"Live - King Biscuit Flower Hour"

recorded in 1983 - released in 1997



If Love Should Go
Move On
One Way Street
Everything Is Changing
Cold Hearted Woman
So Far Away
Lonely Woman's Cry
Shake Down
I'm Not Alone Anymore
Streets Of Desire


After leaving KANSAS in 1981, Steve formed a new band, STREETS, in 1982. For STREETS, Steve recruited drummer Tim Gehrt, bassist Billy Greer, and guitarist Mike Slamer. STREETS made its debut performance at Charlie Daniels' annual Volunteer Jam in January, 1983 before 10,000 eager fans. The debut album was released later that year on Atlantic Records. In 1985 they released their second album, "Crimes in Mind," and in 1997 King Biscuit Records released a live perfomance recorded on October 28, 1983 at Entertainment City in Pittsburgh, PA. This live album contains three songs - "Shake Down," "I'm Not Alone Anymore" and "Streets of Desire" - that were never released on one of their studio albums. The music of STREETS is best described as straight-ahead hard rock in comparison to what KANSAS did. STREETS disbanded in 1985 and Steve rejoined KANSAS.

Steve: "When I left the band to pursue a pipe dream, I found a drummer who I really wanted to work with. He had helped me on my solo album and was from Topeka, Kansas. Tim Gehrt is his name, and I wish he would call me to tell me hes still OK. I then went about auditioning bass players and guitarists and arrived at several dead ends. Found Billy Greer, and things began to take shape. Then came Mike Slamer who rocked all of our worlds. He is on my newest cd, and if I could, I would move into his neighborhood where Im convinced hes making magical music all the time. Im jealous of Mike. Hes the guitarist I always wanted to be. I would love to work with him on anything anytime."