Kerry Livgren

"Seeds Of Change"

released in 1980



1. Just One Way
2. Mask Of The Great Deceiver
3. How Can You Live (SW)
4. Whiskey Seed
5. To Live For The King (SW)
6. Down To The Core
7. Ground Zero


During his conversion Kerry released his first solo album. Steve sang lead vocals on "How can You live" and background vocals on "To live for the King". During their Audio Visions-Tour KANSAS performed the song "Mask of the Great Deceiver" live with Steve on vocals, while Ronnie James Dio sang the studio version.

Steve: "Kerry’s album and book came at a strange time in our lives, but I enjoyed working with him on the song I sang. I don’t think he really wanted me on his album, but I kinda forced the issue. His book contains many many inconsistencies and he leaves out some very major events concerning himself which I guess he deemed too embarrassing. As a matter of fact, he left out a lot of events which would be embarrassing to us all. We were kinda embarrassing in general when we were young."