Steve Walsh


released on 07-05-2005



1. Rise
2. Shadowman
3. Davey and the Stone That Rolled Away
4. Keep On Knockiní
5. Pages Of Old
6. Hell Is Full Of Heroes
7. After
8. The River


Steve: "Trent Gardner contacted me Feb. of 04 asking if I would be interested in doing a cd for a new label he was developing. He and Jack Foster were excited about it and I was honored to have an outlet for my stuff. Trent told me I could do anything I wanted and so I dug into my catalog and found 8 songs that I thought I could submit. That wasn't easy because being a producer and keyboard expert, Trent knows when something is good and when it's not. He did most of the keys on my previous cd, Glossolalia, and I wanted him to do some on this project too, but he was very busy with the business side of this. So I took a year and developed each song individually, recording them and mixing them at the end of a month. Trent was in contact with a drummer who he thought would be the best for this, and Joe Franco was truly great. I knew of a guitarist near Atlanta who everybody was very complimentary of, and I contacted Joel Kosche. He also did bass, and his tracks were everything I could want. He was and is still very interested in this cd, as is Joe. They are not like typical session guys, who do the day, and then it's on to the next. They're both keenly interested, and natural artists. I learn things every time I do a project and this was no exception. Trying to mix the songs myself proved to be beyond me, and Joel suggested Shawn Grove, who was doing Collective Soul's cd. Joel is the guitarist for Collective Soul. I tracked all my stuff at my home on a Mac and using MOTU's Digital Performer. I had a lot of questions as we went along about how to manipulate my information, and Nathan Goldstein of MOTU was always there with the answers. Kurzweil supplied me with synths, and I ran them and my vocals thru two Focusrite ISA 430s. The mic I use is a Soundelux Elux251. It's the closest thing I've found to the Telefunken ELAM251-which I could never afford. There were a couple of other artists involved in this. Matt Still who does Elton John's cds mixed a track for me, and David Ragsdale did a violin track for the song "AFTER". I also had Michael Romeo from the band SymphonyX do some orchestration using Gigasampler. He's really great. It's nice to know people like that who can come in and add something you never would have thought of. I hope I get the chance to do this again some time. I had a very rewarding experience. And I wish Muse Wrapped Records all the luck in the world with their label."