Genealogy Surname Trawny

There are relatives of me living in the United States of America!

My name is Dietmar Trawny. I live in Germany in a village near by the big city Hamburg. My uncle told me in the year 2002 that two brothers of my great-great-grandfather Adam Trawny emigrated to the U.S.A. The emigration could have been in the years 1880 til 1895.

A short time ago after World War II in the year 1945 an American soldier was looking for my great- grandfather Wilhelm Otto Trawny or my grandfather Erich Trawny in Gelsenkirchen. He told someone that he was a relative of my grandfather coming from the United States of America. Unfortunately this contact fell through.

I want to know, where my American relatvies are just living. I would like to contact my American relatives and give them their genealogical tree and show them their Masurian roots.

If you like to contact me, you should give me the name, the birth place und the birth date your of your great-great grandfather. Genealogy is my hobby. I have no financial interests in giving you the information.

Dietmar Trawny

24787 Fockbek