to "Somewhere to elsewhere" and it 

appears in 100 bestsellers of the year 2000 list made by largest music store in Moscow called "Purple Legion"(#65). But I love your "Glossolalia" better then ?Somewhere to elsewhere?. And I?m really fond of Streets live album! I hope  someday Atlantic label will agree to sell you master tapes of Streets studio efforts. It?s a real crime what they?re doing with masters!  You didn?t ruin your voice. It still has so much emotions, warmth and  tenderness. No one else can sing the same way. The first time I heard "Dust?" I was actually crying. Someone said that hearing you was like hearing an old friend. It?s true. God gave you very unique voice; take care of it and rock on.

Thank you for reading this message! All the best!

Anna, 21-June-2001.
I was wondering
Dear Steve- 

Why do you sell short your instrumental prowess?  In listening through the Kansas catalog (you bet, I have them ALL), I can't help but think that your Hammond playing was, along with Phil's drumming, was very much the thing that defined the band's sound. I first saw you back in the day before you started using Krumar stuff and were actually playing vibes live.  You were a holy terror on keys.  Hell, if I could find a keyboardist who could pull off "The Spider", I'd want to open every gig with it.  What kind of mind can write something like that!  So powerful without a single syllable being uttered.  Everyone comments on your abilities as a vocalist (understandably so, you've been given a great gift), but you also absolutely SMOKE on keys.  I've always enjoyed the images that music can paint without a word being spoken.  If someone can create a lasting visual image in my mind without having to use a single word, then that in my mind is true musical artistry.  Alot of Kansas' best stuff revolved around the arrangements and the musicianship of the band members.  The instrumental stuff really separated you guys from the pack just as much as your vocals.  I was really bummed that you didn't play any keys on the last Kansas album.  I love and respect Kerry's writing and the intricacies of his playing, but when it comes time to blow over the chord changes, I really thought you were in the class of a select few (Lord, Emerson, Wakeman) while also having quite an ear for selecting the right textures to really send the message home (ala Banks, Livgren, Geddy Lee's synth work with Rush).  I can imagine what a bitch it must be to be trying to pull off both keyboard parts live, but I can also think of MANY Kansas tunes where Kerry and Rich are both playing guitar (one doubling the bass line while the other plays a different part) and it was  your Hammond playing that made the whole thing sound absolutely huge.  It sounds so much more dense and rich than just a loud distorted rhythm guitar crunching out 'power fifths'.  Please re-hone your keyboard chops and show them off because you, my friend, are a monster talent on keys, and that Hammond B-3 (or was it a "C" that you were using?)  rotating-speaker cabinet sound is something too timeless not to dig and you certainly know how to work it. 

I really can't fully express how much I've enjoyed your music over the years.  In all my years of playing I've never worked with a vocalist that had your abilities.  I've worked with guys that had the range, but not the power; power, but not the range; range and power, but not the depth of expression and emotion.  As a keyboard player, you've changed the lives of at least two of the guys I've worked with.  By turning them on to your playing, one of the guys has created a custom bank of patches and even bought a Leslie-simulator to try to take his sound and playing specifically towards your style, and the other I gave a copy of "Masque" and he went nuts.  He went so far as to hunt down a beat upon cut-down Hammond B-3 and a Leslie in a neighboring state, rented a Ryder truck to go get it, and it was a hell of a long time before we could get him to play piano on anything after that! Right now he doesn't play out, but spends a hell of a lot of time writing very progressive material and constructing arrangements into Cakewalk at his home studio.  I played guitar on a couple of his demos, and its pretty easy to tell where he's drawing alot of his influence from.  I'm actually kind of relieved not to have to help him lug that damned Hammond around anymore (it is a BACKBREAKER!!), but we sure miss the sound of that rotating speaker cabinet pumping away.  I ended up having to get another copy of "Masque" because he refused to give mine back.  Greg also asks, "why doesn't he play more?  This guy's a monster."  This guy, Greg, is a hell of a player, university-trained and also a heck of a jazz player, and this is the kind of esteem your playing is held in by a person who is no slouch himself on keys. 

Did you ever listen to jazz during your formative years?  I'm curious because when you take a solo, you seem to play "through" the chord changes seemlessly, rather than having to make adjustments in the contour of your lines as the chord changes come along.  Alot of the best jazz improvisors seem to have this ability, too.  On the older material, I can always tell the difference whether it is Kerry or you taking a solo.  Kerry's stuff is more angular, as if the chord changes are sometimes playing him, while your lines always seem to be like little compositions withing the song.  I really love the stuff in "The Pinnacle" and "Hymn To The Atman".  I love the way you can flip a switch from 'bluesy' to 'majestic'.  I just think the world of your keyboard playing, and I think the most exiting and influential musical experiences in my life are when I've seen you guys live and the band takes flight on an instrumental passage.  You guys are like the fine-mesh gears of a Swiss watch - balance, counterbalance, time signature against time signature, always modulating.  It was that power than reeled me in and I've been a fan ever since.  It's music for people who aren't afraid to be challanged by the music.  I love a nice, humable melody as much as the next Jane or Joe, but what you guys are capable of you just can't find many places - substance, integrity, and artistry......Oh, by the way, you guys by far rock harder than any other progressive band that came out of that era.  You juys and Jethro Tull I'll gladly go out of my way to see any time you're even close to my neck of the woods. 

Sorry if it sounds like I'm busting on you.  I just truly dig your musicianship and compositional/instrumental abilities as well as you vocal abilities.  I suppose coming from a background where I had to disect my share of Bach four-part chorales I listen to things a bit differently and really enjoy when someone has the ability to use their arranging, playing, and compositional abilities to paint pictures without a brush and tell stories without uttering a single word.  You've certainly got it in spades, and you're one the best vocalists I've ever heard. I look forward to and seek out anything that has your musical contributions, be it your solo work, as a member of Kansas, guesting on Jeff Watson and Steve Hackett's work, Streets, etc.  I think you've got a rare gift, and I've long admired your talents. 

John Leurck, 20-June-2001


P.S.  The Hammond sounds on "Leftoverature" are a benchmark of the way that instrument is supposed to sound in a rock context.  Every recording I hear with a Hammond gets compared, in my mind, to the sounds you got on that album.  No thin sounding synth string patches or sampled stuff can compare to the cholesterol-inducing thickness you dish out on the Hammond. 

P.S. (2)  Years ago there was a great jazz pianist.  The jazz players of his era who survive still talk about his abilities with reverence.  He had incredible chops and led a trio that also included a shit-hot guitarist and bass player.  He was enormously influential to other jazz pianist of his era and his playing forshadowed much of what was to come in the one that immediately followed - the Bebop Era. He started doing vocal numbers first as kind of a novelty, but he had a tremendously beautiful voice.  Eventually became a hugely successful recording artist on the strength of his vocal talents,  but soon stopped writing and after a while never even so much as played piano on his own recordings, much to the lament of the legions of musicians he influenced.  Among jazz critics, and certainly among jazz musicians, his most important contributions to that art came when he was a tear-it-up, hard-swinging pianist.  In fact, in the Penguin Guide to Jazz, though his active recording career extended into the mid 1960's, no mention can be found of any record he made after 1958,  and of all the records he ever made, the ones that fetch top dollar among collectors are the sides he cut during his instrumental era.  His name was Nat King Cole. 

For Steve
Hallo Steve, I?m a Kansas fan since 1976. I have all of Kansas, solo albums of Kerry and your two solo albums. Thanks for everything and Happy Birthday.

I wish you good luck.

Fugas from city Kosice of Slovakia, 19-June-2001
Hey Steve, I'm about to see you perform live for the 16th or so time ( Kansas and Streets) next month in Buffalo, NY and Ft Worth TX - and maybe Oklahoma City this month if I'm up to the drive - just wanted to say that you're the greatest live rock performer I've ever seen and loved Glossalalia. 

Keep rockin' brother - Johnny D., 15-June-2001
For Steve and the Band
Hello Steve,

I just wanted to say thanks to you and the rest of the band for all the years of music that you guys have given us. I have a 9 year old daughter that came to me and asked if she could learn to play violin, I was amazed. So I put on some Kansas to show her some of Robbies work, she liked it. I have seen you guys numeous times in my area, the first time being in 1974 in Erie Pa.(I was only 14). It was with Styx and Rory Gallager. Styx canceled out but it was still to this day the best. I seen you guys everytime you played at Conneaut Lake Park, and was fortune enough to meet everybody except for you but hope to someday! In short I will always be a dedicated Kansas fan Thank you!!! Mark Howell  Meadville, Pa., 15-June-2001

Happy Birthday to THE VOICE

I have posted here once before, but I thought it appropriate to do so again and say Happy Birthday number 50!  And for more than 25 of those years I have had the pleasure of listening to you sing some of the finest music in rock and roll! I salute you on this occasion, and wish you many more happy, healthy years.  I myself turn the big 4-0 on June 19th and feel as though we have "grown up" together.  So happy birthday my friend, and continue always doing what is is you do so very well.

Jim "Dutch" Dehnert,  Middletown, PA  17057, 15-June-2001 
Happy Birthday
Just wanted to say happy 50th today!! Half a century in the books - see you and the boys in concert real soon - peace John D from Dallas, 15-June-2001
I can't get this cd out of the player, awesome material.  I would love to see Kansas do a track or two...and maybe something from Billy's cd?  Will see you in Memphis in the fall, if not sooner...Bobby from Memphis, 06-June-2001
Dear Steve:
My wife and I just got home from seeing you in Cincinnati (Blue Ash). Thanx again for leaving us a memory.You and your friends are definitely our favorite band and have been for years!! Just wanted to say Hi and thank you!

Tim and Kelly Ghent, 03-June-2001 
I guess I would be considered a late-bloomer in the world of Kansas fans.  It was actually probably Steve Morse that got me into it. I have wanted to write you for some time, but have never found a source. I amastounded by the emotion in Glossolalia.  Lyrically, which quite honestly I rarely take not of the meaning of songs, it is so compelling. I sincerely hope you are able to continue releasing material and still get

satisfaction from it. Regards, Brian, 02-June-2001
Leonardo -The Absolute Man
Hi Steve, Awesome vocals on this cd.As usual you have put your heart into this recording.I received a promo from Dan Hanley whom i have become friends with since you have signed on with Magna Carta. Lookingforward to more great work from you on this wonderfull label.I cant wait to see you again on July 6th in Buffalo N.Y.I hope to here more songs from STE this tour.It is my pleasure to listen to you all over the years.Again I listen to Glossolalia everyday since released,Great work....Also great article in Progession magazine .Thanks Steve

Todd Gaudieri, 12-May-2001
Thank you Steve
Greetings Mr. Walsh.  Thank you for using your incredible talents in a way that has brightened so many people's lives.  Your music has made such a difference in my life - so many hours were immeasurably improved by having your music with me.  Steve, Glossolalia is so incredibly cool & profound - you truly are amazing!  Please continue making music; I do not know what I would do without new recordingsl!  If you're ever in MA, please stop by; to meet the man himself would allow me to cross off #1 on life's wish list :-)

With Sincere Thanks, Jason Gerrish Pepperell, MA 12-May-2001
For Steve

Peace-Jim Robinson, 10-May-2001
Dear Steve,
Many thanks for the years of pleasure you have given to me - Kansas are the

Worlds best band, and you are the Worlds best singer.

I have all of Kansas, Streets and your two solo albums, and love them all,

and Glossolalia is my favourite album, surely one of the most underrated

albums of all time.

I have never actually managed to see you live, although I do have the "Live

at the Whisky" video. Any chance of you doing a British tour?

Kindest regards to yourself and your family,

Pete Cripps, Leicester, England, 08-Apr-2001
Thanks for all Steve
Hi Steve! How do you do? I'm proud to talk with a rock legend!!!! I'm a Kansas fan since 1993 when i heard for the first time "Carry on Wayward son". It has been fantastic.In my opinion Kansas is one of the most important bands in the rock scene in the last 27 years. I'm a drummer, and naturally Phil has become one of my favourite one. I hope to see you on stage in Italy, and the next month I will go in Monaco to see my first Kansas Experience. Good luck in everything you do!

Cheers! CRISTIANO FULLI, 13-Mar-2001

Via Simone De Saint Bon 89 00915 ROME -ITALY-
As a new zealander visiting the states in 1991, I had never heard of a band called
kansas, so it was with bewildered surprise that I found myself heading out to dinner

with my american girlfriend in her truck and listening to the most complex, intellectually challenging music I have ever heard(and still so) playing from her tape deck. Intrigued,

I asked "what is that?" in which she replied "Kansas-Leftoverture". I was fasinated

and hooked instantly. The musical prowess,the timing changes,the intricate rhythms

both imspired and enthrawled.Before dinner I suggested we go to a record store, where

I proceeded to buy every album I could find by this facinating 'new' band I had discovered.The fact they had songs going back to the early seventies made me feel robbed all these years.How was it that I had never heard of them? Not only were the vocals soaring and beautiful, but the words seemed to verbalise a lot of my own thoughts of life and the world we share. Songs like ' the pinnacle' and 'incomudro-hymn to the atman' just blew me away in there powerful musical execution. It truly (and still does)arouse deep emotions from a place in me I never new existed. I can honestly say that kansas and steve walsh changed me forever and I cannot thank you enough for that.A real thrill was seeing kansas live for the first time in Arizona. I literally cried during the performance. No other band has touched me this way and I am a fan for life. Thank you steve and thank you Kansas.  Toby Auckland, New Zealand, 04-Mar-2001.
Greetings Mr Walsh,
Unfortunately I wasn't mentally around when Kansas started, being only 1 year old.

I had the late luck discovering Kansas just after the release of Power. The music was a step ahead of groups from the same genre, not so much technicaly but you (and Kerry) had a considderable advantage in using your techniques and not letting it get in the way of beautifull melodies, as most  progressive bands of your generation did. I can't tell you how proud I am when I hear bands like Dream Theatre, Spock's Beard, Symphony X etc. name Kansas as one of the influences. I live in Holland, which is quite open for prog./symph. rock, but Kansas never seems to be in peoples top ten.

So since '88 I'm looking for easy prey, trying to convince them that Yes and Rush are not the only ones and definately not the best ones. Basicly all I wanna say is....please go on, every time when I don't hear from Kansas or Steve Walsh for a while I start fearing "fuck they've quit". So let's say another 10 albums. I hope to get a glimpse of you in Hamburg Germany, being my first ever Kansas concert. 

question: would it be o.k. if I send you my version of your song "Imagine Love".

Good luck. Arno Menses, Holland 14-Feb-2001
Hello! Steve
Dear Steve, Thanks for your great voice. I think Steve is No.1 vocalist of the world.

So, I went to see Kansas's Japan tour,16.Jan.2001(IMP-Osaka) "Great live show!!" Steve's voice was back. Sang perfectly, I'm glad to hear ( other Japan tour )....

And, I went to see Kansas shows, 12.Nov.1996(club citta) 10.Mar.1999(heat beat)

These shows were wonderful!! I was moved with emotion. I 'm always happy when I hear Steve's songs. Steve's voice will remain forever in my mind.

P.S.: I wanna want Kansas's unreleased Live&Demo (audio visions tour&vinyl confessions demo...) How?  If O.K... somebody, tell me 
Kimihiko Izumi from Japan.13-Feb-2001 

Regards from LEBANON
I heard Steve Walsh in Beirut Lebanon in 1974 the first time. The ENTIRE country thought he was the best vocalist that has ever existed. Today, 27 years later, Kansas has no rival, no competition, and they are still #1 in my book.

Pierre Kerbage, 10-Feb-2001
I had the pleasure to be first owner of GLOSSOLALIA
I received a copy from Dan Hanley whom i became friends with just before the official release and I had the great pleasure of meeting you at Borders book store in Syracuse ,N.Y.If you remember i brought the cd and some posters from Dan Hanley at Magna Carta.The show was Awsome as usual after.Thanks for your signature.Steve Brownlow has been very kind to me at your shows.Please keep making great music,Glossolalia is a wonderfull cd.thanks Steve for your music, Todd Gaudieri  Rochester,N.Y.See Ya In 2001 after your tour in Germany. 05-Feb-2001
Steve, Thank you for your inspiration, you have givin us all in our voice and music..... It has inspired my own music with the Phil Marshall Band. 

Phil, 04-Feb-2001
To Steve
Where do I start.... Well, I became a fan through parental influence and remain a fan today because your wonderful work won't allow me to do otherwise. My mother is such a fan she had her first-born on your birthday! I have traveled to many states to see you, with Streets and with Kansas, and to visit some of the places you have been to, such as Neosho Falls. Growing up as a fan, and following your career has been a joy.  Thanks for all of the music from the past and what is surely to come.

Missy Ross, 02-Feb-2001

PS: I must confess that I am part of the fun and music-loving group of WBWs.  : ) 
Fan From Day One
Steve-- Where to begin...   Ever since my older brother and I pooled together our money back in 1974 to buy the first Kansas album on 8-track, I have been a die-hard fan, which was difficult being denied attendance to concerts in the 70's by the parents because they felt I was too young. Only in the '90's was I able to see the band live.  I was not disappointed, and I have not missed a Dallas appearance since. StE is an amazing album, and is one of the only things to grace my CD player in my car. Until recently. Glossalalia is truly your masterpiece. I can't put it down. I would love to hear some of it live. Without going on endlessly about how much I love Kansas, Streets and everything else you've done...  I just want to say one thing:  Thank You.  Thank you for all the years of music.  Thank you for always being there to help me see through some of the more difficult times in life. Your music and your voice always soothed me and (pardon the pun) helped me carry on.When Kansas played with Yes in Dallas in 2000, I had the brief honor to meet you face to face and I thanked you then. Not only for signing my CD cover, but for everything.  Again I thank you. I look forward to what the new millenium holds for you. Robert Held, 28-Jan-2001
Salute from Puerto Rico
In November '75 I moved from Puerto Rico to Philadelphia. The first rock concert that I attended at the Spectrum included an unknown (to me) band named Kansas. Although I had lived in NY in the 60's and had been aregular of the Fillmore East, I had never experienced the connection that your voice and the music of Kansas made with my own spirit. You have been close to my soul all these years and I've seen you perform

many times, so I regard you as a friend. I hope that you stay healthy to see you perform for many, many years to come. Thanks for all the love that's been spread my way. Jose Ramos, Cayey, Puerto Rico, 25-Jan-2001

P.S. All my 4 sons are also Kansas fans.
Steve, congratulations. You have just made the perfect album, in "Glossolalia". Everything, from the artwork, to the imagery in the lyrics, to the outstanding musicianship... I just didn't want the album to end. This has taken over for my favorite Walsh album since ItSoT. I'm trying to get you some airplay here in Maine, but... the locals are stuck at the point of know return. Keep up the great work!
Paul Gauer, 15-Jan-2001
Thanks for everything
Steve, It's really been 27 years since the first  time I heard the greatest vocalist (and most underappreciated vocalist in the history of rock and roll). What can I say other than thank you, and the members of the band for all of the great memories, music, and fun you have provided me over all these fast moving  years of my life. I will turn forty in June and still consider myself one of the biggest fans of all time. I first saw KANSAS back in 1975 at Edinboro State College (PA) during the Song For America Tour. The mirror ball used above stage was an experience I'll never forget. I once had the opportunity to meet you in person and it was a true pleasure meeting an "old friend" . Continue to do what you do best my friend, SING! No one does it better.  "I see Kansas in my mind, the dreams I left behind, aaaahhh,  aahhh, aahh, Kansas in my mind".  Need I say more?  Thanks. Dutchdehn, 14-Jan-2001
dear steve
congratulations for the somewhere album, kansas back to your near best. i have just ordered your new gloss cd but i have been told it might be difficult to get hold of

so maybe you could suggest wherelse i could try. lastly will kansas be doing any gigs in the uk? as i have wanted to see you for twenty years. anyway i am glad to hear you are a much happier man now seeing that the powers that be gave you the most emotive voice i have ever heard. love from andy in chester england. 13-Jan-2001 
Kansas in my Mind!
Steve, I've had Kansas in my Mind since I first heard your soaring vocal intro to Carry on my Wayward Son in 1977. You are without a doubt my all-time favorite vocalist and keyboardist. You and your music are what made me want to become and continue to be a singer and entertainer. I just saw you (Kansas) in Corpus Christi, Tx. on Jan. 6,2001 as an early birthday present  from my wife and you all sounded fantastic! Only wish I could have met you and told you all these things in person. Please don't ever stop making music! Best wishes to you , your family, and THE BAND!!!

God Bless! David Tenneyuque, 12-Jan-2001
Hello from Michigan!
Hello, Just wanted to drop you a note to say hello. I have been a big fan of you and the band since the mid seventies. Unfortunately, it was 1991 before I got to see the band in concert. It was Springfield, Illinois, at the Lincolnfest. I went there to see Gary Richrath perform but found out that he was not there. Turns out the tour dates I was given were seriously outdated! I was disappointed, not to mention angry at this. Then I looked at the schedule to see who was playing and I saw the name Kansas. I cannot tell you how happy and excited I was. I had to keep looking at the name to make sure I wasn't seeing things! I had always wanted to see the band live but was never able to, and suddenly I was finally getting the chance to see one of my favorite bands. The show blew me away! Hearing that music brought chills to me. Then on the way home, I heard an announcement on the radio that you were playing at my hometown (Fort Wayne, IN) festival. I couldn't believe it! I had never seen you guys before and suddenly I was seeing you twice in two weeks! Someone was definitely looking out for me then! I recently bought the Somewhere to Elsewhere cd and was glad to see that Kerry was part of the cd. He is such a great writer with the most inspiring lyrics! I'm always 

pondering them!  YOU on the other hand are amazing!!!! As a keyboardist and vocalist I think you are one of the best. There aren't too many keyboardists who have inspired me. Rick Wakeman, Dennis DeYoung, and of course I love Neal Doughty, but you are right up there with them! I love listening to songs like No One Together and Song For America...the music just blows me away. As far as vocals go...I first fell in love with 

your voice while listening to Cheyenne Anthem. You have such a great range, and almost have a magical quality in bringing the songs to life (much like Gary Cherone). Anyway, congratulations on the birth of your daughter, and I wish you much success with the new cd and your solo cd. I am waiting for that one to arrive.

Hope to see you live this year! Amy Keefer, 12-Jan-2001
Thank You
Dear Steve, Friedrich Nietzsche, a german philosopher (and by the way, philosophically the antipode to Kerry Livgren) wrote one time: "without music, life would be an error"

...and it seems to be yours, to prove this sentence. Thank you so much for helping to bear, to survive and to enjoy all these years.

Dr. Reinhard Haslinger, Germany 04-Jan-2001
Steve, Hi, I've been following Kansas now for over 20 years. I've seen you with the band and I've seen you with Streets. I've had the opportunity to meet you and I have to say it was the greatest time in my life. Your music, your enthusiasm on stage, your inspiration are all factors in my life. You are a genius pure and simple. I think the world of you and the guys in Kansas. Last summer I met you again along with the others, I talked mostly with Rich and Billy but you took a moment to say hello and that was great. I appreciated the fact you played your heart out; and needed a break. Your little daughter and son are so lucky to have a father who is so talented there are not enough words. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the music, the concerts I've seen and will see. Oh and my favorite song is "Icarus" too.  I've also named my son Steve, I only hope he has as much insight and talent to the world that you have. 
Ginny Williams, the girl with the jean jacket. 03-Jan-2001
Steve, hello from Connecticut. We've been fortunate to see you many times at several different venues in this area, including a Streets show at Toads Place in New Haven (I couldn't make it to that one but my best friend still speaks of that show till this day).  I've been a huge fan of Kansas' music for many years, though admittedly what attracted me to the band and kept me listening all these years was Steve Walsh.  I remember sitting around with my friends listening for hours on end to Kansas albums (boy I miss vinyl). There was just something different about this band, a special quality that you couldn't quite put your finger on. Sure we would discuss the musicianship, the great vocals, and the incredible song writing. However, at it's core there is an intangible that every Kansas fan can feel when ever he hears the band. Steve, I believe you are a major part of that intangable. While others simply sing, your vocals extend into a deeper part of the soul. It is through the your interpertation that the songs take on life. A quick memory...March 2, 1985. Streets filmed a video in a nearby CT town, Ansonia  My friends and I were able to meet you and the band (you signed a Schemer Dreamer album for me...thanks) and we actually got to be extras in the video.  The only bummer is I never got to see the finished product. I do have some great pictures and a copy of the newspaper from the next day with the front-page headline "Streets Come Alive in Ansonia"; hey this was pretty big stuff for a small town. I'm real happy to see this web site as well as the new official Kansas website. Over the years it has been a little difficult to track what was going on with you and the band. I know fans will embrace the efforts being made to keep us all informed and updated on news and tour information as well as insight on more personal offerings. I also wanted to mention how fond I am of your new CD. I consider it a very bold endeavor. While the creativity and unique song writing might not allow it to burn up the airwaves, I can't listen to it enough. I only wish your schedule would permit a tour supporting Glossolalia. What a show that would
be! I do hope the next Kansas CD will include some of this originality. Thanks for all the great music over the years, I look forward to all your upcoming projects and really hope the Kansas DVD comes to fruition. Peace, mike boyce, 02-Jan-2001
Hi Steve,I'm a long time fan from Québec city,and i had the chance to heard Kansas twice here in my place( Montreal and Québec).You are probably the most inspired
lead signer i've never heard in rock-progressive music along with great one's like "Peter Gabriel - Jon Anderson".Your Glossolalia album is a real big TREAT...Probably the best rock album i bought this year....euh....last year :).  Amazing work! You should write music for films!!! and i know you love cinema...well...you're right in it !!!!! 

Take care and keep on the great work! ! You know ..."music is lucky to have you ".....us too.......Jean Couet, 02-Jan-2001
Happy holidays Steve, I just found your web site and I am excited about your new Cd. I really enjoyed Streets and I am sure this Cd will be great too. Thank you for all of the music over the years, I remember listening to it and attempting to play it with at least a fraction of your passion and expertise. You are a great voice to hear for someone like me with a classical and rock background. I still listen to your songs with my children at home and at school where I teach music. I like to use your songs like Rainmaker and Ghosts to teach kids how to listen to music. It takes quality music to compete with the video generation. You are truly an inspiration! P.S. I saw you in concert for the first time in Portland with Styx a few years back. It was great. A long time fan.

Tom Nagy, 22-Dec-2000
Hey Steve, Just a quick note from a life-long fan whose own music has been influenced by your songwriting and outstanding vocals. I first heard your voice when my brother played Song for America every afternoon back in the summers of the middle 1970s.  He is 12 years older than I am and had the chance to see you throughout the NJ/NY/PA area right before and after Kansas became so popular. Since I was only 13 when you left the band, I had to wait until the Power tour to finally see you in concert -- it was at the Tower Theater in March 1987 and remains one of my best concert memories.  I still remember the flashpot explosion after at the end of Musicatto and how much the audience went nuts when they heard the first chords of Point of Know Return.  Anyway, I saw you again at the Beacon Theater where I met Budd Carr and Merle McClain during and after the show. I remember Bud Carr looking at me suspiciously because I had grown my hair long and bleached the left tip of it similar to the promo pictures and posters from the Power album. In the years before Power, the same older brother who was a big Dregs fan always said that Steve Morse should join the band -- when he did I flipped since I too had become a big fan of fusion jazz. From 1987 through the present I continue to see you and the band every time you come to New Jersey, New York, PA, and Connecticut. And on a side note, I have just finished my own independent CD with music written and sung in a style derivative to your own.  You continue to be a musical inspiration and always manage to write and sing songs that I wish I could. I remember when I bought In the Spirit of Things and hearing Ghosts.  The funny thing was that I had just written and 4-tracked a piano song that was very similar to the chord structure and progression of Ghosts!  Of course such coincidence only inspired me to emulate you more to the point of blatant plagiarism. Sorry about this but your impact on my musical development remains entrenched in my creative 
process. Thanks for singing your guts out all these years and inspiring me to develop artistically. I apologize for the gushy sentiment, yet because I have never been one to be an overzealous fan and impose my vapid sentiments upon you after a Kansas gig, I want to at least have one opportunity to let you know that having grown up listening Kansas, Schemer-Dreamer, Streets, more Kansas, and Glossolalia, I remain a loyal supporter to your art. Thanks again. Chris Messina, 15-Dec-2000
Carry on our favorite one,

You found peace,

Before you were done.

That's more than most people!

Peter, 14-Dec-2000

Steve Walsh... You ROCK !!!
Steve, I just wanted to say How Very Grateful I am for your music! It has gotten me

through Highs and Lows and has meant much to my life....THANK YOU Still waiting to hear "Every Step of the Way" live !!!   Please Mr. Walsh. Gary Dean Ash, 12-Dec-2000
Hello, Steve. Thank you for all the years of great music. You are what made me a
Kansas fan; your writing, your playing, and mostly your voice. A few years ago, I had the opportunity to meet you, and it was quite obvious (as we now know) that you were having problems with drugs and booze. I was hoping things would get better, and I'm so glad to hear that they have. It really shows in your music and performances. Here's hoping for a new DVD with some live recordings to make up for the last one.

You're the best and your new CD lives in my player. Thanks for the music and making my world a better place. Marc Jackson, St. Louis, MO 10-Dec-2000
Hi Steve, since Ferdi has provided a link to our Virtual Altar, perhaps you have by now heard of the Walshian Body Worshipers (the WBW). We hope we have pegged your sense of humor to be as offbeat as portrayed through your web movie, and hope that you will take our little cult as lightly as it is meant. It all started as a joke on the POtSW list..."if Kansas were a religion, what sect would you belong to"? There were the Second Coming Livgrinites and the Original Member Puritans, and then Mr. Dataman Brooks named us because of the many ,uhm... comments, the female contingent kept coming up with. From there it has just taken on a life of it's own and before we knew it we were naming a Mother Superior and promoting people to Saints.  Scriptures and official Anthems were next and well, the rest is history. So, to continue our twisted tradition, we would all like to offer a Christmas song to you. But in all seriousness, we would also like to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and many blessings.Thanks for all of the music. High Priestess Janis, 10-Dec-2000

The Twelve Days of Walshness
(Starting from the ending)

On the Twelfth day of Christmas the WBW gave to me...

Twelve Sisters Swooning
Eleven yellow shoelaces

Ten Kurzweil Keyboards

Nine Indian bracelets

Eight Brothers Walshing

Seven rows of great abs 

Six torn jean jackets


Four Black Fathoms
Three hand stands

Two Cat Suits

And applause 'cause I shaved the goatee!!!!

Merry Christmas from the WBW!!!!!

All four of my kids have heard your voice and Kansas music almost as much as they've heard my own voice. Music from Kansas has filled our home for many, many years.  I'm glad to hear the solo cd is doing so well. My youngest daughter saw her first concert last month.....It was Kansas, of course! Never stop; we can't get enough!
Craig Ramsay, Tucson, AZ, 08-Dec-2000

P.S.  I noticed one of my pictures made it to this web page.The last one, on the bottom right. You're wearing the Harley Davidson jacket...it was taken at Cave Creek, Arizona.

My daughter and I were in the third row - right in front of Rich.
Greetings from your hard core Walsh Fan base in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, USA!  My first Kansas show was at the Civic Arena in '78. In '79 you were the first band to sell out the Arena two nights in a row. I believe it was the Point of Know Return Show.  Freaks of Nature & Glossolalia are my favorites. I would love to see you tour with Glossolalia!  I can't wait to hear the Christmas CD. I think its a shame that the CD company ran with the Church's money. Lets all try to help them out by buying an extra CD or perhaps 
sending a donation St.James. Thanks so much for doing what you do. Thanks to Ferdi for putting to words what so many of us feel. You nailed it Ferdi! Looking forward to the DVD. We will support you any way we can.

Best Wishes, Richard Dennis, 08-Dec-2000
Hope once again
Hi Steve, I had the privilege of seeing you in Peachtree City, Georgia last Easter. All I can say is that just carry on, never lose yourself again, you and your voice are too precious to let the business take you away from the important things that you have now. My wife thinks that sometimes I sound like you when I sing, oh the power of love eh? But seriously your an excellent musician and writer (I thought ItSoT was cruelly mismanaged for you guys and FoN is a Fave) so all I ask is please come to the UK, I know the reasons cited for not coming, but hell I can't afford to do that trip again Darlington-Amsterdam-Detroit-Orlando-Georgia and back!) sorry to everyone else for getting on my soapbox but I am inviting you, you can stay at my house.

Best regards, keep to the roads. Alan Hawdon, Darlington, England, 08-Dec-2000
Steve, way back when at a place called Fat Albert's in Des Moines, Iowa I met you. At that time you were called White Clover. It is a time I will remember forever. I loved your music then and now. I wish you the very best in all that you do. Hope to see you in concert real soon. Marla  DSM, IA, 08-Dec-2000 
Steve, Thank you so much for all the great memories over the years. Your are a huge idol to me.  As a singer/songwriter/musician, there is NO one better than you!  The energy and passion you employ at every show is just incredible! In addition to Kansas, I  really love your solo works, and your other compliations with various artists. Also,  I thought your work on Streets and Freaks Of Nature are excellent and somewhat unappreciated. I want to personally thank you for granting my request (and I'm sure many others) for your patent headstand at a show this year at Saratoga Springs, NY.  Those headstands always gets me pumped up!! Once again thank you and best of luck, with your family and your great career. You are a true hall of famer!
Tom Troia,  Syracuse, NY, 07-Dec-2000
It's great to hear that In The Spirit Of Things is your favorite KANSAS recording. The show was in early 1989, I believe. At Memorial Hall in Kansas City, KA. You guys, along with Night Ranger blew my head off. My ears were ringing for 2 days. It was GREAT!!  I was 16 years old. It was my first and favorite concert. I bought the cassette tape and listened to over and over. Read the insert front to back many times. What a album. What a story. Thanks for the superb song writing and performance.                  Jess Norris, 07-Dec-2000
PS: I wore out that tape and another. Now I am on my second CD.
Hi Steve, some years ago, just watering my cactusses, I heard your voice for the first time. It still is a memorable moment in my life. Every time now, when I'm listening to Glossolalia and looking at the cover with a cactus on it, reminds me of this very first moment. Thank you so much for all the pleasure and fun I had and have listening to
your voice and music. Some weeks ago I saw your shows in California and now I'm looking forward to your German tour. So long. Inge Ungnadner, 07-Dec-2000
Mr. Walsh...At this time I would like so much to thank you for what you have done for my small existence on this wonderfully short time on this planet, we call earth!! Your music, vocals and all, along with your KANSAS counterparts, have and will be one of the most important aspects of my grand life...Your grand endeavors that you and the boys started 25+ years ago will have meaning to many people...especially me! I thank form my heart! Godspeed to you my friend! Mark Palmerton, 06-Dec-2000

PS...did you ever sing "IT'S YOU" live, I have 5 dollar bet with another fan that you didn't, it's not possible, is it??? 

I have seen Kansas in concert many times, first in 1978 and most recently just a couple weeks ago. I was lucky to meet Steve a few times,he was very friendly. I also feel lucky to have been at The Whiskey for the taping of the famous video and album in 1992. I went to Hollywood to see Kansas put their hands in cement as part of the Guitar Center Rock Walk Hall Of Fame, now I wish they could take their place in Cleveland's Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. Come on Inducting commitee.This is a well done web site,keep up the good work. Mike O. 05-Dec-2000
I have been a follower since 1976, your voice drives me though the day and
night.  There in not one moment that I do not have a Kansas/Walsh song,

sound or lyic in my heart. Jim Barton, 05-Dec-2000
Dear Steve, I am from Bavaria, Germany, and I play in a rock band (www.obazda.de).  Your superb voice and flawless performances challenge me to emulate you! I would like to thank you for all the musical inspiration you have given to me! It will be a celebration for all Steve Walsh fans when we will see you live in March. 
All the best to you and your family! Willi Lettmair, 04-Dec-2000
Hi Steve.  I've been listening to you sing and play since 1975 and I can't tell you how many countless hours of inspiration you have given me, both in your work with Kansas and your solo albums.  From early Kansas right through Glossolalia (which is an amazing album) your vocals have inspired me in ways no other singer has.  And I think your writing has been way underappreciated (I loved Freaks of Nature!).  By the way, I took Glossolalia to my guitar teacher (who has never been impressed with anything I've ever brought her, including, unfortunately, Kansas) and she was blown away by it.  And she's a classical guitarist!  Keep up the good and get to work on that next solo ablum, OK?  I can't wait.  Darrell West, 04-Dec-2000
Steve, First off, I would just like to say THANK YOU for being a major part in my life. I am 18 yrs old and have followed you since I can remember. I remember when i was younger, I use to play my toy keyboards and jump around like you and think that I was you. You are my IDOL and I look up to you. Keep Rockin.

Eric Holmquist, 04-Dec-2000
Hi Steve. Im living in a small Country,in Hungary.Only one thing,what I like in my Life:
I like so much to hear your Voice in Live,in March in Germany!

Thanks, Arpad Szucs from Budapest, 02-Dec-2000
Hi Steve, thanks for your wonderful music, it will remain in my heart and soul. We love your very expressive and incomparable voice.  Your incredible playing keys is simply stunning. Just want to thank you again for all the passion and creativity you've given all of us for about 25 years in your music. 
Till then good luck Steve and all the best in the future.
Dieter Geipel,  01-Dec-2000
Thank you, Steve, for so many years of the most memorable music I've ever heard.  Many musicians come and go, but you have withstood the test of time. No one compares with your voice, no one even comes close!  The voice of an angel, the talent of the Muse, thank you once again.  Diana Whay, 10-Nov-2000