Paul Barrére

"On My Own Two Feet"

released in 1983



Sweet Coquette
High Roller
Foll For You
Love Sweet Love
Who Knows For Sure
She Lays Down The Beat
Fortune Cookie
Along This Lane


In 1983 Steve played keyboards on Paul Barrère's album "On My Own Two Feet". This is a very strange kind of music and is a distinctly different musical direction for Steve.

Steve: "Paul Barrere was as I remember going through something called cocaine frenzy when I worked with him. I played magician myself- every time he drew me a line on the mirror, I’d make it disappear. And there were quite a few lines. I bet he barely remembers me even being there, but again I was working with a guitarist from my favorite band at the time LITTLE FEAT. I went to see them about a month before Lowell George died. They played the Fox theatre in Atlanta, and I left after 3 songs. They sounded and Lowell looked horrible."