Steve Walsh


released on 09-11-2000



Serious Wreckage
Heart Attack
Haunted Man
Smackin' The Clowns
That's What Love's All About
Mascara Tears


Steve's "Glossolalia" is a masterpiece of progressive rock music. It definitely shows what is missing on the latest Kansas release, "Somewhere to Elsewhere", which is the courage to do something totally new and in a different way. And it works! With extraordinary musicians like Mike Slamer, Billy Greer, Virgil Donati, Page Waldron, Jim Roberts and Trent Gardner, this albums is one of my all time favorites.

Steve: "I had a real experience doing this solo cd and will never forget the people who helped me get through it - my wife, Angela, Trent Gardner, Pete Morticelli, David Manion. I think the cover art as well as the package is awesome work by David Mckean. Mike Slamer of the band "Streets" played guitar and mixed it, and I'm very pleased with the outcome. I feel it has been a kind of "baptism" for me musically. It got a lot of material that I wrote over the years to another level. It was my first attempt at anything totally digital, and I learned a lot from doing it that way. I'm always writing so I don't know what to say about a follow-up, but if Magna Carta sees a future in me, then I hope we can do this again." ...... "Glossolalia was really convinced upon me by Pete Morticelli of Magna Carta. I owe him for bringing me out into the light of the 21st century and allowing me to air out a bunch of insecurities I have been writing about for 10 or 15 years. At the head of the project I dumped all my gear, which was tape based and decided to take a step into the great beyond of digital recording.Itís fantastic when all this stuff works like you want it to. Makes you feel a little like a computer god. But when it doesnít-and hereís whatís worse - when it doesnít and itís not your fault, it makes the whole world look like one big black cloud. Bob Ezrin who produced In the Spirit of Things (my favorite Kansas cd), told me onetime that with my attitudes and dispositions, I could find a black cloud in a clear blue sky. I think of Bob a lot. I admire the shit out of him, and would love to work with him again. Pete approached me right when I was getting clean and sober, and the reason I accepted his request, was all the time I suddenly found myself with. When I stopped drinking and drugging, all of a sudden, there was about 12 more hours of the day when I could actually DO something instead of either getting drunk, or recovering the next day from being drunk the night before. Life is certainly a lot cooler and I like myself a lot more than I use to. My wife talked me into fathering another child, and she and my wife are the most precious people in my small kingdom. They are everything to me. I wrote the song NOTHING while I was out on the road in this posh hotel room that I knew was costing the promoter a fortune. I looked around at all the appointments and amenities, and thought to myself how the whole act of appreciation has to be shared with someone who means something to you. I had all I wanted, but yet I had nothing without my wife. It was a moment of clarity. I will remember it. Doing everything yourself in a room where you are the sole creator has been enlightening. I really canít say I was the only creator though. Trent Gardner was indispensible to me and Glossolalia as a whole. He had to learn all my songs and then tear them apart and put them in a multi-track format. Thatís after he wrote new parts for them. He brought out different things that would have never appeared to me. If I do another cd, I hope I can work with Trent. David Manion, who is playing piano on a new cd I am producing with another artist, had a lot to do with teaching me the basics of the software I chose to work on. He took things back to his house from my place and made them sound precise and exact. He also gave me a perspective. Not that either one of us is always right, but we continue to work together and get along, and thatís saying a lot after weíve both been through a creative furnace like Glossolalia was at times. Virgil Donati did drum tracks in L.A. And my son, Bleu and I attended them. With Mike Slamer at the controls, we sat back and listened to some inspired playing by this man. He and Billy Greer worked real hard on their tracks, and I hope I can return the favor someday. Theyíre great and great together. I remember distinctly when it was my turn to take over at 4:00 one morning with my daughter, Olivia. I was working on STC and trying to make the center section dramatic. She was only just a month old. I looked down at her all snuggled up and tiny with her precious little twitching hands, and there in the dark of my studio with just the computer monitors on to light up her face. I was stunned at how beautiful life really is. I had to sing about it right then and there, and so I tried but I couldnít cause I was so kinda choked up. So I decided to express it like the realization that it was-Ēbut maybe the old cliche isnít far from true, maybe thereís a silver liningĒ. Next to Angela giving birth to Olivia, that early morning is the best memory I have of Glossolalia. I donít care how much she grows up or how old I grow, or where we live the rest of our lives, that moment- that morning will remain with me forever. "