Steve Walsh


released in 1980



1. Schemer Dreamer/That's All Right
2. Get Too Far
3. So Many Nights
4. You Think You Got It Made
5. Every Step Of The Way
6. Just How It Feels
7. Wait Until Tomorrow


Steve's first solo album revealed to us an enthusiastic musician who tried to get out of the Kansas corset. It is a little different musically in comparison to the songs Steve was doing with Kansas at that time. The album wasn't a real commercial success, but it has many good songs on it. My favorites are "So many nights" and "Wait until tomorrow". Guest appearances: Steve Morse, Tim Gehrt, Rich Williams, Phil Ehart and Kerry Livgren.

Steve: "In 1972 I was writing music for Kansas, who at that time was known as White Clover. We were living in Topeka, Kansas and playing bars and concerts to pay our equipment bills and give us a dollar a day to buy food. I had to steal my cigarettes from the store up the street. I have always suspected that they knew we were all living together trying very hard to make something of ourselves, and so ignoring my shoplifting was their way of helping. As every writer knows, some things work when you try them and some donít. I had quite a pile of doníts after 5 albums with Kansas, especially since after we got our record deal, Kerry joined the band and rightfully became the writer everyone was attracted to. An opportunity arose in our schedule of touring and recording, and I decided to pursue a solo effort. Kerry had just done Seeds of Change, and so I told Kirshner records that I wanted to do the same. They were not warm and fuzzy to the idea, but we were very successful at this time in our career, and so they agreed. I got some friends together, and each of the band members added a bit or two. It was done in Atlanta and Macon at two very cool recording facilities-both of which no longer exist."