Steve Hackett

"Please Don't Touch"

released in 1978



Narnia (SW)
Carry On Up The Vicarage
Racing In A (SW)
How Can I?
Hoping Love Will Last
Land Of A Thousand Autumns
Please Don't Touch
The Voice Of Necam
Icarus Ascending


One of Steve Walsh's phenomenal side recordings is with critically-acclaimed, multi-talented musician Steve Hackett, former band member of GENESIS. Steve Walsh and Phil Ehart worked with Hackett on his solo album, with Steve singing lead vocals on two tracks, "Narnia" and "Racing in A.” Later, a radio version of Narnia" was released with another lead singer, most likely due to Steve’s highly recognizable voice and the fact that the record company did not want it to be recognized as a KANSAS song.

Steve: "Steve Hackett was a great guy with a band-GENESIS that is still together (I guess), but really ceased to exist after Peter Gabriel left. He approached Phil Ehart and me to do some work along with Chester Thompson and Richie Havens, and other very accomplished guys. It was great. I was young and successful and in L.A. recording with a guitarist from one of my favorite bands of all time. Later when I was getting STREETS together, I inquired about Steve to John Kaladner, of Geffen Records. John said he thought that Steve would be a wise choice as a guitarist if it weren’t for his wife-who he thought of as very overbearing; like David St. Hubbins’ wife in the movie Spinal Tap. Well, I didn’t end up with Steve and John didn’t end up with STREETS, but I still would love to see what Steve was up to musically. "